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From the Publisher's Desk, February 1999

The past months have been interesting. Changes world-wide continue to rapidity decrease the number of 'rights to privacy' being allowed its citizens. The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man have been attacked strongly by the EU bureaucrats for being allowed to provide private banking facilities within the EU area without any exchange of account info to the EU tax authorities. We'll see them "cave-in" and yet again another loss of privacy down the tubes! Even computers and the chips inside will track every move we make. Digital camera's at airports and through out cities world-wide track every move we make. New and ever more heavy handed regulations world-wide even to open a simple bank account is getting to the point of being ridiculous.

Governments have turned banks, airline's, store's, car dealer's and even real estate agents into their reporting slaves. Report 'this' or else, whatever the hell 'this' means? Numerous suppliers of privacy newsletters and products have retired due to pressure. What ever happened to FREE SPEECH?

Ownership of PT Shamrock has changed hands and has stopped being a referral agent for ANY passport program! This supercede's any section of our web site that MAY state otherwise. Please do NOT ask us about acquiring passports. We do NOT sell passports and never have. If you are interested in this topic we suggest you purchase Dr. Charles Freeman's new book "How To Legally Obtain a 2nd Passport" or Scope's "The Passport Report" both available from us.

We DO offer legal residency programs in Central America that after a residency period (a number of years,) may lead to citizenship and a passport. See our residency program section which can be acessed from our home page. Though PT Shamrock will for the time being maintain it's European business mail facility we will advise you of our future address change, if any.

Luxembourg clearly will have to bow out of the personal 'private' foreign account holder business, they are clearly finding this a conflict of interest, considering their role within the EU infra-structure. Since the Labour Party came into power in the UK a few months ago, the GBP against the other EU currencies as provided a very good situation for using the GBP to make purchases or simply hold funds in the other EU currencies. The GBP against the French Franc has provided a 20% greater spending power for those Brits making the effort to cross The Channel. This cash holiday will not last, the interest rates for the GBP are on the up and up, party political games are gearing up to mess about with the disadvantaged. Exactly the same pattern as nearly 20 years ago. Confidence will fall, along with the Pound and some of us, that have seen this all before, will benefit from the chaos. Add to this the financial tidal waves that have started to make the East to West aftershock and those investors with the bottle will have an array of Blue Chip (deflated) opportunities to buy into.

It would appear that government sniffers are trying to collect together details of persons that purchase PT books. If this is the case, and it probably is, the PT argument to make use of mail-drops is well justified.

PLEASE: e-mail a copy of this to a friend. If you find our articles, books and reports interesting, let us know your comments.

PT Shamrock Limited
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Offshore World. Making use of Mail Drops
The first step in the establishment of a Mail-Drop, is to evaluate the degree of privacy you require for the activities you plan on undertaking. If you are simply looking for a single wall of privacy between yourself and a partner or the company that employs you, then a basic home country mail-drop service will more than likely be all that you need. If on the other hand you are looking to put some distance between yourself and the authorities for any number of reasons, or simply that you are planning to move to another country at some time in the future, then you may be looking for a foreign service ( overseas/offshore ). For those with a need to even hide this personal detail, you will need to use a home country mail-drop from which to start the search for information about the locations you are interested in. This way you are using a mail-drop to access another mail-drop, and in so doing, providing two layers of privacy while you are gather the information and contact details that you will need to move physically or other wise, 'offshore'.

Whether as a private individual or as a company trying to create a foreign trading presence without physically being in the particular location, the use of a mail-drop / forwarding network can be a very effective tool. By adopting an alias you can lower your profile while you are gathering the information that you may need. Plus once you are ready to implement whatever strategy that you have devised, you can dis-connect yourself from this initial mail-drop set-up. Start afresh with your new found knowledge and leave no paper-trail to connect you with this first phase.

Tax Haven Review : Liechtenstein
The Principality of Liechtenstein lies in the region of the Upper Rhine between the Swiss Canton of ST. Gall and the Austrian Federal State of Vorariber. The population is approx. 30,000. the majority located in the Capital, Vaduz.The official language of the principality is German, plus there is a local dirlect. Many commercial transactions and communications are conducted in English. The type of law is Civil, being based upon Swiss Law with some local variations. Under a treaty with Switzerland there are no currency exchange controls and the currency is the Swiss Franc.

One of the main attractions of Liechtenstein is its extremely flexible company law which allows for the creation of any type of legal organisation which is recognised under the law of any jurisdiction in the world. There are three main types of commercial entities in use, the Establishment or Anstalt, the family foundation and the company limited by shares. The most important entity for tax purposes is the Anstalt, which is commonly used by foreign companies as a holding company for overseas subsidiaries. The Anstalt is a corporate entity which as no members, participants or shareholders and is a hybrid between a company limited by shares and a foundation. It is popular due to the fact that, with minor exceptions, it is free to conduct all kinds of business including non-trading activities such as holding passive investments.

The procedure for the establishment of Liechtenstein entities follows civil law practice. The procedure requires the submission to the Offentlichkeitsregisteramt ( Public Registry ) of the following documents:

  • the Deed constituting the statutes and bye laws signed by the subscriber or agent.
  • the proposed name of the company.
  • the share capital, division of capital and type (where appropriate )
  • a declaration that the minimum capital has been paid in cash into a Bank in either Liechtenstein or Switzerland.
  • names, addresses and nationalities of directors and confirmation that they consent to act as directors.
  • names, addresses of shareholders ( for Installs )
  • confirmation that a Liechtenstein resident representative has been appointed.

A Liechtenstein body corporate or trust cannot undertake the business of Banking, Insurance, Assurance, Re-Insurance, Fund Management, Collective Investment Schemes or any other activity that would suggest as association with the Banking or Financial industries.

The powers of Liechtenstein bodies corporate are contained in the Company's statutes, but may be defined in such a way to provide general powers. The language of the Legislation and Corporate documents is German, but foreign language translations can be obtained.

A registered office must be maintained in the Principality of Liechtenstein and each body corporate or trust must appoint a local representative. Generally it takes about 15 working days for an incorporation to be completed.

The minimum authorised issued and paid-up share capital for an Aktiengesellschaft is CHF 50,000.

The minimum authorised issued and paid-up share capital for an Anstalt is CHF 30,000.

The minimum authorised issued and paid-up capital for a Stiftung is CHF 30,000.

The minimum authorised and paid-up capital for a Trust is CHF 30,000. The capital of all Liechtenstein Bodies Corporate or Trusts must be expressed in Swiss Francs.


An Aktiengesellschaft pays a 4% coupon tax on dividends and an annual capital tax of 0.1% on the net asset value of the company. the annual minimum is CHF 1,000.

An Anstalt, whether commercial or non-commercial does not pay a coupon tax, but has to pay an annual capital tax of 0.1% on the net asset value of the company. The annual minimum is CHF 1,000.

A Stiftung, whether registered or deposited, does not pay a coupon tax, but has to pay an annual capital tax of 0.1% on the net asset value of the company. The annual minimum is CHF 1,000.

A Trust is not subject to tax or capital tax.

Liechtenstein has only one double-taxation treaty, and that is with Austria.

The concept of a company secretary is not recognised in the Principality of Liechtenstein, but the minimum number of directors and shareholders is one. There is no requirement for local meetings or the annual reporting of an Annual Return. However Corporations and Commercial Anstalts must submit accounts. This does not apply to Non-Commercial Anstalts.

Offshore Profile:
Servissim of Andorra & Maildropnet/Ayoc World Wide

For those of you interested in the haven location of Andorra the company known as Servissim run by Simon Binstead provides a very comprehensive range of services. Simon has been a resident of Andorra for a good many years and has been at the forefront of providing confidential and professional services to clients wishing to take advantage of the freedoms and investment opportunities afforded by this quiet unique location.

Whether you are considering moving there to live, hold property for investment purposes, place part of your savings into a reliable tax-free deposit facility, or to make financial investments via Andorra, Servissim can be relied upon to provide you with all the information you need to know, good or bad.

What services are available? The client services provided by Servissim break down into 5 categories:

  1. Administration and Official. These include Company Formations, Local Licence and permit applications, Estate Administration, Translations, Vehicle registration etc. etc.
  2. Property Services. Administration, Permits, Construction, Conveyancing, Insurance, Valuations, Repairs, Rentals, Leasing, Investment and a lot more.
  3. Consultancy. Arbitration, Business and Commercial Projects, Tax Planning, Bank Related issues, Official contacts, Wills.
  4. Client Assistance Services. Cleaning, Home Services, Purchasing, Emergencies, Insurance, Paralegal, Mail Services, Entertainment.
  5. Information Services. Help Sheets, Information Sheets, Monthly Newsletter.

To cover all of these services would fill this entire newsletter, so if you would like to find out more about Servissim and its range of client services in a lot more detail, contact Simon at the address below.


Edifici Areny, Baixos,
Carretera General,
La Massana
Principat d'Andorra

Telephone (+376) 837836
Fax (+376) 837179

AYOC... Aircraft & Yacht Owners Communications Centre
The PT's mail drop of choice. This WORLD-WIDE mail accomadation service forwards all mail received weekly. Numerous cities and countries are available starting at just US$100 per annum (plus postage deposit.)

This drop is run for YOUR privacy! No ID is ever requested, even for their drops in the USA! Your confidentiality assured. The range of confidential and sophisticated services they offer the "PT" or offshore operator are found nowhere else, yet they charge one-tenth of the cost of their European competitors! They supply at no extra cost, your own Internet Lifetime Email address. It's yours to keep forever. Formerly, they provided Yachtsmen, Private Aircraft Owners and high net worth individuals a full service Executive Assistant Program. Now they are expanding and can offer even more. In fact, any service the customer desires can be arranged. These include record storage, encryption, voice and video conferencing. In addition invoicing, research, credit cards, safe deposit boxes, and nominee corporate directors. They have a special relationship with several Banks and provide introductions for confidential banking relationships. They can even help with visa, documents, 2nd passports and travel services-anything you can imagine and a few new wrinkles you haven't even thought of.

Mail Drop Special:
For a limited time, you can have a prestigious and confidential Swiss Business Address for just US$300.00 per annum. This limited, yet incredible offer is a fraction of the cost of Ayoc's competitors. WE CHALLENGE ANYONE TO FIND A BETTER SWISS BUSINESS ACCOMMADATION ADDRESS FOR LESS MONEY.

Contact Ayoc facsimile +33-1-53-01-31-19 or email

European Union:

There are a growing number of warning bells ringing concerning the making available of foreign-account details to other EU tax authorities by the Luxembourg banking system.

An increasing number of Dutch and Belgian individuals are being targeted for holding foreign and/or numbered account facilities.

Passport Corner:
A number of 2nd Passport Programmes have fallen by the wayside. The Seychelles, a member of the British Commonwealth, recently announced that it was cancelling its programme in response to complaints from the EU. There is however a possibility that the programme may be re-engineered to meet EU guidelines.

The Parliament of Nevis has voted to breakaway from its present association with St. Kitts. This could very well effect the future prospects for their current joint passport programme.

Cape Verde has terminated its economic citizenship programme, Uruguay has also terminated its residence-based passport programme under which an investor could obtain a 10 year passport ( but no citizenship ).

Ireland has put its programme for an immediate Irish (EU) nationality by investing IRĀ£1 million in a failing business for seven years on hold. It is possible that a much restricted programme may be introduced, though not likely. Naturally the big hitters like Mr. Getty, grandson of the wealthly J. Paul Getty received his Irish passport AFTER the program was halted! A recent newspaper article stated it wasn't clear "WHO" received Mr. Getty's Million Pounds, politicans, the government or a business?

Although the Belize economic citizenship programme is still going strong, Belize citizens no longer have visa-free travel to countries such as Canada and Switzerland.

Grenada is giving out indications that it may move towards a change to its laws, so that a real citizenship programme can be implemented.


E-mail for Adam Stachild's NEWEST report, "Citizenship's".
Subject; Starchild's Passport's,

The 14th edition of the Passport Report. 60.00GBP ($100.USD)
The Passport Report can be obtained from the following source:

PT Shamrock Ltd. fax +353 1 633 5083 Contact Us

Risk and the 'taking of a risk' is central to the decision process we all take with most situations in life that we are presented with. But what exactly is risk? Unfortunately, there is no simple or clear answer to this question, as risk is an extremely complex concept and requires an in-depth explanation. This article attempts to put this concept into perspective and describes the most important types of risk that every investor, PT or otherwise, must consider - whether you are interested in preserving the purchasing power of your capital or achieving an above-market return. Before turning to the various descriptions of the forms of risk, its important to know that a risk profile is not universal, it varies from one investor to another, and the risk is linked to return. The higher the risk you are prepared to take, the higher the expectation of the return.

Types of risk -- that you may have to consider.

Ordinary market Risks.

  1. Country Risk. Political and economic instability within a country can cause market prices to fall.
  2. Liquidity Risk. If an asset is not traded on a regular basis because of poor demand, the price can fall considerably, in the event of a forced sale. At worst, the asset may be impossible to sell.
  3. Purchasing Power Risk. The return on an investment may be undermined by inflation.

Foreign Currency Risks.
Foreign Currency risk. In the event that an investor chooses to invest in an asset based in a currency other than that of his/her own country, the investor runs the risk that relates to the exchange-rate movement between the two currencies. A weakening of own currency in relation to the currency of the asset leads to an appreciation of the investment, whereas a strengthening of own currency, results in a depreciation of the investment.

Bond Risk.

  1. Reinvestment risk. Upon maturity or the drawing of bonds, you are paid a certain amount, which may be reinvested. If the interest rates have decreased, your funds must be reinvested at a lower rate.
  2. Credit risk. There are two forms of credit risk: the risk of default by the issuer of a bond, whereby interest and/or principle is not repaid on time, or the risk of depreciation in the value of the bond, based on the markets perception of the issuer's current financial standing.
  3. Interest rate risk. Even the rate of high-ranking government bonds may fall, if interest rates soar. Equity markets may also be affected by interest rate developments.

Equity Risk.

  1. Sector risk. A negative development within a particular sector of a given country may easily spread to other countries, and thus adversely affect the price of shares of all companies within a particular sector, regardless of geography.
  2. Company risk. The price of a particular company may fall, if the company faces financial difficulties such as declining earnings.
  3. Market risk. The value of a given investment may fall as a result of a general decline in share prices. This was precisely what happened in mid-October, when stock markets world-wide plunged.

It takes more than a general awareness and understanding of the various forms of risk, to maximise on the returns from any investment. In very simplistic terms if you are prepared to take the risk often required to produce a higher than normal return, only risk at the higher levels, what you can 'afford' to lose. This way you should always be in a position from which you can recover.

Mail Drops and Private Client Services

Royce-Office Salzburg
Paracelsusst. 11a, A-5020 Salzburg.
Tel: +43 662 86810
Fax: +43 662 86811

Adminco, Verwaltungsaktiengesellschaft
HinterBuhlen 684, P.O. Box 363FL-9493 Mauren.
Tel: +41 75 373 7070
Fax: +41 75 377 4910

Galaxy Connection Inc.
161, Route d'Esch, L-1471, Luxembourg.
Tel: +352 49 40 81
Fax: +352 49 40 82

Buro Service - A Knoll
Koblenzer Str. 37-39, D-53173, Bonn, Germany.
Fax: +228 361 674

Ayoc- Ask for their US$300 1999 special!

PRIVACY: New Identity Tactics.
Eden Press' brand new and hot off the press "PAPER TRIP III is now available. At just $39.95 (including shipping) it's a bargain!

Offshore Chat
On-line gambling via the Internet has become big business in Antigua where a licence to operate a 'cyber-casino' costs only $100,000.

The upsurge in electronic wagering has alarmed the U.S. authorities who see it as a possible vehicle for organised crime and money laundering, particularly from Russia.

Ansbacher bank is still reeling from it's clash with the IRS through its link with the Marine Midland Bank. The release of some Ansbacher client details to the IRS by Marine Midland staff has resulted in a severe warning from The Central Bank in the Bahamas.

Ansbacher is, of course, a highly reputable institution, with some $2 billion under administration in the Bahamas alone. The case does however clearly identify a serious privacy risk for those holding large holdings of US$ that they do not wish the US authorities to know about.

A recent issue of Forbes Magazine ran an interesting article quoting a prominent international tax attorney, who wished to remain anonymous, saying " I know two dozen people who have avoided The Forbes Four Hundred list by going offshore." The fact that this so-called anonymous individual made such a public statement in print would give me reason to be concerned about my 'privacy' if I were one of his clients. The whole idea of going offshore, should mean, completely offshore, and that means any tax advisors that you might use.

Well it would not be a normal month if we did not find yet another dubious offshore investment scheme. A reader in New Zealand provided the low-down on this operation.

The International Benevolence Fund Trust, ( what a name ) claims to be in Katrina Court, East Hill Place, Market Street North, Nassau, Bahamas and is offering the usual astronomical returns to investors. Firstly the trust is not registered, the provided phone number links you to an answering machine in Alabama. And the usual verbal garbage just goes to prove that greed still over-rules common sense and reason.

Rumours are circulating that a directive from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London was sent to Governor John Owen instructing the Cayman Islands to pass legislation allowing tax investigators from G7 countries to examine bank records. Government and business sources are denying that such a directive exists, but it is very likely that 'pressure' from the US prompted the UK to lean on the Cayman Islands governor. If these directives are forced through, it is very likely that apart from the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands and the Turks and Caicos will be equally pressured.

( The G7 is made up of US, UK, Canada, Japan, Italy, France and Germany. )

International Trade and Investments Limited based in the Bahamas are having their next seminar on making the move offshore at The Atlantic Resort and Casino on the weekend of the 7th-8th February 1998. They can be contacted on the following numbers if you would like to receive full details about the event.

The event, labelled "New Horizons", is being promoted as the "Ultimate Offshore Seminar."

Tel: 1 - 242 - 356 - 2036 or 1 800 370 8921
Fax: 1 - 242 - 356 - 2037 or 1 800 370 8923

Update May 99
PT's beware of doing any business with a person/firm operating on the Net by the name of Boris, formerly First Trust out of Russia. You'll never see your money again from any orders! For that matter be very careful doing any business with anyone operating out of Russia or using a SWEDISH MAIL DROP! Be Warned!

Ditto for: Perrin Products Ltd. They have a web site to promote their wares: This company have a history of not delivering once they have taken your money.

Beware the Global Prosperity Group, this is yet another pyramid scam / tax scam, that is causing some serious legal and tax evasion grief to those who fall for its con. In some circles it is believed that GPG is the new name for the slippery 'International Investors' operation.

Give a wide berth to an individual calling himself Mr Bakker, and offering on the Net a licence to operate a Nauru bank at the knockdown price of $35,000. Ignore all claims that he is connected with the international group OCRA.

Plus a further reminder to keep clear of the following scams that are currently active on the Internet.

  • Global Interactive Investments Club. (GllC Club)
  • Omega Trust and Trading Company
  • Galactic Chalice
  • Dolphin Fund

An Internet Fraud Watch site can now be found at the following address:

If any readers have experience of these operations, we would be pleased to hear from you.

The right to privacy is part of our basic freedom. Privacy is fundamental to clode family ties, competitive free enterprise, the ownership of property, and the exchange of ideas. Yet, despite its central role in American freedom, it is one of the most difficult and evasive rights to protect.

The Ultra Privacy Guide helps you to understand the nature of the financial, business and personal threats and guides you to regain your levels of privacy.

The solution is not to technologically regress, but rather to understand how widely information is gathered, brokered, disseminated, used and abused. The Ultra Privacy Guide will teach you HOW to take proactive and affirmative steps to reclaim your privacy. In addition, the Ultra Privacy Guide will erect a series of tax, legal and information barriers against future invasions by individuals, telemarketers and powerful government agencies.

Learn about the government's role in information brokering, explore techniques to enhance and rebuild your personal, investment, business and financial security, you will also master the techniques of Privacy Countermeasures, including advanced computer and communications privacy. Finally, learn how to take advantage of "The Platinum Privacy Option".

For more information on how to order the Ultra Privacy Guide contact the National Asset Protection Institute at:

National Asset Protection Institute
2533 North Carson Street, Suite 1836
Carson City, NV 89706. U.S.A.

The Privacy Collection, for total information privacy. The PC software collection that gives you 8 different tools to Encrypt and Protect your Personal and Business Information. The Complete Collection comes to you on a single 1.44mb disc. Software and Full instructions included for the inclusive price: 28.00 GBP, 45US$, 65C$, 80DM, 270ffr, 65SF, 240FinM, 90NLG, 1680BEF, 6800Spts, 8100Pesc, 82500Lira, 360HK$, 6000JPY. ALL prices quoted inclusive of delivery. GBP and US$ cheques (checks) welcome.

Although reliable sources of information have been used in gathering material for this section, neither the author, publisher nor distributor can accept any liability for the accuracy of its contents nor the consequences of any reliance placed upon it.

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