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June 2006

"Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past."
- George Orwell 1984

Patriot III coming your way!

Under Patriots Acts I and II, with Patriot Act III on the way, anyone including you, may be viewed as a terrorist. Don’t believe me? Then read on.

Last November, checks written by the nuns at the Holy Name Monastery in St. Leo, Florida, began bouncing. The nuns contacted their bank, a local branch of Wachovia, and were informed that their account had been frozen in an anti-terrorism investigation. There was no warning from Wachovia - the bank simply refused payment on 22 checks, returning them to the monastery with the mysterious message "refer to maker" stamped on them. Wachovia also deducted a fee for every bounced check.

After some digging, the nuns learned that the problem was that an 80-year-old nun at the convent who is a signatory to the account didn't have her Social Security number and photo ID on file. That fact obviously made her a potential comrade-in-arms to Al Qaeda and its ilk, so Wachovia froze the entire account, without bothering to notify the nuns.

Or how about Mr. Walter Soehnge of Providence, Rhode Island, USA? Mr. Soehnge found himself under suspicion of being a terrorist because he paid off his credit card bill. Yes you read that correct. Because he paid off his credit card bill in full.

A few months previous the balance on Mr. Soehnge's credit card had risen to the point where he decided to bring it down to save on interest payments. So he sent in full payment for a miserly $6,522.

Not long afterwards, Mr. Soehnge checked his account balance. The payment hadn't been credited. He contacted the bank to find out what had happened. He was told that the amount he had sent in was much larger than his normal monthly payment. And that raised a huge red flag one that had to be reported to the federal government's Department of Homeland Security as a potentially terrorist-related transaction.

Considering the 9-11 hijackers ran up large credit card bills they never paid off, paying off your credit card bill makes you a terrorist suspect just as well as NOT paying off your credit card debt. Crazy isn't’t it? Go figure!

And that’s not all folks.

Catholics are potential terrorists, too. Besides monasteries, the FBI's counter terrorism unit has targeted the Catholic Workers Group for investigation because of the group's semi-communistic ideology.

Babies are also considered terrorists. We've reported on 14 previous occasions where babies in their mothers' arms have not been allowed to board flights because their names showed up on terrorist watch list. Naturally, the babies were detained pending further investigation.

Vegetarians are potential terrorists as well. FBI agents in Indianapolis were so alarmed by the announcement of a "Vegan Community Project" that they called in the agency's counter- terrorism unit to investigate it.

Even if you order a vegetarian meal on an airline flight, that will subject you to further scrutiny and investigation.

What's happened to commons sense? It's been throw out with the baby and the bath water! The united States, correct spelling, has gone completely and ridiculously overboard in their fight against terrorism and money laundering. The cost for such wasteful measures must be staggering, and YOU our Yankee friends are paying for it both financially and personally!

Even worse under Patriots Acts I and II anyone engaged in any kind of civil disobedience is a potential terrorist… even if it is on the Internet! The US Patriot Acts state that any act that has the potential to damage property and that "appears intended" to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion constitutes "terrorism."

Just think about this scenario. You're on a chat group and you inform everyone there is to be a protest rally at such and such place tomorrow at 10am. You and or your associates are parading down the street protesting the war in Iraq, supporting or opposing abortion rights or for any reason for that matter. All of a sudden someone in the crowd (a government agent?) throws a rock that breaks a car window.

Since the USA PATRIOT Act targets not just individuals, but entire organizations, that single act converts not only everyone involved in the demonstration, but your entire organization, into a "terrorist organization," in addition to the person who informed the chat group about the protest rally.

So much for the Bill of Rights and Freedom of Speech!

What’s next?

Patriot Act III. This will be the final nail in the coffin for America's freedoms. And least you doubt it, Act III, which is in the works, will include KGB and East German type INTERNAL or domestic spying police agents, i.e. Stasi style domestic spying, plus a mass of fellow American informants. See

What to do?

Our best advise would be for you and you're loved ones to leave Amerika immediately. At the very least get yourself a life boat, i.e. a second passport. There are very few legal 2nd passports available these days, so govern yourself accordingly.

Alternatively take up residency in a Western European Union nation, which leads to a highly valuable European Union passport in (normally) 5 years legal residency.

Whilst some say residency In Panama, Nicaragua and other crappy third world countries are best, for nearly the same money to live in those types of Central America countries, you can have a superior lifestyle whilst obtaining legal residency in a low profile, yet affordable Western European Country with a high standard of living. And you'll get a Western European Union Passport to boot!

No one can disagree that a passport from a Western European Union nation, which offers virtually world wide visa free travel, is head and shoulders above any third world Central American country offering crappy travel documents. Just try entering or leaving any western country as a blue eyed, non-Spanish speaking gringo on a third world document and see what happens! The doo doo will hit the fan WHEN, not if, you are stopped and questioned by an immigration official.

If you're interested in a "DYI" [do it yourself ] type guide approach to living and obtaining legal residency in a western European Union country, which leads to naturalization and a passport in a short few years, just send us an email. No investment required. Just the desire to do something to save you and your loved ones from a Terrocratic police state that Amerika is rapidity turning into and our leprechaun's small DYI fee.

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