The PT Global Card™ Program - Your USD 240,000 Withdrawal Cash Card

Your valuable tools to Freedom, Wealth & Privacy!

A USD 240,000 Cash Card - The PT Global Card™

"The PT Global Card™ program is the mother of all ATM cards! With a staggering USD 80,000 annual load/withdrawal allowance! This card is strictly for the serious player!"
- Dr. Walter Belford, expatriation expert

PT Global Card™ Particulars with Full Information

Want Wealth? Want Freedom? Want Privacy? Then look no further as PT Shamrock's leprechaun has the answer for you.

The Extraordinary PT Global Card™ Program

Due to popular demand, our leprechaun has been able to negotiate with our bank source in order to secure a limited number of the PT Global Cards. These highly valuable and hard to obtain ATM cash cards are very rare on the Internet.

The PT Global Card™ can be used at over six million locations worldwide! The PT Global Card™ works on the Global POS Network accepting ATM's and Interac brands!

No ID required to purchase!

This unique PT Global Card™ operates anywhere you see ATM logos/networks and is welcomed at millions of locations worldwide. The PT Global Card™ does not have any personal name appearing on the card, nor is any picture ID required to purchase it, albeit a short form needs to be filled out on-line with your details in order to activate your card. All is done on-line in less than two minutes.

This highly valuable cash card is issued from a friendly USDpean financial institution that is known for its professional handling of it customers. These hard to obtain cards are available in the following currencies: United States of America Dollars (USD,) and USD (USD) cards. Choose the currency that best suits your needs to minimize currency exchange fees at time of ordering. Whichever currency you choose for your account, your card can be used anywhere in the world to buy goods and withdraw cash from ATM's in the local currency.

The Basics

Money stored on your PT Global Card™ is untouchable to all but the bearer of the card and its secret pin code.

You will receive no physical statements nor mail related to your transactions. All your card details, balances, loads, etc. is available 24/7 on-line.

These cards have the 3 digit CVC code on the back activated so that they can be used like a credit card for internet and mail/telephone order transactions. They are accepted at all merchants anywhere Visa is accepted worldwide so long as the merchant processes their cards electronically which is now almost universal. The card is accepted at all ATM's with the Plus and/or Visa logo and has a USD 2,500 daily cash withdrawal maximum. There is a USD 1,000 maximum per single swiped ATM transaction, but just about all ATM's allow multiple transactions in succession with the same card. The POS daily maximum is the same as well, however it is possible to do a single transaction up to the daily USD 2,500 limit in this way.

Each card can be loaded with a maximum of USD 240,000 per annum and this amount can be loaded in its entirety upon activation if desired. One card is allowed per ID supplied.

Card fees are as follows: ATM cash withdrawal fee: USD 3.80, POS transaction fee USD 1.50, monthly fee USD 3.80, load fee USD 3.80 (+ 1% by wire transfer, + 3% by cheque, + 7.5% by Western Union)/

The card cost is USD 1,250. One card only per person. Shipping can be by international postal mail which is free but can take quite a few weeks so we strongly recommend paying extra for courier delivery which is USD 30. You will also need to send USD 100 per card as an initial card load as the bank will not activate a card account without a minimum deposit just like a regular bank account cannot be opened without an initial deposit.

A minimum USD 20 balance must be maintained and if the card balance falls below USD 10 at any time the account is automatically closed and cannot be re-opened without going through the account opening procedure all over again, paying the replacement card fee and obtaining a new card. Due to constantly changing currency exchange rates we advise that the initial minimum load amount be kept on the card as a buffer in case you miscalculate the currency conversion rate from your local currency to USD and/or forget to take into account ATM and POS transaction fees.

1. Once we receive your order and paid funds, your card will be dispatched t you within 6 banking days.

2. As soon as you receive your card, email us to let us know and we'll have source activate it for you.

3. From the time we receive your order and payment to the time you receive your card, please allow 2-3 weeks for source to process and dispatch your card direct to you.

5. As soon as your card has been received, you will need to send us a confirmation of delivery email with your card number so that your card can be activated. This means that by that time we should have handy at least the minimum initial loading in order to complete the activation process.

Loading funds and courier fee could be wire to the following coordinates, remembering to include at least 10 USD to cover incoming bank wire charges.

Loading Options - You can remit loads for your card via a bank wire. MoneyGram OR Western Union. Loads by e-currency are forthcoming during 2011.

Your PIN number comes sealed and is delivered separately from your card and full loading instructions within days upon receipt of your paid order.

You can check and verify your funds on-line. A special Internet access account is included with your order. [Sign up required.]


1.) Card can be loaded by you or any THIRD person by Bank wire, MoneyGram, Cheque's, Western Union. Loads by e-currency are forthcoming during 2011.

2.) Money can be drawn in any currency. That means wherever you withdraw cash from any ATM machine, the cash comes in that countries local currency.

For example: You withdraw cash from a hole in the wall in New York City, out spews USD. In Paris, out spews USDs; In Japan out spews Yen; In the UK out spews pound sterling, etc.

3.) Check your balance on-line

A couple of important facts:

To the best of our knowledge we are the only company to offer this highly valuable and high dollar limit banking product on the Internet, i.e. The PT Global Card™ program! We have acquired a reasonable allotment of these highly valuable, high monthly withdrawal limit cash cards. So they are being sold on a strictly first come, first served basis.

Final comments: Our previous Cash Card ATM card sold out very fast indeed. Our long time customers and subscribers know that highly valuable banking products like this don’t last long. Don’t be left out. Take action now and order yours.

Nothing lasts forever. This extraordinary cash PT Global Card™ program opportunity certainly won't either.

How much does it cost?

For just USD 1,250 including delivery, you can have this valuable and hard to obtain card sent direct to you in just a few days.

If you have any further questions we are always available to assist you. We trust you will be more than satisfied with your very own PT Global Card™ with a USD 80,000 annual Limit Cash Card ATM Card.

To reiterate:

  • No personal name appears on your PT Global Card™
  • Verify funds on-line.
  • Loads can be sent in USD or USD (indicate which card you want, USD or USD at time of order.)
  • Load card by Western Union and bank wire by you or ANY third party
  • Limited number of cards available
  • Order dispatched to you within 4 weeks from the time your cleared funds are credited to us

How To order

How To order:
Click on the order form link below and be sure to include the product code: PT Global Card™ Program.

The cost of this highly valuable and prestigious PT Global Card™ program is USD 1,250 including courier delivery to a name and address of your choice.

Please note: Due to the highly valuable and sensitive nature of this product, and due to extremely limited availability, we must insist all ordering customers comply with the following:

Please remit funds or proof of sending funds for your order within 3 working days from the time of your initial order in order for us to continue to reserve your card until your payment is received.

Cards are shipped within 4 "working" weeks from the time we receive cleared funds in most cases.

Payment by Bank Wire, MoneyGram, BitCoin, Moneybookers/Skrill and Western Union are near instantaneous and always guarantees the fastest delivery of your card.

Publisher's note: Due to the shortage of our PT Global Card's™ it is advisable to e-mail proof of remitting your payment within 3 business days. Failure to comply with this request will cause us to release your card to another customer and cancel your order.

Yes I want my valuable "PTCard™ program, a 800k Cash ATM Card". I understand you will ship my order within 4 workings weeks in most cases. I also understand you will e-mail me the tracking details once my card has been sent.

Please click here to order from our secure on-line order form with our various payment options.

Remember your ordering code for this product is: "PT Global Card™."

We gladly accept payment by Bank wire, MoneyGram, BitCoin, Moneybookers/Skrill or Western Union.

All orders treated strictly personal & highly confidential! See order form for payment options!

PTCard™ Loading Information

How to make a deposit

Money can be paid in by:

  • International Bank Transfer: (Wire, Swift, etc.). Timeframe to receive your loading: 1-5 business days. Cost = 1% + US$5.00
  • Western Union: Timeframe to receive your loading: 2-4 days Cost = 5% + 15.00 USD
  • MoneyGram: One business day. Cost = email for fee
  • Card-to-Card transfer: Timeframe to receive your loading: Instantaneous. Cost = US$3.00
  • Your card can be loaded by third party persons!

With our PT Global Card program there is a USD 80,000 annual load ability concerning withdrawing funds per annum. Max. Load: USD 80,000 per annum.

Western Union

Click on this link to send your remittance details.

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