Dr. Walter Belford Reports

From the Publisher's Desk
January - 2004

The 13th Hour!

"We're on the brink of the US Government creating the Holy Grail of data collection, i.e. a central file on every American, resident, visitor and anyone else who has anything to do with a US company, financial institution or person."

- Dr. Walter Belford
January 2004

PT Shamrock would like to wish all our browsers a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Last January (2003) Dr. Walter Belford gave us a frightening interview on how your privacy is being destroyed by your government! See "A frightening interview on how your privacy is being destroyed."

To say that interview caused considerable consternation would be an understatement. Remarkably albeit regrettably, many of his predictions came true in a short period of time..

We again had the privilege of enjoying the doctor's company during this festive holiday season. Regrettably he declined our request for another interview on the grounds that it's just a year since our last one.

However the doctor gave us exclusive permission to publish an extraordinary thought provoking, soul searching article for our readers, "The 13th Hour!" Due to its length, it encompasses our entire January 2004 issues. In view of our past conversations we think what the good doctor has to say may be of great interest to you. Read on.

The 13th Hour! - Part I

Dr. Walter Belford Reports

Interagency Border Inspection System (IBIS), Darpa (US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency,) Total Information Awareness System, Combat Zones That See, Echelon, Carnivore, Transportation Security Administration's (TSA,) the US Coast Guard Finance Center, the Office Of Foreign Assets Control and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN,) are but a few of the names given to privacy stealing technology and agencies that spy on you're every move personally and financially.

Government agencies are interested in you and maintain files on every visitor, American citizen, resident and even those Americans living abroad. Some, but not all, of those agencies that snoop on you are:

Executive Office of the President
Department of Justice (USDOJ)
The State Department
The Veterans Administration
Department of the Treasury
Department of Energy
The U.S. Senate
The U.S. Congress
Washington Headquarters Services
Superior Court of the District of Columbia
General Services Administration (GSA)
NSA (National Security Agency)
The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.)
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Federal Bureau of Prisons
SPAWAR (Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command)
Library of Congress
Small Business Administration (SBA)
Internal Revenue Service
U.S. Secret Service
U.S. Bureau of Vital Statistics
Bureau of Land Management
Social Security Administration
Federal Aviation Administration
U.S. Geological Survey
Joint Spectrum Center
Defense Logistics Agency
Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Office of the U.S. Courts
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
The Pentagon
The Federal Bureau of Investigation
The US Marshals Office
Drug Enforcement Agency
Special Weapons and Tactics
Office of Defense
Dept. of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
National Computer Security Center
National Security Agency (NSA)
Patent and Trademark Office
US Parole Board
US Federal Reserve
Health Care Financing Administration
Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, Argonne, Sandia, Lawrence Berkeley, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories
Defense Nuclear Facilities
Safety Board nipr.mil, osis.gov Tennessee Valley Authority
U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard
Everywhere DCITP
DoD - Computer Investigations Training Program
Dept. of Labor - Employment and Training Administration
Joint National Testing Facility
Federal Reserve Board
Federal Trade Commission
US Passport Office
US Naturalization and Immigration Office
Defense Information Systems Agency
Small Business Administration
Dept. of Health Education and Welfare
Social Security Administration
National Science Foundation
Corporation For National Service
Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
Environmental Protection Agency
Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration

This list is but a small fraction of the agencies actually interested in you. Many military (.mil) and government (.gov) servers/agencies host tens or hundreds of sub-agencies. The Pentagon, all of the armed services, the Dept. of Justice, and many more on this list actually represent hundreds of divisions, databases, and agencies that have an interest in and possibly a file, on you. Additionally, there are state and municipal government and hundreds of international government agencies who may be interested in you that are not listed above. The list and the depth of all agencies is simply too long to name all of them in this article.

The point being - there's an awful lot of agencies with databases interested in your every move and whereabouts both personally and financially. We've reached the "13th hour" for privacy in western society, especially America. Privacy is dead for people in the 21st century! You're privacy has been eroded intentionally in a minacious manner by your government.

The list above represents agencies in the US, and not all of them at that. However don't be fooled by thinking that just because you're a non-American national and live abroad, e.g. Switzerland, the UK, Germany, Australia or elsewhere, that you're safe. Any time you remit or receive funds in USD, use a credit card or other financial service from an American company (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Western Union, etc.,) travel on an American aircraft, ship or vehicle, even if the flight, ship or vehicle is or originates outside of, and does not go to any US territory, your name and details are logged for future reference in dozens, perhaps hundreds of US governmental databases.

Regardless where you send and receive your mobile calls, fax and emails, even if outside the US, they're listened in on and recorded by the NSA, the highly secretive National Security Agency based in a US military base in Aberdeen, Maryland. The radical Indonesian cleric Hambali, was captured last August in a small town in Thailand because Hambali made a mobile call on a supposed anonymous mobile phone. The NSA tracked the call to within yards of where he was staying and that's he got nabbed.

The US Postal Service is starting to track the letters you send and receive and the database is already said to contain more than a billion records, yet it is only months old! To say the outlook for the future is bleak, would be an understatement.

A German national, a fugitive from an alleged tax crime in Germany, was nabbed in Cape Town South Africa with the help of the NSA listening in on his mobiles calls back to family in Germany! Think about that. A German national, making a call from South Africa to another country other than the US, is spied on by US intelligence in the USA and they hand over the details to a third country, Germany for the callers arrest and extradition! If they want you bad enough, they'll get you! How many innocent party calls have been illegally intercepted?

If you think 9/11 started this you're wrong. The creep towards "total surveillance" started a long time ago in America and elsewhere. Today it has turned into an unstoppable steam roller, crushing what's left of your rights and privacy. However it was in 1996 when things took a strong turn for the worse. In 1996 America witnessed what was referred to as the "Republican Revolution," which really accelerated the race to where we are today. At that time the "conservatives" in Congress vowed to reduce the overall size of government by making it more "efficient."

What you got instead was the "Conservative Republican Congress'" (CRC) "Contract On the Nation" (CON), which saddled America with a huge amount of new registration and enumeration requirements.

As a result of that new CRC federal enactments, every US person and resident must register with the government using a social security number in order to get a job (New Hires Database Registry); to get married or divorced; to get any type of license (Child Support laws); to get a birth certificate (Welfare Reform and Immigration Control); to enroll in public school (Federally Funded Grants); to obtain or renew a passport, or to open a bank account or transfer money (Financial Crimes and Child Support Enforcement).

Another consequence of recent federal Acts is the ever-increasing pressure for children to be numbered. Parents are routinely "coerced" into numbering their children at birth before they leave the hospitals. Then, they're frightened into fingerprinting and registering their children so that they'll be able to "identify" the remains should their child ever be "abducted." And when they take their child to "register" in school one of the first bits of information requested is their child's social security number. Also, as a result of the CON, all children must now be numbered with a social security number in order for parents to take the annual child tax deduction. I've got two words to say about all that and they aren't happy birthday!

In fact it's an offense in most countries of the world NOT to obtain a government issued birth certificate for an infant over a month more or less old.

Soon your children will be required to have their DNA taken at birth and stored for their future 'safety'. And yes, there is a law pending in (US) Congress right now that will 'request' this. It's already happening in the UK and the muscles in Brussels, the EU, are set to bring this 'health standard' EU-wide in late 2004, early 2005 just after the newest countries from the former Eastern block, are welcomed into the EU.

9/11/2001 took total surveillance and Draconian laws to a much higher level. This has/is being done in sometimes imperceptible ways, and has seen your privacy eroded in an appalling manner. Laws supposedly enacted to protect you from the bogeyman, are in fact snooping on every financial and personal transaction and movement you make. This includes, but is not limited to every letter, telephone, email, web site, fax and mobile call you make receive or visit, as well as tracking you as you travel across town, state, country or to and from international destinations, whether it's by train, boat, plane or automobile.

Automobiles in the UK and EU are set to have tracking devices imbedded in the chassis by 2007 and the US is said to follow by 2010. Even the venerable Greyhound Bus 'reports' suspicious travel by persons, whatever that means. Books read or borrowed from a library, or purchased at a book store are not safe from your government's prying eyes. All is logged into dozens, perhaps hundreds of government databases, forever, for future 'use'.

Though Wal Mart and others placed a hold, albeit temporarily, on the imbedded tracking chips, better known as RFID (Radio frequency identification,) in all of their clothing and other products, don't be so naive and think for a second that will be the end of it. Chips smaller than a grain of sand can and will be imbedded in your cloths, currency, passports you name it. I predict that by 2008, prisoners will be forced to have the chips implanted in them. Once that happens, infants will be next and then you! The US military is already conducting secret tests with this type of implanted chip technology much like the injection given to "Snake" Pliskin in the 1981 hit movie, Escape from New York.

Every credit card transaction you make is under scrutiny, every bank deposit, every cash transaction you make, even as little as fifty USD, is recorded somewhere in some government database all in the name of protecting you from terrorist and or the bogeyman!

Using any kind of encryption in the state of Michigan is a felony offense with a five year prison sentence for each offense and each count.

Cisco Systems are building "back doors" into ALL of their hardware and software systems for access by police and other authorities and other IT companies in the US are sure to follow.

Mirror like Michigan encryption laws are pending in 29 (US) states and nearing completion and final passage into state law, probably in late 2004-05. Soon encryption will be outlawed throughout the United States. As Philip Zimmerman, the creator of pgp said in his famous 1991 quote; "If privacy is outlawed, only outlaws will have privacy!"

Add this up and what do you have?

We're on the brink of the US Government creating the Holy Grail of data collection, i.e. a central file on every American, resident, visitor and anyone else who has anything to do with a US company, person or financial institution.

Citizens of the world and especially Americans are in the 13th hour of their privacy and freedoms! Privacy is dead for people in the 21st century!

Americans have as their top cop John Ashcroft, who along with several others in the Bush administration, have single handedly seen to the stripping away of what's left of the Constitution and your Bill of Rights.

Unlike most western societies, Americans no longer enjoys Common or Roman law. Rather American's are ruled under Merchant Law.
See - http://www.flags-index.com/newsletters/issue5.html

This is but one of many intentional deceits by your (US) government, which continues to this day unabridged.

Today most, especially Americans are faced with a precarious choice. Either tow the line and comply with each and every existing or newly created law, rule, regulation and be subject to the whims of the ruling elite, or defy the law and suffer the consequence.

The first choice above, full and total compliance, enslaves you with never ending laws to save you from yourself; a total lost of you're privacy and freedoms and full and total disclosure of every aspect of your life from birth until death. You're not even left to rest in peace when you check out. The tax man is set to grab 50% and more of your lifetime's hard work in the form of 'estate taxes.' It's nothing but legalized thievery!

In essence by complying with your government you willingly give up and allow yourself and your loved ones to become a slave to the state, i.e. the authorities, the government. Think about what I just wrote. You are a slave to the state. If you don't agree with me then please think about this. Serfs, in feudal times and with a feudal economy, gave (or it was taken by coercion,) a share of what they produced to the nobility in exchange for protection and use of the land controlled by the nobility. That amount? Less than one third of their production!

Today the average person in western society has in excess of 50 percent of their production taken by the state! And the state will take it as well by coercion too if you don't pony up at tax time. You might think that the Serfs never owned their land in the first place. Okay, but do you? Even if your mortgage has been paid off and your property is owned free and clear you still don't really own it. Fail to pay property or council tax and the government bailiffs will come around and 'legally' confiscate your property. Case closed.

If you can live like that, God bless you, you are a better person than I. However please don't forget that your forefathers and ancestors fought and died for the freedoms that once were you God given rights! What a shame that you've allowed them to be stolen from you by the very people entrusted to protect them, you're government!

The later choice, breaking the law and suffer the consequence, offers a phenomenon that could range from a small fine, your property and or money being illegally confiscated under some 'law' without recourse. Or in the more frequently occurring instance, you go to jail for a very long time indeed, even if it is your first offense, for some obscure law or reason.

In 2002 (the last year statistics are available,) the current average jail sentence handed out for convicted (US) federal felons is 10 years 3 months, of which under current sentencing guidelines, 85% of that time must be served in a severe federal penal institution like San Quentin, Leavenworth or similar and not an army camp like prison, before one is eligible for parole.

20 to 25 year prison sentences are being handed out in the U.S. like its candy floss (cotton candy!) Sensibly Europe is more civilized and less Draconian with their sentencing. Prison sentences are more than half, and even as much as 2/3rd's less as those in the US for the same offense. Offenders, in most cases, are released after serving less than half of their sentence. Further there is no death penalty in the EU, as they're learnt long ago the death sentence does not deter murders and other heinous crimes.

The truly sad part about the US prison system is that in spite of being the USA's second largest employer, the entire prison system has failed miserably. It's nothing but contempt to all Americans by their government saying they're trying to protect you. Drugs, rape, crime and murder run rampart through all US prisons and are an everyday occurrence both in and outside of all prisons. Worse prisoners are not rehabilitated, which was supposed to be the original intent of the penal system. In fact prisoners come out of prison with more criminal knowledge and more than 75% re-offend within 2 years of release. A truly horrid track record if I say so myself. Even more immoral is the fact that all of the above happens under the so-called watchful eye of your prison system. If the government can not and will not control crime/s within prisons, then how do YOU expect your government to protect you? The answer is that the government doesn't want to, because the prison system is the second largest employer in the US, barely behind General Motors, the largest employer. Your government has a vested interest in criminalizing as many people as they can. And they're doing it. The US has more people in prison, more ex-convicts and more persons on parole than Russia and Communist China combined, i.e. more than six million persons and growing!

The latter choice, i.e. breaking the law, offers a different approach in life. What law and to which degree do you break it, if at all? A criminal offense in the United States may not be a criminal offense in Switzerland. For example tax evasion is a criminal act, a felony punishable by a stiff prison sentence in the US. However in Switzerland tax evasion is treated as a civil offense and punishable by a fine only! In addition and even more important there is, after all, a higher law than man made laws. Ultimately we'll all face that law one day when we die.

Liars and deceivers

Today your world leaders, i.e. George W. Bush and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair are liars and deceivers. Blair apparently misled Great Britain's citizens about Saddam Hussein ability to fire off weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in 45 minutes as justification for going to war.

A 19-page British 'document' was presented as a product of up-to-the-minute British intelligence gathering. They said it was compiled from intelligence material "and other sources" and was an "up-to-date intelligence-led dossier". In fact it was nothing of the sort. The bulk was plagiarized from three articles, one of which was written by an American graduate student, all of which were months and even years old.

So sloppy was the plagiarism that typographic mistakes in the original articles are repeated, indicating that they were scanned in or cut and paste from the Internet.

One of the articles copied was published in the Middle East Review of International Affairs in 2002 and is the work of Ibrahim al-Marashi, a postgraduate student from Monterey in California who is now a research associate at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies. Large sections, as much as six paragraphs long, appear verbatim.

US President Bush is no better as the US used the UK's so-called intelligence! Further Bush refused to answer questions on whether he misled Americans by stating in his January 2003 state of the Union address that Iraq attempted to buy uranium from the African nation of Niger, a now discredited claim that bolstered his case for going to war. Instead Bush said the world was safer because of his decision to oust Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. They got Hussein, but at what cost?

Bush made his first substantive comments on the uranium issue during a tour of Africa last July after the clearest acknowledgement yet by his spokesman that the president's original accusation in his State of the Union speech (2003) was inaccurate. The issue has resurfaced noisily since the White House announced that the initial allegation of an Iraqi attempt to buy uranium from Niger was based on documents later found to have been falsified. Bush to this day refuses to apologize for 'misspeaking' an incorrect statement and says the speech and material was approved by the CIA!

These controversies have taken on greater weight because of suggestions by some critics that the Bush administration exaggerated the dimensions of Hussein's purported weapons of mass destruction program. One year on, the United States has yet to find any evidence in Iraq to back up additional charges that Hussein had extensive chemical and biological weapons programs, but White House and Pentagon officials steadfastly say they will find such evidence.

Singled out for praise by US Secretary of State Colin Powell during his February 5, 2003 address to the United Nations Security Council, Powell presented Washington's own intelligence claiming Iraqi possession of weapons of mass destruction and alleged efforts to thwart UN inspectors.

Powell cited the British dossier, Iraq-its infrastructure of concealment, deception and intimidation as additional proof of Iraqi non-compliance, stating, "I would call my colleagues' attention to the fine paper that the United Kingdom distributed ... which describes in exquisite detail Iraqi deception activities."

The intelligence agencies of the United Kingdom and the United States should be ashamed of themselves for purposefully misleading the citizens of those countries and the world in order to justify going to war. Their track record is appalling and their deceit is unforgivable. Try telling the families of the thousands of innocent Iraqi's, the American and British soldiers who've died in this war for oil that the world is better off without Hussein because of the governments deliberate lies told to justify it.

The Iraqi war that Bush declared "OVER" when you flew onto an aircraft carrier on May 1st, 2003 has claimed more American (and other) lives than during the actual combat. Every day you read or hear about another American (or other) soldier or civilian killed by bombing and other guerilla tactics. The US and Britain screwed up big time and don't know how to get themselves out of this mess without another Vietnam style withdrawal debacle.

Lying to the public in order to go to war is nothing new for US Presidents. Lyndon B. Johnson did as much to get the US involved big time in Vietnam and led to 55,000 American and two million Vietnamese dead.

In 1964, the US military, with Johnson's full support, came before the US Congress and claimed that the North Vietnamese attacked the USS Maddox in what is now referred to as "the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Johnson asked Congress to give the military the right to go into Vietnam and fight. Congress agreed and passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which marked the beginning of the bloody Vietnam conflict. Naturally it turns out that the military's claims were false. The Vietnamese never fired on any US ship. It was a lie made up to give the military what it wanted, a free hand to wage war. The skipper and many crew members of the USS Maddox stated as much years after the end of the conflict just to set the record straight.

In 1990, after Iraq invaded Kuwait, a little girl testified about Iraqi atrocities before the UN. Her name was "Nayirah." She said that she had been a volunteer at a Kuwaiti hospital during the invasion, and told a story about Iraqi soldiers storming the hospital, taking premature infants out of incubator machines, throwing the newborns onto the cold stone floor to die, and then shipping the incubators back to Baghdad. It was a horrifying tale that helped galvanize US support for the Gulf War. Except it later turned out that "Nayirah" was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the U.S., had never been to that hospital, and the entire story of the incubators was completely made up to convince the U.S. military to come in and give Kuwait back to its wealthy dictators after having been taken illegally from Iraq decades previous.

Then in 2002, your government tells us that we are in immediate danger of a chemical or biological attack by Iraq. They tell us they have damning evidence, but they still haven't and can't show it to us.

"Why of course the people don't want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally the common people don't want war: neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country."
- Hermann Goering, at the Nuremberg trials

Maybe it's time to be a little skeptical about your government's motives for most everything, wouldn't you agree?

Are there alternatives to towing the line or breaking the law?

Understand that I do not condone or advocate anyone breaking the law. I for one choose to move and wander about like a nomad-gypy, rather than be subjected to the tyranny of any desperate despot government like the US has become with their never ending Draconian laws and taxation.

An alternative answer is therefore obvious and simple. If you value your freedoms and personal safety, leave your current country of residence. Become a legal resident or national of some obscure country that cares nothing about you and your financial matters. Because if you are not legally resident somewhere, then it is automatically assumed you are a resident of your country of nationality, i.e. that of the passport you hold. If possible obtain a world class passport that affords you the most visa and stress free passport you can financially afford and set up residence, as many of my clients have, in some third world country. There are several options available that I use exclusively for my clients, so subject to space allowed, will be covered later, or perhaps in another article.

While the above advice is really quite simple, the reality in today's world is it's very difficult for 99.9% of the population to take and put into action, especially if you're American. American's have been very effectively brainwashed since first grade by their government. This includes the ridiculous teaching kids to duck under their desktops during the cold war (circa 1950's,) like that would protect children from a 50 megaton atomic blast; to today's mis-teachings about true American history and what really happened with the American wild west, American Indians and how today's bureaucracy's really came into power. If you don't believe this then ask yourself what do you think would happen to you if YOU tried to home school your own children?

Breaking the law to enforce the law

Increasingly the US government has been breaking the law to enforce the law. More so, it creates new laws in order to enforce the law(s) that benefits its agenda.

If your government is breaking the law, and clearly it has and continues to do so, then why shouldn't you for the good of your safety and own agenda? I am not advocating you steal from or hurt others. Rather I am suggesting you do what you feel is right for you and your loved ones. If that happens to break an immoral, unjust and Draconian law that your founding fathers would roll over in their graves if they knew about, then is it wrong to do so? I personally believe that breaking man made laws that are immoral and unjust, are in fact not breaking the law. This is in most cases a moral issue and one that we'll address in another article. However the real problem is that you have to get through breaking immoral and unjust laws. That is most people's stumbling block.

Tens of millions of people have broken immoral and unjust laws long before you, so you really shouldn't have much of a problem with it. Those people fought for their freedom and broke unjust laws doing so. Why shouldn't you? Because if you don't start fighting to keep your freedom and privacy you are sure to lose it altogether, sooner rather than later. Your forefathers did it! It was called the American Revolution. Each colonist who supported the 'rebel's' faced the seizure of all their assets and summary execution. Does that sound familiar in today's world?

Mahatma Gandhi did it with a nation, at the time, of more than 400# million people. India gained its freedom and independence on August 14th, 1947 from then Great Britain, which was the beginning of the end of the British Empire!

Probably one of the best examples of people breaking the law is the Jews in Nazi Germany. It was against the law (the death penalty if caught,) to have a foreign bank account. This is why the Swiss started the numbered account, so there was NO name on the account and therefore no proof of who owned the account. Thousands of Jews risked certain death by getting their money to Switzerland in the early 1930's. However those that did break the law saved their lives and those of their loved ones, as the 'illegal' bank account in Switzerland offered them an escape vehicle from the Nazi concentration camps and certain death! So in that extreme example, those whom broke the law did so, saved their lives and most went onto prosper in another land. That is a lesson you should remember well reader.

Vietnam, Iran, South Africa, The Philippines, Mexico and Israel are but a few countries that fought for freedom against the odds with unjust and immoral laws placed in them by despots and tyrannical foreign backed governments. The list goes on and on. All you have to do is real history and you'll get the point.

Government's primary responsibility is to protect its citizens. This includes their personal and financial privacy. Clearly this is not the case any longer, especially in America. You are more likely to become a victim because OF THE law, rather than being protected BY THE law. Laws were originally intended to protect you, but today are being used against most honest, hard working people. Don't pay your taxes; lose your bank account, credit standing, home and possibly end up in jail. Own a business and don't comply with OSHA or anyone of a hundred other compliance agencies and be seriously fined and put out of business. Fire a thief of an employee or evict a nasty tenant and you are likely to be sued for discrimination by a government agency or a FREE legal aid service on behalf of the tenant, former crooked employee or worse, a lawyer working on the come, "No fee paid until we collect for you."

America has become a country of the have's shelling out for the ever increasing have nots. A very small percentage of American's are paying more than 65 percent of all taxes. Socialism arrived in America years ago and is NOW big business. America, once the land of the free has turned itself into "Gulag Amerika"; a police like state that spies on the every move of its citizenry for the sake of perhaps catching a few bogeymen, while at the same time is out to punish those who are creative, create most jobs and new industry by penalizing them for doing so whilst becoming wealthy in the process. And you haven't seen anything yet.

In the UK all automobiles will, by law, be required to have spy chips inserted into the chassis or number plate, which will track every wrong turn, every place you travel to and every imaginable traffic violation they can come up with. Naturally only the honest, law abiding citizens will pay the freight, as the crooks and outlaws always find a way around the system and will surely find a way to disable the chip.

Singapore has perfected this and all automobiles track every street, block and kilometer the car travels. Its done under the pretense of helping to alleviate traffic. If that is so, then why does every Singaporean have to have their DNA, finger prints and iris scanned for an ID card?

The EU plans to replace all current European driving licence's with a single licence. The European Commission says there are currently more than 80 types of licence in use, and this is confusing. The new credit card-sized licence could include a chip for storing personal information, including biometric data such as an iris scan or finger print.

The US has already drawn up similar driving license plans, as there are more than 50 different driving license throughout the US. Look for 'new' biometric US driving licenses to start replacing current ones as soon as they expire and when US biometric passports start to be issued!

It is said that the US is going to install in excess of 26 million CCTV's (closed circuit TV) throughout the United States within the next 12 to 18 months. Many millions more are to follow in the years to follow. Why? Is that going to be for your safety? I think not.

Viet Dinh, US Deputy Attorney General for legal policies and the principle author of the Patriot Act tried his best during a recent TV interview to explain away and justify the concerns of millions of Americans about their freedoms under the two Patriot Acts. Dinh said and I paraphrase here: "reliable government officials are the ones that will deal with each and every case and deal out justice. You can trust these people."

In other words, unnamed unelected and unaccountable government officials will meet in secret, with no accountability and no recourse for anyone, in ALL matters dealt with in the Patriot Acts (I and II,) and at their sole discretion deal out 'justice'. I could hardly believe my ears!

Now Dinh's statement should scare the hell out of everyone, as it sure as heck did me. And I'm not an American or resident either! But I did love America and what it stood for, freedom, liberty and justice for all. Sadly this is no longer the case. Allow me to run Dinh's statement by you one more time. Excuse the yelling (caps) but in this instance this needs to be clear and concise.

What Viet Dinh and the Patriot Acts are saying is that ANYONE IN THE US or ELSEWHERE, CAN BE CHARGED WITH A CRIME, as defined by the US government at its sole discretion, HELD IN SECRET without recourse to lawyers, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and YOU are to TRUST THE GOVERNMENT TO DO THIS IN TOTAL SECRECY! Get it? Duh hello, but I don't think so.

If the majority of Americans (at least those in their right mind,) agree with Viet Dinh and what the Patriot Act dictates, (assuming they know about it and certainly most American's don't,) then I believe there is NO HOPE in our lifetime of America ever having true freedom again!

I am truly and deeply sad to make that statement. However it is, I am afraid, a fact. The American public is going for it hook, line and sinker, sorry as I am to report.

It gets worse

British and Australian nationals, amongst others, are facing military trials as terrorist at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, sovereign US territory. They will effectively be tried by a "kangaroo court" stripped of all basic rights of due process that would be afforded in criminal courts in Britain, Australia, America and other civilized societies.

US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said that any and all of these people can be held indefinitely and without attorney representation.

In spite of the most liberal court in the US (San Francisco area,) declaring Bush was wrong to declare and imprison Americans as "enemy combatants" all without access to a lawyer, this is a faux victory. The ruling will surely be over turned in the republican controlled US Supreme court, the same court that made Bush 'legally' president in the last election.

The US has forbidden any foreign attorneys from representing the enemy combatants and only US appointed lawyers may do so if and when the enemy combatant is taken to trial. That being bad enough, ANY, and I repeat ANY US lawyer "MUST" waive attorney client privilege if they are to represent the accused. Get that? In other words if during a conversation with their US appointed lawyer, a prisoner says, yes I was a Muslim fighter fighting Jihad, but I was not involved with al Queda, etc. the US government can listen in on that and any conversation and use it to hold the prisoner infinitely without trial or recourse.

What kind of society is it that demands lawyers to waive attorney client privilege? Is that the kind of society you want you're children and grandchildren to grow up in? What kind of signal do you think that sends to the rest of the world?

It is the first time in America's long history that persons will be put on trial in secret. That is really wrong and a very shameful act. It should show you that the hand writing is on the wall for all Americans. Why? Because once this type of mind set takes hold, as it is, it doesn't stop or stay with "terrorist". Like all other government schemes and laws, its use will spread to encompass other 'crimes.'

Matthias Kelly, QC, chairman of the Bar of England and Wales, said that the trials are "totally illegitimate and a violation of every rule in international law." He went on, "The construction of execution chambers makes virtually every lawyer in the world extremely angry."

For those of you, who mistakenly believe that America is a FREE nation, think about this.

The US State Department issues a report every year in which it criticizes and condemns those nations that conduct trials before secret military tribunals. What I am seeing the US do now sounds alarming similar to the State Departments reports. It is nothing but staggering hypocrisy.

If America wants to put people on trial, why not put them on trial before a recognized international tribunal? There is a well-tried system for doing that.

In my opinion it is wholly inappropriate and in fact outrageous with appalling oleaginousness for the United States to create this special mechanism.

More important, where does this mechanism stop? With terrorism? Hardly. History proves that once governments enact a law or policy it never stops with its intended use. Rather it grows and mutates much like the BLOB did in the 1958 movie of the same name, featuring a very young Steve McQueen. This governmental created BLOB will devour everything that gets in its perceived threaten and righteous way.

A classic example of this is your social security number/card. For those Americans old enough to remember, the original social security number/card had printed on it, NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION. The card was issued by law NOT to be used for ID. Fast forward: Try obtaining any type of financial or governmental service in America today without your social security number. Impossible. Your SS number is America's ID card. Shamrock's note: for more information click: February 2003.

Another classic example is your American Income Tax. What started off as a 1% tax for those Americans earning more than one million dollars per year (1913) with just 3 forms and 1 page of instructions has mushroomed into everyone being liable to pay upwards of 50% nowadays and indiscernible pages of instructions, even with the so-called 1040 simple short form! Worse there is no clear cut law stating that income tax is mandatory. To the contrary, it is suppose to be a 'Voluntary' tax. However don't 'volunteer' and you'll lose your ass and your assets.

A more recent example of this governmental Blob like menace is the Patriot Act and its 'adjustments'. This one is called the Customer Identification Program (CIP).

Section 326 of the Patriot Act requires all financial institutions to have a CIP that collects customer information, verifies identity, checks against governmental lists (databases,) and stores all of the information for five years after the account is closed. In fact banks, in order to cover their backsides will NEVER delete your information. The data will be kept forever some place or another and without any recourse if there is wrong information about you. But don't worry, you'll never know until it's too late and 50 to a 100 paramilitary style police come breaking down your door and crashing through you're windows at 4am one morning to haul you off to some undisclosed location in shackles.

To read the Patriot Act, and you really should, go to: http://www.eff.org/Privacy/Surveillance/Terrorism_militias/20011025_hr3162_usa_patriot_bill.html

The Homeland Security Act

There are important science and technology (and other) components in the Homeland Security Act that was signed by President Bush. The new law, P.L. 107-296, is immense; the table of contents alone is 14 pages long. It is expected that another two years will be needed to organize the new Department of Homeland Security in a functioning manner.

If you want to read some real horror stories, then go to http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgibin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=107_cong_bills&docid=f:h2458enr.txt.pdf and read about the E-Government Act of 2002, PL 107-347, December 12, 2002.
[Shamrock's note: Make sure you place the entire URL into your browser so you get the correct web page.]

If that doesn't suit your fancy, then click over to DARPA's web site at http://www.darpa.mil/iao/TIASystems.htm

Notice that at these government agencies they DO NOT display or make available the entire law under which they operate. In fact you have to get a FOIA, or Freedom of Information Act request to read many of the laws. I did this (FOIA) and was shocked to see what your leaders has in store for Americans. Why should one have to do that in a FREE society? Because if most American's learnt the truth, there would be a rebellion to make the American Revolution look like kiddie garden play!

Patriot Act II versus United States Constitution

The Patriot Act trashes precious constitutional protections but the follow-up law drafted goes even further. And don't you think that Patriot Act II is dead, in spite of what you've read in the main stream press. It's just morphed and is changing names, but in fact, it's become even more dangerous with a more police like state tilt to it.

Herr John Ashcroft, Attorney General, with the blessing of President Bush, drafted a follow-up to the Patriot Act that will do even more violence to the Constitution.

The 80-page Justice Department law is the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003 and is labeled "confidential" but a copy was obtained by the Center for Public Integrity under the Freedom of Information request. The Justice Department went to extreme lengths to hide its work, although the legislation is not classified information. Again why is your government doing their best to hide these laws? Viet Dinh, deputy attorney general for legal policies and principle author of the Patriot Act, said there is "an ongoing process to continue evaluating and re-evaluating authorities we have with respect to counter-terrorism."

While the original draft was dated Jan. 9, 2003 the House and Senate Judiciary committees were falsely told nearly a month later that no such legislation was being planned. When the Center for Public Integrity acquired and shared a copy of the draft, Barbara Comstock of the Justice Department explained lamely that they had "not presented any final proposal."

Here are some of the frightening things in this legislation that might very well be law already and you and I not know it.

Under Section 201, a federal court decision requiring the government to reveal the identities of people it has detained since the 9-11 terrorist attacks can be overturned. The draft reads: "The government need not disclose information about individuals detained in investigations of terrorism until . . . the initiation of criminal charges"-no matter how long it takes. If passed by Congress, it would be the first time in history that secret arrests are specifically permitted under American law. Under Section 501, an American citizen who provides "material support" to a group the government has designated a "terrorist organization" can be stripped of his citizenship. Now, an American can lose his citizenship only by declaring a clear intent to abandon his country.

The bill says an "intent to relinquish nationality need not be manifested in words, but can be inferred from conduct." It is unclear which bureaucrats would do the "inferring." This section of the bill means that if you were to send a check for the legal activities of an organization and, unbeknownst to you, it has been labeled as a terrorist group, then you could be deported.

Under existing law, the FBI can collect DNA identification records of persons "convicted" of various crimes. But under Section 302 of the Patriot II, the attorney general or secretary of defense would be empowered to collect, analyze and maintain DNA samples of "suspected" terrorists and other criminals or persons thought to be terrorist or criminals. There is a huge difference between convicted and suspected. Be warned!

All Americans would be in jeopardy as faceless bureaucrats label groups "terrorists" and grab citizens who may have the slightest association with a labeled group, according to Dr. David Cole, a law professor at Georgetown University in Washington.

Dr. Cole wrote in a report I read last summer that "the proposed law would radically expand law enforcement and intelligence-gathering authorities, reduce or eliminate judicial oversight over surveillance, authorize secret arrests, create a DNA database on unchecked executive 'suspicion,' create new death penalties and even seek to take American citizenship away from persons who belong to or support disfavored political groups."

US a police state

Let's face the facts. The United States is in the early stages of becoming a police state. Don't believe that? Then ask yourself this question: Do you fear any government agency, i.e. the IRS, FBI, or other governmental compliance agency? What would your reaction be if you received a certified letter from the IRS asking you to produce, under penalty, ALL material income tax records for the last 3 years for an audit? What do you think would happen if you took your child out of public school and tried to educate him/her yourself? What do you think would happen if your child reported to their teacher, principal, etc. that you 'slacked or abused them, even if you were just disciplining them as any normal parent use to do? And yes your government is actively encouraging your children in public schools to report exactly that, inform on you!

A recent main stream press poll showed that 87.3% of America's feared the IRS, 52% the FBI, with 62% fearing other government agencies. More than half do not trust their local police department! An alarming 97% admitted they have probably broken some arcane law at one point during their life, though less than ten percent admitted they did so intentionally excluding traffic violations.

The Webster's Dictionary's definition of a police state is: "A country that maintains repressive control over the people by means of police (especially secret police) and fear."

Absolutism = Dominance through threat of punishment and violence; the principle of complete and unrestricted power in government.

Does any of the above come to mind when you think about your government?

Last July more than 200 FBI agents were flown into a small Idaho college town to arrest a Saudi student, because he had over stayed his visa. The student, a married man with two small children had never so much as had a parking ticket. He had over stayed by three weeks!

More than 500 heavily armed soldiers, CIA agents and others used TOW missiles to kill 4 persons in Mosul. The 4 Iraqi's were armed with only AK47's, i.e. small arm fire power. Instead of capturing them for interrogation, they were massacred and Saddam Hussein's two sons' dead bodies were paraded on international TV. Hussein's 14 year old grandson, a child, was the last to be cut down with more than 20 bullets in him.

35 paramilitary police broke down the door of an innocent victim in New York with machine guns pointed at his and his spouse's head at 4am. The man had a heart attack on the sport and died on the way to the hospital. The drug raid was blotched. They got the wrong address. It was suppose to be the apartment next door. The drug dealer got away during the mayhem.

In the UK more than 25 police broke down the door, and came crashing through the windows of a man and his girlfriend's apartment in London after failing to answer the door at 5am. The police woke them up, pointed machine guns at their heads and screamed at them to put their hands up. Flashing their badges in their faces at point bang range the police finally realized they made a mistake. Had the police done their homework, they would have learned the offending couples were stone deaf! Their offense? They were alleged to have been reported by neighbors to be drug dealers! They weren't. They were teachers, who taught other deaf persons sign language.

The US Post office is in the process of issuing tracking stamps, so that every letter you mail or receive will be tracked from the person you are sending it to or from who sent it to you. Why? Because one idiot mailed anthrax. With incredibly stupid government ideas like this, 280 million Americans will lose their privacy of sending and receiving mail.

The US Justice Department has been lobbying for the power to conduct "secret searches" for at least five years, long before the 11 September attacks took place and terrorism became a convenient justification for it.

As far back as 1999, the FBI had used a secret search warrant when installing a keystroke logger in the office computer of alleged mobster Nicodemo Scarfo. He had used Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption software to encode confidential business data -- but with the keystroke logger, the FBI was able to glean his password.


While Patriot Act II is laying low momentarily, a new law, the Vital Interdiction of Criminal Terrorist Organizations Act of 2003, or VICTORY Act, is a real danger to your health. The only victory this law will bring is your defeat!

This bill will treat marijuana (and other) drug possession as a 'terrorist offense' and drug dealers as 'narco-terrorist kingpins.'

Some of the more terrifying provisions in the bill are; Raise the threshold for rejecting illegal wiretaps. The draft reads: "A court may not grant a motion to suppress the contents of a wire or oral communication, or evidence derived there from, unless the court finds that the violation of this chapter involved bad faith by law enforcement." Extend subpoena powers by giving law enforcement the authority to issue non-judicial subpoenas which require a person suspected of involvement in money laundering to turn over financial records and appear in a prosecutor's office to answer questions. Extend the power of the attorney general to issue so-called administrative "sneak-and peek" subpoenas to drug cases. These subpoenas allow law enforcement to gather evidence from wire communication, financial records or other sources before the subject of the search is notified. Allow law enforcement to seek a court order to require the "provider of an electronic communication service or remote computing service" or a financial institution to delay notifying a customer that their records had been subpoenaed. This is VERY scary indeed and will probably already be law (in the US) by the time you are reading this.

The list could go on and on, but I trust you get my point. Your rights, freedoms and the (US) Constitution are now ancient history! Common sense no longer prevails in America and elsewhere. Privacy is a thing of the past! The American authorities are intent on criminalizing the entire population of that once great country who do not 101% COMPLY with each and every law, rule and 'request' by the authorities regardless of what that might be! NOW is the time for anyone interested in saving their families and themselves to depart America because of laws like the Victory Act, Patriot Acts, etc.

Murderers get 5 to 10 year prison sentences, whilst white collar criminals get 25 to 55 years behind bars for their first offense. Why? Because high profile white collar crimes makes for good headlines and scares citizens into obedience, and at the same time gets district, state and federal attorneys into higher office.

In Part II, our next issue, Dr. Belford explains the new dangers, how to protect yourself and what to do. To be continued. See you next issue! PT Shamrock

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