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February 2011

"Someone asked what the definition of "Big Brother" was. It is when government is overly invasive in your life, under the pretext of caring for your best interests. It is the monitoring and tracking of every movement and conversation of an individual. It is profiling that person by subjectively analysing data into an arbitrary, and oftentimes erroneous, one-sided interpretation of the facts. Unrelated bits and pieces of information about a person are then forced into a concocted-relationship of events and then fed into databanks that hold one's portrait frozen and labeled, and networks that data to anyone who can access that information.

Since that databank is all-inclusive, one can access for a specific concern, and yet receive that person's cryptic and terse report on his whole life..... information that should remain private, and under the control of that individual. Instead ...... government, agencies and certain people in high places have more control over an individual than the individual has over his own life. That is called tyranny.

Governments' seeks to marshall, rally and employ as many people as possible in this venture of snooping and reporting on the activities of others."
- A Patriot

Privacy Is Not A Crime!

Probably the first step undertaking the difficult task these days of protecting your privacy is to obtain a mail accommodation address, better known as a mail drop. Setting up properly a good, safe and private mail drop can place your mind at ease for any number of reasons. Do it wrong and you could end up causing you additional
time, money, grief and even trouble.

Making use of Mail Drops

The first step in the establishment of a Mail-Drop, is to evaluate the degree of privacy you require for the activities you plan on undertaking. If you are simply looking for a single wall of privacy between yourself and a partner or the company that employs you, then a basic home country mail-drop service will more than likely be all that you need.

If on the other hand you are looking to put some distance between yourself and the authorities for any number of reasons, or simply that you are planning to move to another country at some time in the future, then you may be looking for a foreign service (overseas/offshore).

For those with a need to even hide this personal detail, you will need to use a home country mail-drop from which to start the search for information about the locations you are interested in. This way you are using a mail-drop to access another mail-drop, and in so doing, providing two layers of privacy while you are gather the information
and contact details that you will need to move physically or other wise, 'offshore'.

Whether as a private individual or as a company trying to create a foreign trading presence without physically being in the particular location, the use of a mail-drop / forwarding network can be a very effective tool. By adopting an alias you can lower your profile while you are gathering the information that you may need. Plus once you are ready to implement whatever strategy that you have devised, you can disconnect yourself from this initial mail-drop set-up. Start afresh with your new found knowledge and leave no paper-trail to connect you with this first phase.

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"The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion."
- Edmund Burke, 1784

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