Banking in Liechtenstein

Banking in Liechtenstein!

Liechtenstein Offers offers unprecedented AAA banking for the serious entrepreneur and investor!

Banking in Liechtenstein

During our current sojourn we've looked high and low for the best banking opportunities we could locate. Well I believe our little leprechaun has found it! This bank account is excellent, certainly above average! We can't be more emphatic than that.

Our leprechaun has discovered this pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with this top rated bank and you can get your share too. This first class setup is our customers favorite offshore company and bank account product. This is by far the easiest and fastest personal or company structure and bank account, bar none!

Banking in Liechtenstein offers unprecedented AAA banking for the serious entrepreneur and investor.

This Bank in Liechtenstein offers wealthy entrepreneurial families and affluent private individuals bespoke financial services. This includes investment advice, asset management and transaction banking.

Internet banking and a highly valued Bankers debit card is included. Please note that an opening requirement of CHF 350,000 or greater is required for account opening purposes, which you will remit direct to your bank account as soon as your account is opened.

Linguistic competency as a factor of success
The international and multi-cultural approach of our bank is one of the most important triumphs. Our demanding clients are served by specialised International Desks. Our team of advisors from diverse backgrounds speak 20 languages overall.


Asset Management

Your assets are in good hands
Today's rapidly changing financial markets make the successful investment of financial assets increasingly challenging. Constant monitoring and consistent analysis of your investments are the critical factors for success in exploiting opportunities and managing risks in the face of a constantly changing market environment.

When you grant us an investment mandate, we are delighted to take on this challenging task for you. We offer professional management of your assets by our experienced investment experts taking over from you the job of ongoing market assessment and investment decision making.

Achieving your financial objectives
In order to achieve your financial objectives, we align our business practices with the basic principles of our investment philosophy. The most important element is that we jointly establish your individual client profile, taking into account any special wishes you may have.

You benefit from...
... the commitment, experience and expertise of your personal advisor and our investment specialists as well as the entire infrastructure of a modern banking institution. Strict adherence to investment procedures is an essential component of this Bank in Liechtenstein`’s investment policy and is under constant review by our Group’s investment committee.

With our modern e-Banking our clients can view their portfolio at any time, make payments and send encrypted emails to the client services manager. Account transactions and portfolio composition can both be accessed.

Important security note

Everyday security
The password (a.k.a. Personal Identification Number or PIN) is one of three means by which an institution can authenticate a user, apart from the customer number and code. It must therefore never be written down or saved on a computer, and should only be used for authentication purposes with a single institution.

When entering your password in exposed places (such as on the train), please pay particular attention that no one can see you doing so.

In order to try to acquire your confidential personal information, people may send you emails or direct you to websites that appear to be from bona fide institutions. You will be asked to send your password in a return email ("spoofing") or to enter it on such a website ("phishing").

Please make sure that you really are at the right institute’s website.

Never tell anyone your password or give it to anyone in writing.

Delete any suspect emails immediately and do not give the information they ask for.

If you suspect that your password has been acquired by someone else, change it immediately.

The cost for a personal or company account (if you provide all correct and current company documents is Euro 1,999. Add Euro 1,250 for an offshore company in a jurisdiction that will be acceptable to this Bank, i.e. Seychelles, Belize, etc.

To ORDER and pay by Bank Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, Skrill, MoneyGram or Western Union, please proceed to our secure on-line order form at

Please indicate your preferred method of payment at the drop down menu.

Your product/ordering code is "Liechtenstein Special" then either personal or company.

To ORDER and pay by Bank Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, Skrill, MoneyGram or Western Union, please proceed to our secure on-line order form at

Please indicate your preferred method of payment at the drop down menu.

Be sure to insert the cost as Euro 1,999 for a personal account or a company account with you supplying all current and correct company documents. Or the cost is Euro 3,249 for a company account and a company to be created in your chosen name.

Your product/ordering code is "Liechtenstein Special."

If you wish to remit your payment in US$, please use the Royal Bank of Canada's exchange rate at for the current US$ equivalent for Euro.

***** Extra Special offer: Singapore Virtual office -

You have two options here:

OPTION - Singapore street address with mail forwarding from Singapore to anywhere. This will be sent weekly by air-mail to the address specified by you.

Alternatively you can have source open,m scan and email you your mails in a secure coded manner.

Available at this price ONLY if you order the above banking package, Euro 599 for the first year (includes US$50 postage deposit.)

Another great product from PT Shamrock's leprechaun.


To pay by Bank Wire, Bitcoin, MoneyGram, MoneyBookers/Skrill or Western Union please proceed to and order at our secure web site order form here

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