Benefits of Anonymous Corp. Bank Account and ATM Card

Benefits of Anonymous Corp. Bank Account and ATM Card!

"The best privacy & asset protection product, bar none!" Henry Morgan publisher of The Freebooter...

"Head and shoulders above the rest!" Dr. Seymour Samson, Offshore Guru...

  1. Anonymous Corporation in the world's best privacy tax haven. The director and shareholder is sources TRUST company, so your name never appears on any papers filed with the government and or the courts. Only your attorney knows you. This provides attorney client privilege yet you maintain full control over and have complete access to your money at all times.
  2. No reporting or filing requirements unlike the United States, Channel Islands and most other jurisdictions including with recent changes in Panama.
  3. Corporate bank account; you operate your bank account via secure bank code device so that you and only you control your funds and account. You can instruct your firm to accept your rents,cheque's, payments and deposit's direct into your Corp. account. Then you can instruct Firm to transfer as desired, keep in your account or invest funds to maximize interest on your return on capital.
  4. Access to funds 24 hours per day via an anonymous ATM card or wire transfers to and from your account from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. No limit on the amount of cash you withdraw per day unlike other accounts; though each ATM machine or bank may impose their own limits you can generally withdraw 1,000 to 2,000 daily in most places around the world from your atm card.
  5. Incoming and outgoing Swift and wire facilities plus telephone, e-mail, mobile and fax instructions accepted with a code word set up BY YOU ONLY! Snail mail instructions accepted as well. fastest banking is offered via on-line banking operated via a bank code device, which looks like a small calculator and authenticates to your account access and online wire instructions.
  6. Annual renewal and operating fee's just hundreds of dollars per annum, not thousands of pounds as in the Channel Islands, The Isle of Man and other such jurisdictions.
  7. Account can be in US Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Yen, HK$, SG$, CHF or the Euro. Other currencies available as well.
  8. All legal operations of your company handled by the Firm, not you, so your name never appears anywhere in public. However you and only you operates and has sole access to your funds and online account. Possibly can arrange transfer of your US, UK based and or other jurisdiction assets to an offshore company to further limit your tax liability. This maximises your asset protection to the fullest. Need further information from you. This can be dealt with later.
  9. Any help or questions; we are just an easy e-mail away. This includes AFTER you acquire the product should you wish to proceed. I really enjoy assisting persons as you. I found myself in similar situation years ago and did something about it. After many years of trail and error (and lots of money,) I discovered this product. It's first class with top of the line service, but at a very reasonable cost. I have exclusive rights to market said product from the Firm. This means it will NOT be widely used and known. I personally use several and state this is the best privacy product I've come across bar none! I cannot be more emphatic than that!
  10. Most important, you can achieve your objectives WITHOUT breaking laws or causing problems that later could lead to an offence. I.e. failure to file returns, reporting requirements, etc. This product allows you to sleep at night and not worry about having done something 'wrong.' We are NOT lawyers and therefore can not give legal advise. Always consult legal advise in your resident country!
  11. You are invited and encouraged to visit the Firm upon establishing an account. We will be happy to arrange an introduction and coordinate you're trip and you're being met upon arrival.
All-inclusive just US$5,620.00. Supply is strictly limited and highly confidential! Full refund guaranteed if account not set up and created as above. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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