ID Cards Links The Future from the Past

History Repeats Itself

A look to the future regarding ID cards, can best be judged by taking an honest and thought provoking look at the past!

"When they started demanding papers and arresting those that didn't produce them, I knew trouble loomed on the horizon. We departed soon after I was stopped the third time (1937.) I begged my brother and his family to go with us. My brother and his family stayed. They died in the camps ... we survived thank God, and prospered." - Holocaust survivor

Much like today's proposed National *ID CARDS*, which claim will protect you from terrorists, the ID cards above monitored and tracked EVERYONE'S move; including where you worked, one's (political) party affiliation, whether or not you paid your taxes, and of course your nationality and religion! Hmm, something about that rings a bell with today's similar government double speak about the need for national ID cards!

Today's ID cards will be far more intrusive than you can possibly imagine. They'll be machine readable, i.e. swiped by a portable machine anywhere, not only by the police, but by ANY *state* agent, including the IRS! In addition to iris scans, DNA, full finger prints, social security number, employment - benefit and tax status, plus, plus, plus; all the above information and MORE will be on a tiny chip on a smart ID card the size of a credit card.

The rhetoric will remain the same. It's for the 'GOOD OF THE NATION!' History does repeat itself.

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