Free Privacy Report

FREE Privacy Report

This information is NOT for everybody. It is provided for information purposes ONLY. On no account should the information be used for any illegal purpose. Readers must be 18 years or older.

Imagine searching for months, knowing exactly where to go in that immense web of international information, and collecting thousands of files - files that contain information not normally available in your local library - files that reflect the darker side of your government, information YOUR government does NOT want you to know!

PT Shamrock endeavors to bring you the state of the art privacy information from sources worldwide on a regular basis. Our research staff monitors 100's of international TV and radio sources, the Internet, magazines, newspapers, private journals; computer nets and inside sources twice each month to provide you personal and business dealings on a truly international scale. We shift through the media moress and more importantly, use our inside sources to publish this information. We constantly reveal what "you are not suppose to know" - give you sources and instruct you how to maintain your privacy, keep those hard earned bucks away from the tax man and other asset reducers.

We introduce you to tricks to sidestep Big Brother governments and bureaucracies keeping them from making you just a source of assets for their coffers - a human resource to be milked dry and brainwashed to follow the party line. We free you of those "for your own good laws!"

We show you more loopholes than a New York lawyer for living a life of true freedom. We arm you with the knowledge needed to pursue the goal of breaking the chains of bureaucrats, the Terrocrats and Big Brother wherever you are living. Subjects covered include:

  • How to obtain real anonymity
  • Secret Bank Accounts
  • Tax Free Paradises
  • Tropical retirement havens on less than $1,500 per month
  • Making money the offshore route
  • Banking passports for financial privacy
  • Securing 2nd passports by mail
  • Camouflage passports
  • The inside scope on Diplomatic passports
  • Loophole methods of asset protection
  • Becoming a PT (prior taxpayer)
  • How To Avoid Government Sting Operations
  • Starting an offshore tax exempt business
  • Offshore credit and ATM cards
  • Nobility title purchase
  • GSM anonymous mobile phones and sim chips (numbers)
  • Special offers, plus much more

If you're one of the relatively few who realize you've been taken to the cleaners by the power groups behind the mainstream media every time you read a paper or watch a TV news programs, it's time to get your FREE PRIVACY REPORT. Just email

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