Offshore Hong Kong & Singapore Mobile Sim Cards

PT Shamrock's leprechaun has done it again!
Hong Kong & Asian mobile sim cards!

For a modest fee, you can have a totally anonymous GSM sim international roaming card for your mobile phone from Hong Kong and or other Asian where you can send and receive anonymous calls in the US, Europe, Asia (except Japan,) South Africa and both North, Central and South America, including the USA.

The international roaming or call charges are the least expensive roaming or calling time we know off; less than US.65 cents per minute bills in three second intervals, the least expensive prepaid international roaming charges we've found anywhere in the world.

No chipper chips here!
Unlike USA mobile phones and sim card chips, which have a hidden clipper chip that tracks you to exactly where you are, the Hong Kong and our other Asian GSM Sim chips do not have this feature. Naturally, we recommend that you turn your mobile off when you are not using it or expecting a call for security reasons. Common sense should always prevail. Privacy first, last and always!

We have a select few sim chips in stock and they are being sold strictly on a first come first basis. They are, in fact, the fastest selling product we've offered at PT Shamrock, so get yours while you can. Once you purchase your Hong Kong or Asian sim chip, your source contact is GOOD FOR LIFE!

Your sim card is dispatched within 3 business days from the time we receive your order and cleared payment.

All sim chips come ACTIVATED and ready to use with approximately USD 20 give or take of international roaming time. Included will be your individual Hong Kong or other Asian mobile telephone number. You are given the name, address, facsimile and or e-mail address of the source in Hong Kong and or Asian depending on which chip you purchase. Therefore you can top up or add additional roaming time free (at actual cost,) at any time during the future and for the rest of your life!

Once you order and receive the card there's no more middleman and you deal direct with source for greater anonymity. No name need ever be given to the source or us. All chips are valid for six months then they must be topped up and or renewed every 180 days to remain valid. You can purchase top up cards via facsimile and use a credit card for payment for fastest service. Alternatively you can send an international money order, have source send you the top up card direct, then YOU call and top up your own card. We suggest this method for maximum-security purposes. Source can also top up your mobile number for you provided you request this and provide your mobile number. Full instructions come with each card.

Our fee?
Just USD 199.99 for a Hong Kong, or other Asian or other Asian sim card, which includes delivery to you anywhere in the world. Should you wish additional roaming time, we suggest you order additional top-up cards (at cost,) at the time of purchase. Top up cards are available in USD 100 increments. Alternatively you can purchase additional time on-line direct from the source. Full details come with your paid order.

Order both a Hong Kong and Asian sim card for just USD 399, a nice savings and we'll include two additional top-up cards, one each for Hong Kong and Asian FREE!!!

Click on this link for the latest "NO CLIPPER CHIP INSIDE" tri-band digital mobile phones!

We have also purchased a limited supply of the latest model Ericsson and Motorola GSM tri-band mobile phones that accept the above HKG and Asian sim cards. Unlike USA for sale mobile phones, these tri-band mobile phones DO NOT have any clipper chips or tracking devices hidden in them.

Be warned, a USA purchased mobile phone will most likely has a built in tracking device. The tri-band models we offer DON'T. That's a huge security plus for you!

International roaming is available in nearly every country in the world including the USA but excludes Japan, which uses a different system. The cost for the Tri-Band mobile phone is just USD 500 including airmail shipping. If you purchase one or both sim cards, the mobile is just USD $400 and we'll through in 3 or 4 top-up cards FREE. (See below.)

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Yes I want my anonymous Hong Kong or other Asian international roaming mobile number GSM sim card at just USD 300 each.

Please select what you require.

A. - [ ] USD 199.99 - Hong Kong Sim Card
B. - [ ] USD 199.99 - Other Asian sim card
C. - [ ] USD 399 - BOTH a Hong Kong and Asian Sim Card. Includes two FREE top-up cards.
D. - [ ] USD 10 - Additional top up cards at USD 15 each for a total of _____
E. - [ ] USD 500 - Tri-Band mobile phone (either an Sony-Ericsson or Nokia model, whichever is available in stock.)
F. - [ ] USD 700 - Tri-band mobile plus either a [ ] HKG or Asian sim card plus 3 top up cards FREE
G. - [ ] USD 949 - Tri-Band mobile PLUS both the HKG and Asian sim cards PLUS four top up cards FREE. [NOTE: We reserve the right to substitute another Asian sim chip in the event either our Hong Kong or other Asian sim chips are out of stock.]
H. - [ ] Price INCLUDES shipping

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We accept payment by Bank wire, Bitcoin, MoneyGram, Skrill or Western Union.

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We accept payment via Bank Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, Skrill, Western Union or MoneyGram.

All orders treated strictly personal & highly confidential! See order form enclosed!