Private Bank Account

Private Bank Account within The European Union

If you want to re-structure your taxes, to collect your investment payout's offshore, to hide your assets from meddlesome creditors, this Private Bank account is for you!

Private individuals coming from almost any geographical area can establish a Private Account and enjoy highly efficient, professional and client-friendly working modes of the Bank staff.

Having of this account is absolutely legally and in the same time it is a "not-so-obvious" offshore banking account. Bank accounts in US and almost countries are unsafe and your privacy is not fully protected especially after 9/11 events.

Caribbean banks also are not cure-alls as they have information sharing agreements with various governments. Your Private Bank account is located in one of the few remaining countries where bank privacy is respected and maintained. Your financial activity is completely hidden from other eyes. Your personal details are securely kept at the bank and are not reachable even by legal entities (except court request).

* Friendly staff of the bank speaks fluent English.
* Acceptance of money orders, personal checks, international wire through SWIFT and IBan systems.
* A wide correspondent bank network and the use of advanced technologies ensure a prompt and precise transaction execution.
* The account is multi-currency; you may deposit funds in various currency (EURO, USD, JPY, GBP, CAD, CHF, CYP, CZK, DKK, EEK, LTL, SEK, NOK,BYR, UAH).
* No minimum deposit is required.
* No monthly fee.
* Account funding is free of charge.
* Issue of an account statement is free of charge.
* Closing of the account is free of charge.
* Expertise and business optimisation enables the bank to set low fees on the account servicing and transfers. All intra - bank transfers are performed free of charge.
* The highest interests are paid on various terms deposits (US Dollars - up to 1.25%, Euro - 1.75, Japan Yen - 1/2% annually - may vary).
* This account has a convenient management tool - the Internet-Bank system that allows you to have access to your account from any places of the world and at any time.
* Usage of Internet-Bank System is free of charge for private individuals.

Internet-banking system allows:

* to obtain information about the current account status
* to perform transfers through the current account
* to perform currency exchange
* to receive account statements for the account operations
* to communicate with the Bank via messages
* to search in the payments archive (by payment type, by payment date and by beneficiary)
* to receive a copy of a S.W.I.F.T. message

Your account is protected from unauthorized access. There are the signing device DIGIPASS that is used for login and payment issuing. The account opening process is easy: we offer fast, reliable and private step-by-step instructions. You may use our secure on-line order form to pay for your order. Passport copy required for opening purposes.

We accept payment via Bank Wire Transfer, MoneyGram, Western Union and BitCoin.

Please DO NOT ask us for the name or country where the bank is located. Due to contractual agreement we are unable to comply with such requests until we receive a paid order. This is also done to protect the integrity of the bank program as this bank is located in one of the few remaining privacy havens in the world.

Opening your Private Bank Account is fast, easy, safe and secure!

If you want to re-structure your taxes, to collect your investment payout's offshore, to hide your assets from meddlesome creditors this account type is exactly for you!
Your Private account opening cost is just Euro 1500.

This includes:

*Internet banking via bank codes, etc.
*Internet-banking system setup;
*Our personal attention ensuring of efficiency and rapidity of the account opening procedure;
*Freeing you from your personal appearing in the bank.

Required documents:
* Copy of your passport notarized;
* Any of the next: Original of utility bill that lists your name; Or copy of any other document having your photograph (Driver Licence); Or photograph of your face near of your opened passport.
* Bankers reference
* CV (resume)
* Business Plan

Total Setup Cost: EUR 1,500 Notarised copy of your passport required by firm arranging account for a personal bank account.

Add EUR 1,750 for a Nevis non annual filing company in your chosen name with nominees.

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Name of item/s ordered:

Bank Option # 2 - Privacy Account ---------------------- Price EUR 1,500

Company Privacy Account ----------------------------------- Price EUR 3,250

Be sure to include with your Order Code Name with your order, i.e. "privacy acct personal" or "privacy acct company." Thank you.

Order form - Your information is strictly confidential and is protected by law

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FOR FASTEST PAYMENT METHOD! Ask about our Western Union or MoneyGram remittance Programs! We use and recommend pgp. Our key is located at: PT Shamrock's pgp key.

Please note: For fastest service, after you remit payment, e-mail a clean and clear copy of your passport via GIF or JPEG format to us at