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Act now before big brother closes this door.

"The Greatest Privacy and asset protection Tool I've Come Across, Bar none! Infinitely more CONVENIENT AND useful THAN THE SPARBUCH!"
- Dr. Charles Freeman - Offshore Expatriation Expert

How much would you pay for an anonymous, judgment proof account from which you can draw unlimited amounts of cash anywhere in the world, 24 HOURS A DAY?

We can arrange a Bearer Share Corporation with coded bank account and ATM card for US$3,000 and you can use your passport to open this account. Once we receive payment and address details your application is sent by courier direct to you from source. It couldn't be faster or easier.

***Please note for an additional cost we can provide nominee ID holders for banking ID purpose. See cost below.

You will have your very own Tax Free Non Annual Filing Offshore Company with nominees, power of attorney and all documents apostilled. This offer includes your company bank account (which can be coded under your chosen name) and an ATM card in favour of your company. This is a totally anonymous product. Also included is Internet client/bank software for secure banking instruction operated over the Internet! You also receive the Apostille and power of attorney to operate your account and affairs.

This is an extremely rare opportunity and won't last much longer! Big brother is tightening banking rules around the world, so grab your anonymous company bank while you can. We challenge anyone on the Internet to find a better offer than this.

Imagine this situation: Your kid is going to college in Paris (or anywhere in the world). You want her to have ready access to cash for emergencies. You give her a plastic ATM card that enables her to withdraw up to the local equivalent of US$20,000 (you set the amount anywhere from $2,000 to infinity). The card can be used anywhere in the world to access the cash, in any Automatic Teller Machine. No identity cards need be shown. No one aside from yourself can find out where the money is, or how much is in the account backing this card. If the card is lost or stolen, no one else can use it because it can be activated only by a secret PIN code.

The bank does not know the true identity of the owner of the funds. If the funds are not used, they can be transferred anywhere in the world by wire transfer. You can raise or lower the amount in the account at any time. The offer makes it easy to supply a dependent, friend, relative anywhere in the world with a weekly, monthly or annual allowance. You can give your ATM card to an employee you send abroad to cover his expenses. It is a plastic "smart" card where the person setting it up decides how much money to "back" the card with, and whether or not to replenish to funds.

Another example: You owe your business partner a settlement of $200,000. You wish to settle up confidentially with him using your offshore funds. You transfer the $200,000 to and present him with a ATM card that is backed by $200,000. This money can be accessed (in cash) from any ATM machine. In some countries goods and services can be charged as if it was a credit card. The card is no good without the PIN code. The PIN code is useless without the card. If your creditor wants the money in the form of a check, gold bullion, shares of stock or bonds delivered at any bank anywhere in the world, he can arrange for the transfer without your knowing about the destination of the funds once you authorize the transfer of the bearer share corporation to his control.

Final Example: You are moving to (or already living in) a country full of grasping, corrupt public officials who can be relied upon to tax, confiscate seize and freeze everything in sight. There are also kidnappers and others around who might cause you trouble if they knew you had access to large sums of cash. You want to be able to access a few hundred dollars in cash spending money every few days in a low profile way.

You get a "ATM and for the rest of your life you have access to cash anywhere in your home country or abroad- quite anonymously. You go up to an automatic teller machine, insert the card, press buttons asking for the screen to print out in your language and spew out the cash you want. You identify yourself only by PIN number. No signature or identity documents are ever required for cash withdrawals. You don't need to "trust" anyone. After paying the $3,000 total fees for setting your account and ATM card up, you can make the transfer of funds to a major international bank in a first class offshore banking centre. If anything goes wrong or the account is refused, your set up fee will be refunded in full, immediately.

Details: How "PLASTIC CASH LIFEline"(TM) Works:

We supply you with a ready made or shelf "bearer share" Corporation. You can use this corporation for other purposes, but if you want to keep your connection with the PLASTIC CASH LIFEline"(TM) a secret' it is recommended that you do not use the corporation for any other purpose (like owning your secondary residence). We will be glad to set up other bearer-share corporations in any name you want for other purposes. Your new bearer share company starts out with a bank account containing a balance of the equivalent of US$1,000. Only the name of your corporation & a director need appear on the card. Your signature is never required for ATM cash withdrawals. The bank does not know your name or identity. You can use a ready made off the shelf corporation for instant access. Alternatively you may choose any name (not already in use in that country) for your corporation. It will take a few weeks extra for a new corporation to be formed, The cost of the entire PLASTIC CASH LIFEline"(TM) package at $3,000 may be less than others charge just for setting up a corporation or inferior asset protection plan. Use the ATM/MasterCard as a credit/charge card facility as well! All this and more is yours for the asking.

Privacy yes, Crime No! Important Note: This bank account may not be used for laundering money or to further any activity defined as criminal at the site of the bank account. If in doubt, ask us! Under new international "know your client" regulations, your lawyer (not us) who forms the corporation and provides nominee directors will need for his files a copy of your passport and a brief biography of yourself. This information will stay in his confidential, privileged files. You may use a "pen name" in dealing with us. The bank holding the funds to back the "PLASTIC CASH LIFEline"(TM) does NOT see nor will they ever have a copy of your passport, photo or signature. It would be a bad idea, but, you can if you wish, make deposits to your account direct and in person at any of the branches of any international bank. You could even arrange to make check or wire transfer withdrawals in person but this would compromise your anonymity. Thus deposits or transfers should made only through your lawyer. A reasonable amount of activity is included with the set up costs at no extra charge. Details will be supplied upon establishing an account. Having a reputable lawyer as your go-between to handle all transactions via a trust account insures anonymity.

Withdrawal limits: In most countries, there is a limit of approximately $500 per card use. But there is no daily limit, and no limit on how many times you can use the card to withdraw cash. Some countries and some ATM/MASTERCARD machines may have different rules. Generally speaking, you can empty out your account at any time. This is not a good idea because if the balance drops to zero, the account is closed and you may lose your set up costs. A minimum balance of $1,000 is required to avoid charges, and we recommend that except for emergencies, the balance be kept at more than the absolute minimum.

You pay OUR COMPANY, PT Shamrock Ltd. at the address below, an 'Introduction Fee' of $3,000 for providing you with further details. In a sealed envelope you will receive an introduction and application to the legal firm who will handle all details for you at an no additional cost. OUR COMPANY need never see your personal details, like address, photo, ID, nor do we learn the name of your new corporation. We are not a party to your transactions, monetary or otherwise. After the introduction is made, you then send your completed application direct to source along with a minimum of $1,000 as your initial deposit. Alternatively, you can make your arrangements via a financial consultant known to us: These include Dr. Trevellian, Dr. Seymour Samson or Dr. Julian Potts.

Of the entire US$4,000, US$1,000 is already or will be deposited into your Bank, with US$1,000 held as a reserve. This could be a bank of your choice, but we recommend you start with the bank suggested by your lawyer as it has an excellent history of reliability and client service. In about 3 weeks, you will receive your ATM Card, not a visa card. A Credit card can be arranged at additional security deposit, but these have to be in an individual's name, i.e. a Director of Your Corporation, etc. If the anonymous feature of the "PLASTIC CASH LIFEline"(TM) is of no use to you, we suggest you let us know. We can make cheaper setup arrangements for a simple offshore account to a named and identified individual who merely wants an regular Visa, MasterCard or other credit card. To make later deposits, funds are transferred to either your lawyer, or directly to the account of your corporation. With your card you receive detailed instructions on this subject.

Annual Charges:
Just as with most credit cards, and corporations, there are annual charges more fully explained in the "Introduction" letter. You will be able to withdraw cash anonymously, up to 50% of your monthly credit limit, out of a wall anywhere in the world where the ATM/MasterCard system is operative. Presently there are tens of thousands of locations accessible all over the world, with new ones opening every day. You can immediately spend or withdraw up to US$1,000. Only US$1,350 is required, (after opening,) to maintain your ATM/MASTERCARD Account in good standing. You just put the card in any Automatic Teller Machine at any bank & enter your pin number to take out cash. Each time you use the ATM/MASTERCARD you will incur bank charges around US$5 per transaction. But we have found you come out far ahead because charges and exchange rate spreads are much greater on cashing traveler's checks or changing cash into local currency. In a few countries you will be able to use you r "PLASTIC CASH LIFEline"(TM) card as a charge card. Only a person who has the ATM/MASTERCARD and who knows the PIN code can make withdrawals. The "PLASTIC CASH LIFEline"(TM) is far better than the bearer savings account or the now defunct Austrian Sparbuch! Formerly with a Sparbuch, any transaction you had to go to the bank (in Austria,) in person or risk loss by sending it via mail. Your Sparbuch balance was in Euro linked to the former Deutschmark.

With the Anonymous ATM/MASTERCARD, you can get CASH 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week anonymously, anywhere in the world! The "PLASTIC CASH LIFEline"(TM) is linked to the USA Dollar.
- "The greatest privacy tool, bar none " says, Dr. Walter Belford.

While there can be direct access to the Bank account by fax, mail instructions, phone or otherwise, we strongly recommend that (for anonymity) all such activity go through your lawyer. He may also be useful to you in other areas, but your relationship will be strictly attorney-client. Only in the rare instance [never has happened yet] that you do not like the lawyer we introduce we can offer a second choice. You are protected by attorney client privilege! The lawyer is a citizen of and resident in a tax haven country (not the USA!) with bank secrecy. He will never visit your home country. We feel it is best for many of our clients if they have no signature power over the account. Nor do they "own" legal title to it. The bearer shares will be held in a vault under certain arrangements not amounting to ownership by the client. Your home country lawyer can explain the asset protection advantages of such an arrangement. You can of course take delivery of the bearer shares at any time, but in some countries, physical possession of such shares (if discovered) might have negative consequences. Under the standard arrangements, any funds are JUDGMENT PROOF. Tinker with the deal and this important protection may be lost.

TAX STATUS: You must get a local opinion in your home country as we are not tax lawyers. However, in most countries, the arrangement described here is a tax neutral, non-reportable event much like keeping cash savings in your mattress. As the "PLASTIC CASH LIFEline"(TM) is not "owned" by you, it is not reportable in countries that require an annual balance sheet to be filed. As it pays no interest, it is not reportable in those countries requiring an annual disclosure of offshore income. You are responsible for complying with your own local rules and regulations.

If you live in a country like South Africa or The United States where keeping your serious offshore money separate from your spending money is an important consideration, the "PLASTIC CASH LIFEline"(TM) has been designed with you in mind..

To Recapitulate:

  • No ID required to access funds in cash...
  • No Signature required to access your funds in cash...
  • Only US$500 to maintain account in good standing without bank charges... 24 Hour
  • Instant access worldwide to your CASH funds... Your name unknown to bank, not linked to card.
  • Deposit & Withdrawals in Anonymity ...
  • Limited Supply available. The program since limited will not attract the negative attentions of mass marketed programs that some insecure government's feel are a threat....
  • Double Protection of Bank Secrecy plus Lawyer Confidentiality...
  • Chose your corporate name or use 'off the shelf'...
  • Set your own cash balance after opening deposit of $1000-...
  • Totally Anonymous & Transferable...
  • Protected by bank secrecy laws ...
  • No reporting requirements that we know of...
  • Better than the Austrian Sparbuch...
  • Use like any Credit/Charge Card
  • Wire transfers or checks into and out of account...
  • Flexible arrangements for known customers
  • Extremely Low Profile...
  • Card can be replaced if lost or stolen.
  • Carry in your Wallet Like an ordinary card...
  • Originally supplied to several clients for US$200,000...
  • Personally used and recommended by Dr. Walter Belford and Peter Trevellian...
  • Total Setup Cost: Eur3,999.
  • Add $Eur4,999 for nominee ID holder with NO ID, Bank reference or Utility bill being required of you.

It is becoming exceedingly difficult to obtain truly anonymous products today. This product will not last much longer as big brother is breathing down the neck of banks that still offer this rare product. Big brother will NOT be satisfied until they know ALL your banking details and therefore they are looking to close this LEGAL loophole. Once the program closes down, that's it...

Comes with complete instructions and all particulars. To open, remit funds for Eur3,000 which includes the setups fee's and our introduction fee. [Ask us about your preferred method of transferring funds ]

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Our introduction fee is not co-mingled with your "PLASTIC CASH LIFEline"(TM) new account and will be deposited in an unrelated bank in a different country. Full refund guaranteed if account not set up and created as above.

Ask about our no ID program (Add $Eur4,999.) All orders treated strictly personal & highly confidential!

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