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August 2005

"There's a dirty secret [behind this war] no one has told you, and here it is: This war is not about changing Iraq, it's about changing America....The whole idea is to train you to expect less and to feel patriotic about it."

- Steve Lopez

Are you being told the truth?

Recently The US Supreme Court ruled recently that the government, your government can and will take your real property, i.e. home, business, etc. if they want it, come hell or high water. This is yet another attack by the Terrocrats taking away your rights supposedly guaranteed under the the US constitution and Bill of Rights.

This is a sad day for Americans. It's bad enough that you really never own your real property due to 'property' taxes. Now if the government wishes or is paid off enough, they can and will 'seize' your property for the better good of your community.

Well PT Shamrock sticks two fingers at the government. Do NOT allow that to happen. If you do, what's next?

The following article by A. Jones shows why private property rights are the foundation of freedom and how its being stolen by YOUR government.


Supreme Court Rules That No One Owns Their Home...

Gives free reign to roving land barons, their agents and banks

Private property rights are the foundation of freedom. Now developers can pay off your local politicians and then come in and steal your property without even giving you best use price. Imagine middle class neighborhoods across America being bulldozed because developers have written up a proposal for making more money off of your property. Either it's your property or it isn't.

The United States is simply going back to feudalism. In medieval England, before the Magna Carta, in 1214 the local lord would decide what you could and could not do with the King's property.

This ruling overturns 800 years of common law and common sense. It butchers the Bill of Rights. To put it frankly, it's gone.

So many Americans are asking why the Justices would make such a decision, overtly, 180 degrees away from freedom. That's the point. It's in your face.

The big police state dog is off the porch, and they think there is nothing you can do about it.

The all-powerful Imperial State has thrown down the gauntlet. They have slapped the American people upside the head and brutally raped us, and we have put up with it. So, now they're placing what's left of American freedom on a spit so they can roast and eat us.

The founding fathers said over and over again that the level of tyranny under which we will live is the exact amount that we will accept. A group of hard-core criminals has gained control of our society. They could care less about the future of this country or the general public's welfare. What we are witnessing is a mad gold rush of corrupt politicians and corporations strip-mining western society.

We are being looted and sacked like ancient Rome by a heard of blood-thirsty barbarians.

The only difference is the barbarians of today have high-tech public relation firms and cable news channels launching their psychological warfare barrages: "lie down, lie down, don't resist, Government loves you. Give up liberty for security..Tasering 82-Year-old Alzheimer patients is good..Mercury in vaccines is nutritious..Open borders means safety..Submit to us..Trust us..We
don't lie.."

The fact is, just because the Supreme Court says we don't have any property rights doesn't mean it's true. A previous court ruled that black Americans were not human beings and thus had no rights. Would you follow a similar decree today?

Despots know the power of setting precedents. That's why they've been bragging about their unprecedented ruling. I for one am glad that the mask is beginning to slide from the demon's face. They've been land-grabbing for a long time. Now it's just going to be more overt. So let it come, and let everybody know what you are: a pack of wolves, a pack of criminals, a pack of liars, and a pack of scum.

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