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April 2007

"Saying we should keep the two-party system simply because it is working is like saying the Titanic voyage was a success because a few people survived on life rafts."
- Eugene McCarthy

The Titanic sinking, April 14th/15th, 1912

A Night To Remember!

95 years ago on the night of April 14, 1912 the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg. Her fireman compared the sound of the impact to "the tearing of calico, nothing more." However, the collision was fatal and the icy water soon poured through the ship.

Most reading this missive know of the Titanic from the Oscar winning movie "The Titanic" directed by James Cameroon and staring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

What you may not realize is the Titanic received seven different iceberg warnings on the day of her sinking. Six of which were disregarded by the captain (Cpt. E. J. Smith). The seventh warning never made it to the bridge.

Most of the survivors remember seeing a "mystery ship" not far away. It was most likely the Californian. That mystery ship, about ten miles away, could have saved many lives.

At 11:00 PM that same evening, the Boston-bound cargo liner Californian's wireless operator, Cyril Evans, broke into Titanic's transmission with the message "I say old man, we're stopped and surrounded by ice." Jack Philips, exhausted after a long day of being backlogged with hundreds of personal messages replied "Keep out! Shut up! I'm working Cape Race." The rebuke was effective.

At 11:35 Evans hung his headset up and turned in for the night. Had the Californians wireless operator not gone to sleep and turned his radio off the Californian most certainly could have saved many lives.

There has been great controversy during the past 95 years whether it was the California just 10 miles away from the Titanic or another ship as the captain of the Californian swore. Whether or not it was the Californian or some unknown ship just ten miles away, the fact of the matter was whatever ship was ten miles away did not heed Titanic's distress signals and many souls were lost as a result.

The Titanic's lookouts had no binoculars. There was no moon that night making it even more difficult to see.

When the ship hit the iceberg, most passengers came out because of curiosity more than anything else. Passengers outside on that extremely cold night played with the large chunks of ice that fell to the deck as the ship grazed the berg to warm up not realizing that in less than three hours most would be dead!

First class passengers refused to go outside because of the extreme cold after the ship had collided with the iceberg.

15 minutes after the collision the mail room was already flooded.

The first lifeboat, No. 7, was lowered at 12:45 AM with 28 people on board. It had a capacity of 65. Most of the other lifeboats left half full: Boat No. 1 left with 12 but had a capacity of 40; No. 3 left with 32 and No. 5 with 41, both had a capacity of 65.

It took just 2 hours and 40 minutes for Titanic to founder along with 1,503 souls lost!

In fact the Titanic had only half as many lifeboats necessary to take all its passengers and crew to safety, which was an appalling oversight because "the boat decks would look too crowded with all necessary lifeboats on board."

The point of all the above is this question that I pose to you. Are you a passenger on the Titanic in today's world? If you live in Amerika and not so Great Britain you mostly likely are.

Like the 7 iceberg warnings to the Titanic that went unheeded, clearly there are many more warning signals regarding the loss of your freedoms, rights and privacy in today's Terrocratic world. Are you paying attention to these warnings? Or are you like the first class passengers on the Titanic staying "inside" your comfort zone because it's not convenient to make changes and adjustments to your lifestyle in order to save yourself and loved ones?

Nearly all the Titanic's lifeboats left the ship half full because people didn't want to believe the ship was sinking. In addition, the crew was clearly ill prepared for any disaster. Worse the ship's officers were arrogant and unprepared for this debacle because many believed the sink was "unsinkable!"

Because of today's politicians and leaders, who are also exceedingly arrogant and ill equipped to manage the war in Iraq, on terror, drugs, etc., you have become today's Titanic victims because of the Terrocrats decisions, i.e. biometric ID cards, biometric passports, a huge loss of rights, your civil liberties and the list goes on.

In the UK in the not too distant future (2009) if you refuse to obtain a 'voluntary' ID card, you will NOT receive or be able to renew a passport. In essence you'll be a prisoner in your own country. And the UK authorities have the audacity to call the ID card program 'voluntary!'

Ditto in Amerika! Real ID in the USA is forthcoming. The Real ID Act amounts to nothing less than a national ID card for all Americans in the form of a "new' security drivers license standardized nationwide!

One important matter to remember about the Titanic is that those persons who were not obtuse, realized the impending danger when the ship first struck the berg; and saw to it that they got their loved ones to the lifeboats in time to be saved.

Are you obtuse regarding your privacy, civil liberties and freedoms? We trust not. Remember the mystery ship was only ten miles away from the Titanic and could have saved countless lives. True freedom and privacy is available for you and is even closer!

Salvation for your civil liberties is a lot closer than ten miles! In fact is could be just a click away. You can start your quest to save your freedoms by reading the numerous "free" reports located at

Anyone who hasn't done so already, a must read is "The Thief of Privacy" by offshore guru Doctor Walter Belford. You can download a free pdf copy at

Whatever you do, do something to save what's left of your rights and freedoms. Why? Because my friends, there aren't enough lifeboats available to save everyone's freedom's. Sooner rather than later, you will need to get into that lifeboat and save your arse and assets!

See you next issue!

PT Shamrock

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