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January 2013

"When truth is lost, freedom is lost, because, when you do not have
true information to base your decisions on, you essentially lose
the freedom to make your own effective decisions."
- Dr. Walter Belford

We'd like to wish all our readers a Happy New Year or as they say in Gaelic, 'Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit!' - A prosperous New Year!

We're pleased to once again interview Dr. Walter Belford; our last interview with him was January 2003.

A lot has transpired during that decade. Much of what Dr. Belford foretold in his last interview has come to pass.

An extraordinary interview with this guru and offshore sage follows. His thoughts explaining today's privacy and civil liberty concerns, what may lay ahead for us and the current options follow. Due to its length it comprises our entire January 2013 newsletter. In view of our past conversations I think what the good Doctor has to say may be of great interest to you. Read on.

A highly perspective interview on how your civil liberties are being intentionally destroyed by your government!

Privacy Options In Today's Big Brother World
Dr. Walter Belford Reports, January 2013

PT Shamrock = PTS
Doctor Walter Belford = DWB

PTS: Doctor great to see you after such a long time and thank you for this interview and your hospitality. Happy New Year to you and the missus.
DWB: Thank you and happy holidays to you and your readers as well.

PTS: Be kind enough to bring us up to date whilst providing some background about yourself and what you've been up to these past ten years.
DWB: I'm rapidity approaching 76 retired and enjoying life to the fullest. I play golf several times a week and along with my missus, we ride our bicycles 9 or 10 clicks (kilometers) a day, 5 or 6 times a week when home. At my age, or any age for that matter, one's health is your greatest asset!

The missus and I don't travel as much as we use to, but we still get in 2 or 3 good trips a year these days, traveling strictly in business or first class flights and staying at 5 star hotels and resorts. I remain in contact with my longtime associates and sources so I'm fairly well up to date on privacy related matters.

My education and professional background led me to travel and live abroad for more than 50 years now. My expertise was in the field of taxation and expatriation. Years ago I worked for a major firm that brought me into contact with those very wealthy clients who sought to legally avoid the clutches of big brothers tax tentacles. However I couldn't stand the bureaucracy in that firm, so I left and went out on my own more than 35-years ago.

PTS: What's new on the privacy front?
DWB: Shamrock I checked before you arrived and our last interview was ten years ago, and the last article I wrote for you was nine years back, quite a while ago. Time really flies when you're having fun doesn't it?


But to answer your question today privacy or rather what remains of one's privacy, is not very good and much worse than during our last interview! The future looks bleak for those inclined to maintain what's left of their liberties and freedoms, especially if they choose to remain in the USA, the UK and most western countries.

Aside from the horrors of one being sexually groped by the USA's TSA, aka America's gestapo, the US authorities, and I'm sure other countries will follow America's lead very soon, have or are in the process of placing new technology and machines that will sniff your body as you pass through their x-ray killing machines at US airports, bus, train, underground (subway) stations and other public areas, sniffing for cash, drugs, pills, gold and whatever. It's a total loss of privacy and a darn shame it's come to this. I don't see how this is protecting people at all, so in my opinion the future looks pretty bleak indeed for the privacy seeker. Those people are even placing road blocks on the (US) national highways under the guise of 'protecting' American's from terrorist. The real terrorists being of course, the US authorities!

In the United States anyone entering as a tourist is subject to being finger printed, having their picture taken and eyes scanned via biometrics by the authorities for the 'privilege' of entering America. I wouldn't be surprised to learn one day the (US) authorities will require butt scans and stool samples to get into that place.


For those carrying cash value cards, better known as stored value cards, watch out. The Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has added another obstacle to leaving (or entering) the United States: declaring the value of any tangible prepaid access devices, i.e. TPAD's. See!docketBrowser;dct=PS;rpp=25;po=0;D=FINCEN-2011-0003

To enforce the new rules to declare TPADs, the Department of Homeland Security has developed high-tech card readers that are being deployed at U.S. ports of entry. The readers will identify whether the cards in your wallet are credit cards, debit cards, or TPADs. Only the value stored on a TPAD need be declared, assuming the total value of monetary instruments carried across the U.S. border exceeds $10,000. In case you're wondering, TPADs are otherwise known as stored value cards.

When the big banks like HSBC and Barclays got caught with their fingers in the cookie jar laundering billions of dollars of illegal funds, obviously with the full knowledge of the powers to be, they got off with a light slap on the wrist. Meanwhile if you were caught with a stored value card loaded with more than 10k on it and didn't declare it, not only would you lose those funds but you'd likely be locked up in a tiny room without a window for a long time.

The United States is well down the road to becoming a frightening police state the likes of which the world has never seen. The Gestapo, KGB, North Korea and Stasi would be proud of the USA's big brother government spying on everybody today!

PTS: What can one do about that?
DWB: Leave that place forever. Short of that there are a few options; don't carry more than 10k on you entering or leaving the US including your stored value cards; declare the money, or get a RFID wallet blocker that will block any high tech gadget from the DHS trying to scan your wallet or purse. Leave your credit cards where they can be scanned by the authorities without any RFID wallet, but use a RFID wallet/purse blocker for your stored value cards. That said it's probably safer to load your cards AFTER you depart America. More on that later.

Unfortunately this mindset, similar laws and technology is not limited to the US.

PTS: What about those laws and which countries might they be?
DWB: Which countries would you like to start with?
PTS: How about starting with the worst offender?
DWB: Naturally that's the U.S. hands down. They're by far the worse offender using the most severe Draconian measures to punish 'offenders' and/or others caught up in the mayhem of the so-called fight against 'terrorism', war on drugs or whatever and so forth that I know of!

It doesn't make sense to rehash all these matters. I'd suggest your readers read the "13th Hour" the last article I wrote for you. I wrote that nine years ago and nearly all the information in the "13th Hour" remains relevant, perhaps more so today than when it was first written. [Shamrock's note; For a copy just contact us and place "13th hour" in your subject heading.]

Then add on all the rules, regulations, technology and laws implemented since then and you have nothing but a gigantic dystopian society in today's America! And the saddest part of all this is that the mass majority of Americans have allowed this to happen and could care less. I call those people the American walking dead! What shame, what a shame.

PTS: How is America's privacy at risk?
DWB; During 2012 alone more than 40,000 laws were enacted 40,000! That's crazy. See
That gives you an idea of the tens of thousands of senseless laws on the books in that country.

One wakes up there and commits one crime or another without even knowing it. It's like Ayn Rand's famous quote, "There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What's there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted and you create a nation of law-breakers -- and then you cash in on guilt. Now that's the system."

Further there are more than 70 (US) law enforcement agencies. They spend hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of dollars per year feeding those agencies, yet they dropped the football again on 9/11/2012 when the US Ambassador to Libya was murdered by 'terrorist'.

So what's the government's response? Punish innocent people, i.e. the average citizen, by depriving them and taking away what's left of their rights in the name of fighting a hand full of terrorist with new laws and intrusive technology, most conducted illegally by the authorities. They should tighten up their agencies as the first step and they still haven't done this.

Now they're coming after American's guns after that very unfortunate incident in Newtown, Conn. USA. So there goes your 2nd amendment along with the other rights and civil liberties shredded by the (US) authorities intentionally. The US Constitution and Bill of Rights today is but a softer whisper of what they were intended to be.

The irony of this is that both Israel and Thailand allow teachers to carry guns to protect their students and you don't read about mass shootings in any of their schools do you?

There's something funny in all these mass killings that sets off the bells and red flag warning's to me. The alleged murderers were nearly all on psychotropic drugs and or under psychiatric care. Were the killers brain washed into doing those horrific acts of mass killings or were they, or at least some of them, false flag killings?

Sirhan Sirhan certainly didn't act alone in the 1968 murder of Robert Kennedy and that's a fact.

PTS: I didn't know that.
DWB: It's true and you can verify that claim at

Further James Eagan Holmes, who shot up a Colorado movie theater during the summer of 2012; Seung-Hui Cho, who killed 32 and wounded 23 at Virginia Tech in 2007; Andrew Engeldinger killed five people and himself were on psychotropic drugs.

An autopsy on Columbine murderer Eric Harris concluded that he had Fluvoxamine in his bloodstream. Jeff Weise, who killed nine people and himself at a Minnesota high school in 2005; Robert Hawkins, killed eight people and himself at an Omaha mall in 2007 was also on heavy duty prescription drugs.

Then there was Eduardo Sencion, who killed four people and himself with an assault rifle at a Utah IHOP in 2011; Robert Kenneth Stewart, murdered eight people at a North Carolina nursing home in 2009; Steven Kazmierczak, killed five people and himself on Valentine's Day in 2008, all of whom were drugged out of their minds.

And recently there's Adam Lanza, slayer of 26 people including twenty 4, 5 and 6 year old children in Newtown, Conn. appears to have been "autistic."

Clearly all of the above were on psychotropic drugs at the time they murdered all those people.

So its entirely possible the above mass killings could be of a similar nature as with Sirhan Sirhan to once again brain wash America's walking dead into giving up their weapons and helping to destroy the 2nd amendment under false pretenses.

The (USA's) forthcoming gun control laws will probably be enacted via some Presidential executive order, like many of the laws passed since 9/11/2001, including one presidential executive order authorizing the use of UN troops INSIDE THE United states, better known as the "The Military Personnel Exchange Program!" See

Since 9/11/2001 many laws were railroaded through (US) Congress and in other countries, with little or no debate under the guise of stopping terrorism. They all sound good to the general public, but in reality they're a threat to the (US) Constitution and one's privacy. In fact the US President continues to side step the US Constitution by implementing laws via Presidential Executive orders using non US forces within Amerika via UN Laws and mandates. Why aren't the (US) Senators, congress and the American public screaming bloody murder about this?

If one where to read the laws enacted since 9/11, and I doubt that 99.999% of the public has; in fact I doubt that the majority of US Senators and Congress people have after 12 years; but if you were to actually read those laws, nearly all of them go way beyond trying to stop terrorists. They're an outright assault on individual freedom and privacy... and they were written and ready to put into law BEFORE 9/11/2001. That should tell you something.

Heck the authorities can't even control let alone stop the drugs inside the worse of the hardest prisons in the US. So is creating more and more laws going to help stop crime and terrorism? Look at the past and do the math!

Finally following in this vain, and know that I'm not any alarmist, they aren't building secret underground bunkers at the Denver International Airport to protect anyone against terrorist!


PTS: Is anyone fighting for Americans rights these days?
DWB: Yes there are. You had Ron Paul in congress for 30 years, but he was just whistling in the wind that hardly anyone listened to.

Now that Mr. Paul is retiring there's hardly anyone left. His son Rand Paul looks to be positioning himself to run for president in 2016. However like his father before him, he'll have a snowballs chance in hell of being nominated let alone winning a presidential election. Even in the most unlikely event of being elected president, they'd probably assassinate him like they did with the two Kennedy brothers!

On the other hand you take NSA whistle blower William Binney, the man who helped to create some very high tech spy technology for America's NSA use "overseas'. When the US turned the use of that technology inwards on US citizens, Binney blew the whistle and went public with that knowledge. [See

Mr. Binney is a true hero and an American Patriot in my book.

Then you have Bradley Manning a soldier who released tons of material on how America was reaking the laws of the land spying on its citizens. I understand he recently made a deal to plead guilty to a lesser charge of releasing classified documents "under conscience," for which he'll receive a greatly reduced prison sentence.

Martial law can be declared at any time at the drop of a hat and for any reason or perceived threat due to various Presidential Executive orders.

The (US) President, again under a presidential executive order, has an Internet kill switch and in some cases Obama won't let the US Congress see the law. Why? See

The Department of Defense authorized the use of spy planes for a (US) domestic use in spite of the fact that the US Constitution forbids and bans the use of spy (planes) in domestic investigations OF ANY KIND! I didn't read a single US newspaper complaining about this illegal breach of law.

The authorities continue to illegally to spy on you morning, noon and night even when you're sleeping. See "We don't need a warrant - we're the government!" -

The US Office of Homeland Security is the third largest bureaucracy the US has and the fifth largest in the world. This was setup up almost overnight to the tune of billions of dollars with a nearly unbelievable number of employees. Talk about bloated government!

At the end of the day the law enforcement agencies are no longer here to "Protect and Serve." They are there to enforce the law and maximize revenue which will go to purchasing more spy drones to spy on the American public and not placed back into the communities.

In fact they're no longer police forces. They're now paramilitary forces operating under the guise of being police!

I turned on the news just before Christmas and witnessed a shocking event. In Anaheim California police shot 2 Latino's and when the people came out to peacefully demonstrate against these murders, and they were murders, the police responded with paramilitary style outfits, tanks, drones, and assault weapons.

At first I thought I was watching a military attack operation in Afghanistan.

When the heck are the America people going to wake up and put an end to this tyranny? Sadly it goes on and on and frankly isn't going to end at least in my lifetime, probably not during most of your readers as well until and unless the vast American public wake up to what they are allowing to happen to themself's by the powers to be.

One of my favorite quotes is from memoirs of the life & writings of Benjamin Franklin; "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

I have a little analogy that I like to mention about privacy, taxes and freedoms, especially for Americans. They're much like the greatest ship of its time, the Titanic.

With the Titanic, as in today's America, there were clear warnings of icebergs to the captain and the crew (think elected government officials). Yet the captain (leaders) ignored those warnings and it was full steam ahead.

Then the ship hit an iceberg and most of the people were misled or lied to about the danger because there weren't enough lifeboats for everyone. Most of the passengers just wouldn't - couldn't believe that the greatest ship ever built (USA) would sink until it was too late. Most went down with the ship or died from hypothermia in the icy waters, which turned out to be the greatest maritime disaster of its time.

However those that took heed of the danger EARLY enough, got themselves, or at the very least, their loved ones into a lifeboat and they survived and many went on to prosper and live a long life.

I believe the same holds true today regarding one's loss of privacy, civil liberties and devastating taxes. Those who are obtuse about what's happening to their freedoms will go down with the ship and it will go down one day. Sooner or later, just like every previous great civilization, America will cease to be the great power it is today. In fact it's happening as we speak right now.

If you're foolish enough, like the people who trusted the captain of the Titanic, to trust and believe your government, then you deserve what happens to you!

However those who are judicious and heed the 'iceberg' warnings in today's world, will be or have already prepared thoroughly for what lays ahead in today's less than free world. So if you prepare or what may lie ahead, then you're hedging your bets and will have some good options available for you and your loved ones in the event the doo doo hits the fan. If I'm wrong what have you lost?

So what I'm saying in essence is that if you happen to be an innocent bye stander caught in the cross hairs of a government agency or policy, then its bye bye ass and assets.

PTS: Do you recommend using a good tax accountant or lawyer to help one arrange their affairs in such a manner as to legally avoid taxes or having tax related problems, i.e. being charged with an offense?

DWB: They have their place. But ask Wesley Snipes, Willie Nelson, Boris Becker, Luciano Pavarotti, Sophia Loren, Leona Hemsley and thousands of others who had the best tax professionals available to help them. Just realize once you're targeted by the authorities it's bye bye ass and assets in most cases. Mr. Snipes is still in jail and hopefully will be out of prison later this year.

In Becker's case he cut a deal, which saved him from going to jail in lieu of ridiculous fines, etc. However the authorities got what they wanted; a very high profile case that brought the German authorities worldwide attention to their cause. This showed the public they are tuff on the tax system, in other words, comply or else! Throw in the tax authorities cutting deals with Swiss and other countries banks in handing over US, German, UK and many other nations' bank customers and you can see where that's heading.

Of course Mr. Pavarotti and Mrs. Hemsley are deceased but I think I've made my point.

PTS: Indeed you have.
DWB: The US Internal Revenue Code and regulations add up to one million words and is nearly even times the length of the Bible and is growing exponentially every year. Every time the US tax laws change, and that's every year, the accountants and lawyers love it. Why? Because the goal costs have been moved once again, so new advice, structures, etc. are required for their clients. At US$500 per hour and up, why wouldn't they love the never ending changes in tax laws?

The bottom line in today's world is that anyone who is successful is a target from lawyers, an ex-spouse or employee and especially one of the authorities' alphabet agencies. If the authorities don't like what you do and don't get you the first time around, they'll go after you a second, third or even a fourth time until they get you, ruin you financially and destroy your family. That's their modus operandi.

Don't believe me? Think John DeLorean, creator of the DeLorean gull-wing automobile featured in the hit movie "Back To The Future". For those so inclined I'd recommend reading John DeLorean's autobiography, which shows you how the government operates and how they (govt) did their best with an entrapment scheme to get him. When the judge acquitted him, the government went after the judge via the IRS to a severe degree. It's an excellent read and worth the time and small cost of purchasing and reading DeLorean's autobiography.Once the authorities have targeted you, they'll never allow you to remain or be successful again!

PTS: What else should our readers look out for?
DWB: I'm afraid we don't have enough time to list everything. But wake up and wake as many friends and loved ones up as well and let them see what's really happening to all of us in today's big brother world. That said, I'll do my best to point out matters which I feel are important "to do" and "not to do" in today's world. I base my thoughts on the more than 50 years of traveling and living abroad.

I no longer travel to any country anywhere in the world that requires a visa, or that requires visitors to have their finger prints taken, eyes scanned and or biometrically stored.

In business don't screw anyone especially those who help you! You never screw someone who helps you, especially if that someone knows you might have a problem.

In an ugly divorce situation let your spouse win most of what they ask for and let her or him have most of what they want. You'll be better off without that person in your life as soon as possible, plus ou'll avoid a long stressful and ugly divorce that will probably cost you the same amount of money they asked for in the first place, maybe more. In most cases you'll recoup your loses and start a better and happier life elsewhere much faster.

My long departed Mother always use to tell me, "What you lose you gain." I've never forgotten her loving words as they have proven true for me and most of my clients over these many years.

Also a good many people have a hard time keeping their big mouth shut! The old adage "Loose lips sink big ships" are wise words that one should best heed.

In the US paying cash for nearly anything can cause a suspicious activity report (SAR,) on you and you won't even know it. This can be for as little as paying $500 in cash for a plane ticket or making a deposit or withdrawal at your long time established bank. You're at the mercy of some minimum wage flunky at a bank or airline and can land you on one 'watch list' or another.

I certainly wouldn't pay cash for a last minute airline ticket at the airport, although in Europe and most of Asia paying for a ticket in cash at a travel agency, is or shouldn't be a problem. In the US utbound flights, at the boarding ramp, have sniffer dogs that sniff for cash. People are subject to being stopped OUTBOUND as well as inbound looking for cash, even if it's less than the $10,000 reporting limit. Yes you heard me correctly. The (US) customs people have confiscated cash in amounts less, in some cases far less, than the $10,000 reporting requirement; if the person didn't have a damn good reason for carrying what the authorities consider a large amount of cash.

It's the authorities' mindset that only CRIMINALS carry cash and that 'good' citizens use credit cards, bank cheques and traveler cheques! In other words anything that can be tracked easily.

I'd also be careful about traveling with too much cash, anywhere in the world. Besides one can get an ATM card and load it with as much cash as the card can hold, mostly 10k these days, then pull cash from a hole in the wall anywhere, at any time 24/7. However do be warned that in the US as I previously mentioned, The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) is scanning purses and wallets for stored value cards upon entering and departing that place.

Suggest one have an offshore account and load their ATM card after departure from the US and clean out your card BEFORE returning and obtain a RFID proof wallet or purse whilst traveling.

You should also check out the bitcoin organization at which offers some very interesting financial alternatives for the offshore minded person.

PTS: When you say don't carry too much cash on your person, how much money is too much?
DWB: Outside the US nothing more than Euro (USD) 9,000. And you better have a darn good reason to have such a large sum of money on you in the event you are stopped and questioned. Like I said, the authorities believe that only criminals have the need to carry cash in today's world.

In France it's an offense to bring into or out of the country Euro 9,000 without declaring it. However, unlike in America, it is nearly impossible for the French authorities to police that law effectively. But I certainly wouldn't try crossing the French border into Geneva (Switzerland) or back trying it. The same can be said going to or from Switzerland via Lugano, Italy.

You should always have an atm card with your name on it from an offshore bank and have plenty of loot ready to load on your card for cash withdrawals abroad. Having your name on this type of card isn't included under current TPAD regulations, although governments can and usually does move the goal posts sooner or later in these matters.

PTS: What else?
DWB: If you have a second passport, never travel with conflicting ID, even a credit card if it has a different name. If you were stopped and searched at customs, anywhere, you'd have a heck of a lot of explaining to do and would probably be placed on some watch list database forever. Think I'm kidding? Then just try it!

In today's America if you're a high income earner, or successful in your field you're a target from someone or agency 100% for sure. There is a high probability that you'll be sued, divorced, arrested, put on trial and or imprisoned at some point during your life. Nine out of ten law suits filed each year worldwide are in the USA. The average cost to defend one in a major law suit these days is around US$150,000 with a divorce being higher if you decide to fight. In criminal cases the cost can run to a million or more.

Need I remind you that there are more lawyers in the US than the entire rest of the world combined although the US has less than 5% of the world's population? Most of those lawyers will work on a contingency basis. In other words no payment is required by them until and unless they collect money for the person doing the suing! Add it up. Those aren't very good odds are they?

PTS How can a PT can bring unwanted attention to themselves?
DWB: That's a good question. One example would be a blue eyed gringo traveling on a Central or South American passport, who reads, writes or speaks little Spanish, knows little or nothing about the country of his passport, etc. If stopped and questioned at immigration or customs, which is happening much more frequently these days in Western Europe, they'd likely have a delay of one sort or another or possibly worse.

Another example let's say you live in XYZ land. You have and use a mail drop and don't get any mail where you live. You're not registered at the local voting district or with the local council or tax people. You're liable to be checked out for not being registered with the local authorities, which is required in most countries of the world. So the fact that being and living the life of a PT can bring you unwanted attention, especially in western countries.

Even if you're an EU national and you live in another EU country other than that of your passport, you're legally required to register with the local authorities after a period of time, normally 90 to 180 days. So that's an important matter to think about unless you are willing to stay in a country for less than 90 days and move onto another country afterwards.

PTS: What do you do then?
DWB: Basically reevaluate your life style and modus operandi with everything you do. Try to appear as much like every Tom, Dick and Harry you can. I believe that is the message that was or should have been sent to every privacy seeker after 9/11/ and the new anti-privacy laws implemented since then.

Living two or three months here and there is not practical for most people, even PT's. Most people need a base of operations and they need to be very careful where they choose to live in today's new world. I had some clients who home sat or watched other people's homes and took care of their pets whilst the owners were away. That kept them off the grid and off the local authorities peeking eyes for some, months at a time.

I recommended to many of my former clients to take a look into house sitting. House sitting certainly isn't for everyone, but it does offer you the ability to blend into a city and country without setting off the bells and whistles or bring unwanted attention to yourself.

I believe that several third world countries offer more freedom and privacy today than most western countries. Interesting isn't that?

PTS: What countries might they be?
DWB: Personally we spend our time between Europe, South America and Asia, especially Brazil, Uruguay and Thailand, with our home, as you know, being elsewhere and far from the major cities. But I'm flexible and my missus and I vary our travels from year to year. We know what we like and don't like as we've been to most of the countries around the world.

PTS: What about you're consulting services?
DWB: Like I said I'm retired now so I no longer have or accept any clients for some years now. I prefer life that way. I worked hard for many years and I would like to believe that I helped a good many of my clients and many others over the years.

I don't like what's happening to our privacy and freedoms today any less than the next person. But understand I'm not selling anything to anyone whose reading this interview. They can take what I say with a grain of salt or act on this as they wish. That's their call.

If they need help I'd strongly recommend they contact your leprechaun for the best offshore help available today.

PTS: Thanks for the kind words.
DWB: My pleasure, but that's true.
PTS: What about the world economy?
DWB: The world economy isn't in great shape, that's for sure. After the 2008 financial debacle a lot of people around the world got hurt big time. We're still in a depression and I just don't see the light at the end of the tunnel, albeit claims are being made that the US is finally starting to see a very small amount of recovery. Frankly I don't see it, but that's not my area of expertise.

The European Union is a basket case and great changes will soon be among us. We'll all be affected by what will or will not happen within the EU as well as the US. Whatever lies ahead, it isn't going to be nice.

Gold is up around 10% or more from a year ago. So gold has been a decent performer, while stocks have taken a nose dive since 2008.

You see I don't have any secrets to reveal; there's no rocket scientist material here. Rather I'm just talking straight ahead, no nonsense commonsense that I believe based on what's happening in today's world and my and my former clients personal experiences. I'm not the smartest person in the world, but I'm no idiot either. I've been around the block a few times and know where to go, what to do and how to do it. I still communicate on a regular basis with my longtime associates and contacts, so I remain fairly up to date on such matters.

PTS: What's happens if there is a financial or civil meltdown!
DWB: You're asking me for my best advice... Well here it is.

Get or start a business where you can operate from anywhere in the world with a laptop computer and an internet connection. As I still receive most of the privacy newsletters, I read where one of your (Shamrock's) competitors is offering slots for new agents or reseller's, which would make an ideal offshore business, operated from anywhere in the world internet based business.If you can make a thousand dollars (a week, a month, etc.) and live off $500 from it, that's an ideal situation isn't it?

There's many places in the world where one can live very well indeed
on US$1,500 a month!

While most investors have seen their investments go down, mine have remained steady and some have gone up! Buy gold and silver and store it outside the country where you live. If you can't afford gold, then buy silver which is a lot cheaper to purchase.

My mother always said, "Possessions possess you." So don't allow your creature comforts to trap you into a lifestyle that may be less than free and restricts your movements. Having ready cash and a few places to go to in hard times... somewhere outside your current country of residence, wouldn't hurt anyone!

PTS: What else?
DWB: Take a look at "Obama Begins Push for New National Retirement System" [see]

A representative of the liberal Pension Rights Center, Rebecca Davis, testified that the government needs to get involved because 401k plans and IRAs are unfair to poor people. She demanded the Obama administration set up a "government-sponsored program administered by the PBGC (the governments' Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation)." She proclaimed that even "private annuities are problematic."

The US Government is doing their best to have all your retirement funds nationalized to protect the poor people... at your expense!

This of course is nothing but socialism, which of course Mr. Obama is, a socialist of the most extreme nature. They want to own and control everything of yours and believe THEY know what's best for you.

Don't think the US is going to take your IRA, 401K and ALL your private pension retirement funds? Then you better think again.

During the latter part of 2010 Hungary's government gave its citizens a choice: hand over all their savings to the government or lose all their state pension money. The government sought control over Hungarians' $14 billion in individual retirement accounts. The Bulgarian government did something very similar when it tried to transfer $300 million in private early retirement savings into a state ension pscheme. They only managed to get roughly 20% of the funds they sought.

Last year Ireland raided the private stash in the National Pension Reserve Fund with a 0.6% levy under the label of a "jobs plan" in order to bail out insolvent Irish banks.

So if you're an American and you trust your government... well that's your prerogative and I wish you well. The America I use to know no longer exits... America isa socialist country now and the state wants to own and control you and everything of yours.

The bottom line - at the end of the day if you're an American your government is sticking it to you big time and will continue to do so at an even more alarming rate, so you better darn well do something about it and fast.

If there's one thing a 75 year old man who's been around the block a few times knows is to never, ever trust your government. Now that the socialist Mr. BO, has been reelected you can kiss your ass and assets good bye. Taxes of all kinds are going to soar, your retirement funds will be sequestered so that the people who don't work or don't work as hard as the more productive Americans, will raise up financially whilst the middle class is brought down to the lower class financial levels.

That's not counting Mr. BO et al from doing everything they can to take away American's right to own firearms. Fortunately most American's aren't, apparently, going for that as 5 million weapons a month are being sold. Whether or not Mr. BO will get away with banning weapons remains to be seen. If I were a betting man there is sure to be a gun control law/s of one sort or another during 2013.

That's basically what Mr. Obama's vision of America is, have the government own and control everything whilst John Q Public has exactly what the next dude has. So buy gold and silver and get it of the country before your government gets it out of you.

PTS: That's a bit scary. What can one do to protect their retirement funds?
DWB: Well take a hit and withdraw your entire 401K and other retirement funds and move the money offshore out of the grasp of your money hungry government. Alternatively change your 401K to a self-directed 401K and move all your funds offshore, which can be done legally and in most cases without penalty. The drawback with that is the government will know your retirement funds are located offshore and can subject you to one thing or another as they always do. IMHO they will probably legislate that all private pension funds be invested in government bonds, etc. like they've done in other countries.

At the end of the day buy gold and silver and keep it out of the money grabbing authorities reach.

PTS: Any other horrors forthcoming?
DWB: What are you going to do if you go to the grocery store and see empty shelves? You need to think about this as it's a real possibility. There are some serious events soon to hit the US and other countries. The (US) government hasn't stockpiled millions of rounds of ammunition, built heavy duty underground bunkers, built dozens of FEMA (prison) camps around the US for no reason have they?

Some know of these matters already, but some will be brand new in a threatening way... The bottom-line is any disaster (big or small) could force you to go weeks without food. Without the essentials you and your loved ones may not survive. Do you trust your government to take care of you and your family in the event some disaster strikes? Ask the hurricane Katrina victims who were forced into FEMA camps what they think.

And there's going to be no way to get food if and when a crisis hits (or the news even smells a crisis for that matter,) so stock up now on non-perishable goods before it's too late. For example pasta, canned goods, water, flash lights, batteries, shortwave radio, etc. and so on. I'm not talking about doomsday peppering like the TV series, but common sense should prevail at all times. Having a place to go to outside large cities would be a very good idea as well.

If I'm wrong, and I hope I am, you can always eat the foods you've stored and will probably save a bunch of money during the process to boot and call me an alarmist. Plus you'd have a nice getaway from the big city where you can go with your family and rejuvenate yourself and get a fresh start if nd awhen the time comes.

If you live in a rural area like we do, having a farm or growing you own food would be a big plus. As you can see we're fairly self-sufficient here and grow most of our own foods and have our own water well, etc. We're away from large cities where in the event the doo doo does hits the fan, we're not likely to be caught up in that melee, or at least we'll have plenty of warning to go elsewhere before the masses reach and attack the rural areas.

PTS: Speaking of potential disasters and with all you've already mentioned previously, do you think PT's shouldn't travel any longer and just stay put?
DWB: To the contrary one should be ready and fully prepared to travel at the drop of a hat if one sees the doo doo about to hit the fan, be it an attack from the government against your person, or general unrest and mayhem in your country of residence.

What I did say was I don't travel to any country where a visa is required, your fingerprints are taken, iris' scanned or where any type of biometrics are taken from you in order to have the privilege of entering such a country. That's stopped me from traveling to the US, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia just to mention a few. I really don't miss any of those places as there's a great big world out there ready for all to enjoy and visit, maybe even live in a new place as well and most of them a heck of a lot freer than the land of the so-called free, the new USSA.

If one wants to submit to such things in order to visit one of those countries, that's their prerogative. However do be advised your biometric details are being entered into a worldwide database that is being tracked by the head big brother honcho of them all, the USA! I still have reliable inside contacts that are keeping me abreast of such matters.

At some point in one's life a time comes when every freedom loving person realizes that he must leave his country and in some cases, family behind.

You may always love them and wish them well, but you will have to accept that they will forever love their homeland and come to resent you for not loving yours. They will cling to their servitude and will likely see you as an outcast. Their opinions will have to cease to matter to you and there ay some a point where you have to resolve never to see them again in your former country for the sake of your own safety and peace of mind.

PTS: How do you get around this?
DWB: Have your love ones visit you abroad. They'll probably enjoy your company better and get a better perspective and outlook on overseas matters visiting you than they had previously. There are currently no laws saying you can't have friends and relatives visit you abroad.

However everyone you know and love should get a passport as soon as possible as I do see that door of opportunity closing, albeit slowly at this time. Just be mindful that your government is doing ts best to get your money out of you before you can get your money out of your country and to keep as many Americans INSIDE America these days.

Remember a US law was passed during 2012, i.e. Senate Bill 1813, if you owe the IRS or any government agency US$50,000 NO passport.

In fact if you owe $2,500 or more in child support, you are not eligible to receive a U.S. passport. See

I'd suggest in the strongest possible terms that everyone reading this interview take a look at this web url -
So what does this tell you?

PTS: Get another nationality?
DWB: Right. But that isn't so easy nowadays. In fact almost all the instant nationality for investment programs have been shut down since 9/11/2001 or they're cost prohibited. There's a new passport by investment program in Antigua, but they haven't finalized the particulars yet and the cost is going to be sky high. Ditto for St. Kitts and Nevis. Other than being entitled to citizenship through ancestry, i.e. parents or grandparents being the best route, is for one to become a legal resident in a country of their choice and obtain citizenship though naturalization in a few years' time, normally five years. Canada is an exception, as it takes just three years there.

Understand that moving to the RIGHT country is imperative. If the US gets into really big problems, and that's possible, the US can force Mexico, Central and South American countries that have large expat populations in thosee countries to deport the Yankees and return them home to the USA!

Worse if living in such countries and those countries hit the big doo doo, it's likely you'll stand out like a sore thumb and be targeted as a gringo and have your assets, home, dollar accounts confiscated or turned into the local depreciated currencies, let alone having your person safety placed in jeopardy. Both Mexico and Argentina have done those things in the not too distant pass.

That's why I like Uruguay so much. Nearly all there are of European ancestry so Yankees blend in unlike in other Central and South America countries.

PTS: Where's the best and easiest place to buy an instant residency or passport and where does one do that?
DWB: Well if you're from some lousy third world country, people are flocking to America. On the other hand if you're a high income earner or an American concerned about their privacy or what's left of their rights, like other Americans you're leaving America by the thousands. So it's really a very personal consideration based on your current nationality and country of residence.

But today it's not just good enough for an American to have a second passport and make their exodus from there. If you truly want to escape the trappings of what America has become, you're going to have to renounce and/or relinquish your US nationality. That step is not for the faint of heart, but would be essential in order to get rid of America's big brother from your life forever!

As I said it only takes three years to become naturalized in Canada. If you're not an America that may be an attractive place for you until you receive citizenship, then you can move and live elsewhere.

Other than that, I'd recommend you travel around a bit, find a place you like and settle there for five years. Put your legal time (residency) in and become naturalized after the five year period. Probably somewhere in Western Europe would be ideal for that.

After five years and with a western European (EU) passport in hand, you can travel just about anywhere in the world without the need of visas.

Other than Guatemala there aren't many places in Central or South America with good instant nationality programs. Guatemala has a couple of excellent instant nationality programs that I know you (Shamrock) know about already and offer your readers, where one has the option of becoming naturalized there in a few months' time in lieu of the normal 5 years period. With a short visit there one goes to the various government agencies and is 100% legally naturalized with a biometric ID or renap card and passport, etc. fully registered and all the government computers with your passport being renewal for life at any embassy around the world.

Another option, without the requirement of a personal visit being required, is to obtain a nationality and passport in a name as you're being shown as being born in this particular country. Albeit this is a gray area program, at the end of the day it's fully registered and a bullet proof method of being reborn 100% registered on all computers with all the necessary documents and valid for life.

[Shamrock's note - email for particulars for either or program options. For visa free travel, see]

PTS: What other second passport options are there?
DWB: Well you know them as good as or better than anyone Shamrock. But for your readers sake another route as a semi-shortcut to second citizenship is through marriage. For instance you marry a person from another country; you may be entitled to citizenship after a few years. In fact even if you, your parents or grandparents are NOT Irish, if your SPOUSE'S parents or grandparents were, your spouse could become Irish, then you in turn, subject to the two of you being legally married for seven years if I am not mistaken. Previously Irish law permitted a spouse to become Irish even if they didn't live in Ireland. Sadly that law was changed and now one has to live in Ireland for 5 years today.

Those years come and go fairly fast. At the moment there aren't too many countries that restrict the right to have a second nationality. If I'm not mistaken there are 86 countries worldwide that legally allow for second citizenships and passports. However another serious 'terrorist' attack and I believe we'll see those laws change in a hurry. They rammed the Patriot Act through in a few weeks' time from 9/11/2001, so time is of the essence. Get started with your legal residency or passport program now.

PTS: Any other nationality programs you can mention?
DWB: Brazil has a very good investment program where you invest about US$72,500 and receive a permanent residency visa, which you can parlay into Brazilian nationality after some years living there.

Ireland offers an investment for residency program that leads to naturalization and an Irish/EU passport in 5 years. However the investment is pretty steep at 1 million euro.

PTS: Is there any one similar problem most of your clients had?
DWB: Each and every client was different with unique circumstances. That's why I so enjoyed the challenge of helping each of them.

That said tax problems was at the top along with ugly divorces and the consequences of getting out of the clasps of an ex-spouse via a ruinous divorce and alimony fees, all of which can't be ignored.

Having trouble with various government alphabet agencies was a serious problem for some.

If you think about it just one law suit, be it from a soon to be ex-spouse; an ex-employee or a business related matter or from any government alphabet compliance agency, can become a catastrophic event. Everything you've worked for and believed in can be wiped out in a single ruinous suit. Figure into the equation that there is a 99% probability that any successful or high income earner will get involved with a ruinous suit at some point during their life, that doesn't exactly put one in their comfort zone does it?

Being wiped out financially is bad enough. But there was another phenomenon over the years I saw in/with my clients. The clients who suffered ruinous litigation, especially from the government, suffered terribly mentally. In some cases the events lasted for 7 years or more before they could move on with their lives. I'm not a psychologist, but that was a pattern for sure. The scars run deep and for a long time too.

PTS: What can the average person reading this interview do to protect their privacy?
DWB: I don't believe there's any average person reading these words. I believe that each and every person reading this interview is an individual and I respect each accordingly.

Like I said before there's no secrets to reveal, no rocket scientist material here, just plain commonsense and having the right contacts.

That said, lower your profile and do your best to blend in with everyone else. When traveling don't carry or use any conflicting ID. In America don't pay for things in cash. Buy cash value or stored cards and pay cash for them and then use the cash value cards like credit cards to purchase goods and services within the US or UK.

Don't carry large amounts of cash with you when you travel. Try your best to stay out of the cross hairs of the enemies target scope. And avoid places where lots of tourist flocks to, places like Bali, Phuket (Thailand) American or Jewish hotels and tourist spots abroad and similar places.

Make sure you never over stay your entry visa time in any particular country otherwise you could be subject to being denied entry into that particular country for three years or more your next visit. Don't carry anything into or out of a country that is against local laws. If in doubt, check the countries web site or better yet contact the nearest consulate to you.

For example upon entering Australia failure to report ANY prescription pills or drugs is a serious offense even if they're for arthritis or diabetes.

If possible try to avoid driving an automobile in a foreign country. In the event of an accident you, the foreigner, will more likely than not be accused as the guilty party. Better to hire a local driver and car and have them do the driving so you can enjoy yourself and not worry about driving.

Have health insurance that is valid in the countries you're going to travel to, especially the US, Japan and most other western countries. If you get sick in America, Japan and many parts of Western Europe it can be a very expensive and an unpleasant experience.

And of course most important is to have a second passport. Having a second passport is probably the best possible insurance policy anyone could have.

PTS: Anything else?
DWB: I could go on and on, but when using e-mail use pgp (encryption) at the very least. If you don't know how to setup and use pgp, get a free account at which uses built in pgp email. But the key is to use pgp all the time and not just for sensitive mails.

There's a very good email service based in Switzerland at and it's free as well. You can send email's via password protection and have 50MG's of storage too. They offer very good service if I say so myself.

Also a good proxy server is recommended. There's a couple of good ones and free too so just conduct a search on the www. If you have to send faxes go to a cyber cafe and send it from their ISP from your laptop with no headers. Be aware that sending a fax without headers (the telephone number the fax is being sent from) in the United States and some other countries is an offense.

However if you have very sensitive papers to fax, that's the only way it should be done, at least if uou can avoid breaking any laws.

Whilst searching on the Internet I'd recommend you start using You'd be shocked to know how your searching habits are being used to profile you by Google and other search engines.

The new smart mobiles are nothing but big brother spy instruments. Some might call me a dinosaur but I don't use a mobile phone any longer, there's no need for me. I hardly make calls other than to friends and relatives but I still stick to pay phones and use calling cards. Old habits die hard.


Be advised that nearly all conversations at public phone booths in the US are recorded, so there is no privacy there either.

Telephone calling cards can be purchased at most newsstands worldwide or seven/eleven like stores for a small amount of money.

However if you absolutely have to use a mobile use one of those pay as you go kind and change the mobile phone and the chip every other month if you carry on with serious business. Just think of it as a throw away mobile. And don't leave the mobile on unless you expect a call or are going to make a call ... you can easily be tracked. Take the battery out so you can't be tracked that way in America.

Also the new smart phones are nothing but privacy stealing gadgets gathering up your privacy material for the authorities so act accordingly if you insist on having and using one. If you insist on having and using a mobile get a good hi tech RFID blocker case for your mobile. For around $75 its money well invested.

Unhook your home and or office telephone line from the phone when you are not making or expecting calls, especially if you live in the United States. Technology developed two decades ago enables the authorities to listen in on your conversations WITH the phone still on the hook. Warrants are no longer required for the authorities to snoop on you.

Do know that all TV's, refrigerators, radios, mobiles, automobiles and many more consumer goods sold in the US and UK today all have spy and tracking chips built into to them, so govern yourself accordingly.

Always pay your bills and especially your rent on time and be polite to others. No need to make enemies when there are enough problems in the world. Unlike living in the big city, in the country, where we live, our nearest neighbors is nearly a half kilometer away so we don't have to worry about barking dogs, or dogs shitting on our lawn or vice versa and having neighborly fights as a result of such or similar things like that.

Don't be greedy in your business dealings. Always leave something on the table for the other guy so both of you win. My rule of thumb was to pay my business associates what I'd expected to be paid. You can't be any fairer than that. That worked well for me for many years and all my associates always made money with me and as a result we all had a long trusted business relationship where everyone always made money!

Every single person that I've known to be a cheapskate, greedy and never happy unless they took all the chips in a business deal, ended up with big trouble. People go out of their way to get even with those kinds of people, so don't be like them!

So at the end of the day the moral of my advice is don't be cheap, don't be greedy; be fair and nice to others and treat them as you would expect to be treated yourself. In other words live by the golden rule, i.e. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." - Matthew 7;12

PTS: What do you perceive will be the single biggest threat to one's freedom's and privacy in 2013?
DWB: Governments plain and simple. There are so many laws on the books, one is subject to waking up in the morning having committed or about to commit numerous crimes, and not even now it.

PTS: What can one do about it?
DWB: Like I've been saying throughout our interview, be or become squeaky clean if at all possible and keep your nose to the grindstone. If you live in America, pay all the taxes the government says you owe, comply with all the things the government requires you to do and you'll not have a problem.

However in the event you don't care to follow that dictum, and if you can afford to leave the country where you reside, do so as soon as possible. If you leave the country legally and squeaky clean, there's no reason why you can't return once in a while to visit friends and family.

As an American you can earn approximately $96,000 per year and be tax exempt if you live overseas for more than a year. If you can't live on that kind of money, then you're doing something wrong.

PTS: Is there any good news for privacy seekers?
DWB: Of course. It's getting very much easier to have and maintain good health, which is probably the most important thing for a person, especially once they hit middle or old age, to have. Financial security is all fine and good, but if you don't have your health, you don't have anything.

Having a loving and understanding partner and family is right up there at the top. And one of the most important things is for you to have fun and enjoy what you're doing and who you're doing it with.

The bottom line like the late Harry Browne wrote long ago in his best-selling book, "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World," you can be free and happy, if you set your mind to it. Just make a goal and then go for it!

PTS: Do you see more or less privacy coming out of Washington D.C. now that Mr. Obama has been reelected?
DWB: I'm not a political person. But no matter whose running the show in that place, there is certainly going to be less privacy and freedoms for everyone and a heck of a lot more taxes. The "Tokku" are alive and well throughout the world.

[Editor's note: The "Tokku", or The Japanese Thought Police as they were known, were the equivalent of Hitler's Gestapo. In the early 1930's before WW2, the Tokku welcomed secret communications from its citizens about other citizens. They encouraged citizens to spy on each other. A web search for "Tokku" at GOOGLE will give you a lot of interesting info about the Tokku.]

Most western countries, especially the US, are turning into a Gestapo or Tokku like state, where they're encouraging its citizens to spy on their neighbors. The problem is that most people don't realize this nor can they see it. It's like trying to see the trees from the forest. If you are right in the middle of it, you're a dead duck, and nearly everyone in the states is in that situation!

For instance minimum wage bank tellers, airline ticket counter employees and dozens of others are turning in people for paying in cash and reporting SAR's on countless citizens for no good reason. Next door neighbors are encouraged to report anything suspicious.

The worse thing of all you know it's getting very close to a Gestapo or Tokku state, when children in grade school are encouraged, if not outright bribed, to report any alleged abuse by their partners, verbal or otherwise or to report 'Mom or Dad' if they use drugs, i.e. smoke marijuana. Heck try home schooling your own kids in America and you'll likely end up in the pokey!

PTS: That's a good point. What else?
DWB: Nine out of ten tax cases that result in a criminal indictment start via someone, mostly a disgruntled spouse, lover, ex-employee or anyone turning in the poor bastard that tried to beat the taxman out of money. Now the tax people are dangling cash rewards for turning in people and business'.

However if you're a government employee and blow the whistle on abuse, corruption about the (US) IRS or any illegal government operations, then you can expect the wrath of the government to fall upon you instead of being praised and rewarded with cash payments. Think William Binney and Bradley Manning.

Remember that you stand a far more likely chance of an attack [read that lawsuit] from a disgruntled spouse, lover, neighbor, ex-employee or by someone who feels they've received a perceived harm from you than by a terrorist or a mugger. Most of these 'victims' as they feel themselves to be, will more likely than not turn to big brother in order to "get even with you." This is a growing and very dangerous situation in the western world today, especially in the states and is encouraged by the authorities. The "Tokku" are alive and well in America!

PTS: What predictions do you offer for the future?
DWB: I don't have a crystal ball, but I'd expect more of the same, i.e. more government intrusions in our lives, less privacy and liberty and a lot more taxes for everyone along with the continuing decline of the US dollar and American prestige around the world. At times it seems to me that the US government is going out of their way to be antagonist towards the rest of the world, especially the Middle East.

The good news is that one can live a live free of government interference; live off the grid so to speak, be happy, make money tax free and live life to the fullest. One simply needs to apply themself, make a goal then go for it. It's a big world out there so unless one gets out there and explore it, you'll never know what you're missing.

If you feel now is the time to make your exodus, have a little money, some transferable skills, there are places in the world you can live that don't invade your privacy with impunity, that won't threaten you with prison for the slightest infraction of the rules, where it is not assumed you are a criminal with something to hide.

You simply have to get off your gluteus maximus get out there and find that place in the world for yourself!

PTS: In closing if you had 10 commandments of advice for our readers, what would they be?
DWB: I think we've pretty much covered them in this interview. I haven't changed my thoughts on this matter in many years. So in any event here they are:

1. Lower your profile.
2. Don't do, or stop doing anything naughty so you won't have to look over your shoulder for the rest of your life.
3. Be fair and always leave something on the table for the other person.
4. Help others
5. Get a second or third passport, but make it a good travel
document that offers you very good visa free travel worldwide.
6. Have or start a portable trade that you can operate anywhere in the world from a laptop and an internet connection.
7. Depart the country you currently reside in, but do it by not breaking any laws.
8. Be or become debt free and don't owe anyone money and buy gold and silver.
9. Always pay your obligations on time and never make enemies, if at all possible
10. Last but not least be happy, healthy and have a loyal, loving partner and family and be nice all the time to them!

PTS: Doctor, thank you for your valuable time and thoughts, which are appreciated.
DWB; You're welcome.
PTS: Happy New Year!
DWB: And to you and yours as well!

See you next issue.


"The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion."
- Edmund Burke, 1784

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