Dr. Seymour Samson Reports

Dr. Seymour Samson Reports
New "doors" opened recently. A REPORT explaining current options follows.

After my trip to South America I think that the South American situation may he of great interest. Why?
As a legal residency program leading to a full travel document this is good for travel to almost all countries of Europe and North America without a visa. Brazil and Paraguay are liberal in granting residency, then citizenship. There are several legal methods. One is by putting $100,000 in a bank to show self-sufficiency, hiring a lawyer, and going through the official legal red tape on an "investment programme." This could take 6 months or 600 years. It leads to escalating bribe requests, and usually loss of your time and money.

Naturally we do not recommend methods involving a slog through an untested bureaucratic program. What's better? Another lawyer, known to be reliable, has worked out another method (requiring the same "investment") that has-official approval. You never see your "investment" again, of course. This happens in other official program too, but you will waste a lot of time in trying to collect either money or documents. Our chap takes only 2 weeks, usual or 30 day's maximum. ALL MONEY Is HELD IN ESCROW except for $10,000 advanced for costs.

Under the short-cut method, our lawyer does all the leg work that will entitle you to residency, then after a period of time, to citizenship. Thus the client, plus his wife & children are entitled to it also. This LAST CONSIDERATION IS VERY IMPORTANT AS EXPLAINED BELOW.

The client gets his residency, legal work permit, a driving license (by reciprocity)and certificate of residency registration. The passport is stamped with your residency permit along with all related papers show that the client is a 100% bonafide resident in Brazil or Paraguay.

  • Under special legislation the arrangements gets a "residencia" or long term permanent resident's status AUTOMATICALLY and, after a period of time, is entitled to the Braizlian or Paraguay Nationality and good for travel throughout North America and Europe.

  • Theoretically, a residencia can be obtained in 2 weeks after arrival and getting your papers. I feel this is too optimistic in most cases, regardless of what your lawyer may tell you. We feel that (should you elect,) after an apartment is rented or home is purchased to establish a legitimate address there and a local lawyer is hired (part of your fee,) it could take perhaps quite a few days more. Still, we feel that the one month we estimate to be needed is not too much time for such a project.

The costs at the " Paraguay or Brazilian End" are mainly for rent (on a place you can use to live in full time or not, as you choose). We are working with several clients this year and have located someone that can could handle the paperwork leading to a passport there legally and in the cheapest and fastest way. For all countries the required residence period in Paraguay or Brazil before one is eligible to apply for citizenship is 2 to 4 years, not 6 months. We have a new and reliable connection in Paraguay and Brazil! You get a residencia in Paraguay or Brazil in the same time and will be able to use the residencia card for travel or living anywhere in South America, many times without a passport.

In view of all of the above, I think that the South American OPTION is something worth considering. The legal fees for a single residency in Paraguay is USA DOLLARS-$25,000. Husband and wife are $40,000. For very large families after the second document, the price for children is less. Unfortunately children of any age must have their own passports and may not be included on parents' documents.

Paraguay Passport -By- Residence Program

  • Passport is good for travel to Central and South America and all of Europe visa free.
  • No personal income tax!!
  • Free exchange of currency--can have U.S. dollar accounts
  • Cheap land and a beautiful country
  • Only 3 years to apply for Citizenship and Passport and on first visit down can get Cedula, Permanent Resident Card valid ten years and a Drivers license.
  • Good foreign banks that with an account you can get a visa card and US dollar accounts
  • Part of Mercosur, so free trade and travel to Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay,and Associate members Chile and Bolivia

You Need!

  • Birth Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • Police Certificate
  • Marriage documents
  • Copies of passport
  • #2,3,4,5 you will need notarized and then a notary flag from the courthouse.

If # 4 is certified you don't need the notary. Then all documents are sent to the Paraguayan consulate to be legalized.

This is $42.50 per document.

Then we send all the documents to Paraguay and get you ready for your visit. When there you need to deposit $5000 for the adults in a bank account. You can use any bank and after you get your letter stating you have $5000 in the bank you can withdrawal it. You can use either Dutch or German banks if you are concerned for the safety of your money. And the accounts can be in dollars. This normally requires you to be in Paraguay for 7 business days.

Paraguay is a fun Country to vacation in.

Cost: $25,000 first adult person. This is all inclusive of translations and all document costs in Paraguay. Also includes use of an address (but not mail forwarding) If you have more let us know and we will give you a discount. If all processed at one time can give a greater discount.

Please note:
From certain countries it is more expensive for Paraguay. Many of the Arab countries is $2,500 more for an adult and $500 more for a child.

Expect to stay a minimum of two weeks in either Brazil or Paraguay in order to process you paperwork. Then all you need to do is visit Brazil or Paraguay for 2 weeks after two years, then once again after 4 years and that's it. After 3 years in Paraguay or 4 years in Brazil, you apply for and receive your passport. It could be easier than that.

For Brazil the fee for residency is US$55,000. All you have to do is go to Paraguay or Brazil for 2 weeks to sort out the paperwork, then visit again for 2 weeks after 2 years, then the 4th year you are eligible for full citizenship in either country.

The fees and costs quoted here are NOT NEGOTIABLE but we sometimes consider interesting trades in part payment.

For full details on the Brazilian Residency program: Brazilian Residency Program

Officials have proved a bit hard to deal with and as a result of many delays and mistakes, but after a month long visit with source, we are pleased to say that our contact makes everything quite and easy for you. The stress is gone.

If you are particularly interested, please discuss details in a personal conference. We are processing a small group of these cases currently and if you wish to be included we will need funds deposited soon in our escrow account. Also needed are application forms and photographs. If your documents are not delivered within one months from the time your application is complete in while you are in Paraguay or Brazil, you get your money back in full. We have never lost any client funds. If you have any questions about this deal, we suggest you consult with me where ever I happen to be, anytime (by appointment) e-mail, etc. There will be no extra charge for this consultation if you have already paid us Euro 1,500 or more for one or more conferences on the subject of residency. As noted, these arrangements are always only around for a short while and we never know when they will be changed or discontinued. We can say that any applications submitted in the next few weeks have an excellent chance [99%] of being approved. Our own thinking has undergone considerable changes in recent years. Our commentaries or essays on this subject [Legal Second Passport, Residency, Rebirth, General Comments, and Banking Passports Explained] are included if you have previously paid our minimum-consulting fee of Euro 1,500 or equivalent. Our information should be helpful in evaluating the options available and in making your choice.

Dr. Seymour Samson
Glasgow, Scotland

E-mail: Dr. Seymour Samson c/o PT Shamrock