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March 2011

"The coming US Depression has an added dimension: ... a huge underclass of very desperate
people with their minds chemically blown beyond anybody's comprehension, which may fuel
unprecedented unrest." - Tom Dennen

$25 for a loaf of bread or eggs?

We're proceeding into some very interesting times dear readers. Some will prosper, but many will not.

The doo doo might hit the fan within the next few years, especially for Americans. None the less, if and when it does, nearly all worldwide are going to get hurt. We truly hope this doesn't happen, but the signs aren't looking good at the moment.

Governments are turning to what's called "The Internet Kill Switch" as their latest tool in their fight against privacy and freedom. The Internet Kill Switch has become one of the favorite weapons of tyrannical governments and is coming soon to Amerika. Used very successfully in the recent Egyptian freedom crisis riots, it will soon be in place in the US, UK, Germany and most other so-called 'democratic' countries.

Why a kill switch? Obviously the authorities are expecting trouble. This should be your first clue.

Then if you read between the lines in the main stream press, other clues should become apparent. For instance; Why has FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the united States [correct spelling], recently spent a half billion dollars for stockpiling foods in the mid to far west?

Clearly we are experiencing alarming price increases, i.e. the price of Brent crude in London closed just under the magic $100 a barrel mark at $99.42. Petrol, taxes, and standard food supplies are seeing high levels of price increases with no end in sight.

IMO we are entering a very high inflationary scenario were we might see $25 for a loaf of bread! If and when that happens, expect to see mass demonstrations throughout the USA, UK and other western countries a la Egypt and Greece...

Even Donald Trump is warning that an economic collapse is coming in a recent interview at Newsmax. Perhaps Mr. Trump is laying the groundwork for running for office. None the less Trump said that the U.S. government is broke, that all of our jobs are being shipped overseas, that other nations are heavily taking advantage of us and that the value of the U.S. dollar is being destroyed. The following interview with Trump was originally posted on Newsmax and is worth watching at

The news gets worse!

Money talks and here is what it is saying: Of the Current Account Balances of 163 Countries in the World COMPARED WITH LEVELS OF STREET VIOLENCE (Egypt is high on the positive side of the debt list unlike Spain, the UK and the others at the bottom, and is not likely rioting over austerities): The USA is near the bottom of the list at place 163! This list taken from Gerald Celentes' Trends Journal; the full report, 2011.

Current Account Balance:

The Current Account Balance records a country's net trade in goods and services, plus net earnings from rents, interest, profits, and dividends, and net transfer payments (such as pension funds and worker remittances) to and from the rest of the world during the period specified. These figures are calculated on an exchange rate basis, i.e., not in purchasing power parity (PPP) terms.

Gerald Celente is the man who predicted the 1987 stock market crash and the fall of the Soviet Union is now forecasting a revolution in America, food riots and tax rebellions - all within four years, while cautioning that putting food on the table will be a more pressing concern than buying Christmas gifts by 2012.

Gerald Celente, the CEO of Trends Research Institute, is renowned for his accuracy in predicting future world and economic events, which will send a chill down your spine considering what he told Fox News this week. See his December 2007 predictions at

Point of fact is that Mr. Celente is not some doom and gloom nutcase conspiracy theorist.

Celente says that by 2012 America will become an underdeveloped nation, that there will be a revolution marked by food riots, squatter rebellions, tax revolts and job marches, and that holidays will be more about obtaining food, not gifts.

"We're going to see the end of the retail Christmas... we're going to see a fundamental shift take place... putting food on the table is going to be more important than putting gifts under the Christmas tree," said Celente, adding that the situation would be "worse than the great depression."

"America's going to go through a transition the likes of which no one is prepared for," said Celente, noting that people's refusal to, acknowledge that America was even in a recession highlights how big a problem denial is in being ready for the true scale of the crisis.

Celente, who successfully predicted the 1997 Asian Currency Crisis, the subprime mortgage collapse and the massive devaluation of the U.S. dollar, told UPI in Novemberof 2007, that the following year would be known as "The Panic of 2008," adding that "giants (would) tumble to their deaths," which is exactly what we have witnessed with the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and others.

He also said that the dollar would eventually be devalued by as much as 90 per cent. The consequence of what we have seen unfold this year would lead to a lowering in living standards, Celente predicted a year ago, which is also being borne out by plummeting retail sales figures.

The prospect of revolution was a concept echoed by a British Ministry of Defence report last year, which predicted that within 30 years, the growing gap between the super-rich and the middle class, along with an urban underclass threatening social order would mean, "The world's middle classes might unite, using access to knowledge, resources and skills to shape transnational processes in their own class interest," and that, "The middle classes could become a revolutionary class."

In a separate recent interview, Celente went further on the subject of revolution in America. "There will be a revolution in this country," he said. "It' s not going to come yet, but it's going to come down the line and we're going to see a third party and this was the catalyst for it: the takeover of Washington, D.C., in broad daylight by Wall Street in this bloodless coup. And it will happen as conditions continue to worsen."

"The first thing to do is organise with tax revolts. That's going to be the big one because people can't afford to pay more school tax, property tax, any kind of tax. You're going to start seeing those kinds of protests start to develop."

"It's going to be very bleak. Very sad. And there is going to be a lot of homeless, the likes of which we have never seen before. Tent cities are already sprouting up around the country and we're going to see many more."

"We're going to start seeing huge areas of vacant real estate and squatters living in them as well. It's going to be a picture the likes of which Americans are not going to be used to.

It's going to come as a shock and with it, there's going to be a lot of crime. And the crime is going to be a lot worse than it was before because in the last 1929 Depression, people's minds weren't wrecked on all these modern drugs, over-the-counter drugs, or crystal meth or whatever it might be..

So, you have a huge underclass of very desperate people with their minds chemically blown beyond anybody's comprehension."

So there you have it - hardly a nut job conspiracy theorist blowhard now is he? The price of not heeding his warnings will be far greater than the cost of preparing for the future now.

"Rising food prices that are causing riots in developing nations from Tunisia to Yemen are sending credit-default swaps soaring on Campbell Soup Co., General Mills Inc. and Darden Restaurants Inc. The cost of protecting bonds from... Campbell Soup reached a record last week."
- January 27, Bloomberg (Mary Childs):

"Governments across the developing world are stockpiling food staples in an attempt to contain panic buying, inflation and social unrest. But the hoarding is driving agricultural commodity prices even higher. The cost of wheat, the world's most important staple, reached a fresh two-and-a-half-year high on Thursday, after countries from Algeria to Saudi Arabia announced extraordinary purchases. High food prices have been a contributing factor to the recent wave of social unrest across North Africa and the Middle East. In Algeria earlier this month, young rioters chanted 'Bring us sugar!' The cost of the sweetener in the wholesale market is at its highest in 30 years. Earlier this week, Algeria bought 800,000 tonnes of wheat - much more than usual - and Saudi Arabia announced plans to double the size of its wheat stockpile. Bangladesh and Indonesia joined the rush on Thursday, placing extraordinary on rice orders."
- January 27, Financial Times (Javier Blas and Chris Giles):

What to do?

Storable food and gold coins on hand as well as in storage nearby, but offshore, are two good places to make a start. Then having a second, or even a third passport, preferably with a legal name change, an offshore structure and bank account, with a couple of anonymous ATM cards throw in for good measure wouldn't hurt.

At the end of the day take heed of the Boy Scout motto; "Be Prepared." Even better PT, "Prepare Thoroughly."

See you next issue


"The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion."
- Edmund Burke, 1784

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