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From the Publisher's Desk, FALL 2000

The summer holidays are over, but privacy still stands!

While your were sun bathing during your summer holiday, the authorities have been relentlessly chipping away at your privacy very effectively. In the USA, the FBI's carnivore threatens everyone's privacy when using the Internet! Whilst in the United Kingdom the "RIP" law begins in October 2000!

The Netherlands already has installed Big Brother style "black boxes" on all ISP's (Internet service providers) and everyone's e-mail and browsing habits are subject to search WITHOUT A WARRANT nearly worldwide.

Echelon spies on your fax, mobile and telephone calls worldwide. Hell, even in Australia the authorities are installing tiny spy cameras in taxicabs and buses in hopes of catching criminals. Never mind that there is only 1 out of 300,000 rides that end in a crime. Worse they hold the data on file indefinitely and use/view it WITHOUT any warrant! So much for "innocent until proven guilty". So here's another classic example of Big Brother taking away the privacy of 299,999 people to possibly catch ONE criminal.

One way to take back your right to privacy is obtaining an ANONYMOUS mobile phone SIMCARD and an anonymous Gold Visa card. Click here for details: Contact Us and place Gold Visa card or SIMCARD in the subject heading. I will endeavor to get the necessary information to you ASAP!

Another rare product indeed is the last of the Mohicans, i.e. a truly anonymous Gold Visa Card and bank account! You can obtain a low profile bank account (personal or company) with a visa credit or ATM cash card linked to your account for less than a grand! Better still, the bank offering this opportunity will accept an International drivers license to meet their account opening requirements! If you don't have one, no problem. Just let us know and we'll sort you out.

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Though we don't sell passports per say, the NEW Diplomatic passport comes highly recommend. In fact one of our clients has already received theirs and picked it up in person from the head of state. His consulate (in his home) is already issuing visas to the host country.

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Alternatively we have available for you an excellent report on passports, Dr. Charles Freeman's "How To Legally Obtain a Second Passport" at just US$29.95 including shipping. Just e-mail us with your order form and your pay-in particulars and we'll endeavor to ship your report immediately.

This report is MUST reading for anyone seriously considering a second (or third) nationality.

We no longer make referrals for citizenship. There are only two known and reliable providers available. Both require a minimum US$1,000 consulting fee. If interested drop us a line and we'll be happy to send you their details.

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Another, so far unadvertised, goody we offer this month, is a totally anonymous ATM Card and account that can be operated via the Internet. You can have the ATM Card and account in ANY name and there is absolutely NO requirement for ID! A very rare offer indeed, though anonymity come$ at a price. For the seriously interested only drop us an e-mail and be sure to place "Secret Anonymous ATM Card and Account" in the subject heading.

See you next month!

"Mick" Adams

Monthly Missive!

Did You Know...?

  • Any single cash transaction or combination of transactions totaling $3,000 or more requires government reporting. ***
  • 70% of all people in the nation have problems with their credit reports. (And most don't even know it.) ***
  • Most people over 65 end up in poverty. No wonder, half of their life's earnings were taken by the government. Worse they take half of what's left after they die! ***
  • Did you know that the IRS has the power to gain full access to your bank account at any time? If you received a letter or phone call from the IRS, how would you feel? Most people (if they are aware) feel a certain dread and fear of this agency and seek to avoid entanglements at all costs. But did you know that the IRS is only an administrative agency and has no legal enforcement power and that there is NO legislative regulation making personal income taxes mandatory?

(Yes, you CAN actually be free from federal taxation! These report will show you how.) ***

FinCEN, a semisecret federal agency called the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, receives reports from your bank when your transactions reach the $3,000 or $10,000 threshold. Coupled with the growing trends towards less privacy, more suspicion and nearly automatic forfeitures (in certain cases) this agency possesses an awesome amount of power & influence. And yes, federal laws have been expanded to include "financial crimes" as a catchall for almost any activity that could be seen as "shady" -- no matter how innocent the intentions of those involved may be. ***

To top it all, FinCEN has moved yet another step to totally taking away from US citizens any remaining financial privacy. They have initiated the government's takeover of all forms of electronic and digital cash in the US, by taking direct action to take full control over all so-called "stored value systems", or put plainly all forms of financial information kept in digital format. ***

It is of course very typical of the US government to use terms like "Convenience", "War on Drugs" and "Money Laundering" to justify its need to possess all the financial details of your very existence. But the bottom-line is 'control'. How pathetic are such bureaucrats. ***

Talking about the War on Drugs... Did you know that hearsay is sufficient to be used by the government to seize your property without notifying you? More than $8 billion worth of private property has been seized by state and federal agents under War on Drugs inspired asset forfeiture laws -- and in 80% of those cases, no one was charged with any crime.

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How To Legally Obtain a 2nd Passport
If you are interested in this topic we suggest you purchase Dr. Charles Freeman's new book "How To Legally Obtain a 2nd Passport". It's just US$29.95 and worth it's weight in gold! Use our order form or see our Bookstore section for ordering details.

A truly anonymous bank account and or Visa card available from only US$499! For complete details

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Offshore World - Making use of MailDrops
The first step in the establishment of a Mail-Drop, is to evaluate the degree of privacy you require for the activities you plan on undertaking. If you are simply looking for a single wall of privacy between yourself and a partner or the company that employs you, then a basic home countrymail-drop service will more than likely be all that you need. If on the other hand you are looking to put some distance between yourself and the authorities for any number of reasons, or simply that you are planning to move to another country at some time in the future, then you may be looking for a foreign service ( overseas/offshore ). For those with a need to even hide this personal detail, you will need to use a home country mail-drop from which to start the search for information about the locations you are interested in.

This way you are using a mail-drop to access another mail-drop, and in so doing, providing two layers of privacy while you are gather the information and contact details that you will need to move physically or other wise, 'offshore'. Whether as a private individual or as a company trying to create a foreign trading presence without physically being in the particular location, the use of a mail-drop / forwarding network can be a very effective tool. By adopting an alias you can lower your profile while you are gathering the information that you may need. Plus once you are ready to implement whatever strategy that you have devised, you can dis-connect yourself from this initial mail-drop set-up. Start a fresh with your new found knowledge and leave no paper-trail to connect you with this first phase.

AYOC... Aircraft & Yacht Owners Communications Centre
The Internet's mail drop of choice. -

This WORLD-WIDE mail accomadation service is available in 57 countries worldwide. The best of the best, all mail is forwarded weekly. Numerous cities and countries are available starting at just US$100 per annum (plus postage deposit.)

This drop is run for YOUR privacy! No ID is ever requested! Your confidentiality assured.
The range of confidential and sophisticated services they offer the offshore operator are found nowhere else, yet theycharge one-tenth of the cost of their European competitors! They supply at no extra cost, your own Internet Lifetime Email address. It's yours to keep forever. Formerly, they provided Yachtsmen, Private Aircraft Owners and high net worth individuals a full service Executive Assistant Program. Now they are expanding and can offer even more. In fact, nearly any service the customer desires can be arranged. These include record storage, encryption, voice and video conferencing. In addition invoicing, research, credit cards, safe deposit boxes, and nominee corporate directors. They have a special relationship with several Banks and provide introductions for confidential banking relationships. They can even help with visa, documents, 2nd passports and travel services-anything you can imagine and a few new wrinkles you haven't even thought of.

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Anonymous EUROPEAN ATM Card:
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Freedom, Wealth & Privacy Report
22 Big back-issues only $100! The FWP was quoted by Harry Schultz, as "The Very Best Privacy Newsletter!" No longer published, we have secured FWP's entire catalog, 22 big back-issues.

Once these are gone, that's it, they are gone for ever.

These reports contain Vital information that every privacy seeker shouldn't be without.
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Privacy: New Identity Tactics
Eden Press' brand new and hot off the press "PAPER TRIP III is now available. At just $39.95 (including shipping) It's a bargain!

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