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January 2020

"Privacy is gone and that is the key element of a free society."
- Harry Schultz

"The right to privacy is a part of our basic freedoms. Privacy is fundamental to close family ties, competitive free enterprise, the ownership of property, and the exchange of ideas."
- PT Shamrock - issue one; 1994

Happy New Year from the Terrocrats!

We are pleased to announce that 2020 sees our 24th year on the internet having served thousands of satisfied customers. We are thankful for all the kind words, feedback and of course your business during 2019 and over the last 24 years.

But there is something more important that we are partially proud of; knowing that we've assisted and helped thousands of gratified customers during the many years PT Shamrock has been online.

Times have changed and programs most certainly have changed with many disappearing or having been closed down during this period. Many products, services and providers have bit the dust and are no longer available. Sadly 2019 saw several long time and loyal associates pass away. R.I.P. dear privacy friends.

Opening a bank account, which was relatively a straight forward process when we first came online 24 years ago, has morphed into a horrendous, long, demanding and stressful experience where, in many cases, at the end of the day most applicatants are declined for account opening, especially for our American friends!

In the Missives during 2020, the articles will point out what lays ahead and in store for the
coming year and beyong. You might think, "what does anything happening in China or elsewhere, have to do with me? Rest assured, these intrusive - controls programs and technologies are being tested and rolled out in China (and elsewhere) and are forthcoming to your cities and country in the not so distant future.

Govern yourself accordingly.

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2020! See you next issue!

PT Shamrock

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There is something foreveryone, including our Americans friends!

'Go mbeire muid beo ar an am seo ara-s.' - May we be alive at this time next year.
'Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit!' - A prosperous New Year!
Irish New Year's Toasts

"The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion."
- Edmund Burke, 1784

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