Dr. Walter Belford Reports

From the Publisher's Desk
February - 2004

The 13th Hour - Part II

"When truth is lost, freedom is lost, because, when you do not have
true information to base your decisions on, you essentially lose the
freedom to make your own, effective, decisions."
- Dr. Walter Belford - January 2004

Dr. Walter Belford's frightening The 13th Hour - Part I caused considerable consternation. Part II follows and will likely cause the hair on your back to rise up in fear of what's happening to our privacy. Read on.

The 13th Hour! - Part II

Dr. Walter Belford Reports

To do or not to do, that is the question!

Governments are waging a war against your freedom. The individual faces a situation where his every move, his every activity, his every financial transaction and his every communication are of interest to nefarious, often invisible watchers and listeners.

You can not walk the streets without a surveillance camera tracking your footsteps. Portable scanners can scan you anywhere day or night, exposing whatever you have on you and whether or not you are carrying anything 'illegal' including too much cash! You can not cross the majority of boarders without carrying documentation which proves you belong to a flag and a tax code number that are biometrically enumerated. You can not go about your personal banking without the details being recorded on a database. You can not drive on the motorways without being logged and monitored by recorders and/or with spy chips embedded in the chassis or license plates of your automobile that track you're every kilometer and where you drive.

Board a domestic flight and your details are entered into a huge database forever. The more you fly, the thicker your file! It searches to see if you are a possible 'terrorist' and the search includes background checks for any past criminal charges, regardless if your were found innocent or not; if you owe back taxes; child support; do you have a poor credit rating and tons of other unknown search bots that will target you for further investigation/s.

Huge records containing the details of our lives can be searched and scrutinized in a matter of minutes, perhaps seconds by someone we have never met. Your daily purchases at the store are put onto a computer. Your details are estimated to be logged onto more than 1,000 databases and you probably don't even know it. Worse much of the information is more likely than not wrong and incorrect!

In the United States, it is particularly bad. Pay for something, anything by a cheque and you expose yourself to having your entire life on the line. The merchant clerk will more likely than not ask for your driver's license to back up your cheque, which will expose your social security number, home address, name and date of birth to dozens, perhaps hundreds of people who 'handle' the cheque on the way to the stores processor, then onto the bank, the bank's sort office, then onto other clerks to send to you. Worse if you don't have your cheque's returned to you, they might NEVER be shredded as the bank says. 50% of all identity thief happens because people have been forced by their government to pay for products and services by cheque or credit card and not by secure old fashion cash. And that's only the identity thief part of the equation. Think about the privacy aspects of this information passing through numerous hands and onto dozens, perhaps hundreds of databases and the lost of your privacy is staggering.

Even cash today, especially America's new peach colored twenty dollar bill, can track you, where you got it and where you spend it.

Every day brings with it stricter, more intrusive measures, laws, rules, regulations and ever more esoteric compliancy requirements of one sort or another. And many faceless bureaucrats are discussing the next moves against you and the few rights and freedoms you have remaining as you read these words.

Gradually, the professions, i.e. your lawyer, solicitors and accountants are being turned into pin-striped cops, presumably to compensate for the inadequacy of the real police. They are now forced under penalty to 'report' you for a financial or other 'crime' of one sort or another or THEY will be subject to a prison sentence of NOT less than 5 years or more than 15 years for each count! So much for attorney-client privilege as another of your basis rights the right to an attorney, bites the dusk. What good is an attorney if they have to turn you into the authorities in the event you may be guilty of a crime?

This doesn't even begin to include your banker, travel agent, airline counter check-in personnel, shopping mall store clerk, next door neighbors, spouse or especially ex-spouse, employee's, business partners, associates, or [fill in the blank,] etc. all whom, under penalty, are coerced into reporting you for some imagined 'crime', i.e. paying for something, e.g. cloths with cash; doing something 'suspicious', whatever that is suppose to mean or withdrawing or depositing an amount of funds into your bank account of 20 years, which THEY consider is not 'normal. It could be obtaining a last minute airline flight or buying a one way airline ticket, or even ordering a 'special' meal can flag you "red," as a possible terrorist, or a person that warrants addition investigation, etc. Worse anyone with a grudge against you for some imagined harm can be a very dangerous person indeed and be a serious danger to your health.

The U.S. now has a total of 6.6 million humans now in prison, on parole or probation. That is a staggering 2.5 percent of the US population. Word has it that the authorities are gearing up to accommodate 3 times that amount over the next decade. The question is why?


The reborn CAPPS II system with the TSA has stolen the last vestige of privacy from Americans and others from around the world. This system collects your full name, date of birth, address and home phone and social security number; Puts information related to your travel plans (including your credit card number, frequent flier number and itinerary) into a file and sends it to the government to be placed on numerous databases forever. The more you travel, the thicker the file. The information sent to the government will link all your travel information into an easily accessible dossier.

The 'new' TSA airport screening ratings, i.e. red, yellow and green, will intentionally become so troublesome for frequent travelers, that I predict the government will offer (as 'relief') what will become known as a "travelers card". This biometric ID card, and that is exactly what it will be, will be sold to the public on the grounds that it will speed up screening at airports for non-terrorist! Frequent travelers will gladly accept this further intrusion into their lives in hopes of ameliorating the problems created by their government in the first place.

Score another victory for the authorities and a huge loss of your privacy and basic rights.

I further believe that within a few short years, or as soon as the next terrorist attack hits American soil, whichever comes first, that biometric screening DOMESTICALLY will become commonplace at US airports, land boarders and seaways, for ALL persons, especially Americans and American residents. This will be much like the contemptuous finger print and iris scans mandated on international travelers arriving in America, even if they are just in transit.

Worse, dangerous people like Tom Ridge, head of Homeland Security, love it when countries like Brazil require American's to be fingerprinted, a convenient way for the American authorities to get their dirty work done by others since the fingerprints of Americans arriving in Brazil are sent to the American authorities! Tom Ridge et al would love nothing less than the biometric screening of ALL persons worldwide! This is the typical modus operandi of the authorities, i.e. getting others to do their dirty work under false pretense.

A key point to remember is the fact that the above government polices (and much more) did not start with 9/11/2001. In fact this mind set of stealing your privacy and ID'ing everyone, especially American's started long before 9/11/. Like Bush looking for or manufacturing any way to take out Iraq's Saddam Hussein and Afghanistan as soon as he obtained office, the neo conservatives way back in 1996 started down this dangerous road; a road that is leading towards a total, oppressive police state the likes of which American's and the rest of us will deeply regret in the not too distant future.

In spite of you seeing (in the months to come,) more and more former high ranking government officials speaking out against Bush and his dangerous policies that threatens world peace, the authorities and their polices will prevail. Regrettably few if any are speaking out about the loss of your privacy, rights and freedoms. This warning is clear; Govern yourself accordingly!

Innocent or guilty

If you're an American I really feel sorry for you. It no longer matters if you're innocent or guilty today. The fact of the matter is that as an American citizen or resident, you are GUILTY until and only until you can prove yourself innocent. And it can be very expensive, time consuming, stressful and troublesome to try and prove your innocence in today's world. Even if you are able to prove your innocence in any potential matter, you are likely to face financial, personal and family ruination.

Most reading these words are not old enough to remember Fatty Arbuckle, but he's my favorite classic example of an innocent person being intentionally and wrongfully charged with a crime. Later found innocent and totally exonerated, he was ruined and never worked again after the affair.

By 1921 Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle was one of the highest paid actor/directors in the motion picture business. An over jealous District Attorney, Matthew Brady was running for office and Arbuckle was, he thought, his ticket to the Governorship. After two trials resulted in hung juries, Fatty was acquitted at the third, with a written apology from the jury --- an apology unprecedented in American justice. More details on this miscarriage of 'justice' can be seen at: http://www.ralphmag.org/fatty.html.

Another more recent example is that of pop icon Michael Jackson. Whether or not Jackson is innocent or guilty only time will tell. However Jackson, and everyone charged with a crime, is suppose to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

However during the press conference on November 19th, 2003 announcing to the world Jackson's arrest warrant, the Santa Barbara, California District Attorney and the county sheriff were joking, laughing with broad smirks on their faces in a very serious case. It was despicable behavior on their part and will only serve to hurt the government's case during any trial IMHO. I am certain that both feel Jackson is their ticket to higher office. In either event should Jackson be found innocent of all charges, his career is most likely destroyed. Jackson's new CD release, "Greatest Hits" which by the way was released, surprise, surprise, the day before the November 19th press conference, was his comeback CD. All tours and promotions were cancelled and the financial and personal damage is beyond comprehension.

I'm no Michael Jackson fan, though I admire what he has accomplished, i.e. the biggest selling recording artist of all time. If Jackson is guilty of the child related charges filed against him, then he deserves to be destroyed. But there is suppose to be the presumption of one's innocent in America and clearly that no longer exists. Even if you are found innocent, you've been destroyed. And therein my dear reader, lays the governments strength exposing you to total financial, personal and mental devastation.

My point is that scum bag government employees are looking to use you as their meal ticket to a higher government rating, and possible public office. They can and do go after totally innocent people that will become high profile. So don't think it can't happen to you just because you may live in small town USA. The local government official that has a hard on for you may see you as their ticket to higher office in your area! It can and may very well happen to you, regardless where you live and how low or high profile you may be.

Even if you're never charged with a 'crime', if anyone claims you owe child support, alimony, or back city, state, property or federal income taxes, you will NOT be able to obtain or renew your passport until you can prove to the contrary. Try getting your passport renewed without your ID number (read that your social security number,) and you will be denied a passport. False claims can come from disgruntled ex-spouses, ex-partners, business associates, current or former employees, an attorney or ANY city, state or federal official or anyone that has an "I'll get even with that dirty no good Xxxx%&^()&!@{})* so and so!" You name it and the new laws cover the entire stratagem.

Read the inside of your passport where it says, "This passport is the property of the United States Government and must be returned on demand" or words to that effect. Most passports in the world have similar language, so protect yourself accordingly.

Imagine this: You're on an extended overseas trip and you're US (or other) passport expires in less than six months time. You require a sudden, but urgent visa to visit country X, whilst abroad. Country X won't issue you a visa unless your passport is valid for at least six months from the time you DEPART their country. You go to the nearest American (or other) consulate and apply for a ten year passport renewal. Your pay your fee and are told to come back the next day to pick it up. You return the following day and are told to wait for Mr. Jones, who needs to speak with you. You stick around you're typical 2 to 4 hour bureaucratic wait and finally Jones shows up in a not so nice mood.

"I must inform you Mr. Urgent Traveler, that since you haven't paid your back taxes, you owe X dollars in child support (fill in the blank,) we are unable to process your request for a passport renewal. Therefore we have confiscated your passport and will not renew it. I have for you a temporary passport valid for 5 days for a single journey direct to the United States only. You will need to sort this out back in America," says Jones.

Don't think that could happen? Well not only could it happen, it has happened, and it's not any isolated case either. At least 5 of my American clients have run into problems similar to this and it cost all of them dearly. In fact one of my American clients has been resident in Japan for 24 years and hadn't been back to America for more than 11 years, but had to return to sort this 'mistake' out.

Don't think that carrying a second passport will help you either. If you entered the country on your American passport and it was stamped upon entering, then you MUST provide immigration on departure with a police report that states your passport was stolen. If it wasn't and you say it was, that's a crime! Even if you're tried to leave on another passport, how could you continue your journey? The answer is you can't.

Trying to use your second passport to depart the country without an entry stamp will also get you into serious trouble as one of my clients learnt the hard way.

Even traveling to Canada, Mexico and points in the Caribbean with a US drivers license or birth certificate, is or will soon be history, thanks to your Homeland Security Department and its laws to protect you! You will be required to have and use a biometric passport that will contain your iris and face scan, finger prints, current address and other details in the soon to be issued biometric US (and other,) passports. By the way, biometric drivers' licenses are forthcoming in America and the chip will contain your personal details including finger prints, iris scans, digital facial recognition picture, plus your SS Gestapo number, I mean your social security number!

You are no longer free nor live in a free society! We have reached the 13th Hour of privacy in the world today! Privacy is dead for people in the 21st century and you've allowed it to happen.

Clearly the answer is NOT to travel on an American (or other home) passport, though you are required by law to depart and enter your home country on it, if you have a second passport. In today's post 9/11/2001 world a second passport is not only essential; it is the difference between freedom and thralldom for you.

Privacy seekers over the world are trying to secure anonymity for their personal and professional activities. In the last 2 years I have had a huge increase in Asian clients, as well as a steady stream from Europe, especially the UK, Australia and New Zealand. American's and Canadians no longer compile my major clientele base, as this phenomenon of pilferage of your privacy spreads worldwide. Only those with the funds, the commitment and the proper privacy strategy and attitude, will succeed in eluding constant scrutiny and total surveillance.

To achieve this type of desired freedom in today's world it is getting more difficult with each week that passes. However the good news is it still can be done. Nothing is free in this world and in order for you to obtain true freedom there is a price you'll have to pay. Most people won't or can't pay the price. How about you?

The price you've got to pay to be free!

If past conversations haven't convinced you to do something to prepare for your future safety, then the following should motivate you for sure. The (US) federal government is heading toward a record $500 billion deficit in 2004 and will rack up red ink of almost $1.5 trillion over the next decade, according to the Congressional Budget Office. That's just 'official' estimates. In the real world you can double those amounts easily! Add in all previous deficits and contingent liabilities and you've got a crushing debt that is unsustainable.

The US now needs to attract a whopping US$1.5 billion per "DAY" in foreign investment in order NOT to go further in the hole! Clearly this amount is not achievable. The long term outlook for the USD is down, way down. Gold and the Swiss Franc may be far better options for you to try and retain or preserve your wealth.

No less an authority than Warren Buffet, the second richest American with a wealth of $36 billion, replied when asked recently where the US economy was heading; "Goodbye pleasure, hello pain."

It is my humble opinion that the above means, at the very least, the dollar will continue to depreciate and that taxes, all kinds of taxes will increase dramatically worldwide, and in all western countries especially. Again enormous tax increases will simply cause more people to move their capital offshore, which will lead to ever more severe and Draconian laws to enforce 'tax compliance' and rates increase, and the cycle will continue until its collapses, as it always does. How long that takes is your guess as well as mind.

Some say that the (US) stock market is on the up swing. I totally disagree. The USD is down 20 to 25 percent over the past 12 months. The (US) stock market needs to rise to 12,000 plus on the Dow Jones Index before is breaks even with where it was when the dollar started it's recent decline! The Bank of Japan purchased US$187 billions, yes you read that correct, US$187 billion's worth of dollars to help prop up the dollar in late December (2003,) and that was only ONE DAY! Without that type of intervention, the USD and stock market would take a nose dive.

In my opinion I believe that any rational and logical thinking person would have to agree that something is going to happen and soon. You should be able to confront the fact that changes are happening in our society that most reading these words don't necessarily like, the author included. Exactly what the end result will be remains to be seen. At this point it would be pure speculation.

However in these instances history does repeat itself, so a brief look into the past may very well give us a good peek into the future for what may lay ahead.

During the past 75 years the USD has lost more than 90 percent of its purchasing power, the pound sterling 95 percent! Other currencies have faired much worse, excluding the Swiss Franc. During that same 75 year period, we've witnessed the rise of the United States to become the wealthiest and greatest superpower, the fall of the British Empire, the collapse of the former Soviet Union, the total destruction and rebuilding of Japan and Germany to become the number two and three wealthiest nations.

Japan has been in a mini depression for nearly 12 years now and in spite of zero percent interest rates.

Singapore, Hong Kong, Brazil, Argentina and parts of Western Europe including Italy, France, Germany, etc. have also seen and are in a deflationary economy. IMHO there is a very strong possibility of continued world stagnation, and possibly, at the very least, a minor depression. Clearly the above countries, and others, are in decline.

As Bob Dylan sang 40 years ago;

"Come gather 'round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You'll be drenched to the bone.
If your time to you
Is worth savin'
Then you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'."

"The times they are a-changin' "- by Bob Dyland - 1964 For the full text of the sung, go to: http://www.bobdylan.com/songs/times.html

This year (2004) will see China overtake France as the worlds' fifth wealthiest nation, and then overtake Britain the following year, 2005, as the world's fourth wealthiest country. It will then overtake Germany and Japan by 2010 to become the second wealthiest nation and by 2040 it will become number uno (one,) overtaking the US. China is a powerhouse to be reckoned with, and those that don't understand this, are doomed to become poorer for it.

India will become the third wealthiest nation by 2050 behind number one China and second place USA. I mention this because the world is changing and we must change with it in order to meet the challenges ahead. As the wealth transfers from the West to the East, it WILL affect you, and your government will punish YOU for the very government policies that are causing this transfer in the first place. The punishment will be of course, more taxes and other punitive measures for you.

China's communist leaders are about to allow Chinese individual subjects to own and trade gold again, while the US government has implemented laws that allow its agents to enter its subjects' homes without telling them, photograph "evidence," snoop around in their personal papers computers and effects, and then leave again without ever letting them know, until, at some later date, they send their thugs in the balaclava's to come crashing down your door at 4am saying: "Oh, yeah, uhmm, by the way, we searched and ransacked your house last month but never told you about it. It's all for your own safety and for the greater good of your country, of course."

It's a sad state of affairs when communists are "out-freemarketing" the supposed free-marketers of the world. China is becoming the greatest country of the 21st century. They call themselves communists, but they're more capitalistic than you or I... They save and invest 35% plus of their income!

As these unique occurrences happen in western society and the rest of the world, think very carefully about the following statement

In spite of record low interest rates and inflation at 50 year lows, prices are RISING at more than 5, 10, even 20 times the rate of inflation in many instances! Unconscionable price increases from your daily newspaper, dining out, hotels, petrol and other day to day expenses are now common place. In fact I haven't seen such frequent and drastic price increases since US President Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard in the early 1970's and then because of his own stupidity enacted wage and price controls, which were a total disaster.

House prices in both the US and UK have and continue to go up. They are at ridiculously overpriced and valued levels. A real estate bubble, much like the dot com bubble, is appearing and as soon as the interest rates start to rise later on this year, the doo doo will hit the fan and millions will go bust and lose their homes like what happened in the UK in 1989 and when Donald Regan, former head of Merrill Lynch, and at the time, Secretary of the Treasury overnight changed the US' real estate tax laws, making real estate far less valuable and stocks more valuable. Fast forward 20 years and you see history repeating itself.

Think about that for a minute. Have you noticed prices, including petrol, rising steadily? Dining out is an expensive proposition nowadays. A family of four going out for an evening meal can cost a US$100 or equivalent in a not so great restaurant, nearly anywhere in the world. Hotel prices have gone way up in spite of 9/11, Sars and terrorist scares. General prices in retail store have increased dramatically. One can hardly walk out the front door without dropping $30 to $50 nowadays, with little to nothing to show for it.

Will you be able to afford your monthly mortgage payments on your home when they double due to higher interest rates? Don't think that could happen? Then think again because you are either too young to remember or have a short memory. Back in 1979 interest rates hit 21.5 percent in the US and worse elsewhere!

What difference does it make if an apple costs ten cents or US$100 if you can't afford to purchase it? The answer is there is no difference.

Why is this happening in times of deflation and with the lowest interest rates during your lifetime? I have come to the following conclusion. Taxes and debt, both public and private! Decades of crushing taxes is taking its toll on the economy and can not be stopped. Government's mindset today is to "Squeeze the taxpayer until the pips squeak."

Governments believe that easy tax targets are hidden or stealth taxes on businesses and consumers. E.g. motor vehicle and passport price increases council or property taxes and especially all sorts of businesses taxes, including National Health Insurance or social security taxes.

Governments still don't get it; business doesn't eat the tax increases forced on them governments, they pass them along to the customers, you and I.

In California businesses are relocating to lower tax states like Nevada, New Mexico and Oregon and saving as much as 60 percent on all sorts of business taxes. Otherwise the businesses will have had to fold up shop. All this, and more, are simply a result of more and more taxes, and more and more public (government,) debt passed onto you, the public to bail out and keep the idiots in power, regardless who they are. To enforce these new taxes of all sorts, the authorities have turned on John Q Public with severe tax crimes in order to enforce their tax collection, criminalizing everyone for the least trivial thing. Heaven forbid if you are charged with a real offense!

Turn the clock back 75 years. Tax crimes started with income evasion charges, with the well known case against arch criminal Al Capone as a classic example of what the laws were originally enacted for. Only those Americans earning over a million per year were suppose to pay income taxes and the rate were just one percent.

Fast forward 75 years and you now have as an every day occurrence the imprisonment and ruining of every John Q Public on the block! Money laundering laws, which were originally enacted to stop the profits of drug traffickers, are now used on a daily basis to confiscate honest taxpayer's money from fleeing offshore. Unfair tax laws like the alternative minimum tax (AMT,) tax honest hard working Americans on phantom income that was never earned or even received, forcing people into bankruptcy while still not alleviating the citizens of the tax burden imposed on them by the AMT.

While the US tax commissioner stated publicly on television that the tax was unfair, she stated it wasn't the IRS' job to change the law, only to enforce it. Did congress listen? Of course not. Why? Because most of the Congress people and US Senators are multi millionaires and are the primary beneficiaries of the AMT, so why should they rescind it? Their motto is: "Do as we say, not as we do!" Meantime you get it shoved up your backside with a 4" X 4".

This type of bureaucratic inflexibility will be the governments' ruination one day, and hopefully that day can't be too soon as far as I am concerned.

Good government and leaders should led by example. Clearly this rarely if ever happens with today's politicians. And the authorities wonder why people are fleeing offshore with their funds and voting less and less percentage wise with each election!

A UN survey a few years back, stated that more than 50 percent of the world's funds are outside the jurisdiction of the taxpayer's home country. I would venture to guess that in the few years since the UN made that statement, capital flight has increased and probably dramatically so. Enter the money laundering laws gone amiss. They are sure to get worse, very much worse in the years to come as taxes increase and more and more ordinary citizens seek to protect their money from the grasp of the taxman, ex-spouses, wild and rampart lawsuits by fleeing, or trying to flee offshore financially! Making laws more severe is standard operating procedure with all governments and if you believe otherwise I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.

I watched a recent US TV news broadcast that explained the (US) Congress and the bureaucrats were enacting 1,197 new (federal) laws during the last session of Congress just before the Christmas holiday! That got me to thinking: What are these laws? Who is going to oversee those laws? How are they going to be enforced? What are the consequences of these laws? How many Americans know or will ever know about these 'new' laws?

Most laws in today's western societies are enacted to prevent money from fleeing its jurisdiction, catching people trying to do so, or nabbing and punishing the people that have done so already! I would venture to say that anyone reading this article or anyone for that matter, has or will commit an offense of one sort or another within the week, especially by paying for anything with cash. With undefined money laundering laws, paying for anything with cash can be construed as a criminal offense under today's American money laundering laws. It is more than likely to end in the result of you being faced with a serious felony crime, i.e. tax evasion or money laundering charges. Under money laundering, wire fraud (Internet, fax related, mobile or telephone,) laws, one must seriously consider the consequence of their every action and move, especially financially. The question is what to do?

Every once in a while the people will get pissed off enough to have a recall election and throw out a bad governor with another person. However no matter how good his intentions may be, the fact of the matter is the system won't ever change, because; in a slight twist to what former President Clinton said in his 1992 campaign against Papa Bush "it's the entrenched bureaucrats stupid!"

For the average Joe, which is 99.999% percent of the general public, they will keep their mouths shut and suffer in silence. They will be forced to comply with each and every law, regulation and be at the mercy of some nameless bureaucrat who can deal out 'punishment' against you for whatever reason, i.e. not getting laid the night before, getting into a fight with their spouse before leaving for work, his/her children causing a problem and so on.

If you don't believe this then ask anyone who has ever been in the military before! If you got on the wrong side of an NCO, officer or anyone in charge of something you need, lookout you could have been sent to the front line, put on KP duty, denied what you required or whatever. And this in fact happened and still happens worldwide.

With bureaucrats it is very much worse. You have willing given them your permission to hold life and death control over your daily lives. Be nasty to them, they 'lose' the paper you need. Kiss their ass, and you may get what you want. Get my point? We've all been there and none of us like it, but it is an awful fact of life that one needs to deal with on a regular basis, wrong as it is.

Most don't have the guts to face the facts. Their country is not what it is suppose to be, and if you are at all successful, I would venture to say that before you reach the age of 55, you will have a serious run in with the authorities.

To take that a step further, I would also venture to state that for those reading these words there is a 99 percent probability that you will have a problem in the not so distant future, that is if you haven't had one already or aren't experiencing one at the moment. This could be a devastating divorce, fight over child custody, taxes owed, law suit from whomever or [you fill in the blank.]

As the age old adage states; "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!"

If you feel that you have even the remotest chance of being attacked with a lawsuit, (and you should,) by the authorities, your ex or soon to be ex-spouse, a business partner, former employee or whatever, then you would be remiss not to prepare for the worse, and hope for the best.

In 2002 in the United States alone, there were 21 million lawsuits filed. As a small business owner or entrepreneur that translates into you having a 1 in 3 chance of being sued this year (based on the 21 million lawsuits launched in 2002). But what I bet you're not aware of is that an even greater risk faces you. If you've slipped up on a seemingly minor corporate "technicality" your corporate veil could and most likely would be pierced. Bye bye ass and assets! It's far better to be offshore where the chance of that happening is greatly minimized. Of those 21 million lawsuits it is estimated that 40 percent will lead directly to the collapse of the marriage and the family; and eventually the business will collapse as well with financial devastation for you and your family. Everyone but the government loses.

Even worse, one in four families in America during 2004 will be sued for one reason or another!

38 million Americans are in trouble with the IRS. That's an incredible 13.5 percent of the entire US population, and nearly 1/3rd of ALL persons filing US tax returns! Many of these persons were given incorrect information from the IRS, yet the individual is STILL guilty irregardless. The IRS giving you the wrong information is NO excuse. Think about that!

During the many years I have been helping people, and I humbly say that is a good number of people, most people don't want to make the preventive and necessary moves until it's too late. They don't want to lose their spouse, children, families, homes, assets, and their comfort zone, etc. Well

I'm sorry to say, but in the likely event you are attacked by a severe lawsuit or especially the authorities, your marriage won't survive and you'll lose you children in any event. You'll also lose your near do well friends, home, business and probably your self esteem, at least for a while. You'll be wiped out financially and emotionally as well as quite possibly being forced into voluntary or even involuntary bankruptcy.

Most people don't listen to me and take my advice, so why should YOU be any different? I don't expect you to take all my advice, but again I would be remiss if I didn't at least inform of the very real dangers you face imminently, so one day when it happens to you, you can't say "he didn't warn me!" Since I'm not trying to sell you anything, I would hope that you seriously consider my words and contemplate what I have to say, as it is valid information drawn on from decades of experience dealing in these, and other matters.

Since you stand a very real chance of losing your family, business, money, etc. et al, why not arrange your affairs in such a manner legally, to totally minimize any possible attack against yourself, assets and loved ones? Do this in your current country in a friendly and legal manner so it's done on YOUR terms, and not by terms forced on you by stressful events. If your spouse won't cooperate with you, then leave on friendly terms or make the necessary adjustments so you can leave on a moments notice, and arrange your finances and relationship to both of your benefit without their knowledge at this time. Supply him/her with an amble source of funds for your spouse and children and arrange for friendly, non hostile rendezvous at your discretion.

Isn't it better to arrange your affairs both personally and financially now before a lawsuit or a possible crime has been charged against you? Isn't it better to live a life that you don't have to look over your shoulder at every corner and having to worry about keeping receipts for tax returns and filing forms under penalty of a 5 to 15 year prison sentence if you make a 'mistake'? If you divorce, wouldn't it be better to depart on friendly and accommodating terms to all parties concerned?

Naturally you don't think or want to believe this is possible or that your spouse would never do such nasty things to you. That thinking is normal and understandable. It is also very wrong. The biggest problem I've come across with clients and especially potential clients is that most do not want to give up their creature comforts. Of course the fact of the matter is when, not if, you are forced into a situation that you'd rather not deal with, you will be forced from your creature comforts in any event. Better to prepare now, than not at all and in the event the worse does happen, you'll be prepared to a better life elsewhere.

These are questions only you can answer. One man's meat is another man's poison is an age old adage that merits thought! It would however, to be prudent to get yourself some life insurance in the form of a second passport and a good portion of your funds offshore and to prepare for the day when you face a 1 in 3 chance of having a serious lawsuit filed against you, or the 50/50 chance of a bitter divorce thrust upon you. Obtaining both a second passport and moving your assets offshore can be done legally and is not currently against the law, provided, my American friends, you report your offshore account on your US tax returns. Fortunately, most other western nations don't have such ludicrous reporting requirements yet!

There remains few citizenship by investment programs in today's world. St. Kitts & Nevis offers a Citizenship-by-Investment Programme. However the problem for most is that you need to 'invest' US$250,000 in some government approved real estate program that you'll likely never see your money again, in order to 'qualify' for citizenship. That leaves many at the post. The remaining citizenship by investment programs are mostly insider's secrets reserved for those in the know and their clients, but they are there.

There are also a few gray area passports that may work for some, but even these are becoming far more difficult to secure due to 9/11/2001. Depending on your comfort level, they may or may not be for you.

Before the men in the balaclava's come around to 'visit' you at 4am, the best advice I could give would be to obtain an emergency second passport as soon as possible (just in case,) leave your home country as soon as possible and live in a country for enough years (normally 5) in order to qualify for citizenship via naturalization, and a legal passport from that country. The EU has a few excellent countries that meet this requirement, but so does South America and a few other locales.

If you haven't already, start a business that is operable from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. Build the business up and when you have enough net income that equals your current income LESS tax; depart for your new world and life. It could prove to be the best thing you've done in a long time, and has the potential to save you from the pending doom your government is bringing upon society.

During the time it takes to build up your moveable business, travel with your family and search out potential places for legal residency and eventual citizenship through naturalization. In many, but certainly not all instances, living abroad, away from your home country is an experience of a lifetime, not to take into consideration the drastic reduction in the cost of living, while at the same time your standard of living increases dramatically. The fact of not having to save receipts for income tax purposes is quite liberating to most of my American clients.

This has not been an article about how great it is to live abroad. Clearly it's about the rapidly changing laws and the dangers these laws are bringing to everyone, especially Americans. What ever the intent of these anti privacy, anti terrorist laws may be, one must admit that they do effect each and every person negatively. I trust you will agree, to some extend, this article contains compelling reasons and evidence why you should immediately position yourself abroad, or to prepare to depart at the earliest possible opportunity you can without excuses.

Here are the defining questions everyone needs to ask themselves:

How effective has the government been at stopping terrorism?

Have you gotten more security during the last 30 years in exchange for the privacy you've sacrificed?

What else are you willing to give up, in order for your government to 'protect' you from the bogeymen?

We have reached the 13th hour of privacy and those that don't act immediately are doomed to a life of servitude to the state with the lost of all privacy, rights and freedoms.

If you do it right, you can always return to where you currently reside to visit. That's the key. Do it right, do it legally and live in peace with freedom.

In the meantime, for myself, I'm waiting for the real Americans to reappear on the scene. By this I mean the freedom and privacy loving Yanks I knew and learned to respect and admire. I hope I'm still around if and when they return!



Publisher's note -

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