January 2005 Missive

From the Publisher's Desk
January 3rd, 2005

"Those who are willing to allow the government to establish a Soviet-style internal passport system because they think it will make us safer are terribly mistaken.

Subjecting every citizen to surveillance and screening points actually will make us less safe, not in the least because it will divert resources away from tracking an apprehending terrorists and deploy them against innocent Americans!

Every conservative who believes in constitutional restraints on government should reject the authoritarian national ID card and the nonsensical intelligence bill itself"

- Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, after refusing to vote for the US Internal Passport bill, on December 7th, 2004

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We'd like to wish all our browsers a Happy New Year.

The following interview could possibly be the single most important interview you'll read in 2005!

Dr. Seymour Samson's January 2002 interview created the single greatest response from any PT Buzz article before or since. This interview is posed to cause even greater consternation! This is the first interview the good Doctor has given in more than three years, and we're grateful it's with PT Shamrock.

An extraordinary interview with this prolific guru follows. His thoughts and insight explaining today's privacy concerns and current options follow. Due to its length, this interview comprises our entire January 2005 missives.

In view of our past conversations we think what the good doctor has to say may be of great interest to you. Read on.

PT Shamrock = PTS
Doctor Seymour Samson = DSS

PTS - Happy Holidays and thank you for allowing us this opportunity once again.

DSS - My pleasure and ditto on the Happy Holidays!

PTS - Bring us up to date on what's happening with privacy in the world today, and what one can do to protect themselves.

DSS - You really don't need me to answer that question. Just turn on the television or radio; pick a newspaper or magazine and read for yourself. You'll see the dramatic erosion of your civil liberties right in front of you as clear as the fork in the road.

The current US administration has been an unmitigated catastrophe for your privacy and personal freedoms and the thief thereof. With Bush's election to a second term and believing he now has a mandate for an even greater US presence around the world; your civil liberties are in grave danger.

Today's America has been enshrouded with a police state; worse than Nazi Germany ever dreamt of becoming! I certainly don't see matters getting better. I see them getting very much worse.

PTS - Please explain.

DSS - Americans basically abrogated their rights to privacy and freedom willingly after 9/11 2001. They did this because they wanted to believe their leaders and in hopes of being protected from further 'attacks.'

Bush's newspeak (think 1984) along with his hyperbole about going to war in Iraq was done through deceit and false pretence. They started planning the Iraq invasion a few days after they first took office in 2001. Notice I said took office, because Bush wasn't elected (in 2000.) In any event and in spite of their lies, Bush' mantra of "America being a safer place because of getting rid of Saddam," struck a cord with the American public.

Whether or not America is a safer place without Saddam isn't the issue. The point is the world is certainly NOT a safer place by a long shot. That's the truth and if you don't believe me ask any non American. America's policies have made the world a far more dangerous place, as well as becoming more expensive. And the dangers are increasing, certainly not decreasing as you are led to believe.

PTS - What do you mean by the world being a more expensive place?

DSS - Iraq is/was the 2nd largest oil producer in the world, second only to Saudi Arabia right next door to Iraq. Oil hit fifty five dollars per barrel a few months back. I see it heading to sixty dollars per barrel later this year. All third world countries are reeling from the financial after shock of this mess.

The world also voted in the US election and the US dollar dropped dramatically (3 percent) immediately following Bush's re-election. With the USD continuing to head south, interest rates are bound to head higher, so head for the hills financially and buy gold!

With America making the world a "safer place," oil production in Iraq took a dive and the rest of us are paying America's price for its safety. I bitterly resent that, along with a few billion other people around the world.

More important does anyone reading this interview really believe that the Iraqi's are better off today than before the American invasion? Even Secretary of State Collin Powell admitted Iraq is a basket case. It's one of the, if not the most dangerous places on earth and there are 150,000 American troops there!

Even worse the US is sending troops into Iraq unprepared for war. Rumsfield got his ass reamed out by his own troops when he talked with them in mid December. The truth came out and US troops are being sent into Iraq without proper armour vehicles and protection. It's a sad joke indeed for the American people and especially America's fighting men and women.

George W. should have read his father's autobiography. In that excellent read, George senior gave every good reasons for NOT going into Iraq and taking Saddam out during Desert Storm, circa January 1991. One of those reasons was there would be no way for Iraq to be governed safely if Hussein was out. In retrospect George senior was absolutely right. Too bad his son didn't heed his father's advice.

Today most people have forgotten about Afghanistan. The fighting and killing continues there. Other than Kabul, most of the country is run by the war lords, i.e. outside of US control. Opium production is now the highest it has ever been. Did the US make a deal with the war lords in Afghanistan? So what I see is the price of 'freedom' for the Afghan's and the price for 'safety' for American's is the full tilt production of high grade heroin on your streets. Some price for freedom isn't it?

PTS - That's interesting. I didn't know that.

DSS - Glad I could enlighten you. Now think about this: A nation that's spent more than one trillion dollars on defence during the last decade; the greatest power the world has ever seen and the wealthiest nation on earth were brought to its knees on 9/11 by a handful of determined murderers with one dollar box cutters.

As usual, the authorities have over reached their bounds by bringing incredulous and Draconian laws into play. One day Americans will wake up and ask, "Hey, what happened to my civil liberties?"

PTS - Isn't America entitled to protect itself?

DSS - Of course they are, but at what price? By breaking the law to enforce the law? By illegally invading other nations under false pretense? By lying and deceiving its citizens? By recording every personal and financial move you make and by tracking you from cradle to grave? And worse of all, by forcibly causing tens of millions, if not billions of non American's to become unwilling participants in America's 'war on terror'?

How close are the abuses at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib to you? If the government is breaking the law at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib and trying to cover it up, and they are as US Courts have ruled, how close will those abuses have to come to you before you do something about it? Why are you allowing it to happen? More important why aren't you doing something to protect yourself and you're loved ones because it's only a small step from Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib to your neighbor and then you.

Only when the total lost of your civil liberties strikes home on a personal level will the general public become aware of the problem. Then naturally, it will be too late to do anything about it.

The key question to ask; "are you going to give up your civil liberties in order to fight the war on Terrorism?"

Well not with my last breath I'm not!

PTS - Well said. Go on.

DSS - Like I said, the vast majority have willingly abrogated their rights and freedoms. The sad part is that the rest have to live with that consequence or get out. The average American is so brained washed with lies and deceits at all levels starting in elementary school, they have little or no legal options.

PTS - Explain that please.

DSS - Look, Americans are the most lied to people on earth!

I saw a one man show by Michael Moore of Fahrenheit 9/11 fame in London a while back. It was the funniest damn show I've ever seen. He did a bit on how Americans are amongst the dumbest people on earth. He made some excellent points. One was a survey conducted by the prestigious National Geographic Society.

The following facts are based on a fall 2002 National Geographic survey in which National Geographic asked geography questions to 18 to 25-year-old Americans.

Eighty-five percent of those young adult Americans could not find Iraq on the map. Sixty percent could not find Britain on the map, and to think Tony Blair is constantly kissing America's ass and American's don't even know where the hell he is.


But here's my all time favorite, and this is true just check the National Geographic survey; eleven percent of young adult 18-25 year-old Americans could not find the US on the globe!

PTS - Jesus, that's shocking!

DSS - Indeed it is. People are living in a system of enforced ignorance in America. It's enforced starting in elementary schools. Then assuming one graduates from high school, it's reinforced in the (US) mainstream media. The thrust is to dumb down Americans and keep them stupid. If they can get away with that, they'll get away with telling Americans anything! And you know something, its working!

PTS - Unbelievable.

DSS - Perhaps, but true. Not only can't you trust your leaders (they lied to you about weapons of mass destruction as their raison d'etre for going to war in Iraq,) you can't even believe one of the most trusted names in the news; CBS' Dan Rather and his pack of lies about George W's national guard days.

Understand I'm no fan of George W. or Dan Rather. However any honorable person would have resigned immediately after such a scandal of lies and deceit surfaced on CBS. Not Dan Rather. He waited 6 weeks to 'retire' in honor. Where's the honest and honorable people that's desperately needed to lead today?

In the good old days when Walter Cronkite (think 1950-60's,) at CBS' said something on the evening news, he was the most respected and believable person in the world. Once Cronkite announced (after the February 1st, 1968 Tet offensive,) that the war in Vietnam was unwinnable, it was game over for then US President Johnson and the US.

Seven years after Cronkite's statement, America fled Vietnam with its tail between its legs leaving behind broken promises, 58,000 American and two million dead Vietnamese. It was a black eye in American history and America and the world were changed forever.

Today you have Dan Rather on the one hand, and 'Fair and Balanced' news on the other! G.E. (General Electric) owns the NBC, Disney and ABC networks. GE currently has US$600 million worth of contracts in Iraq. Do you think you'll get the truth from any of those networks?

Not much choice is there? Boy have times changed.

Americans have no one they can trust and believe. If you're leaders are liars and deceivers, and they are in both the US and the UK, and you can't trust or believe your news networks and main stream media, and you can't, who can you believe?

It is interesting to note that it wasn't the main stream press that broke the story about Rather et al lying to everyone on that George W National Guard story. It was the Internet bloggers. Kudos to them on that one!

As far as privacy is concerned, very few are in the know and are aware of the problems, e.g. your subscribers. Even then, most will do little to nothing about the problems. They prefer to remain in their comfort zones with all their creature comforts rather than take action. That is, until it becomes too late even for them. There really isn't too much the average American CAN DO about it, unless they are willing to break the law or leave.

Most have a problem getting through breaking the law and leaving is even harder. It's become time to take action to maintain your civil liberties and sovereignty. So get up off your duffs and take action.

PTS - How about some examples of our civil liberties being encroached on?

DSS - Okay, you wake up in the morning and check your e-mail. Your e-mail's, all of them, are recorded and stored on a data base forever for who knows what purpose. If the authorities want to, they can break into your home; place a key logger on your PC or Mac, then leave without you ever knowing it. A while later, they break back in to your home, retrieve the data, leave your home and you'll never be the wiser until they lower the boom on you. Worse, they can do this without a warrant under new Homeland Security laws and the US Patriot Acts I and II.

If your ISP reports your data is being 'watched' by anyone of dozens of government agencies using stealth spying programs, that is a serious crime in America. The ISP provider can face up to 25 years in the pokey if they tell you or anyone about the spying. Yes indeed, America is some land of the free.

Then you get into your car and drive to work. You'll pass through 15 or 20 CVTV's (cameras,) before stopping for petrol. Your petrol purchase is recorded on three separate databases; one, the petrol stations CVTV, second, your credit or petrol credit card (or cash) that you use to purchase the petrol and third, the government's monitoring devices used to record cars (and license tag numbers,) entering and leaving petrol stations, highways, major intersections, etc.. They have, as usual, nicknamed this program something or another, operation Hawkeye I think, but I can't recall the correct name offhand. In any event this data recording petrol program is currently being installed (US) nationwide as we speak thanks to the high profile gasoline sniper murders in Maryland and Virginia a few years back. And don't forget, ALL this data is being forwarded to a central US government operated and controlled data bank for further 'investigation'.

Before leaving the petrol station, you make a call on your mobile phone. That too is recorded and you are tracked where you are, have been and are going. In fact your (US) mobile phone doesn't even have to be turned on for you to be tracked today! All that info is placed onto several databases, again forever and for who knows what purposes.

You turn onto the freeway and you are recorded on more databases as to where you entered, how fast you are driving and where you exit the freeway or turnpike. Heck they're even starting to embed micro chips into license tags in order to track you. Where does it end? I'll tell you, with total surveillance!

You again pass through another 20 or 30 CVTV's on the way to work. You pull into your garage to park your car. You probably have to have your automobile inspected before entering the garage. Then you are recorded on even more CVTV's.

Next you'll have to show "ID" in order to get into work. If you work at a public building, you'll most likely be required to pass through metal detectors or 'security' gates in order to proceed to work and be subject to a body search with your belongings inspection by hand.

In essence you have been tracked and recorded on dozens of databases perhaps a hundred times BEFORE YOU EVEN START work in the morning! Not to worry too much my Yankee friends. You've got a ways to go to catch up to your British counterparts. In the UK on average one is recorded on more than 300 CVTV's in a single day!

Assuming you work for a company, you've more likely than not had a serious background check conducted on yourself in order to be hired for that job. You might have been asked for a DNA sample depending on where you work, especially if that company offers any health insurance "benefits." Worse you might never have been informed of this DNA being taken from you. Expect more of that in the work place forthwith.

Your credit history is checked and you are probably requested to take a lie detector test. If you refuse, naturally you'll never be hired in the first place. If you have a negative credit history because of a divorce, illness or similar, forget about getting any decent job. Your poor credit history sticks to you like crazy clue and it's never forgiving.

Insurance and health company insurance checks are routine for major companies nationwide just to consider you as a potential employee! If you aren't hired, that information goes on dozens, perhaps hundreds of databases and will show up on your records the next time you apply for a job. Every aspect of your life is looked into BEFORE being hired.

Understand that this is standard operating procedure for McDonald's fast food chain. And don't forget, one in eleven Americans have worked at McDonalds at some point in their life. Throw in Wal Mart, Burger King, etc. and you have half the American population willingly or unwillingly falling into that job hiring scenario.

Then if you add in the entire former and existing government employee's at the city, state and federal levels, including the military, you are looking at nearly 4/5th's of the US population falling into the ID trap as I call it.

Assuming you've agreed to all of the above and were hired by some company or government agency, you now arrive at work. At work, you are constantly monitored by your employer, i.e. your calls, your emails, your browsing, on CVTV cameras, etc.

The letters you post are now being tracked by the US Post Office in case you are sending naughty things through the mails. Mail not only entering but leaving America, is routinely opened, read and copied by various government agencies. Worse this is happening with your domestic mail. Clearly that was illegal until the Patriot Act came into play. Today's sophisticated technology for doing this is frightening. Just attend some of the tech shows and see for yourself.

Neighbors are being encouraged to "spy" on neighbors and report any suspicious activity whatever that is supposed to mean. Even your children are being taught and coerced into reporting any "abuse" by their parents, i.e. reporting "abuse" to their teachers, etc.

Sounds like a police state to me, doesn't it?

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