March 2005 Shamrock Missive

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March 2005

"The family had become in effect an extension of the Thought Police.
It was a device by means of which everyone could be surrounded night
and day by informers who knew him intimately."

- George Orwell - 1984

Papers Please!

February 10th, 2005 may go down in history as the final coup de grace for privacy in Amerika.

On that date, the US House of Representatives voted overwhelming for a bill that will force every US person with "any" state driver's license to have it converted into what amounts to a national identity card.

Papers please!

Welcome to Amerika's police state where you'll be required by law, and under severe penalty, to carry your "papers." In 2004 the United States Supreme Court ruled that failure to identify yourself to police is grounds for your arrest as well as probable cause for a search without any warrant!

This privacy stealing bill calls for electronically readable 'drivers licenses' to contain amongst other things:

  • Biometric recorded information
  • Your blood type
  • Your DNA
  • Your fingerprints
  • Your eye scans
  • Your medical, family and personal histories.

US passports with all of the above features (plus a few hidden goodies like RFID tracking chips,) are forthcoming within months.

Worse, it has been ascertained that these cards and passports cannot protect your privacy and are subject to identity theft.

Damn the critic's, full speed ahead.

As usual and under false pretense, the government Terrocrats are using the excuse of anti-terrorism, and are forging full steam ahead with these, and other anti civil liberty programs.

Please note that hardly anyone in the US government or the US mainstream press, has bothered to point out to the general public, that in spite of the fact that Spain has had serious ID cards mandatory for many years now for all citizens and residents, terrorist bombings occur throughout Spain on a regular basis, even in the capital of Madrid!

With the above in mind, will someone please explain to me why then does the US government and many others, including most 9 to 5 Americans, actually believe that ID cards will help make them 'safer'?

The blob principal.

There's no more privacy in America, so get over it or leave. It's really that simple. Countries like Andorra, Austria, Monaco, Nevis, Panama, and of course Switzerland [plus a few others,] have very strict privacy laws and respect your civil liberties. We're sad to say respect for your civil liberties started disappearing years ago in that once great country, Amerika!

Why should you leave you might say? That again is simple. Like any 'well intentioned' government law, program, policy, etc., its morphs into a blob like monstrosity that gets out of control. Such programs NEVER go away, never are rescinded. In fact they morph into blob like
creatures that will devour you, your assets and all your families civil liberties.

At the end of the day the result is a police state where you'll have to get permission to do nearly anything. "Your papers please", will become common place and you'll have to toe the line or be denied any government benefit, i.e., a drivers license, passport, health care, social security, taking a flight, driving on federal highways, etc. and so on. Even more dreadful, your refusal can label you as a person adding and abiding terrorism, and subject you to imprisonment for a very long time indeed. If you doubt us on this, then ask yourself why has the US government built and have ready to place into use, prison facilities shattered across sparely populated areas of the US, that can hold a million or more 'inmates'? We trust you get the point!

Dear reader, you'd be amazed at the some of the letters we receive at PT Shamrock. Here's what one lady sent us recently:

Dear Shamrock,

- snip - "Our government here in the US can not be trusted. I firmly believe this government was 100 percent behind the 9/11 ordeal sacrificing human lives in order to gain control over the people. Pretty pathetic and sadly I am not proud to be American anymore. And what they are doing in Iraq is a continuance of controlling power. That is my own personal sentiment not based on any facts, just my gut feeling." - snip -

Every day sees more and more American's ashamed to be called an American. Some citizens trying to educate their children at home (home school,) are being arrested. One distraught couple, who fought their state government for the right to home school, had their children taken from them. What kind of place is that where you can not and do not have the right to teach your children your beliefs at home? Not any place I'd want my grandchildren to grow up and become brainwashed.

This thinking isn't limited to the small person either. Movie actor Johnny Depp lives in Paris and educates his children there. He doesn't believe his children can receive a proper education anywhere in Amerika!

Time is running out! Legal loop holes are being closed forever as we write these words. There are fewer legitimate passport programs available today, than in any other time in recent history.

Clearly the handwriting is on the wall for all to see. What you elect to do NOW, not next week, next month or next year, but now can very well mean saving your ass and assets.

As William Shakespeare said more than 400 years ago, "The end is Nigh."

Thank you for visiting and see you next missive!

PT Shamrock!

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