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Seychelles Company & Tax Free Company Bank Account - Great Internet Banking!

At long last our leprechaun is able to bring you a top of the line offshore starter kit in a world class jurisdiction. Included is a bearer share company in the Seychelles, plus a Seychelles company bank account and ATM card... All at a knock down cost of only Euro 1,999.

Also included is your own Seychelles company in your chosen name with a bank account at one of the-easiest to open banks in Asia, i.e. China. This safe bank offers easy to use swift bank wires incoming and outgoing ability plus an ATM debit card. The banks customer service is top notch, amongst the best we've experienced in a good while! Set up time is very fast indeed as our leprechaun has taken all the hassles of you getting started.


Taxation - International Business Companies are not subject to taxation within the Seychelles.

Shareholders - An International Business Company need only one shareholder and shares can be issued in bearer or registered form. Details of the shareholders do not appear on the public file, although a Register of Members must be maintained.

Directors - A minimum of one director is required and corporate directors are permitted. Details of the directors do not appear on the public file, although a Register of Directors must be maintained.

Annual Reporting - International Business Companies are not required to file either an annual return or accounts.

Processing Time - Incorporation can normally be achieved within a few working days.

Restrictions on Name and Activity - The following words cannot be used: Assurance, Bank, Building Society, Chamber of Commerce, Chartered, Cooperative, Foundation, Government, Imperial, Insurance, Municipal and Trust, or any other words which suggest the patronage of any Government. All company names must end with Limited, Corporation, Incorporated, Societe Anonyme or a similar recognized alternative.

Local Requirements - As a matter of local company law the company MUST maintain a registered office address within the Seychelles and must also appoint a Seychelles resident as a registered agent. We provide
these services as part of the domiciliary service fee.

Secrecy - There are no specific statutory provisions governing secrecy in relation to companies but English Law, which applies within the jurisdiction, does impose a common law duty on professionals to keep the affairs of their clients confidential.

REGISTRATION AND MAINTENANCE FEES - Registration Fee With a standard share capital of less than or of USD5,000, the registration fee together with the first year maintenance fee is included. In particular, the fee covers: 1 first year license fee 2 first year registered agent and registered office 3 our incorporation service charge.

Annual Maintenance Fee - With a standard share capital of less than or of USD5,000, the annual maintenance fee for second year and thereafter is USD350, which includes annual license fee, registered agent and registered office fees. This is the least expensive annual renewal fees from any jurisdiction!

Documents and Information Required
1. A photocopy of identity card or passport of each director and shareholder
2. Residential addresses with proof of all directors and shareholders, such as utility bill, telephone bill.
3. Proposed name of the company
4. Amount of share capital (unless otherwise advised, all company will be incorporated with a standard share capital of USD5,000) and percentage of share holding by each shareholder, if more than one shareholder.
5. Bankers reference letter

Time Frame - The whole processes for the tailor-made and ready made companies could be completed in around 4 working days and 3 working days respectively.

Your "Offshore Starter Kit" includes:

* Certificate of Incorporation
* M&A
* Subscribers Resolution (which includes appointment of director and shareholder)
* Share Certificate
* Inclusive of course is all government fees and taxes, registered agent and registered office services for the first year.
* Bank account in the Seychelles with an ATM/Debit card with easy to use Iban/swift bank wire ability.

Should you require nominee services, apostille's etc... Those are available at a small additional cost. Email for a quote.

Your order Code is "Offshore Starter Kit." Just Euro 1,999

Add Eur 2,299 for a nominee shareholder and a nominee director, which hides your identity.

Another great product from PT Shamrock's leprechaun.

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