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January 3rd, 2005

"In a nutshell as a non American I believe I speak for a lot of people
around the world when I say the United States cannot be trusted to
respect any law or international protocol, and cannot therefore be
trusted with the personal data of other nationalities."

- Doctor Seymour Samson offshore guru, interview, January 2005

Is this in your future?

Continuation of Part I, Doctor Seymour Samson January 2005 interview.

PT Shamrock = PTS
Doctor Seymour Samson = DSS

PTS - Indeed it does!

DSS - Heaven forbid if you have to travel to another city and board a plane! You are forced to produce ID under some secret, yet undisclosed US law, or be denied boarding your flight. If you don't believe me, don't show any ID the next time you check in for a flight. Then ask for the law that says you MUST provide ID or be denied boarding!

Worse if you do produce government issued ID, that info is recorded on who knows how many databases, again forever. Your personal history from as far back as 40 years ago can flag you as a person that warrants further investigation. You can even be denied boarding if you owe back taxes, alimony, property taxes and even if you ever had a prior misdemeanor. Just this past November, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) ordered that all airlines turn over computerized data for passengers who travel on domestic flights. Naturally the airlines complied and now turn over all customers' details. The data includes credit card numbers, frequent flyer details and information, itineraries, addresses, telephone numbers and meal requests. The latter can indicate a passenger's religion or ethnicity. Any of that information plus many more reasons can and will flag you as a person who warrants non boarding status with a further probing investigation both at the airport and thereafter! The truly sad part of all this is that you have no recourse! You'll never know what, if anything has been written up about you.

Worse in the event you learn there is wrong information about you, you'll never be able to correct the erroneous info placed on the databases about you.

I have a dear American friend whose is a junior. He has AAA credit and a perfect credit rating. His father has been dead for 39 years and had financial problems and tax liens placed against him (senior.) This was caught by the US authorities' computers and got my friend on the "watch list." When checking in he was denied boarding. Any logical thinking person should have seen that it was impossible for my friend to be as old as the information on the files. But they don't care about that. They want America to be safe. Countess innocent people are victims of America's arcane and inflexible policies and regulations. And the next victim could be you.

Even David Nelson of Ozzie and Harriett TV Fame (1950's hit TV comedy series,) is constantly encountering problems and denied boarding his scheduled flights. This is still happening to him three years on. He can't get his name of the governments "watch" list in spite of his Senator and US Congressman trying their best to intervene on his behalf.

Even more ridiculous, US Senator Ted Kennedy is on the government watch list. Is there any human in charge?

And if you have an unpaid parking ticket, that will show up on your 'record' and you can be denied boarding your flight. What the hell does that have to do with making America safer?

PTS - Nothing.

DSS - Exactly. America has become a police state and the men with the crew cuts in the Balaclava's can come crashing through your door at 4am any time now without a warrant! So either learn to live with that or leave America now!

PTS - You mean to tell us, that having an unpaid parking ticket can see you being denied boarding a plane in the US?

DSS - I've got bad news for you. Never mind having an unpaid parking ticket denying you from boarding a flight; if you THINK politically incorrect you can and will be denied boarding a flight or from entering the United States and possibly end up going to jail.

Ask Yusuf Islam formerly known as Cat Stevens, the 1960's rock star that was dragged off a plane and banned from entering the US last September.

Do you or anyone reading this interview really believe that America is a safer place because Cat Stevens was denied entry into the US? What kind of mind set is that? Who the hell is in charge? Doesn't anyone working at these agencies have any brains? And the even more scary part of that disgrace is the (US) authorities actually believe Cat Stevens WAS a threat. Now that kind of thinking scares the hell out of me and it should you too.

PTS - Indeed it does.

DSS - Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens,) is an out spoken anti war critic. He was when he wrote and sung his anti war hit songs (think Peace Train,) in the late 1960's and early 70's and he still is today. In essence what the US government did was to break the law, i.e. the US Constitution and one of your basis rights, the right to free speech. That's very scary and a sad fact indeed.

The same tactics were used by the authorities during the Republican convention in Manhattan last August. Protestors were rounded up and placed in custody until the convention was over. Bye bye freedom of speech, hello police state! New anti-terrorist laws are now being used by America and other governments, think Tony Blair, to quell freedom of speech. These so called anti-terrorist laws are being abused to arrest those protesting government policies. It's just starting, so don't say I haven't warned you.

PTS - We've been duly warned, thank you.

DSS - And how about chess champion Bobby Fischer! Fischer was wanted since 1992 for playing a tournament in Yugoslavia despite U.N. sanctions. He played a chess match there for US$3.5 million so I can't say that I blame him going there to play. The US authorities had the Japanese arrest him last July as he was leaving for a visit to another Asian country. [Editor's note: Fischer paid the IRS more than US$1mil in income taxes for that match.]

This was for an apparent passport violation. After 12 years and without informing Fischer, the US secretly 'revoked' Fischer' US passport and informed the Japanese authorities of the same when the US learnt that Fischer was about to depart Japan for elsewhere.

Fischer is fighting deportation to the United States where he faces 15 years in the pokey. Why? Because Fischer is another high profile outspoken anti-US war figure. Fortunately Fischer has been granted a residence visa in Iceland. However he still doesn't have a valid passport to get there, so he isn't out of the loop yet. A damn good reason to have a second passport if I say so myself.

If every day American's and others can't see this erosion of civil liberties happening on a near daily basis, then there's no hope for that once great country. It's an outrage beyond belief. I am deeply sadden by all of this and am very concerned where all this is leading for my children and grandchildren. There's going to be disastrous consequences in the not too distance future because of these Draconian policies.

But just wait. You haven't seen anything yet. The worse is yet to come.

PTS - And what might they be?

DSS - I'm no prophet, but clearly the hand writing is on the wall.

Biometric passports are just the beginning. That's another of my pet peeves about America. They rammed this damn biometric passport thing down the throats of tens of millions of non-Americans who will never go to America or even want to go to America. Europeans are now forced, thanks to American demands, to have digital pictures, iris scans and fingerprints placed on biometric European Union passports because America demanded it. Other countries worldwide are soon to follow.

Partly as a result of this "newthink" by the Bushites, millions of Europeans and others have decided to visit countries other than the US because of America's punitory laws regarding facial scans and fingers prints as a requirement for entering the US.

European visitors to the US dropped by 34 percent in the past two years alone. Why? Europeans are getting fed up with these intrusive and abusive American policies and their arcane laws. These policies are hitting the tourist industry in America very hard. That industry, already hard hit by 9/11, etc. is in dire trouble. You see the once mighty US air carriers struggling in bankruptcy with a dismal outlook for survival. The laws to protect you from the bad guys have cost Americans tens of billions of dollars in lost income because YOUR government is 'protecting' you.

What difference is there from having numbers tattooed by force on your arm (think Nazi Germany,) or having government mandated iris scans, finger prints, your social security number and digital pictures placed onto a micro chip to identify and track you, all under penalty? Not much difference is there?

PTS - No there isn't, putting it that way.

DSS - What other way is there to put it? None. However you need to understand that safety is not the real reason behind this facade of lies to the people. All this technology to track you was in place long before 9/11/2001. 9/11 just gave them their raison d'etre for implementing it. The real secret is known to but a few.

PTS - And that secret is?

DSS - This biometric technology is being brought forth worldwide under the auspices of the New World Order. If they can track you, they can track your money. Within five years, ten at the most, nearly every country in the world will track your every move and whereabouts. You can and will be tracked by the US authorities even if you never have been to, or ever go to the US.

PTS - That's a very interesting theory.

DSS - That's not any theory. It's already started and is a fact. Here's why!

Lets say your name is Roland Wong, a Singapore (or whatever,) national, living in Singapore (or anywhere) outside the USA. You've never been to the US and don't have any intention of ever visiting the US.

Mr. Wong is a businessman and travels fairly frequent, i.e. once or twice a quarter internationally, but never to the US. He belongs to his home country's airline frequent flyer program. There are seven or eight airlines from different countries in that frequent flyer program. One of those airlines is a US airline.

Did you know that Mr. Wong's full and complete details are 'requested' by and readily given to the US carrier and placed in their database? Worse the US carrier hands over everything about Roland Wong to the US authorities. Nearly everyone's details flying today are being routinely handed over to the US authorities on a silver platter. Why? To be placed into their databases for ???

Now here is the really scary part. Mr. and Mrs. Okamoto of Japan is a retired couple. They have NEVER flown before. They don't belong to any frequent flyer program, but the airline they elected to fly to Tahiti for their 50th wedding anniversary is in an airline alliance that includes an American carrier.

Guess what? Mr. and Mrs. Okamoto's complete details are given to the US carrier, who, you got it, hands it over to the US authorities. These details include Mr. and Mrs. Okamoto's home address, telephone number, passport details, seat numbers, type of meals ordered, how they paid for their tickets, where they are going to stay, for how long, how many trips have they taken during the past 5 years and where they went, plus their credit card number, etc.

No US laws are broken because Mr. and Mrs. Okamoto are non Americans, so there's no American privacy issue here. Get it? However this whole thing is nothing more than the blatant thief of privacy from non Americans who aren't informed of what is happening to their details and privacy.

PTS - Holy smoke, you mean to tell us that's happening now?

DSS - Not only is it happening now, it's been happening since mid 2002 and the procedures and intrusiveness is getting worse. This information isn't hearsay. I saw the material with my own two eyes and nearly dropped the papers on the floor after reading them. I was simply astonished.

PTS - How did you discover this outrage?

DSS - Outrage is too kind a word for what's happening here. A very dear friend of mine, who worked for a major non American airline, showed the documents to me. That person was in mid level management and complained bitterly about this thief of privacy to her superiors. They in turn told her to shut up or be fired and lose her pension. She sent copies to the newspapers; radio and TV stations and not a single media source carried the story. She finally was "asked" to take early retirement and she did so out of disgust for the on going disgrace that program is causing.

PTS - That's unbelievable.

DSS - Yes it is. But the truly sad part of this is that millions of flyers a year are intentionally and unknowingly having their privacy stolen from them by the very people they trusted to protect them; all in the sake of trying to catch a handful of bad guys from 'hitting' America again and making America a "safer" place. Some irony isn't it?

PTS - What can one do about this?

DSS - Don't fly or if you really have to, fly Mongolian Airlines!


DSS continues - Seriously, short of not flying check to make sure the carrier you select to travel with does not have any alliance with ANY US carrier. I realize that's not easy, but there are some airlines without such affiliations. Provide as little information as you can to the non US travel agent or airline. And do not use a credit card to pay for trips! There is no law that says you have to give accurate and complete information to a non US travel agency or airline.

That's not the all of it. A recent report from the Canadian privacy commission outlined in that damming 150 page document how the US Patriot Acts I and II are affecting Canadians privacy in a very negative manner. Understand that historically Canada is one of the, if not THE closest ally and next door neighbor of the US. If America doesn't respect the privacy of its own citizens and those of its closest allies and neighbors, how do you think America will treat your privacy and civil liberties?

PTS - What else should we be aware of?

DSS - There are some recent and disturbing, (US) legislation that was just passed by (US) congress that Bush is sure to sign into law. It should cause considerable consternation for most of your readers, especially your American ones.

Less than a month ago, on December 7 2004, Pearl Harbor day, another sneak attack on America occurred. But this time it wasn't a foreign power that attacked the American public. It was America's OWN GOVERNMENT!

The US Congress passed the National Intelligence Reform Act of 2004 (S.2845) also known as the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004. As usual this contains the governments standard tens of thousands of pages of laws, hidden meanings, etc.

Being a person of an inquisitive nature, I wanted to know what was really contained within that bill. Well surprise, surprise, it's contains a de facto national ID card for ALL American's and American residents.

PTS - Really?

DSS - Really. It's right there in black and white. The National Intelligence Reform Act orders the Department of Homeland Security to begin issuing "uniformity regulations" requiring that all driver's licenses and birth certificates meet certain federalized standards, along with biometrics for "security" purposes. Those provisions can be found in subsections 7212 and 7211 of the bill respectively.

Each of the 50 (US) States and all its Territories, including, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam and The Mariana Islands, etc. will be ordered to include personal information about every individual, and this information will be used to build yet another huge federal database; the mother of all databases.

One should understand that this will give unelected federal bureaucrats and "others" access to your information. In other words, your privacy, already severely eroded by big brother, will become a thing of the past in 2005. Happy New YEAR America!

Control over the issuing of social security numbers (subsection 7213) will also be federalized. Also, the bill directs the Department of Homeland Security to establish separate standards for national ID used to board airplanes (subsection 7220).

Understand that the ramifications of this Act will go well beyond the transformation of airports into fortresses we have seen since 9/11. It is probable that as a result of this legislation, big brother will see himself as having a "mandate" to begin setting up road block check points. If you read the entire bill as I did over the Christmas holiday, clearly there is every reason to believe that Americans, and all who reside in or visit America, will be required to have an "internal passport" to travel freely in that country. IT IS NOW IN THE WORKS!

Now that may be unstated in the law. However if you read between the lines like the feds love to write, it is certainly stated under the heading "other purposes."

The US is like an unstoppable, runaway steam roller headed in a very dangerous direction led by the Bushites. So you can tell your readers, especially the Americans, to be prepared to have to "show your papers," in America just like the poor bastards had to and who were used as cannon fodder in the former Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

I think the great American patriot (of today,) Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, said it all after he refused to vote for that bill. Congressman Paul warned that same day, December 7th, 2004;

"Those who are willing to allow the government to establish a Soviet-style internal passport system because they think it will make us safer are terribly mistaken. Subjecting every citizen to surveillance and screening points actually will make us less safe, not in the least because it will divert resources away from tracking an apprehending terrorists and deploy them against innocent Americans! Every conservative who believes in constitutional restraints on government should reject the authoritarian national ID card and the nonsensical intelligence bill itself."

PTS - Go on, you might as well continue to ruin the rest of my day!

DSS - The United States is currently developing new biometric passports that contain Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips that can be read remotely by anyone with a reader. U.S. State Department documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union revealed that even while the U.S. government pushed for these new, supercharged identity documents, it blocked privacy-enhancing security measures that would have protected citizens against identity theft, terrorism, and surveillance, acting over the objections of security experts and others nations. What the hell kind of country is it that intentionally fails to protect its citizens privacy, while in fact is defalcating their civil liberties?

PTS - That is very sad indeed!

DSS - Yes it is. Worse, most European nations are following suit, especially the UK, with that big brother mind set. Its a very dangerous precedent the US is setting and its nearly too late to stop. The worse part of all this craziest is the people, especially the America public, could care less. They are willingly allowing these things to happen, like its never going to affect them. I can promise you they (American's) will be the loudest to scream bloody murder when they wake up one day in the not too distant future and realize all their civil liberties and freedoms have been stolen from them, and done with their own blessing. But that's going to happen when its too late!

Another thing people especially Americans, should be aware of is today's consequence for willing or unwillingly breaking America's Homeland Security and Patriot Act one and two laws.

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