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"Nemo me impune lacessit - No one attacks me with impunity"
- Latin motto of the Order of the Thistle

Possibly your best insurance is a second passport!

The London born Charles Freeman spent much of his twenties backpacking his way around the world seeking adventure. By age 29 he had been employed in over 40 jobs including factory work, English language teacher, night club bouncer, salesman, perfume dealer, writer and running his own picture framing business.

Starting in 1991, and with minimal capital, he began dealing in property. Within just 6 years he had built up a multi million pound property empire. He became a self made millionaire with homes in Spain, South Africa, Thailand and a fourth undisclosed locale. Dr. Freeman retired from the property business and became involved in the second nationality/passport business by fluke.

As the former publisher and editor of THE FREEDOM, WEALTH AND PRIVACY REPORT, a newsletter for millionaires both current and prospective, Dr. Freeman enjoys helping others achieve wealth and freedom. Dr. Freeman is the author of the best selling and recently revised "How to Obtain a Legal Second Passport." He is currently traveling the world looking for new opportunities during this financial downturn, whilst assisting a select few consulting clients.

PT Shamrock is honoured to present this first ever interview with Dr. Charles Freeman.

PTS = PT Shamrock
DCF = Dr. Charles Freeman

PTS - Thank you doctor for taking the time for this interview and happy holidays to you and yours.

DCF - Thank you Shamrock and happy holidays to you as well.

PTS - How did you get started in the passport business?

DFC - As you probably realize, I'm semi retired from the passport business and quite selective of whom I take on as consulting/passport clients. However to answer your question; whilst I was in South Africa many years back, a South African gentleman was trying to obtain a UK visa. By a stroke of luck and the mere chance being next to him
in a cue, we started chatting and before long he asked for my assistance in helping him obtain British residency and thereafter British (UK) nationality for him. He offered me a small fee for my services. As I didn't have any projects at the time, I found his request a challenge, something new and exciting for me to accomplish, as well as being very interesting indeed for me to pursue.

Eventually after much ado, trial, error and a good bit of my time, I managed to successfully arrange for his residency in the UK which led to a new nationality and a second, i.e. UK passport for him. As a thank you and to my great surprise, he gave me a huge pourboire. That put me onto offering second nationalities, residencies and passports for consulting clients, which I felt I could best obtain via a privacy newsletter. Hence I started THE FREEDOM, WEALTH AND PRIVACY REPORT (The FW&P Report.) As my newsletter grew with a rather large subscriber base in a short period of time, soon thereafter followed several books and reports in that same vein. I've invested many years of my time researching nationalities for that subject and my former newsletter (The FW&P Report,) and as they say, the rest was history.

PTS - Why did you cease publishing your excellent newsletter The Freedom, Wealth and Privacy Report?

DFC - The internet came of age and paid hard copy newsletter subscriptions weren't so easy to obtain. Printing and postage costs sky rocketed and frankly I started loosing interest in having to spend all the time, effort and hard work necessary researching the material for each monthly issue.

Today take a look at some of the major hard print newspapers around the world. Many have closed doors having gone bankrupt from lack of paid readers and advertisers. Besides after many years publishing the FWP Reports, I really didn't want to start an online newsletter because by that time, I had lost interest writing the FWP reports. So
I just stopped publishing my newsletter in the late 1990's and concentrated on assisting my consulting clients.

PTS - What's changed in the passport business?

DCF - A lot! After 9/11/2001 the passport game changed dramatically... for the worse. The authorities, led by the US, placed so much pressure on so many countries offering citizenship via investment programs, that 90% of the countries offering legal nationality via investment programs closed their citizenship programs rather than risk facing sanctions and Lord knows what other kinds of financial withholding threats [read that greenmail] from these first
world countries especially the United States. Belize was one such country. Belize had a great investment for citizenship program, but it's no longer available after being closed down as mentioned.

Today there are very few countries offering legitimate nationality via investment programs.

PTS - Which countries might they be?

DCF - Surprisingly the USA is one of them. However who in their right mind would want to become an American when they would be taxed on their world-wide income and become subject to some of the harshest and most arcane legal reporting and compliance requirements the world has is beyond me. Besides one needs to invest a minimum of one million dollars plus in a business in the US for many years in order to qualify. Aside from the super wealthy, that type of required investment leaves the vast majority of people out of that program.

Austria also has an investment for nationality programme. However that program is extremely difficult to comply with, as there are so many requirements. The investment for that programme is, IMHO, too large for anyone except the super wealthy. Further and for your information, Austrian nationals are not currently allowed to hold dual nationality. One exception is US California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. When granted US citizenship some years back, the Austrian government, by special decree, allowed Schwarzenegger to retain his Austrian citizenship, as Schwarzenegger is considered a national hero of sorts.

Aside from the US and Austria there is Panama, Dominica, St. Kitts& Nevis, New Zealand, Paraguay and a few other minor countries, mainly in Central America, offering nationality by investment programs. Of course you also have a small investment for a African banking passport, but those banking documents are strictly, or rather should be used strictly, for bank account opening purposes and definitely NOT for travel.

PTS - Why aren't the African banking passports valid for travel? I thought they were registered in the home countries computers?

DCF - Some of them are registered and valid for travel. However when it comes to acquiring a second passport, many people think merely about getting the least expensive passport for travel. If they obtain an African banking passport thinking they can travel with it, they're going to experience much difficulties and more likely than not get
into trouble trying to travel with one.

PTS - How might that be for instance?

DCG - For instance, one must obtain a visa for nearly every country in the world. Those visas must be applied for and obtained in the home or host country issuing the passport or from a country where there is a legal residency visa stamped in the passport (banking) document. That makes obtaining visas for travel with banking passports extremely difficult if not impractical.

Therefore banking documents should be acquired for banking purposes only and definitely not for travel. I certainly wouldn't try to enter the European Union with one. Maybe travel to Cuba and a few other less than desirable countries might be possible using one. However I strongly recommend that if anyone is thinking of obtaining one, they should use the banking document for opening bank accounts via the internet only. I really can't stress that enough.

PTS - What type of decent passport programs valid for travel are there available today, in 2010 and how may one obtain one?

DCF - There are several ways of acquiring second nationalities. I'll outline each of those ways for you. However I warn you in advance, my response will be lengthy.

Basically there are four ways to obtain a second, or third, nationality/passport:

A.) Investment program
B.) Residency/marriage
C.) The midnight shift method
D.) Reborn method

1. Some of the legal Investment programs are in Dominica, St. Kitts & Nevis, and if I am not mistaken, one or two others in Central and South America as I mentioned previously. The investments can range from approximately US$40,000 to US$350,000 and up. In the case of the United States and Austria, there is a minimum of a one million dollar or Euro investment, plus or minus, depending on which country one wishes to select.

Good points; these programs are 100% legitimate and you do not have to have any long term residency to qualify.

Bad Points: No name change allowed; and in most, but not all cases, the issuing Government gives your details to your home government. These offer somewhat limited visa free travel documents requiring visas for some of the decent places to travel to. They are very expensive and you'll probably never see your investment again.

Becoming a US citizen enslaves you to severe taxation on your worldwide income with no exceptions. No joy in that for the wealthy. In fact many wealthy Americans are leaving America for good taking up a second or even third nationality, and in many cases, giving up or renouncing their US citizenship.

My recommendation; For a US Citizen, unless you renounce your citizenship and pay a HUGE EXIT TAX on your capital, I do NOT recommend many of these "investment programs," at least the expensive ones. For other nationalities they're okay so long as you can afford the investment and are not a US citizen or resident, at least if one is so inclined.

2. Residency/marriage: This offers a 100% legal-bullet proof way to obtain a citizenship via residency and or marriage in most countries of the world.

After a period of time, normally a minimum 5 years residency in the country and with limited time allowed outside the country during the required residency period, one is eligible for naturalization via residency. This naturalization leads to citizenship and therefore a passport from that country.

If one were to marry a national of that country, the residence period is in some cases, somewhat shorter. In Western Europe, which is the place I'd strongly recommend one doing this, an EU passport (EU = European Union) is, IMHO, superior to that of a US passport as it affords worldwide, nearly visa free travel without taxation due in
that country, provided you live elsewhere, i.e. not in the same country where you become naturalized in.

Good points: The price is right, nominal. The standard of living in the EU is as good as, if not better than the USA; the cost of living in the "right" European Union country can be somewhat less or higher than in the United States, though naturally this depends on which country, city and province where one decides to reside.

Becoming naturalized in the right country e.g. Western Europe, offers excellent opportunities for the privacy seeker. You avoid having to pay large investment fees or having to pay outright the purchasing fees for a second nationality/passport. Currently there are 27 member states and that means you can move to and from, live and work in any of those 27 states without hassles. Unlike the US where one has to show ID just to get on a bus, in the EU one can cross borders without ID inspections. If you stay for 3 months or less in most EU countries, sometimes longer, there are no reporting requirements to any EU country authorities regarding your stay. That said it is always advisable to check local laws regarding such matters before you make any extended visit or stay in any particular EU or other country for an extended length of time.

Bad points: 5 years plus or minus residency can be a long time to wait for a 2nd nationality. Marriage to the wrong person can be a nightmare and could end up costing you far more than money invested in a citizenship investment program. Some, but certainly not all EU countries "may" repeat "may" or may not report your new nationality to
your present motherland.

3. The midnight shift method: You have probably read about these programs under the guise of buying a passport in Central America and getting instant naturalization, citizenship and a 2nd passport, etc. and that the documents are registered on the governments computers. Some providers even say that local solicitors (lawyers) handle all the
paperwork for you. The countries where of this type of documents are created, is mostly from Central America and sometimes in Paraguay and Brazil, both of which I previously offered to clients.

The truth of the matter is that though the naturalization certificates are secured, as well as the passport, and even with all the documents being registered on the computers, the truth is that regardless of what anyone says to the contrary, a bribe to a government official is made to secure the documents, period. I cannot be any more emphatic
than that.

So even with these documents registered, in the event that one is stopped at immigration/customs and a thorough background search is made in the country that the person is holding the document from; here's what might happen;

Normally anyone that has LEGALLY become naturalized in any country will have an immigration file with 5 years worth of paperwork in it. So if some blue eyed non Spanish speaking gringo is stopped at immigration in Europe or anywhere and is asked why they don't speak fluent Spanish, unless you have a bullet proof answer believe you me,
a thorough background search will be made. Why? They are not just looking for people who want to hide money; they're looking for people in the pharmacy business and terrorists and these immigration and customs people are very good at what they do and well trained. The slightest hesitation to any of their questions and you'll have a
problem. No joy in that! These immigrations and customs people employed and located at entry points around the world are very good at what they do, I might say! They are well trained and know what to look for and the right questions to ask. If you don't have the right answers then its game over and you'll most probably come under greater investigation.

When the host country, for example Honduras, is contacted by the immigration/customs people that has stopped the person with the "Midnight shift passport", the Honduran officials (or wherever) will look and see that while in fact the passport IS registered on the computers, instead of seeing 5 years worth of paper in your file, there will only be minimal paperwork. The authorities in Honduras (or wherever) will know that someone in the passport office used the "MIDNIGHT SHIFT" method for the document and received a propina to secure the documents for the client. Then its game over and VERY severe repercussions can happen for the holder of such a document.

At that point, any and all persons having issued the documents will, naturally, disavow themselves from knowing anything about this document and the passport holder will be in a very serious situation.

Now for the good news! On the other hand according to the World Bank, there are currently 200 million people living outside of their native countries worldwide. [Source: ] So if you don't carry anything naughty on you, have a good reason/story why you are naturalized in such and such country, with 200 million expats worldwide this fact makes you one of them and gives you plenty of leeway. You are NOT in such an event unique!

Good Points: reasonable cost, starting from approximately Euro 25,000 depending on the country; will show you being naturalized with your name and place of birth as it really is, or in some cases can be anything you choose. If you select your real name, date of birth, etc. you get an automatic name change. You will have your mother's
maiden name as your NEW surname on your passport, which is standard procedure for Hispanic countries in Central America.

For example: if your given names are: John Paul, and your surname (fathers name) is JONES; and your mother's maiden name was "SMITH", on your Central/South American condo/auto, your NEW name will be, "John Paul Jones SMITH, with your real date and place of birth, etc.

Bad points: Naturally it was made on the midnight shift method and these are only valid for 5-years. They can of course be renewed from the original source and in some cases even at any of the countries consulates around the world. However in that event, you better read, write and speak acceptable Spanish or the local language in order to avoid any potential problems. If one doesn't read, write or speak fluent Spanish, this is a potential liability that might cause one trouble own the road. Though many have used these types of documents without problems, I would be remiss if I didn't inform you on the absolute truth regarding how these products are secured.

4. The Reborn method: Sometimes called the ghost method. A dead infant's certificate [for example as in the movie "The Day Of The Jackal"] is obtained within a year or two in either direction of your real date of birth, and a passport is "legally" obtained in that person's name via the same and regular channels any person in that country obtains a passport. It is legally issued by the government's passport office, and normally comes with the birth certificate, along with the envelope that the document is delivered in (via the postal system) to authenticate the documents. A reborn obtained from an English speaking western European country can offer an excellent opportunity for the privacy seeker, who can open bank accounts with their picture and signature, but in a "reborn" name.

Good points: World class travel product with nearly worldwide visa free travel, valid for ten-years and renewable for life. In some cases this could be hard to beat. Everything is legally registered on the host country computers and unless you open your big mouth, nearly 100% bullet proof.

Bad points; the document is issued illegally and is a serious offense to secure and use one. They're not cheap and of course the name of the person in the document really isn't you. After 9/11 it has become exceedingly difficult if not impossible to obtain such reborn documents from decent countries. Most countries today cross check birth certificates with death certificates, at least for first time passport issuing purposes. In the event one is caught with
such an illegal document, they could be charged as a terrorist and spend very serious time in prison for such an offense.

[Publisher's note: Caveat: It has been reported by some that there are crooks operating on the internet offering so called reborn EU documents for a very cheap and unrealistically low cost, i.e. US$10,000 or thereabouts. However most if not all are likely crooks and have taken many a person's money never to deliver anything to the paying party other than a good thrashing, lies and possible loss of your freedom as well as your money. See ]

Recommendation: Only the client can make this call, as some people find it difficult "getting through" being a ghost or being reborn using the above technique, though this method offers total anonymity personally and financially if done properly. Personally I don't offer or recommend the reborn method as the risks far outweigh having such a document.

So there you have it, the real truth about passports. I hope this information will save your readers time, effort, money and hopefully avoid any potential problems. Believe me; anyone that tells you anything different from this information is either not well informed, not telling you the truth and is probably dishonest as well.

PTS - Boy that was quite a dissertation if I say so myself, thanks. What caveats or pit falls are there lurking out there for our readers that they should be aware of?

DCF - This answer is based solely on my personal experience with my consulting clients over many years. I've found that some, but certainly not all, Americans (rarely other nationalities) had difficulty giving up their creature comforts from their American lifestyle or their American citizenship. That can be good or bad depending on oneself and their present lifestyle. Naturally this depends on the individual and how flexible one is.

Americans have few options as to where to easily relocate to, e.g. Canada, Mexico, plus a few island countries in the Caribbean and Central America without a lot of paperwork trying to obtain a work or residency visa, etc. and so forth.

However Europeans, especially the Brit's, have a huge basket of opportunities for relocation with 27 member EU states. Plus there are special allowances for extended stays in Commonwealth countries for Brit's whilst visiting Australia, New Zealand, Canada and even South Africa to name a few. A six month visitor's entry visa is automatically given to UK passports holders in most Commonwealth countries, e.g. Australia, New Zealand and so forth. That gives a UK passport holder a heck of a lot of flexibility whilst visiting such Commonwealth countries.

If you haven't traveled much or especially if you've never been abroad before, for some there could be culture shock. Two brothers, Americans both clients of mine, where hell bent on relocating and living in a particular country in Asia. In spite of the fact they never visited the country previously and against my better advice, they made the move to that new locale lot, stock and barrel. They had great difficulties trying to adapt to the local culture, language and inferior infrastructure. It also cost them a great deal more money making such a move before investigating and investing in a new home country. Had they visited, planned and researched all beforehand, I
believe they would have saved a good bit of money and lots of stress and aggravation. That said, and much to their credit, they stuck it out and at the end of the day they're enjoying themselves in their new homeland, one with a new wife and child. They tell me they are saving nearly 70% by renting a house in their new homeland from what they were previously paying for rent in the USA! They have a better house, better clean air, better lifestyle all which makes their retirement funds go a lot further for them these days.

That stated the large majority of my clients have at the end of the day found it somewhat easier relocating, whilst experiencing exhilarating living overseas as they soon discovered they are free from the shackles of their motherland, taxation and more recently the ever increasing encroachment into one's civil liberties and freedoms that we all knew and grew up with.

So with all of the above in mind, my recommendation would be: If you have the time, marriage/residency is the only legal way to go as you can obtain citizenship in a world class jurisdiction, e.g. Western Europe and a highly valued EU passport. IMHO this would be far better than some legal investment program countries mentioned above.

Even when you qualify having started the process using these methods, and a country claims they would NOT report you, i.e. obtained local citizenship to your motherland that may not actually be the case in the future. Spain made such a claim previously, i.e. NOT reporting new nationality to one's homeland. However, just recently Spain made an agreement with the US and most European Union nations to report new nationalities to the motherland. Now Spain reports all yanks to their govt. and European Union countries. Several of my clients fell into this trap and a few years back which caused considerable consternation for them. Be advised and govern yourself accordingly is the best advice in such cases. The authorities can change the rules at any time, and they do quite often as well!

PTS - Okay let's cut to the quick: What recommendations do you have for our readers in this regard?

DCF - Recommendations? I'd really need to know what one is trying to accomplish. For example; do they plan on exiting their country of birth or current residence and live elsewhere, but want to be able to return to your present locale (legally) anytime they want?

If one is an American, they might want to think about leaving their current country of residence for 18 months, so that they'd qualify and receive a legal tax exemption using your new nationality/passport they may be intent on acquiring, e.g. going to a Western European country and applying for legal residency there.

This might be a way for one to go. Another reason to make an exodus is one isn't readily available to be handed a law suit (get sued) in the USA or the UK. It's very difficult for your EX or anyone to sue YOU abroad, especially if they don't know where you are and you have a new name and nationality! The same holds true for my female clients.Some of them changed their names and nationalities because of abusive ex husbands or persons stalking them. Actually there are many legitimate reasons for one wanting to change their name or especially obtaining a second or third nationality.

There's one small country in the Western European Union, which still offers fairly easy residency for Westerns. How long that country will retain such lax residency terms is your guess as well as mine. But as of this interview, that opportunity is still available.

PTS - Okay all of this is understood. However in a nutshell is there any flexible near instant, legal and affordable second nationality programs for our readers?

DCF - Yes there is. There is a particular country in Central America that offers a little known and lesser used program where one can acquire citizenship via a flexible but legal method to acquire a second nationality.

PTS - Sounds interesting. What are the particulars of this program if you please?

DCF - They receive a cedula, i.e. citizens ID card, a passport and my sources can assist in them obtaining a driver license as well when they go to pick up their passport in the host country. As with your one European client earlier last year Shamrock (2009), this is not a naturalization program. Citizenship will be granted through adoption or other similar tie to a XXX as a foreign born XXX citizen. For your information naturalization does not legally allow you to keep your other passport(s) in this particular country.

If a name change is required be advised a name change can take many months and isn't the simple process it is in English speaking countries unfortunately. If you remember how long it took for your one European client earlier last year - part of the delay was his collecting the necessary documents, but the name change itself still took more than 3 months.

Also the name change adds another Euro 5000 to the fees which I know is a ridiculous price for such a simple legal process. However somehow the colonial Spanish inherited civil legal system which can be quite cumbersome.

The total time frame is only 3 to 4 weeks (without a name change) and the documents mandatory are:

* Passport copy
* Birth certificate and a
* Parent's passport copy (or death document certificate).

All must be legalized with apostille. The client's visit in person is mandatory for client's passport pictures once the client's passport is ready to be issued, although clients are of course welcome to come and visit this beautiful country while waiting for its issuance from the passport office. The passport is valid for 5 years and can be renewed at any consulate around the world for the normal prevailing renewal fees (currently around US$150 depending on the consulate).

PTS - What is the full cost for the non name change program?

DCF - First of all the interested party must be a paid consulting client of mine. Sorry there are no exceptions to this requirement of mine. Before I agree to accept any person, I insist on having the client send a full written statement of their background, approximate net worth, goals, objectives and ambitions, plus a statement that they are seeking information from me for their own personal use and that they are neither a journalist, government employee, nor an agent for any undisclosed person.

Then they should list how they think I could assist them. They don't have to disclose their real name or address! But for a person to get their money's worth out of consulting with me, they should supply me with good input. So if they want good advice, give me all the FACTS!

I will vet each and every serious query and if I agree to take them on as one of my clients, my initial consulting fee of Euro 1,750 is required. I will be happy to have clients remit their written facts/statement and payment to you Shamrock, then you can forward all to me. Upon my receipt of their fee, I will disclose the name of the country along with full details direct to the client and only to the client, whilst of course answering any and all questions and concerns they may have. In the event the client wishes to proceed with the programme, I agree to deduct my initial consulting fee from the total cost of the none name change program, which is Euro 36,000 leaving a balance of Eur34,250.

PTS - Is there any family program?

DCF - Yes, but the cost is only slightly less per family member.

PTS - Is there a way for clients to leave a partial deposit, then pay the balance after picking up the documents?

DCF - Shamrock you know as well as I do that there's no free lunch in this world. I believe both your (Shamrock's) and my personal reputation speaks or should speak for itself. All funds are payable in full and in advance with no exceptions. The process is handled by a top law firm in the host country. The client goes to the country in
person in order to have their passport pictures taken and they pick up their documents in person at the government issuing office. Unfortunately the law firm simply won't proceed until and unless it has full payment in hand as well as all required documents as listed previously.

In the many years I have been scouring second nationalities for people, no one, I repeat no one has lost a single pence. I've made a few refunds over the years where, for one reason or another, i.e. my sources couldn't procure the documents for the client. But at the end of the day for the vast majority of my consulting clients, it's a very simple and straight forward arrangement;

1. They submit their written statement and facts
2. If I accept them as a consulting client and they pay my fee, full details and the name of the country are disclosed.
3. If they wish to proceed and BEFORE they remit any funds for the nationality program, the send all required paperwork.
4. The paperwork is pre-screened and if all is in order the client can elect to proceed.
5. If they wish to proceed, payment is full is remitted and the process starts.
6. When it comes time for their passport to be issued, they travel to the host country, have their passport pictures taken.
7. Then the receive full citizenship, their new second nationality documents, including their passport.

It is a simple and straight forward process. Therefore if a person isn't sure about proceeding or if they are unwilling to remit payment to you (Shamrock) or myself in full and in advance, then I don't believe they're serious and they shouldn't waste their time or ours regarding this unique program. I admit it's not for everyone, but in my humble
opinion, this special program is one of the best, easiest and legal ways to obtain a second or third nationality in a respectable and widely recognized third world country with decent visa free travel to all of Western Europe and most of the rest of the world.

PTS - What about a refund in the event the client does not qualify or doesn't receive their documents?

DCF - First of all, and before they remit any money for any nationality program through me, they're pre-screened, i.e. they send all their paperwork, or copies of it, beforehand. If all is in order, then and only then they can remit payment for the program. That said, in the unlikely event the client doesn't qualify or doesn't receive the documents for any reason, subject to their having supplied all the required documentation, all monies are refunded less my initial consulting fee of Euro 1,750.

PTS - Do you have the latest information on the St. Kitts and Nevis Passport by Investment programme?

DCF - Indeed I do. Following is the latest direct from my people there.

St. Kitts & Nevis Economic Citizenship Program

The Government of St. Kitts and Nevis introduced their "Economic Citizenship Program" well over a decade ago and to date it is still attracting many professionals, groups, expatriates and even the average individual from all corners of the world.

The program has been tried, tested and proven to be the best across the Eastern Caribbean with its efficiency, professionalism and affordable fees being the leading factors towards this success.

Recent research indicates that there are only 2 countries in the Caribbean that offers The Economic Citizenship Program Dominica & St. Kitts/Nevis.

It is quite an easy process to obtain Citizenship in the federation of St. Kitts & Nevis. With a minimum investment of US$350,000.00 one is eligible for this program. Investment may be in the form of Real Estate, Government Treasury bonds, Charity Donations.

Just in case you have not been informed and you may be wondering at this moment what benefits would be derived from becoming a Citizen of St. Kitts and Nevis, below speaks to some interesting benefits:

1. You will be covered under the St. Kitts and Nevis Constitution as a Citizen and have Full Residency Status.
2. You will have Tax Free status on capital gains, foreign income, gifts, wealth and inheritance tax.
3. You will be eligible to vote in Elections in St. Kitts/Nevis.
4. Rights to Freedom of Dual citizenship is permitted, you will not be required to notify your country of birth and not be required to reside in St. Kitts/Nevis.
5. You will be entitled to Visa-Free Travel to up to 80 countries including:
Austria, Belgium, Britain, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and most British Commonwealth countries.
6. You will receive St. Kitts/Nevis passport which is relatively easy to renew.If a family applies each person will get their individual passport.
7. You will have the right to own Land and not have to deal with the hassle of applying for Alien Land Holding License.

Below lists the few steps towards approval and unto obtaining your passport:

Step 1 - The First order of business is to decide on what type of Investment you will engage in. As indicated above The Government of the federation accepts "for this program", Investment in the form of Real Estate (Land or House and Land), purchase of Treasury Bonds from the Nevis Island Administration or proof of a Charity Donation towards
a Government Department or a significant NGO in the community.

Naturally my source there can assist you with locating a plot of Real estate on Nevis or St. Kitts and the Legal Procedures in obtaining your Certificate of Title. My sources offer a program designed specifically for EC (Economic Citizenship) where you can choose from a listing of Lands, Mansions and Beach Front Properties. All of these properties are over 350K the minimum investment amount for qualification. They also can coordinate with the government on your behalf for the purchase of Treasury Bonds or acceptance of Charity donation.

At this point you need to become familiar with the relevant fees. My sources fee for basic co-ordination of the process is US$5000.00. Depending on the technicality and amount of work we may have to engage in along the way this particular fee may be higher.

The registration fees applicable will be: A. US$35,000.00 or its equivalent in East Caribbean currency for head of household (male or female) or any other adult. B. US$15,000.00 or its equivalent in East Caribbean currency for either spouse. C. US$15,000.00 or its equivalent in East Caribbean currency for each child under 18 years, and D. US$35,000.00 or its equivalent in Eastern Caribbean currency for unmarried dependent child of the applicant between the ages of 18 and 25.

There are two other fees payable to the government outlined in Step 2 below and Step 4. Please note there will also be other fees depending on the type of investment you chose. For example if you decide to buy Land there is a Transfer of ownership Tax that is payable to the Government which is 12% of the purchase price of the property. (6% Seller and 6% buyer) similar arrangement also applies to House & Land.

Legal fees also will apply and this could vary depending on the amount of work involved.

Step 2 - After securing a minimum Investment of US$350K you will then need to purchase from the Office of National Security the Economic Citizenship Application form. The cost for this is US$250.00 per application. (As per policy of the National Security Office.)

Step 3 - Proceed to fill out the form. The supporting documents to be submitted along with the form are:

1. Certified Copy of your current passport (s) showing name, photo, citizenship/nationality, date and place of issue, expiry date, passport number and issuing country.

2. Original excerpt of full birth record or certified copy of full birth certificate (i.e. birth document that also includes your parent's details, or a household register, family book etc.)

3. 1 original Bank reference Letter issued by an internationally recognized bank, not older than 6 months.

4. 1 original professional reference (e.g. from an attorney, notary public, chartered accountant, or other professional of similar standing), not older than 6 months

5. 1 original document of evidence of residential address (e.g. certified copy of a recent utility bill or bank statement showing full name and address, or written confirmation from a bank, attorney, chartered accountant or notary public)

6. Original Police Record or Police Certificate from country of citizenship. (unless you can provide satisfactory evidence that you have never lived there) Document must not be older than 6 months

7. Certified copy of military records (IF APPLICABLE)

8. Certified copy of proof of name change (IF APPLICABLE, i.e. statutory declaration, adoption papers etc.)

9. Certified copy of your current national identity card (s)

10. 6 original passport-size photos of yourself taken within the past
6 months.

11. Investment Confirmation / Escrow Deposit Evidence - i.e. in the case of Real Estate option: copy of duly executed real-estate contract (Purchase and Sales Agreement), evidence of Title Transfer (either deed or certificate of title) Also copy of escrow deposit for purpose of building.

12. Photograph and Signature Certificate (Form C2) (This form will be a part of the application form package)

13. Medical Certificate (Form C3) (This form will be a part of the application form package)

Step 4 - Forward the application forms (Forms C1, C2 and C3) along with the supporting documents to me. Upon receipt of your application and supporting documents our Legal advisor will review the entire package to ensure everything is in order. We then would proceed to submit your application to the office of National Security for
processing. There is a Due Diligence fee, payable to the Government of US$3,500.00 (USD Thirty Five Hundred)

Step 5 - Sit back and wait, what is happening at this point is The Citizenship by Investment Processing Unit is processing your application. This involves doing back-ground checks on you, checking for criminal records; sometimes making actual calls to the referees you provided in your reference letters, verifying the authenticity of
your documents etc

Step 6 - After approximately 2 weeks the Due Diligence process would have been over and the Unit on the verge of making a decision. A
letter would be forwarded to our office indicating whether or not you have been approved for citizenship "in principle". If approve the letter would request payment of US$35,000.00 to the Government of St. Kitts & Nevis as application fee. If disapprove it would indicate the reason or reasons for disapproval.

Step 7 - Assuming that you've been approved then you would now move towards making the application fee payment. You can do this directly to the Government or you can forward to my source to remit on your behalf. Once the payment is made then the Unit will issue your Certificate of Registration as a Citizen of St. Kitts and Nevis. If you desire to get your passport right away then my source will send you the simple passport application form which normally takes 1-2 weeks max to process. There is however an express service where you can get your
passport in 3 business days at a cost of EC$150.00.

Step 8 - Source then forwards your new Certificate of Registration document and passport to the address you provide.

PTS - Wow US$350,000 plus fees is a lot of money indeed. Aren't there other alternatives less expensive?

DCF - Yes. You see the 350K investment is what the St. Kitts/Nevis Government requires where one invests in the country to be qualified... that is not my recommendation but rather the policy of the Program. There is a cheaper way whereby one can make a donation of US200K into the Sugar Industry Diversification Fund and get citizenship. But that info is for my consulting clients only and I charge a Euro 5,000 fee on top of that for my referral!

[Much laughter] - End Part I, Dr. Charles Freeman Interview.

Part II of Dr. Freeman's interview will conclude in our PTBuzz, Mid-January 2010 Newsletter issue.

See you next issue


"The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion."
- Edmund Burke, 1784

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