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February 2008

"Democracy is under attack."
- Captain Henry Morgan, December 2007

The Land of the Free?

Captain Henry Morgan (the ole pirate of Freebooter fame,) is an authority on privacy and living the PT lifestyle. During the twelve plus years we've known and conducted business together, we've grown to admire, respect and along with many others, truly appreciate the good captain's insight, wisdom and natural wit. His newsletter, the
Freebooter, is one of the more respected and informative privacy newsletters on the net. We are proud to know this gentleman and consider him a good friend and associate. It continues to be a pleasure doing business with him after so many years. One would be hard pressed to conduct business with anyone as honest and straight forward as Henry Morgan.

In December 2007 we caught up with the good captain on the golf course and the following interview is the result. This interview may cause considerable consternation due to its insight and coruscation.

The publisher PT Shamrock offers this interview for information purposes only. The content is the sole opinion of the interviewee and may or may not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher.

Due to the interviews length, it encompasses our entire Mid January 2008 newsletter. In view of our conversations and long association with Henry Morgan, we believe this extraordinary interview will be of great interest to you. Read on.
- PT Shamrock, February 2008

[Note: PTS = PT Shamrock
CHM = Captain Henry Morgan]

PTS - Captain (Henry) Morgan, it is indeed a great honor and privilege for you to grant us this first interview. Thank you so very much.

CHM - Shamrock it's a great pleasure for me to be with you today, particularly after enjoying a beautiful 18 holes on this fantastic golf course, one of the best. May we meet for many more games.

PTS - You've got it. And I promise my handicap will be lower the next round!

Now to get down to business; Captain you're on an extended around the world, privacy fact-finding tour. Privacy is greatly under attack. How do you see things and bring us up to date on what's happening and what our readers can do about it.

CHM - Shamrock I think the situation has become pretty chronic. Clearly democracy is under attack. One has to divide it into two categories. Luckily a lot of thinking individuals have put together the right sort of ammunition for themselves and the right sort of cover, i.e. the ability to disappear. They did all those things many, many years ago when it was not that difficult.

I think if one has a balanced view of what's gone down in the world since the Second World War, and one has watched how much more pressure is placed on the freedom of individuals today, it's almost become acceptable to citizens of any country that they are going to have restrictions put on them. Mostly, they don't even consider these to be an invasion of privacy anymore? Those of an older generation know that these are serious invasions of privacy. In most cases the new regulations that creep up on you are not really protecting you, as the government would like you to believe, but rather they're aiding and abetting the government to spy on you.

So that is one very serious aspect. You have to be really aware about where you find yourself, what you do, what you're prepared to sign, because the bottom line is no government has got the right to mess with your rights the way they do! So it's not a matter of being a criminal, it's a matter of protecting what's yours in a manner that is
conducive to you keeping that product, asset, property or whatever it is!

PTS - I agree with you on that. But elaborate a little bit more. What country or countries are the worst offenders regarding the invasion of privacy? And more important what can the people reading this interview, what can the average person do about it? What do they need to do about it?

Well there's no doubt that most western countries led by the United States are guilty of removing your rights. Unfortunately the world being what it is, other countries are coerced into following U.S. regulations, or even do so of their own violation, because they like to be seen as being part of the strategies "For a better world" that are invented by the U.S.

Wherever you go in Europe, in the old British dominion countries such as Australia, New Zealand and even South Africa, you're going to find more and more restrictions. What you can do about it is to basically start at square one, something we've recommended for years. Mainly, the idea is to think about remaining where you are, if you have to urgency to leave, and then put together certain given basics that you can build on when required. Such as number one, a good mail drop.

PTS - Very good advice.

CHM - There's no problem setting up a mail drop. People that are not thieves, not trying to hide anything, have mail drops for any number of reasons. In fact every intelligent person who is concerned with their security and safety should have a mail drop.

PTS - When you say a mail drop, excuse me for interrupting, do you mean a mail drop where the person resides, or do you mean a mail drop outside the country where they are?

CHM - Well I think it goes both ways. If you are trying to put up a basic mechanism within your own country so you can test the waters and learn what you can actually achieve by moving into a more secure lifestyle, then you get a mail drop, or accommodation address, in your own country. And all your mail, repeat, all your mail, should be sent to that address. Your goal is never to receive mail where you live. This is of course also a practical solution because if you ever move you don't have to prepare change of address advices.

If you decide to prepare for a move abroad or even if you want to give the impression that you've moved abroad you can then open up an overseas maildrop.

PTS - Very good. So that's square one. What's the next step? What next product?

CHM - Well the next product one needs is some kind of ID and cover. And there are ways and means of doing that still today and at reasonable inexpensive prices.

PTS - For instance, for example?

CHM - A banking passport.

PTS - Very good.

CHM - A banking passport I think is also a must. These can still be obtained for around six, seven, eight thousand Euros and they can be used for all kinds of purposes such as opening international bank accounts, simply for ID, for filling in various forms, whatever you need an ID for. They will come in very handy indeed.

Secondly while doing that package one should try and get a secondary number of ID's.

PTS - For instance

CHM - Well possibly a driver's license, an international driver's license, simply a photo ID showing your name, address, date, place of birth with an ID number. Because those can also be used to a great extent to protect yourself, even in your own country!

PTS - So we have a mail drop, which is basic; ID and depending on the level of anonymity you'd want, it could be a banking passport, or certainly at the very least a regular drivers license from a country other than your own. And to somewhat of a lesser extent, an international drivers license. Even better, consider both a regular and international dl. What else?

CHM - You're absolutely right on that mate. I think the most desirable items to obtain and one should make them an important goal, number one category in fact. You should shoot for a second, third or fourth citizenship. I never heard of anybody overdosing on Passports.

PTS - Right.

CHM - That's really what one has to shoot for because once you manage to attain that high goal, you're already in a greatly enhanced position.

PTS - So a second nationality is a must?

CHM - A must, yes, that's the truth.

PTS - Not to interrupt you again, but a second nationality brings to mind a couple of questions, and I'll roll it into one. First it sounds like the second nationality program, wherever, is for your high net worth individuals. What about the average Joe, somebody who's working nine to five, has around fifty to a hundred thousand USD or
Euros, is there anything that can help them?

CHM - Yeah, I think what we've got to do Shamrock, is we have to first look at the basics before we leap. It's possible for a great number of individuals to obtain a second citizenship simply by looking at their own genealogy.

PTS - Good point.

CHM - You know where their grandparents were born, or their parents or even their spouses' parents and grandparents. In many cases they are eligible and can apply for citizenship in that country, for very little money.

PTS - As an example, which countries might they be?

CHM - It could be the United Kingdom, it is not too difficult to obtain citizenship there, if your parents even your grandparents, in some cases, were born there. Ireland is the same.

PTS - Ireland, yes.

CHM - And also every European country, even Switzerland. All European countries have those programs available.

PTS - Germany, Greece, Spain, Portugal?

CHM - Yes the entire ECC. The only thing one has to watch is that in some cases, they do not apply to both parents. Some countries it's only though the male line that you're allowed to apply.

PTS - And in other instances, through the mother.

CHM - Yes and with others via both ways.

PTS - And of course if you're Jewish, you can apply for Jewish nationality.

CHM - No problem on that. You can move to Israel and immediately get a residency permit. I've even heard of people who have converted to Judaism, and gone that route.

Another way of securing other citizenships, and a very common way at that, is, if you're living or working or both in another country, you simply apply for naturalization in that country after the required period of time. Most countries do have a time schedule; some of them are extremely reasonable, three years for example, which for a
lifetime benefit is very little time.

PTS - That's right.

CHM - A lot of countries will also allow a translation name.

PTS - So what do you mean by a translation name?

CHM - Let's take some of the leading businessmen in the United States. A good example is originates from Germany, Rothstein who is the head of Warner's or CBS I think it is. Calls himself Redstone, another example Rootenberg becomes Roothill. A very direct translation name, Josef Schwartz simply becomes Joe Black, as in the movie meet Joe Black. There's almost no limit to this benefit, depending on your imagination.

PTS - So it's like a free name change?

CHM - Absolutely without even doing a soft shoe shuffle.

PTS - The bottom line is for the person that has some money, how much would it cost for a second nationality, how long would it take and what's the process?

CHM - Okay, if we're moving now onto the next category of deals where no citizenship through parents/genealogy is concerned or by naturalization, one has to look at some countries that will allow you an economic citizenship.

PTS - Right.

CHM - Some of these that come to mind are Dominica, St. Kitts and Belize had a program, and in addition to that there are certain other programs that are possible, which one doesn't necessarily want to discuss in an interview like this!

*** Much laughter

PTS - That's understood, but if the reader would like some more information may we have your permission for them to contact you?

CHM - Absolutely and in fact your reader can contact you because we are equally versed with those opportunities shall we say. And let's stress that these opportunities are not, repeat not, for guys that might have a criminal intent or a criminal record in most but not all cases.

These are simply means for straight forward up and down honest individuals to protect themselves from the dishonest acts that their government is perpetrating.

PTS - That's an interesting point that you bring up about dishonest acts or laws that are stealing ones privacy today. But are there any surprises sitting out there waiting to catch the privacy seeker off guard that we should be made aware of?

CHM - Yes there are. There are a number of booby traps out there that are deadly. For example one has to be very sure who you're dealing with if you haven't had a personal introduction. There are some very bad guys out there, particularly on the internet. They're experts on putting together a beautiful sounding proposition and their follow up is excellent. But the minute you pay in your money that's the last you'll hear of them.

PTS - Basically it's caveat emptor. If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true!

CHM - Absolutely.

PTS - So what can one expect to pay via a legitimate provider?

CHM - Well I put things into categories. I think that if you start with the banking passport trade, you're looking at, as I said, around eight thousand Euros, in that area to get something reasonable that will be accepted by most banks, if you want to open an account.

If you want to travel, then you're looking at somewhere around Euro 35,000 all the way up to a hundred big ones.

PTS - From respectable countries?

CHM - Both the prices I mentioned are from very equitable countries.

PTS - And registered on the computers?

CHM - A hundred percent with all the bells and whistles plus a name change possible.

PTS - That's very interesting indeed.

Now we talked about countries in Western Europe and especially the United States being the worst offenders stealing ones privacy. But what country or countries today, in your opinion, offers the most privacy. Or rather I should say are less intrusive than the United States and the Western European nations?

CHM - It comes to mind that one is extremely free in some of the Asian countries. People don't mess with you, they leave you alone and as long as you don't cause a ruckus and don't get involved in any crime, one can carry on living a quiet life with a very nice PT style and not have any problems at all.

In some of those countries I can mention, like Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, to a certain extent, and even the Philippines. Singapore having a limited choice because there is massive surveillance of all sorts there. But there's always an exception that proves the rule, there are any number of old Asian hands doing their thing there happily ever after. All the countries I mentioned are excellent. One can enjoy a very nice lifestyle with whatever one expects coming from a western background. And he it's not that difficult to put down a root or two.

A very important point I'd like to mention is that people should realize that if they take the steps to move out of their country and live abroad, unless they've got a tremendous amount of money, they should not expect, to live on the same kind of scale to what they might have been used to when they were younger, or with their parents, or even where they happen to be at the moment. You have to pay your dues wherever you go. So you'd better do so in your new country. You've got to learn about living in that country and you've got to conserve your money until you find a way of bringing in some income.

PTS - That's an excellent point.

CHM - You can't expect to just go there and retire high on the hog straight away. It's takes a long time to figure out, a lot of planning, and certainly an effort to pay your dues.

PTS - Any other parts of the world, other than Asia that you could recommend, Australia, New Zealand, South America or Africa?

CHM - I think South America certainly, Argentina in particular is definitely a good one. You have Uruguay and some of those countries like Honduras, maybe? Panama is another possible candidate and is improving all the time and a lot of expats are living there finding a good lifestyle and a happy existence. So as far as South and Central America is concerned there's a lot of choice.

The Caribbean offers some good choices, like the Bahamas for example. There are many other places there where you can be happy because you're a tourist in most cases.

But be warned, these countries are getting tougher than they used to be? Make sure do your homework before you go, that your mother lode is located under another flag somewhere that is easily accessible and you don't take everything with you, you should be cool. By the way, you gotta watch the visa requirements and make sure you don't stay past your visa expiry date, why cause an odour in such a pleasant locale?

Believe it or not there are some exciting places to while away some time in Africa. If you like the bush, give Malawi, Zambia and Botswana a piece of your time. Namibia is a very pleasant two or three month stay which you can stretch by crossing a couple of reasonably close borders, check a map for the details.

PTS - How about Australia or New Zealand? Would you recommend either for a wannabe PT or a PT?

CHM - In some ways yes. I think New Zealand is a country that's relatively easy to immigrate to. I think they are very tolerant of all views. You can have a very good life there at a reasonable cost of living. And Australia to a certain extent. The problem I see with Australia whilst being a very beautiful country, a country that's very modern, has all the amenities and excellent infrastructure but also has regulations that haven't even been invented yet!

They've got regulations for regulations. So whilst the bottom line for any project in Oz might be, that when it's finished everything is done correctly, getting there can take a lot of time and you can lose your temper more than somewhat

PTS - That's well said.

CHM - But also Australia is not that easy to get into, unless you have skills that fit with their immigration points system. So if you've got skills say in engineering, electrical work, plumbing, bricklaying, building, any of the trades, whatever, and you'll sail in there. Because Australia is enjoying a pretty good mineral boom at the moment and in particular Western Australia and do they need workers.

Last time I looked, the Perth web site said "170,000 jobs available now."

PTS - Wow, thanks very interesting.

CHM - For workers will skills it is very interesting and there's some long green to be made.

PTS - Are there any places that you wouldn't go back to that you've been to before?

CHM - I think that a man coming from the outside with the right kind of attitude can get along most anywhere and have a good life. So I think the honest answer is there's really nowhere, provided you have the right kind of attitude and backup, and prepare for what you do, you can live anywhere.

PTS - In other words keep a low profile and don't do anything naughty?

CHM - That's exactly right. And keep your mouth closed. The mouth is the biggest sinker of all ideas.

PTS - Absolutely! Now I know that you are a true diehard gold bug. Where do you expect gold to move to and why?

CHM - Well yes, I've been a gold bug for most of my life I think that it's becoming evident more and more that gold is the only true money. It's the only true value, as far as currency is concerned, or as far as setting ones currency value is concerned. To give you an idea, if you were to take a certain model motor vehicle from say 1963 or 1964,
it would cost you X number of ounces of gold. Today if you had to buy a similar kind of car, same make and model it would cost you more or less the same amount of gold.

PTS - That's a good point!

CHM - Yes, the same amount of gold. So what that's saying is that gold is retaining its value whereas fiat money or paper money doesn't. Fiat money is not backed by anything. It's supposed to be backed by the confidence of economies. You can take the US as the best example. They have trillions of dollars in national debt, to the tune of some one thousand six hundred dollars per citizen. So where is the confidence in that economy? Many other countries are suffering from the same dilemma.

The last big gold boom if you like, was somewhere around 1980 or 1981. For gold to get to the same value it was then, it has to be approximately US$2,100 an ounce now. But that's not all that scary, the gold price is moving like gangbusters and I believe it'll get there inside 18 months to two years?)

PTS - Wow!

CHM - What's really happening regarding most economies, whether they be eastern or western countries, today is that a very bad recession is looming, maybe even a depression which might have already started with the subprime crunch. If that is indeed the case one can see that, that figure is quite reasonably attainable. I wouldn't be at all
surprised is gold goes over three and a half large an ounce some time in the not too distant future.

PTS - That's almost unbelievable!

CHM - Not being a financial man, it's easy to check the projections of some of the top financial experts of the world.

(But make sure you don't take the views of the main stream media talking heads too seriously. Your readers can go through you to me and I'll point out some star financial commentators to them, and maybe a publication or two to check out, totally on the house.) And many of them concur that gold is really going to go much higher, and that it
could be the basis for possibly the next monetary system, in fact it's the only monetary system that's ever worked in history!

PTS - What about the Asian currencies? What do you predict for them, especially the Chinese Yuan?

CHM - I think on a side note, that one can easily see that China and other Asian countries today are becoming very industrial, are emerging fast and building great economies and therefore great employment and an increase in living standards. They also happen to be the biggest buyers of gold, which tells you something!

Regarding their currencies I think to a certain extent there's enough internal action in their economies to sustain them at a higher level than some western economies.

However I think that it's more than likely, in the end, to be one big bust if you like, the entire world is going to suffer.

PTS - Well that's a very sobering point, which brings me up to your e-zine newsletter, the Freebooter, which has been around for an incredibility long period of time. And unless I am mistaken, and please correct me, it was originally published in hard copy format. And you changed over to publishing it over the internet.

Do we have your permission for our readers to subscribe FREE to your e-zine newsletter? Would that be okay captain?

CHM - Absolutely Shamrock. That would be wonderful if you do that for me, and I think a good way of doing it would be to have your readers send you (Shamrock,) an email requesting a free subscription and I'll take care of that from there.

[Publishers note: To subscribe FREE to the Freebooter newsletter, send a blank email to and place "Freebooter" in the subject heading.]

PTS - Very well, because my next question for you is why you did start the Freebooter?

CHM - I was in the tourism industry for many years, over forty years, as a matter of fact and during that time, apart from spending months abroad every year, I was in touch with all kinds of tourists and businessmen from around the world. I saw how they got shaken down; how unfamiliar they were with unusual, for them, surroundings, and in many ways how intelligent , resourceful people could be reduced to idiots simply by arriving in a strange country.

It also made me realize the failings of the various tourism boards and travel advertisers from my country of origin to promote honestly and correctly.

I realized that governments were not playing on a level field. I realized that the tax implications in the world were shocking and frightening and I realized that people were spending most of their working time, in fact as much as 75% in most countries, being slaves for their tax man. It was easier to observe these facts when one was traveling in different countries talking to and observing local people.

So it came to me that facilitating and assisting people that found themselves in this kind of predicament would be useful; A predicament where they were working harder and harder and taking home less and less money, mostly in countries where government induced inflation was taking their wealth away from them.

PTS - Right

CHM - Of course I also got prompted by the gentlemen that preceded us in this business, like Harry Schultz, Harry Brown author of "How To Live Free In an Unfree World." (That was a real eye opener!) Doug Casey, Bill Hill, and latterly yourself and various other notable exponents of this lifestyle. There are a number of them going all the
way back to Ayn Rand. [Think Atlas Shrugged.] One should read her books and get to understand her philosophy as a matter of course. Hey and last but not least The Lone Ranger & Tonto?

PTS - Yes, Brown's book is great and you can still get it at

CHM - I believe you can, yes and probably books by the other authors I mentioned.

PTS - Are there any new products out there today that you can recommend to our readers?

CHM - Yes what I like are some of the new, new combination packages that you're providing. And these are complete packages, packages where one might get for example, a banking passport, a driver's license, an offshore bank account, utility bills, an ATM card, bearer share companies, everything all together at a very, very reasonable
price. That's a good way to go provided you understand that things never remain the same. So whilst these offers are on, clients should go ahead and fill their boots, They're straight forward 100% honest offers.

Remember that the goal posts can be moved because the authorities are hounding the banks, they're hounding the debit and credit card providers, they're hounding anybody that's throwing a shadow out there.

PTS - And they do like to move the goal posts!

CHM - Absolutely, the authorities do not fool around these days.

PTS - Okay I'm going to put you on the spot. If you had top products that you'd recommend for the person reading this now, what would those top "must have" products be? Now you mentioned previously the mail drops, ID, banking passports, etc. What else?

CHM - Mail drops are where to start, that's number one. We've discussed banking passports, additional ID and driver's licenses. All those are important.

PTS - Very good.

CHM - Then I think one has to look at two categories again. If you are looking to set yourself up in business abroad, or if you're a person that has a large amount of money that you want to secure in a safer location like a tax haven, then I suggest, to me this is a very important product, and that is to consult with one of our consultants to arrange a consultancy. I consider that to be a fantastic product and a very important one indeed.

PTS - That's money very well invested!

CHM - Very well invested! Because the guys that we use offer our readers, and your readers as it happens, a facility whereby they can actually test the service out by buying a trial or one off consultation by email for shoe shine bread. And they can decide for themselves whether they think that any long term arrangement with that
consultant would be of value to them.

I can assure you that it is great value for money, especially if you are new to this kind of endeavor, its saves you thousands of dollars. And in fact most of the consultants will supply any products that you require at a far better price than, let's call it retail price, because you're one of their loyal clients. So in most cases you're going to save more than your actual layout and you don't make mistakes. These guys have been around and specializing in their
fields, for many many years.

PTS - And they've helped a lot of people as well.

CHM - Many people, that's for sure. Hell! They've helped me a number of times

PTS - What other products?

CHM - Okay so then start going into the second citizenships, those are extremely important. And then I think one needs certainly a selection of ways to withdraw funds and transfer funds, because, absolutely, one has to remove dough from one foreign country or the country from which you are working with alarming regularity.

PTS - And that can be done legally?

CHM - Yeah, it's all legal, certainly, and the easiest way to do that is through an ATM card, as long as you remember that the lifespan of some of these cards are only as long as authorities don't put a spanner in the works. But you will get some use out of them. Please remember not to stick your mother lode into one account.

PTS - Right!

CHM - You handle it very carefully and you know you'll be safe.

PTS - What about pgp email and pgp for telephone and mobile phones?

CHM - Absolutely, no one should ever correspond without using pgp. It's quite simple to learn. It's free and it's very effective. I would move completely away from cell phone discussions unless you can pick up a specific anonymous phone that you might use to deal with one or two persons. And you would use pay as you go systems to work on
that phone.

PTS - Why?

CHM - To use cell phones to do business these days, unless you change your number reasonably frequently, or you change your sim card frequently is dangerous because most phones are easy to track these days to within a couple of metres from where you are. You'd better make sure you have a mobile phone that can't be tracked, these are
still available (outside of the USA,) in fact I get mine for my customers through you, so I know you as a primary source of anonymous mobile phones. These are available and work well. I've have had clients that have used them everywhere around the world, and they're very happy. The secret is of course that these phones do not contain
the "Clipper chip" which is what makes regular phone users easy to find or to eavesdrop on.

PTS - Yes, it's getting more difficult to get them without clipper chips inside nowadays.

CHM - I'm sure it must be. But that is a definite way to go.

PTS - Okay now for the sixty four thousand dollar question. What does one need to do to get started; to leave where they are now, or to start to leave where they are now. And how much would they reasonably expect it would cost them? And what do they have to do to get started?

CHM - I think the biggest thing will be is to work out where they'd like to go to?

PTS - That's important! So that's the first step.

CHM - Yeah and maybe, as you know, you look at this sort of move, providing one doesn't have any pressing needs, as a very serious step, one should spend some time making a few trips, having a look at countries in which you're interested, checking out what facilities are available, what are the requirements for bank accounts, what the
requirements are for drivers permits, you know, all the shit one has to put together. What it cost to live in your favorite countries, all those sort of things. In the meantime while you're doing that, your life at home starts taking into consideration some of the items we've discussed today. Like the mail drop, like how to better your own privacy, how to secure more of your money. There a number of books, we both sell all of them, books that have been written by experts on these subjects and they contain a tremendous amount of excellent information.

PTS - That's very good advice.

CHM - You know everybody is different, so it's very difficult to give a general kind of summing up. You know some guys are hounded by a lady that wants to f***k**g stab them in the back with a tomahawk!

*** Much laughter!

CHM - A bad marriage for example.

PTS - And some women as well. You were telling me about the one lady client of yours on the ninth hole, that she was being stalked by an ex husband for years and she's been very successful as a PT, thanks to your skillful assistance in guiding her to vanishville, and starting a new life, a happy and safe new life!

CHM - This woman, she deserves a medal. I've known her, only on a working basis, by correspondence only, for about nine years now. She was an abused wife. She found herself severely trapped, in deep trouble with her husband punching her lights out on a regular basis, and she had the courage to push through a divorce and to split from her country of origin. She took off like a bat out of hell. And she's managed to live anonymously since then. Eight, nine years she's innovated many techniques. She's pulled off coups to open bank accounts in various countries, to get ID to do all kinds of amazing things, last but not least to support herself pretty well, without
casualty. She's an amazing lady.

PTS - Congratulations to her and congratulations to you for helping her. What a great success story.

CHM - Thank you. In fact, and this might be interesting for some of your readers? Any abused woman or women who have serious spousal problems because their life is in danger can contact me, I would be very happy to introduce those ladies to this lady. She's helped many of my clients to date. Please note though, I'm not Doctor Ruth, it has to be serious.

PTS - We'll pass that along to our readers, because we do have our fair share of female readers. That's for sure.

CHM - I find Shamrock that, that figure is building up. I find that I'm getting a lot more inquiries from women than ever before.

PTS - That's good too!

CHM - Of course it is.

PTS - In a way it's bad for those with abusive reasons. However for the privacy seekers it's good.

Now captain in closing, if there's one thing that you wanted to impress on our readers and your readers, what would that be?

[A good pause before the captain replies to that question.]

CHM - What would that be? I would say "don't talk about it!"

PTS - Keep your mouth shut.

CHM - It's as simple as that. Keep your mouth shut and keep a low profile. And don't do anything naughty.

PTS - Captain thank you for your candour.

CHM - Thank you for being there.

PTS - And happy holidays to you and your loved ones, and a Happy New Year for 2008!

CHM Happy Christmas to you. Thanks very much for a great game of golf and the get together.

All rights reserved, copyright PT Shamrock Ltd., Inc. 2008

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"The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion."
- Edmund Burke, 1784

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