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December 2005

"We're bringing into the UK a new power of the government, to imprison people for indirect terrorism. What is and who defines ‘indirect terrorism’? The widening of government powers, the authoritarian powers of the state, which are available to government, is very dangerous.

We live in a state, both the United States and the United Kingdom, where the powers to question, to call in evidence, to demand explanation, to hold to account those in control, are gradually, systemically being weaken. This is very dangerous in a democracy.”
- Michael Meacher MP - interview August 8th, 2005

Is this in you're child's future?

Hi-tech bomber surveillance could be used to track children

Shocking new SURVEILLANCE technology utilised by police to capture a suspect in the July 21 failed suicide bombings in London could soon be used by parents to find their children.

Osman Hussain, a suspect in the Shepherd's Bush attempted bombing, escaped aboard a Eurostar train five days after the botched attacks before making his way to Rome.

Police were able to track him by tracing calls made from a mobile phone. Intelligence services followed his trail across Europe, eavesdropping on his mobile phone conversations.

Now parents across Britain are being offered a free trial of the same technology, which lets them trace their child's mobile via text message or the web.

In just three seconds, ChildLocate allows a parent to pinpoint the exact location of their child without calling them.

The parent can see where their child is, either on a map on their PC or via text message on their own mobile phone.

ChildLocate director Jon Magnusson described the technology as "discreet and cost effective".

He said: "Parents today are working increasingly long hours, while children have become more mobile than ever before. Because the service can provide immediate feedback on a child's location, it offers instant reassurance."

However, Tina Woolnough, of the Edinburgh -based group, Parents in Partnership, warned:

"There are civil liberty issues here and this could be extremely intrusive on a child's privacy."

Shamrock says:

Not only is your privacy and freedom in peril, worse your children's and future generations will have lost theirs if you don't act immediately to save it.

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