Mauritius Tax Free Bank Account

Mauritius Bank Account - First Class Locale with AAA Banks!

The Mauritius Tax FREE Bank Account!

This Mauritius or Seychelles company and bank structure offers world class service with secure banking privacy. This privacy minded setup is both professional, time tested and straight forward. It's truly a first class structure for the most discerning professional.

Just Euro 2,595

Here's an excellent Mauritius or Seychelles company and bank account offering our leprechaun has recently arranged just for our clients only. We recommend a Seychelles company because there are no annual filing requirements and is tax free so long as one does not derive income from The Seychelles or Mauritius.

You can open your Mauritius or Seychelles company bank account at a top rated bank:

This world class set up is first rate with no BS or strings attached. This company and bank account is for the serious player who requires top banks and top service.

Our cost for the Mauritius or Seychelles company and bank account is just Euro 2,595. Annual resident fees are (as of this writing,) USD650.

In most cases companies can be opened in 7 days in your chosen name. We suggest you select three names in order of preference, bearing mind that the suffix should end in Limited, etc.

We wish to inform you that your bank account can be opened in Mauritius with one of the world's best known banks, as well as in other Jurisdictions:

We recommend a Mauritius Bank as they require less paper, open their clients bank accounts faster and source has a special working relationship with them. Set-up time can take from 7 to 30 banking days from the time the bank has received your due diligence documentation, so govern yourself accordingly.

With this Mauritius setup, you receive internet banking via codes and a digipass or e token plus a debit card with a generous withdrawal allowance.

You are always welcome for any questions or assistance you may have or require. You need to let us know which banks you prefer so that we can send you the application forms and requirements. As far as the bank account opening is concerned, source normally fill in the application forms and then send to you for signatures by the authorize signatories.


Statutory Documents :
* Detailed Business Plan including sources and application of funds
* Identity documents for all ultimate individual shareholders, controlling more than 1% in the company.

Authorized Signatories:
* Certified copy of the extract of a Board Resolution authorizing the opening of accounts and giving the authority to authorized signatories for:
(i) the operation of the accounts,
(ii) the signing of documents.
* Identity documents for all authorized signatories.
* A brief resume or CV for each of the beneficial owners (holding more than 20% of the capital), giving a clear indication of their profile and source of wealth.
* Reference, dated less than 6 months, from a reputable bank or financial institution in the country of residence (on the Authorized signatory/or ultimate beneficial owners).
* Certified copy of a proof of registered address of the company (e.g. a utility bill or other official document) dated less than 3 months.


* Certified true copy of passport, identity card with clear photographic image
* Certified copy of a proof of residential address (utility bill of less than 3 months).
* Bankers reference and/or current bank statement

NOTE: Certification should be by notaries, solicitors, accountants or other professional persons (including accredited offshore management companies). The persons certifying the copies should clearly indicate therein their name, profession and address.

To pay by Bank wire, MoneyGram, MoneyBookers or Western Union please proceed to and order at our secure web site order form at

Your order code is "Mauritius Special." The cost is Euro 2,595 or the equivalent.

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For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.