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June 2016

"[W]e have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men. It is not merely that at present the rule of naked force obtains almost everywhere. Probably that has always been the case. Where this age differs from those immediately preceding it is that a liberal intelligentsia is lacking. Bully-worship, under various disguises, has become a universal religion, and such truisms as that a machine-gun is still a machine-gun even when a 'good' man is squeezing the trigger ... have turned into heresies which it is actually becoming dangerous to utter."
- George Orwell

We live in dangerous times for our privacy and now for our assets. This is perhaps the most grievous time in history for capital and one has to be incredibly cautious and diligent with where and how we place our assets. We'd be remiss if we advised otherwise.

It's bad enough that governments have been taxing its citizens to the point of taxpayers screaming bloody murder, but now governments are simply and blatantly outright stealing people's money.

Enter the so-called Cyprus banking crisis.

Do be advised that the so-called recent Cyprus banking crisis was a test, a test to see if the powers to be can get away with stealing your savings. It worked and will surely spread around most of the world.

Nigel Farage, a British politician and leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) since 2010 and, since 1999, has been a Member of the European Parliament for South East England. He came out with a scathing rebuke of the ECB's plans.

In his first TV appearance after the Cypriot wealth tax was announced, he stated that in all his years and all his experience of the desperation of the European Union's leadership "never did [he] think they would resort to stealing money from people's savings accounts."

He stated the obvious. "The EU knows they cannot let any country leave, no matter how small, for once one country goes, and the whole deck of cards will come tumbling down."

A 40% hit for you losing your money is a tuff pill to swallow. Anyone with a bank account in Europe should get your money out while you can. Ditto for our American, New Zealand and Australian readers.

How long will it be before the rest of the European Union and the United States becomes the next Cyprus?

Max Kesier stated at his web site, i.e. and during a recent broadcast on his popular TV program;

"It Can Happen Here: The Confiscation Scheme Planned for US and UK Depositors

Confiscating the customer deposits in Cyprus banks, it seems, was not a one-off, desperate idea of a few Eurozone "troika" officials scrambling to salvage their balance sheets. A joint paper by the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Bank of England dated December 10, 2012, shows that these plans have been long in the making; that they originated with the G20 Financial Stability Board in Basel, Switzerland and that the result will be to deliver clear title to the banks of depositor funds.

New Zealand has a similar directive, discussed in my last article here, indicating that this isn't just an emergency measure for troubled
Eurozone countries. New Zealand's Voxy reported on March 19th;

"The National Government [is] pushing a Cyprus-style solution to bank failure in New Zealand which will see small depositors lose some of their savings to fund big bank bailouts . . . .

Open Bank Resolution (OBR) is Finance Minister Bill English's favoured option dealing with a major bank failure. If a bank fails under OBR, all depositors will have their savings reduced overnight to fund the bank's bail out."

The outlook for investors and savers is very grime indeed. The question is what to do and where and how does one place their capital? Good questions. Here are some options that any practical
person shouldn't overlook;

Cash still remains king in today's world. Other than stashing a few thousand hither and yonder, (see the "10 Most Clever Safes You Can Actually Buy" at
you can load several atm cards to the hilt, subject to the banks issuing the cards not going bust!

Buying and storing gold and silver is a good bet. See "Revealed: Where And How To Legally Buy, Move And Store Gold Abroad."

However for most savers and investors with liquid assets US$/Euro 10,000 and above, a good, safe, secure non US and non UK bank is certainly worth considering.

Previously Hong Kong was our preference for offshore shore banking. However during the past 12 to 18 months, Hong Kong banking has come under the thumb of big brother USA's banking rules and
compliance regulations. Since then unfortunately, Hong Kong is not as attractive as it once was. Even though we have a good number of new clients opting for an offshore (non-Hong Kong) company and a Hong Kong company bank account, the Hong Kong banks now requires a video
conference prior to the opening of your account. This might be a put off for many. See for particulars.

A non-annual filing BVI (British West Indies) or Seychelles Company and a Singapore company bank account is our top banking choice and recommendation these days. And for good reasons as well.

* No personal visit required
* No video conference required
* No bankers reference letters required


* This bank offers excellent first world internet banking operated with a security token. (Looks like a small calculator that acts to authenticate your online banking.)
* Multi-currency accounts in SG$, US$, Euro, CHF, JYen HK$, etc. as you desire are available.
* And very important... an attractive ATM card offering a whopping S$5,000 daily withdrawal allowance from anywhere in the world.

Probably the best news of all is that this bank is a Singapore based bank. It is NOT a branch bank from any overseas country in the UK or the USA, etc. It is Singaporean home grown and a very strong and stable bank it is indeed.

In the event a Deposit Insurance Scheme member bank or finance company fails, all of your eligible accounts with that member are aggregated and insured up to S$50,000. Trust and client accounts held by non-bank depositors are insured up to $50,000 per account.

Moneys held in bank deposits under the CPF Investment Scheme and CPF Minimum Sum Scheme are aggregated and separately insured up to S$50,000.

So our advice is to keep a maximum of S$50,000 in your account, then pull out cash from your atm card at S$5,000 per day and or buy gold and silver from your funds in your Singapore bank account. Better safe than sorry.

Considering the difficulties in opening most bank accounts these days, opening a company bank account with our Singapore bank is a straight forward and hassle free process. Only a notarized
passport copy and a recent utility bill, less than three months old is required. Your Singapore nominee director and shareholder will walk into the bank and open your account without your appearance being required. It couldn't be easier than that!

Besides all of the above "Why Singapore?"

Singapore is an island located at the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula. Initially founded as a British trading colony in 1819, it developed into an important strategic trading post for the British Empire in the 19th and 20th century. The wave of decolonization following the Second World War led to Singapore joining the Malaysian Federation for a brief period of two years, where after it gained independence as the Republic of Singapore in 1965.

Singapore is a parliamentary republic with a directly elected parliament. The economy has been heavily dependent on exports (particularly electronics), making use of Singapore's excellent
international trading links and one of the world's most busiest ports.

The Asian Financial Crises at the end of the 20th century led to a government initiative to diversify the economy, make Singapore more robust against international market turbulence's and to turn Singapore into an established international banking hub.

In just four decades following independence, Singapore has developed into one of the world's most prosperous countries. It is highly praised for its stable political and economic climate,
pro-business environment, excellent infrastructure and highly skilled workforce. Its geo-strategic location in the midst of the booming Asian economies offers access 500 million people in the South-East Asian market and the 2.8 billion strong Asian market.


* Population: 4,8 million
* Capital: Singapore (city-state)
* Currency: US$ 1 = $1.23 Singapore Dollar
* Government: Parliamentary Republic
* President: Sellapan Ramanathan Nathan
* Prime Minister: Lee Hsien Loong
* Singapore is the only country in Asia with an "AAA" rating
* Approximately $200 billion in private banking assets are currently managed in Singapore
* Roughly 700 local and foreign banking and financial institutions are present in Singapore, providing services such as consumer banking, asset management, foreign exchange, investment banking and insurance services.
* Singapore has one of the five most active foreign exchange trading centers in the world

2005: the "Banker" names Singapore as the "Financial Centre of the Future" 2005: Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Global Survey ranks Singapore as fourth most competitive business environment
2006: KPMG ranks Singapore as the most cost-competitive business location among nine industrialized locations (KPMG Competitive Alternatives Study)
2006-2007: World Economic Forum (WEF) ranks Singapore among the top 5 most competitive countries in the world, and the most competitive in Asia 2008: Swiss-based International Institution for Management Development ranks Singapore as second-most competitive country in the world in 2008 World Competitiveness Yearbook
2008: Singapore ranks fourth in MasterCard's ranking of most influential financial centers in the world
2011: Sees Singapore outgrowing the rest of the world with strong growth. A great place to place your capital for short or long term investment.
2012 and beyong: Singapore has a huge Govt surplus

If you are serious about protecting your ass and assets then it would behoove you to peruse our BVI/Seychelles and Singapore bank offerings at

If you decide to proceed with a paid order, we'll include another Singapore bank where you can open a GOLD account and purchase gold to pick up, safe in your account plus many other options.

Your ordering code is "BVI-Singapore" or Sey-Singapore" and the cost is as stated at


See you next missive.

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"The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion."
- Edmund Burke, 1784

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