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December 2008

"The fantastic advances in the filed of electronic communication
constitute a great danger to the privacy of the individual."
- Earl Warren

Things ain't what they used to be!

Wellington Grey has produced a surprising rank tally across 12 categories for nations of the world. The United States does not fare well, a clear reflection of the harsh growing Third World reality. It is not in the top 10 in any category, but it does possess many nice amusement parks, oodles of great movie theater complexes, countless
gigantic malls, impressive wide multi-lane highways, many sports stadiums, beautiful urban skyscrapers, stunning national parks, and some of the best beaches on earth.

Some results:
* Life Expectancy has the US #30, but led by Andorra, Japan, San Marino as #1, #2, #3.
* Democracy has the US #17, but led by Sweden, Iceland, the Netherlands.
* Freedom of Press has the US #41, but led by Iceland, Luxembourg, Norway.
* Internet Speed has the US #15, but led by Japan, South Korea, Finland.
* Smallest Prison Population has the US #40, but led by India, Iceland, Slovenia.
* Lack of Corruption has the US #22, but led by Finland, Iceland, New Zealand.
* Education Effectiveness has the US #35, but led by Taiwan, Finland, Hong Kong.
* Mobile Phone Saturation has the US #16, but led by Germany, Russia, Italy.
* Renewable Energy Usage has the US #27, but led by Iceland, Brazil, Norway.
* Scientific Literacy has the US #33, but led by Iceland, Denmark, Sweden.
* Healthcare Quality as the US #37, but led by France, Italy, San Marino.
* Infant Survival has the US #31, but led by Japan, Iceland, Sweden.
* The leading nations tend to be in Scandinavia, but one must wonder about the financial stupidity meter on Iceland, whose nation just collapsed.

The United States has for too long emphasized war, sports & entertainment, suburban life, while permitting large corporations to dictate a deadly dependence on foreign oil. New priorities are needed.

The above is a very shocking survey if I say so myself. So much for the land of the not so free!

Happy Holidays from PT Shamrock!

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"The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion."
- Edmund Burke, 1784

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