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June 2011

"It is not a sign of good health to be well adjusted to a sick society."
- Anonymous

Gold.. arguably the best way to protect your wealth!

If you feel stuck in the US or country and don't know where to turn, here's a mighty good idea that might save you and your families ass...ets. When departing the U.S. to any foreign country, you are subject to currency reporting, under severe penalty, if you have negotiable monetary instruments in the form of currency, endorsed personal
checks, traveler's checks, gold coins, securities or stocks in bearer form, valued at $10,000 or more in your possession. If you do have $10,000 or more, then you are required to file a "Report of International Transportation of Currency or Monetary Instruments" form FinCEN 105 and submit it to a US customs officer prior to your
departure from the United States.

However, and here's the good news, monetary instruments that are made payable to a named person but are not endorsed or which bear restrictive endorsements are not subject to reporting requirements, nor are credit cards with credit lines of over $10,000. Gold bullion is not a monetary instrument for purposes of this requirement. The
requirement to report monetary instruments on a FinCEN 105 does not apply to exports of gold bullion.

A 10-ounce gold bullion bar of .995 fine purity is the standard industry unit. Also available are 32.15 troy ounce gold "kilobar". At current market value a single 32.15 kilobar is worth US$44,624.20 [gold @ US$1,388 per ounce times 32.15 ounces.]

A kilogram is about 2.2 pounds. Therefore if you took 5 kilobar's with you (11 pounds in your carry-on baggage) then you would have US$223,121 in non reportable assets with you.

Now the question is where do you take this? You'll need a safe and secure place to store your gold for a raining day, and frankly, it looks like a mega storm is coming in the near future. Perhaps more important is not everyone has a quarter of million dollars to buy and move gold bullion overseas nor has the time or ability to travel abroad at this time!

A long time colleague, Dr. Charles Freeman, best selling author of "How To Legally Obtain a Second Passport," has written a special 11,000 word report called, "Revealed: Where And How To Legally Buy, Move And Store Gold Abroad." This meticulously researched and well written work is perhaps the best of its kind on legally moving and
storing gold outside the grasp of confiscating governments.

Unlike most articles on similar topics, the author is not selling anything. Rather he's presenting the information in a plain easy to follow and thorough manner including contact details with valuable little known information. This report is for both the beginner who wants to send or obtain a few thousand dollars worth of gold overseas, to the person wishing to place a quarter million or more worth of gold abroad.

Our colleague has graciously given us permission to offer this report "Revealed: Where And How To Legally Buy, Move And Store Gold Abroad." free to those readers who are of a like mind. Download your FREE Report HERE!

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"The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion."
- Edmund Burke, 1784

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