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December 2009

"When are people gonna say enough is enough?" - Free Dickey

Your childs rights and privacy are at grave risk!

The government obsession with collecting data has now extended to five-year-olds, as UK Community Health Services get ready to arm-twist parents into revealing the most intimate details of their own and their child's personal, behavioural and eating habits. The questionnaire - or "School Entry Wellbeing Review" - is a four-page tick-box opus, at present being piloted in Lincolnshire, requiring parents to supply over 100 different data points about their own and their offspring's health. Previously, parents received a "Health Record" on the birth of a child, which contained around eight questions which needed to be answered when that child started school.

The Review asks parents to indicate whether their child "often lies or cheats": whether they steal or bully; and how often they eat red meat, takeaway meals or fizzy drinks. However, the interrogation is not limited to intimate details of a child's health.

Parents responding to the survey are asked to provide details about their health and their partner's health, whether they or their partner are in paid employment, and even to own up to whether or not their child is upset when they (the parent) returns to a room.

Completing the review is, according to a spokeswoman for Lincolnshire Community Health Services (CHS) "entirely the choice of the parent". However, the letter accompanying the review states: "Please complete the enclosed questionaire and return it to school in the envelope provided within the next 7 days."

There is no indication on the letter of a parent's right to opt out, and parents we have spoken with have expressed fears that failure to fill out this questionnaire might mean their child's access to health services would be diminished.

The article, i.e. "Big Brother quiz for new school parents: Officials launch 83-point probe into families' lives," above in this PTBuzz issue offers a revealing insight into Big Brothers thinking.

Big Brother wants to know EVERYTHING about you; where you live, what you do, how much you make, what you eat, your health your partners health, where you travel, how you travel, and even your most intimate details, especially when it is NONE of their darn business when it comes to your children.

The question is; What are you going to do about it? 

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"The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion."
- Edmund Burke, 1784

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