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July 2010

"For the bureaucrat, the world is a mere object to be manipulated by him."
Karl Marx

Is your cost of living increasing?

We're at the beginning of a very high inflation cycle. One can easily see this when they visit your local grocery market. A few articles that assert this are;

* Food Prices Surge Most In 26 Years - dist=beforebell

* Families suffer as inflation doubles in just five months -

For those old enough to recall Jimmy Carter's Presidency, 1977-1981, inflation and interest rates, both topping 18%, were beyond anything Americans had experienced in peacetime-and at the time, far beyond anything that U.S. financial markets were set up to handle-as to inspire a contagion of fear. Usually confident businessmen and bankers had begun talking of Latin American-style hyperinflation, financial collapse, major bankruptcies, and a drastic drop in the American standard of living.

Hold onto your hats! Fast forward 30 years and reflect on what's happened since Carter left office. Today we face far worse problems than those during the Carter years.

In spite of all the brouhaha being hyped by the government and main stream press that the economies are "back," [Newsweek cover story "America is Back!, April 13th, 2010"] Daniel Gross says in his cover article forget about the negative economic indicators, the current recovery is "pretty remarkable." After all, the stock market is up, the government said job creation was positive in March, productivity is high and GDP is supposedly roaring ahead.

However, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) met on April 8th and concluded that determining the latest recession's "trough date on the basis of current data would be premature," reports John Williams. The unemployment rate is anywhere between 10% and 22%.

Meanwhile, the Fed continues to be holding interest rates next to zero for an "extended period."

Other countries are no better, perhaps worse, off than Amerika. Greece is bankrupt and if you dare read how bad things are going to get there and possibly elsewhere take a look at

In addition to Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain, also known as the PIIGS, are near default. The UK is a basket case with the sterling in the dog house and the US is getting along because they have the printing presses spewing out dollars at unprecedented amounts of fiat currency.

As petrol prices approach US$9 per gallon in the UK and US$4 per gallon in the US, we're likely to see major hardships with riots and major crime sprees occurring a la Greek style. Presently both Americans and Brit's aren't hurting bad enough to do much of anything except to try voting for the other party and crossing their fingers, neither of which will do anything to change matters.

An interesting and recommended read is "Reports of Our Recovery Are Greatly Exaggerated" by: John Browne -

One way to protect against such a scenario would be to pay off all your debt, especially credit cards, buy as much gold and silver as you can, with a decent portion of them in coins for buying or trading for necessities.

Our question for you is, what are you going to do about it?

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"The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion."
- Edmund Burke, 1784

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