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"The right to privacy is a part of our basic freedoms.
Privacy is fundamental to close family ties, competitive free
enterprise, the ownership of property, and the exchange of ideas."
PT Shamrock - Newsletter issue one; 1994

NON Reporting Bank Account!

PT Shamrock is renown for offering company and banking secrecy since 1994. However after the 2008 financial crisis, many governments started working together with the following financial matters:

1. They signed up to the Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEA). Such agreements (to prevent tax evasion) confirm that their bankers and company registration departments do exchange their clients identity records between countries.

For example if you are from the United Kingdom and you open a bank account in TIEA Land, the bank in TIEA Land will send client identity records to the UK Tax authority (even the client had used trust arrangements).

2. New EU directives have passed a new Act that the bankers in EU Member States will share their clients identities AUTOMATICALLY. This action is also supported by other large countries such as USA and UK. See attached.

3. The bankers, which are in such large influence countries such as the USA, their countries with the TIEA duties and in EU Member States, have instructed their subsidiary bankers which are not in TIEA countries and which are not in EU Member States to fulfill the acts of TIEA and new EU directives of automatic exchange of information.

4. See the following public notice from Patel Law Offices in the USA -

"HSBC Expected to Disclose Account Holders Names". From their notice, it read "The IRS has petitioned for a federal court authorization to enable it to obtain information on HSBC Bank's American account holders using their foreign accounts to evade taxes. ...HSBC may be willing to "throw their clients under a bus" to avoid prosecution. We expect that HSBC will disclose its customer list, which will become a target list for the IRS. HSBC customers are strongly recommended to seek legal counsel immediately and consider entering the IRS'
new offshore amnesty program."

5. In December 2010, our one of banking sources received an inquiry letter from the United States Department of Treasury enforcing them to disclose clients identities under 326 of U.S. Patriot Act. Certainly, as they are an independent NON US related firm, they did not comply with such 'demands' and keep clients information confidential.

However, how about the banks? Do they act independently? You need to find a bank that is:

1) Not in any TIEA Country
2) Not in EU Member States
3) The bankers are not in 1) and 2) and their Holding Banks are not in 1) and 2)


As a consequence of all of the above, and more, PT Shamrock is now working with international offshore banks, wherein their banks jurisdictions HAVE NOT SIGNED UP to 1) TIEA and 2) are NOT IN EU COUNTRIES NOR 3) their holdings bankers not in 1) and 2) above.

We also work with international offshore bankers that the countries have signed up with some countries with TIEA (which are few in countries,) and which will not affect you. For example, our client coming from USA can open an offshore bank account in ABC land because ABC land hasn't signed up with TIEA with USA and so the banker in ABC land will not disclose client identity to USA, nor the banker having office in USA.

The offshore international bankers we are presently working with are located within the following jurisdictions/countries meeting the or lacking the following TIEA mandates:

Understand that although some countries have signed up to TIEA, perhaps it is with one country only. In recent years tax havens and offshore financial centres have come under increasing political pressure to cooperate with other countries in matters of taxation and efforts to crowd back tax evasion and avoidance. As a result many tax havens have signed tax information exchange agreements (TIEAs). In order to comply with OECD standards tax havens are obliged to sign at least 12 TIEAs with other countries. This suggests tax havens have chosen their partner countries. We ask whether they have signed TIEAs with countries to which they have strong economic links or whether they have systematically avoided doing this, so that information exchange remains ineffective. There were 555 TIEAs signed by tax havens in the years 2008-2011 and it was found that on average tax havens have signed more TIEAs with countries to which they have stronger economic links. This analysis thus suggests that tax havens do not systematically undermine tax information exchange by signing TIEAs with irrelevant countries. However, this does not mean that they exchange information with all important partner countries.

So do bear this in mind when ordering.

Along with a tax free non annual filing/reporting offshore company in your chosen name using corporate nominee director and a corporate nominee shareholder, we we can arrange to e-mail the bank application forms direct to you.

For an offshore company in your chosen name and a bank account from a non-TIEA jurisdiction, the cost is Euro 4,500 including a nominee corporate director and a nominee corporate shareholder, which are included in this setup, Using nominees greatly enhances your anonymity. Your debit card has NO name appearing on the card, which also greatly provides further anonymity for your safe banking and discreet anonymous cash withdrawals from anywhere in the world.

* Bank requires a notarized passport copy
* Notarized Utility bill less than 2 month old
* The currency in which you wish your debit card to be denominated, i.e. in USD or Euro.
* The currencies you wish for your multi currency account, i.e. USD, EUR, GBP, JYen, etc.
* A name address, contact email address and telephone number.

Included is:

* A non-TIEA reporting company bank account in China
* A non annual, non reporting Tax free company in your chosen name
* Nominee corporate director and shareholder
* No name debit card with a generous daily cash withdrawal allowance
* Internet banking with good English speaking customer service.
* Processing time (subject to your choice of company name being available) is normally 10 to 14 banking days.

Your order code is "NON TIEA" and the cost is Eur 4,500 or equivalent. Please select three names in order of preference for your company, bearing in mind the suffix needs to end in Limited, Ltd., Inc., etc.

To ORDER and pay by Bank Wire Transfer, BitCoins (10% surcharge,) Moneybookers/Skrill, MoneyGram or Western Union, please proceed to our secure on-line order form HERE.

If your order is priced in EURO, you may remit the USD or another currency equivalent of the product's EURO amount for your order.

For the latest EURO to USD or other exchange rate see

Thank you for your interest in PT Shamrock's products and services.

Your order code is "NON TIEA"

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