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July 2007

"People who have been lied to and deceived continually are detached from the truth and are the same ones who eventually end up being manipulated and exploited."
- Dr. Walter Belford, Conversations - 2007

Big Brother Is Still Watching!

What it was was football!

Bush's, and finally designated to history Tony Blair, war on terrorism, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq, reminds me of comedian Andy Griffith's spoof on the rituals of football more than 50 years ago, "What it was was football."

What is was was football was Griffith's monologue, which made Griffith famous, about a country bumpkin who was hap hazardly dragged along to a (US) football game and had less than NO idea what football was about before, during and after the game. I just listened to it recently and it's still as hilarious as it was the first time I heard it more than fifty four years ago! It got me to thinking, hence this missive.

Regrettably Bush et al's war of terror reminds me of "What it was was football," i.e. a country bumpkin with less than no idea what he was up against in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere, before and now during his 'war on terror.'

When a former US general says the US' best hope in Iraq is 'to stave off defeat', that is a very sad commentary indeed! Retired three-star U-S general, Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez who led the Iraq war effort for more than one year thinks the situation in Iraq now is bleak. Sanchez was 'retired' because of his criticism of Bush's policy regarding Abu Ghraib and the torture involved with prisoners at Saddam Hussein's infamous torture prison! See

Every week that passes, Bush continues with his mantra for "keeping the faith/path", "standing strong" or "supporting democracy in Iraq," ad nauseam, whilst the death toll and mayhem increases. How many more US and other soldiers plus civilians will be killed or murdered and will be dragged out of the water in Iraq before this disaster stops? Besides Bush's statement about democracy in Iraq is absurd. Who's kidding whom about there being so-called democracy in Iraq or Afghanistan? There's civil war in Afghanistan and Iraq, period, certainly not democracy! It's apparent that Bush et al doesn't have a clue nor plan for success in Iraq or elsewhere for their war on terror and WE are paying and will continue to pay for the consequences of those failures!

Yes we detest terror of all sorts. Amerika is the world's power, the leader of the free world and it is suppose to be setting a shining example for the rest of the world. But who are they leading today and here are its' allies? What example/s is Amerika showing the world by lying and deceiving everyone? What does the rest of the world feel and think about Amerika's policies?

It is extremely hard to fathom that the united States (correct spelling) didn't know that North Korea and Iran had or were about to have nuclear capabilities and didn't take appropriate action against them; whilst at the same time claiming, incorrectly as it turns out, that Iraq did in fact have "WMD", i.e. weapons of mass destruction and then proceeded to take very deadly action against Iraq based on false premises! If you believe the US didn't know that North Korea and Iran had nuclear capabilities and Iraq did, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn or London to sell you.

If you'd like a good 5 minute laugh and a trip down memory lane (for those over 60,) check out "What it was was football" at

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PT Shamrock

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