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Do you qualify for a Free Passport?

No need to pay US$50,000 or more for a 2nd citizenship or passport. You may already qualify for one or more free passports! Yes that's right, a free passport. If you or your spouse's parents or grandparent's are of Irish or Jewish ancestry you probably already qualify!

Here's the deal ...Irish nationality is governed by the Irish nationality and Citizenship Acts,1956 and 1986. Irish nationality may be acquired in a number of ways such as birth in Ireland, Irish parentage, lodging the appropriate declaration after marriage to an Irish citizen or to a spouse who MAY claim Irish citizenship through ancestry, i.e. Mother, Father, both grandmother's and both Grandfather/s born in Ireland or are/were Irish.

In addition to these there is considerable interest in acquiring Irish Citizenship through descent and [formerly] under the Business naturalization Scheme. An authoritative book on the subject is "Genealogical Supplement" published by Inside Ireland. Contact:

Brenda WeirInside
PO Box 1886
Dublin 16, Ireland

Other useful sources....

Department of Foreign Affairs
72-76 St. Stephen's Gren,
Dublin 2

International Company Services Ireland Ltd.
Company Formation Agents
109 Lower Baggot
Street - Dublin 2, Ireland

1. Find a researcher: Irish National Archives

2. Genealogical advice for Irish Counties, Irish Family History Foundation

3. To trace surname history & passenger lists of boats

Discuss problems researching Irish family, Irish & UK Genealogy Newsgroup,soc.genealogy.UK + Ireland.

What is a Jew?
The law of return defines a Jew as anyone who was born of a Jewish mother or has been converted to Judaism without embracing any other faith. Documentary certification of the circumcision ceremony (briss) or other important Jewish ceremonies (bar mitzvah, Jewish wedding, etc.) would serve as good evidence of Jewishness. Alternatively, and most simple of all, proof of synagogue membership should be adequate. Once your Jewishness is firmly established you may arrange to move to Israel through the Israeli consulate or an Aliyah group nearest your present home. A non-Jew can become a citizen of Israel too! This is at the discretion of the Ministry of Interior and the applicant must satisfy five conditions.

  1. They are in Israel.
  2. They were in Israel three years out of the five-year period immediately preceding their application for citizenship.
  3. They are entitled to permanent resident status.
  4. They have settled in Israel or intend to.
  5. They have surrendered their former citizenship or have offered proof that they will cease to be a foreign citizen as soon as they become an Israeli one. Note that Jews who become citizens through the law of Return are NOT restricted this way.

Contact your nearest Israel consulate for more details.

If you need to consult with people familiar with the passport situation in these countries or elsewhere we would recommend that you get in touch with, best selling author and 2nd citizenship expert,

Marshall J. Langer. Langer, Shutts & Bowen, 48 Mount Street, London W1Y 5RE, England; Telephone (44 207) 493-4840; Fax (44 207) 493-4299.

Or Fiscal and privacy authority

Dr. Seymour Samson
Glasgow, Scotland
E-mail: Dr. Seymour Samson

Be prepared to pay Mr. Langer or Dr. Samson a consultation fee of Euro 1,500. Normally this is applied towards your nationality fees should you elect to proceed.

Alternatively as good as, (yet somewhat less expensive,) is Dr. Charles Freeman's brand new book, "HOW TO LEGALLY OBTAIN A 2ND PASSPORT" Just US$29.95 including shipping and handling.