Panama Bank Account

Panama Corporation with Company Bank Account

Bank Option #7 - Panama Corporation with Hong Kong Company Bank Account

This is a hard to beat business deal and the best on the net! Start your own business with your own company account for less than two thousand Euro's. Yes you read that right, for just €3,750 you receive in a few weeks your own Panama Corporation and bank account, including easy to use Internet banking, codes for secure on-line authentication and an ATM card with unlimited daily withdrawals from source.

Alternatively you can pick your own name which takes somewhat longer to create. If your chosen name is available it's yours, no questions asked. Panama Companies are tax free and is located in one of the best Privacy Havens in the world bar none.

  • Accept incoming and outgoing bank wire transfers.
  • Accept US dollar checks in company name or any personal name.
  • Operate your account via pgp e-mail, phone, fax or the Internet.
  • Accept your customers payments via world famous "E-Gold Quick Pay" program in minutes!
  • MasterCard available (extra fee and minimum deposit required.)
  • Access cash from the wall without ID. (ATM machines available worldwide .)
  • Operate your business worldwide in anonymity.

Copy of your passport and a short application required. Note that you will be required to supply an apostilled copy of your passport and signature for this banking product direct to the bank, not to us. Just €2,750 while they last. Strictly first come, first served.

Total Setup Cost: €3,750 - Copy of passport (need not be notarised,) and a current utility bill is all that's required by the bank. All major credit cards accepted.

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Bearer Shares: A negotiable share made out in the name of the bearer and not in the name of a particular person or organization. The shares in the capital of a company, which are transferable by delivery of the certificate. Unlike registered shares, which are transferred by an instrument of transfer, the name of the holder is not registered in the books of the company.

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Bank Option # 7 - Panama Company with Hong Kong Bank Account---------------------- Price €3,750

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We use and recommend pgp. Our key is located at: PT Shamrock's pgp key.

Please note: For fastest service, after you remit payment, e-mail a clean and clear copy of your passport via GIF or JPEG format to us at