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August 2007

"A PT is a much like a modern day frontiersman. He has a healthy distrust of authority, is fully independent of government interference and is ready, willing and able to strike out on his own."
- Dr. Walter Belford, Conversations - 2007

Amerika Today?

There he goes again!

George W et al are at it again. Very sadly I have to report that ANYONE now departing the united States (correct spelling) will most likely have to have their, now get this, fingerprints taken, in the very near future! Read that ALL ten fingers, just to *leave* the land of the now not so FREE!

This is an incredibly sad event and another fatal nail in the coffin of freedoms for anyone in Amerika.

Speaking at the International Air Transport Association conference in Vancouver recently, deputy secretary of the US department of homeland security Michael Jackson announced new security guidelines to make mandatory the fingerprinting of any travelers leaving the US.

The London Guardian quoted Jackson as saying the most "catastrophic" threat to the airline industry was a rocket-propelled grenade attack similar to the one that nearly downed an Israeli airliner in Kenya five years ago. He said another attack on the scale of September 11 2001 was inevitable. "It is not clear whether it could be in aviation ... but it would be silly not to understand that we will have many more September 11's. It is a long-term struggle."

Virgin Atlantic is strongly opposed to the measures and is lobbying against the measures. Worse other proposals for the Terrocrats to access credit card details and email accounts from all incoming and outgoing US passengers via land, boat or plane are also still on the table.

Recent discoveries show records obtained from the immigration courts under the Freedom of Information Act several that only 0.0015 percent of the total number of cases filed by the Department of Homeland Security were terrorism related.

In the last three years there have only been 12 charges of terrorism out of 814,073 cases.

Clearly this reveals so called terrorist threats to America is hyperbole and is being used by the Terrocrats to brainwash the public into allowing the Terrocratic liars and control freaks to turn Amerika into a police state and to smash dissent of any degree amongst the American people.

Do ask yourself; When will this stop? More important ask yourself; what are you going to do about it?

See you next issue!

PT Shamrock

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