June 2005 Missive

From the Publisher's Desk
June 2005

" Proponents of the REAL ID Act continue to make the preposterous claim
that the bill does not establish a national ID card. This is
dangerous and insulting nonsense."

- Congressman Ron Paul, May 2005

The united States (correct spelling) is now officially a police state! On 10th May 2005 *ALL* United State senators voted unanimously, without discussion or debate, and without even reading the bill -- to create a (US) national ID card. This was done when they passed the Real ID Act of 2005.

President Bush is certain to sign this bill into law shortly.

This law creates another huge bureaucracy, (ID bureau-rats - this time.) Just what you need isn't it? Another mammoth government agency to tell you what to do and how to do it, whilst taking your money under the false pretense of saving you from yourself!

RIP Amerika, former land of the free.

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