Macao Bank Account & Hong Kong or Seychelles Company

Macau Company & Bank Account!
Drastically Reduced Cost

Arguably One of The Best Offshore Structure & Bank Account On-line!

Macau is a World Class Location with world renown Banking Privacy. This first class setup is both professional and easy to open. Hassle free Internet bank account... and definitely AAA rated with world class banking and privacy for the serious person!

Our leprechaun has discovered this new, first time offered structure and bank setup with these top rated banks that to the best of our knowledge is NOT available anywhere else on the internet! This first class setup is sure to become one of our customers favorite offshore company and bank account products. By far, this is one of the easiest and fastest company structure and bank account setups available today, bar none! Throw in top level Privacy and this setup is hard to beat anywhere these days!

Now this Macau banking opportunity is as affordable as our other banking setups. This Macau setup is sure to be one of our best banking and structures bar none! We can't be more emphatic than that.

Here's what you receive:

  • A Macau Company in your chosen name or
  • Macau company & bank account at your choice of 5 banks, (see below)
  • Online Banking in English available at all banks
  • Wires in and out via swift
  • Multi currency account, i.e. HK$, MOP, US$, Euro, GBP, CHF, Yen, etc.
  • Passport copy notarized
  • Current utility bill (less than 2 months old.)
  • Nature of business plan required which is important to the Macau banks
  • Fast setup time
  • Personal visit to the bank is required!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is the banks internet banking in English?
A. Yes, it can be in English, Portuguese or Chinese. 

Q. Is internet banking operated with a security token?
A. Yes, you receive a security token if it is requested.

Q. Which banks are available it in Macau?
A. Well Link Bank, Tai Fung Bank, Luso International Banking Limited & BCM bank.

Q. Is an ATM / debit card is included?
A. Yes the banks offers an ATM card and internet banking naturally.

Q. Time to proceed?
A. For a Macau company set up: It takes around 2-4 weeks for a company in your chosen name and for creation of your company and bank account opening.

For bank account opening (for Macau Company): It takes around 28 banking days. Normally the bank will only accept the bank account opening for the company which finished all the set up procedure. (14 working days for company set up + 14 banking days for bank account opening.)

Q. Do you recommend a particular bank and is so why?

A. We recommend either Well Link Bank, Tai Fung Bank, Luso International Banking Limited & BCM bank. Well Link Bank are more customer friendly and much faster to open for foreign nationals, plus they are far more liberal with the types of business they will accept.

Q. What are the Banks initial deposit:?
A. HKD10,500 to HK$50,000 cash

Q. What does the client need to provide the following things for bank's checking?

A. - Required by the banks are:
1. The company name and the business nature, which is critical for the bank
2. Client's notarized passport copy and address proof copy less than two months old
3. Business plan and your CV (resume.)
4. Your opening deposit (remitted direct by yourself.)
5. Your personal visit to the bank for account opening purposes.

Q. Is internet banking operated via codes or a security token?
A. Both. However we strongly encourage clients to obtain a security token. For this option add HK$3,000

As always, we've test driven this incredible banking product and we have to admit we were very impressed! Everything was setup in a reasonably short period of time to our full satisfaction. There are friendly, efficient English speaking staff to assist you all the way. In fact, opening this company and Macau company bank account took us back to the good old days of hassle free banking. It was such a pleasure to open and operate this account that frankly, we had forgotten what friendly banking meant!

As of March 2018, the NEW drastically reduced fee for a Macau company in your chosen name and Macau company bank account is just HKD65,000 or the US$ / Euro equivalent (excluding the courier charge. Add HK$ 650 for courier cost). Add HK$3,000 for the security token.

This NEW reduced cost is nearly US$5,000 LESS than the former cost of HK$103,760 we had previously advertised this setup as. This savings is totally being passed along to you.

The fee details include:-

* Macau Company creation in your chosen name
* Macau correspondence address parking
* Application for Certificate of Incumbency
* Disbursement
* Bank charges
* Macau set up fee
* Bank initial deposit: not included in order. You will remit this to the bank directly by yourself.

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Yes this setup is now VERY affordable and is definitely a AAA banking setup with world class Privacy and banking, far superior to most other offshore accounts these days! This setup is an easier to open bank account as with banks in Hong Kong and even Singapore these days due to FATC and an ever increasing compliance requirement being placed on banks worldwide.

At the end of the day you'll have a super secure, private setup that will last you a very long time indeed.

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Another great product from PT Shamrock's leprechaun.


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