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This list merely serves as a sampling of available privacy-enhancing tools. If you have a suggestion for a tool that you believe should be included, or if you have comments to share regarding one or more of the tools that are already listed, send us an e-mail. If you have questions about a tool on this page, visit the affiliated company or individual's website for more information.

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Snoop Proof Email
https://cooltechzone.com/save-on-internet-safety. - Save on Internet Safety Guide!

Here's a brand new guide devoted to Internet security and how to save on it. We bet you will fail to find anything like this material on the Internet. We have already checked it out and it tops all we ever saw about the topic. If you think that all that security/privacy features cost an arm and a leg, you will like this stuff. Here it is: https://cooltechzone.com/save-on-internet-safety

CryptoAnywhere. Powerful encryption so small it fits on a floppy disk. Can be used virtually anywhere with no need for installation. Message recipient does not need CryptoAnywhere.
CryptoHeaven (see also under "secure instant messaging").
Cyber-Rights.Net. Secure Web-based email, offered by Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties, a nonprofit civil liberties organization.
Ensuredmail. Easy-to-use encryption software that protects your email and attachments.
HushMail. Web-based secure email.
KeptPrivate. Web email client accessible over an SSL connection.
Mail2Web. Check your mail securely and privately on the road (or on your cellular phone).
Mute Mail. Anonymizing e-mail activities. Sending e-mails anonymously, securely and snoop-proff. All messages are encrypted. Sender's identity is confidential.
NeoCertified. Secure Email and messaging.
NeoMailbox. Secure, private, SSL-encrypted POP and SMTP mail service.
S-Mail - Secure mail.
SafeMessage. Encrypted messages, delivery status, and automatic shredding.
Sec-Ex Mail. Strong encryption that works with any e-mail client, no plugins needed. Supports automatic key exchange.
SoftClan E-Cryptor
Stealth Message. Web-based e-mail privacy with option to self-destruct.
Proxys 4 All
Temple Mail.
Zendit. Plug-in that makes it easy to use PGP with e-mail programs like Outlook, or with Web-based e-mail.
Ziplip.com. A free e-mail service that will scramble, lock, and then shred email.

Anonymous Remailers
Anonym Mailer 2.0.
AnonymSurfen. (In German) List of free online web-based proxies that can be used directly from the site.
@nonymouse.com. Also offers anonymous Web surfing and newsgroup posting. Available in both German and English
Arancio.net. Anonymous  remailer and also hosts a lot of privacy, anonymity, cryptography documents and software.
Jack B. Nymble.
Riot Anonymous Remailer (also available in Spanish and Italian).
André Bacard's Anonymous Remailer FAQ.

Surf Anonymously
Anonymster.offers a very good explanation about how VPN Encryption and Protocols works and how they can protect your internet connection.
All Confidential.
AnonymSurfen. (In German) List of free online web-based proxies that can be used directly from the site.
The Anonymizer.
beHidden.com. Provides users with a secure way to surf and browse the Internet, without others monitoring and recording the sites visited.
BrowserSpy. Provides detailed information about what your browser supports and reveals.
BrowsInfo. See what can be discovered about your browser.
The Cloak. Free anonymous web-surfing.
CryptoTunnel VPN2GO. Also offers secure online communication.
Fogbank-now. Firewall-protected remote Internet browser. Also offers encrypted e-mail and other services.
Freedom WebSecure.
All NetTools. Lots of goodies for you FREE!

Free VPN's. A list of free VPNs (Speed, Security, Usability)

Top Ten VPN
Country-by-Country Guide to VPN Jurisdictions - https://thebestvpn.com/5-9-14-eyes-countries/#jurisidiction
Ponoi. Anonymous web-browsing, encrypted file storage, password storage, and cookie management.
Primedius. Anonymous surfing, secure email and secure online storage.
Privacy Analysis of your Internet Connection. Analyzes information that is collected about you when you visit a Web site, such as whether cookies are accepted, what site you linked to the page from, and the date and time as set on your computer.
ProxyPortal. Anonymous web surfing proxy that hides the user's IP and other personal information from the Web stie they're viewing.
Public Proxy Servers. A list of thousands of public proxy servers with online check capability.
Steganos Internet Anonym. Hides your IP address from Web operators. Also includes InternetTrace Destructor to delete all traces left on your hard disk after an Internet session.
HTML Filters
AOTop. Stops unwanted ad banners and pop-ups with a configurable ad-obfuscating tool for visual privacy protection.
Camera/Shy. Stand-alone browser that offers encryption and decryption of steganography, automatic cache and history clearing, and protection against malicious HTML.
InfoWorks Technology Company offers products to get rid of pop-ups, erase history, and others.
Internet Eraser.
Junkbuster (Windows/UNIX). The Internet Junkbuster Proxy blocks unwanted banner ads and protects your privacy from cookies and other threats.
Orangatango's VirtualBrowser. Surf privately, kill pop-up ads, prevent spam, encrypt surfing, filter content, and avoid online fraud.
Peekabooty. A peer-to-peer application which can route web page requests around firewalls
Proxomitron (Windows). Get the web-surfing experience that you want.
Smasher (Windows). Block cookies and pop-up windows, squash web bugs, and more.
Surfer Protection Program.
SurfSecret Pop-Up Eliminator.
Wincognito Pop-Up Blocker.

Cookie Busters
Burnt Cookies (for Internet Explorer on Windows platform).
Cookie Crusher (Windows).
Cookie Cutter 1.0 (for Netscape on Macintosh platform). Direct download.
Spy Blocker.

Voice Privacy
PGP Phone (Mac and Windows 95). Turn a PC into a secure telephone.
Mac international distribution (direct download from Norway).
Speak Freely.

Email and File Privacy
Anonymous Surfing, inc.
Anonymous VPN
Crypto Kong. Digital signatures and encryption so simple that even the chairman of the board can use it.
ShareFile anything that requires fast, professional, secure file hosting and transfer, trust ShareFile to make document and file exchange a snap!
Encryptionizer. File encryption (Windows).
GFI Mail Essentials for Exchange/ SMTP. Server based anti spam & email management solution for Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Notes, and SMTP/POP3 mail servers.
GnuPG – the GNU Privacy Guard.
Icon Lock-iT. Encrypts, locks and password-protects files and folders.
PC-encrypt. E-mail and File security for PC's operating Microsoft Windows software.
PeepLock offers products for file encryption, message encryption, and e-mail security.
Privacy Master. Keeps online and offline data safe from thieves, hackers and prying eyes.
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). Protect privacy of electronic mail and files. Available for most machines.
Steganos Security Suite. Encrypts and hides your data. Creates self-decrypting e-mails. Also includes Portable Safe and Internet Trace Destructor featuring XP Privacy, Password Manager and Data Shredder.

Secure Instant Messaging
BitWise Chat. Encrypts not just messages, but also chat rooms and file transfers.
CryptoHeaven. Secure instant messaging, as well as secure e-mail, file sharing, and online storage.
Speak Freely.
Gale. Public-private key encrypted instant messaging software distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
Hush Messenger. Secure instant messaging for Hushmail users.
iGo Incognito. Instant Messaging system that ensures your privacy and security.
IMpasse. Encrypts AIM, Yahoo! and MSN messages.
Project SCIM: Secure Cryptographic Instant Messaging. Runs on many different platforms.
PSST. Encrypted instant message software for Windows and Linux.
Secure Shuttle Transport. Encrypted instant messaging, FTP, text chat, voice chat, and more.
Sonork. Set up and control your own Instant Messaging system.

Web Encryption
Check the strength of the crypto in your browser.
Fortify (Windows 95/NT/UNIX). Upgrades weak international version of Netscape into strong 128-bit version. Available worldwide.

Telnet Encryption
F-Secure SSH. Secure Telnet for Mac/Windows/UNIX (Finland).
MacSSH (Macintosh PowerPC).
Putty Downloads.
TTSSH (Windows).

Disk Encryption
PGPdisk (was CryptDisk). Now included with PGP.
SafeBoot (Windows).

Disk/File Erasing Program
AbsoluteShield File Shredder. Freeware to completely remove files/folders from the disk.
Burn 2.5 (Macintosh).
Clean It Up!
CyberScrub. Erases recycle bin data, cookies, history, browser tracers etc.
DiskVac (Windows).
E3 Security Kit.
Eraser 3.5.
Evidence Eliminator (Windows).
Evidence Neutralizer.
File Wiper for DOS (direct download).
Mac Washer. Washes away all traces of Internet and Mac activity.
Window Washer. Washes away all traces of Internet and PC activity.
Windows & Internet Washer. Shareware to protect your privacy be cleaning up all tracks of your computer and Internet activities.
Wintracks (Windows). Available in English and French.

Privacy Policy Generators
OECD Privacy Policy Generator.
P3Pwriter Privacy Policy Editor. Online Privacy Editor to allow sites to meet the current P3P specifications
Policy Editor. Web-based P3P Policy generator that creates valid W3C specfied P3P policies.

Password Security
Access Armor. (Demo)

BlackICE Defender.
BrickHouse. For Mac OS X.
Personal Firewall.
SurfSecret Personal Firewall.
Sygate Personal Firewall.
Tiny Personal Firewall.
ZoneAlarm. Freeware alternative.

Other Resources

xChanger.org is an e-currency exchanger and has grown tremendously since its start and continues to do so, thanks to their loyal customers. They exchange your money in any of the three available payment processors to another payment processor of your choice for a small fee.

AllTextEncryption.com. Data protection, spam prevention, personal and e-business encryption software.
Anonymous Hosting. Provided by Katz Global Media solutions for clients who would prefer to keep their personal and business information to themselves.
Anti-Keylog. A solution that can protect important personal information such as ID, password, credit card number, bank account number etc. even if known and unknown hacking programs exist in users pc.
"Cryptographic software solutions and how to use them."
Crypt0graphy Research Labs . Links to cryptographic and other resources.
How To GPG. User friendly and informative step by step instructions to help people set up GnuPG on Windows.
InvisibleNet. Anonymous networking for communications.
My Personal Favorites. Secures lists of favorite sites and protects browsing privacy.
OkayCash. Shop online without a credit card.
PCWorld: 34 steps you can take to reclaim your online privacy. (June 2002)
Privacy Communications, Inc. (PrivCom). Encrypted faxes and voicemail.
Shields UP! Internet Connection Security Analysis.
SingleFin. Protect your company from junk e-mail and viruses.
SnoopFree Privacy Shield. Protects against spyware.
SpamEx. Disposable E-mail Address Service.
SpyCop. Detects an ever-growing number of "spy programs" which monitor computer usage.
SurfSecret PestPatrol. Detects and eliminates trojans, spyware, adware, etc.
Utilities. Free with source code, deals with several browsers' cookies, history and cache files.
Who's Watching Me? Snooper Detector. Checks your system for "snoopers," or software that is installed on a computer to record actions and events.
WinSCP. A freeware SCP Secure CoPy client for Windows  using SSH (Secure Shell.)
www.EXITS.ro – Free tools and tutorials about online privacy and security.

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