Publisher Monthly Missive

From the Publisher's Desk, 2001
Happy New Year from the terrocrats

Normally I limit my time in front of the one eyed monster (television) to a few good movies and programs of interest. However during the holidays I broke down and viewed more than my usual share of the telly. One program of great interest was a biography about Fidel Castro.

One is amazed that along with 85 others in a 30-foot boat, Castro landed in Cuba and within ten years overthrew the (former) government and has ruled Cuba with an iron fist ever since. Not that I admire Castro, but he does have tenacity and it goes to prove what a few determined persons can accomplish. He's been a pain in the arse for the US for more than 40 years now.

However what really grabbed my attention was a reoccurring theme peppered with numerous statements made during interviews from long imprisoned (former) comrades and political foes of Fidel; at least those who weren't summarily executed during the dawn of the 1959-60 revolution. What brought into focus this article was what one former close ally and personal friend of Castro said. Since he spent 30 years in a Cuban prison for failing to overthrown Fidel in 1965, I guess he knows what he is talking about!

Castro's former pal said, and I paraphrase here:
"The repression started immediately, as soon as Castro grabbed power. He immediately started tapping everyone's phone calls, intercepted all communications and opened letters. This was done under the pretence of national security and hardly anyone paid attention to it ….at first! By the time the masses realised what happened, it was too late!"

National security! Doesn't that sound familiar? Terrocrats around the world are repeating a similar mantra about "national security" and the threat from terrorists, paedophiles, drug dealers, money launderers, etc. as their "raison d'etre" for enacting inhibitory laws curtailing the privacy and freedom of 99.999% of the innocent citizens who use the Internet, send faxes, place phone and mobile calls as well as other modes of communication.

The interception of e-mail, encryption, web browsing, mobile phone calls, faxes and ever more telephone taps are subjected to increasing infringements by law enforcement agencies (and others) world-wide with little or no warrants in most cases nor accountability to anyone other than self appointed department heads. Many nations law enforcement agencies are illegally "warehousing" raw communication data indefinitely for who knows what purpose? Worse the public appears to care little about this threat to privacy and are doing nothing to stop it, save a few brave freedom and privacy organisations.

Even withdrawing CASH from an ATM machines is traceable today with the technology employed by Echelon. It's frightening. Add into the factor Carnivore, RIP and other privacy thieving laws and technologies that are spreading around the world faster than HIV/AIDS, and we are loosing our privacy and freedom's faster than at any period during our lifetime.

2,000 additional close circuit TV cameras are forthcoming to London, which already has more CCTV's per capita than any other city in the world. Public buses and private taxis in Australia have little cameras hidden and the data stored under terrocratic control for who knows what purpose. Now the same tiny cameras are being installed throughout the United Kingdom following Australia's' lead and 'success' with the tiny buggers. Word has it that Amerika is next in line for the little bugs! The terrocrats are starting to install tiny CCTV cameras on both international and domestic airline flights in the sake of preventing 'hijackings', as if a CCTV is going to deter a hijacker. What a crock of BS that is. The terrocrats goal; all airline flights to be recorded within 5 years! FYI and just in case you've forgotten, there hasn't been a US airline hijacking originating in the USA or Western Europe for more than 20 years!

Laws have been passed in most countries that allow the terrocrats to grab your data under penalty of prison should you resist and an even harsher sentence should you tell anyone about it. Echelon technology records every phone, mobile, fax and data transmission around the world whilst searching for "key words," which triggers further investigation. DNA is taken and used by insurance companies and many others without your permission. CCTV cameras record your every move throughout your entire day and night! 5 to 12 year-olds (mostly American) school children are finger printed and ID'ed for no apparent legal reason. The list goes on ad nauseum.

No solace
Repression is an insidious condition that always starts under a false pretence. In today's world that delusive pretence is called national security, i.e. drug traffickers, paedophiles, money launderer's, etc. It's used by the terrocrats to wrongly take away your right to privacy in addition to your personal freedoms, both personal and financial. What difference does it make if someone steals all of your privacy and freedoms all at once, like Castro did, or its stolen a little bit at a time until you've lost everything, like your government is doing today? The answer: There's no difference. Your privacy and freedom's are lost, i.e. have been stolen under a false pretence. To the terrocrats, the end justifies the means!

Repression is defined as: A state of forcible subjugation

Subjugation is defined as: Forced submission to control by others.

Think about the above definitions! Do any of the laws or actions your government passed or is considering meet that criteria or definition? Will your government allow you to legally OPT OUT of any laws in your country in order to protect YOUR personal and financial privacy?

Sadly many, if not all fit these arcane, mercurial laws and privacy invading laws enacted and spreading worldwide by the terrocrats. When the routine physical movements, communications and financial transactions of 99.999% of the innocent citizens of the world are under the scrutiny of some unknown and unseen power (hidden terrocrats), who in turn can force you to hand over encryption keys and or outright steal your communications under penalty of prison, and WITHOUT your permission, knowledge or any legal warrant, I can think of no better a term than "REPRESSION" to sum up what is happening worldwide today.

What are you going to do about it?
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