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April - May 2003

"In times of universal corruption honourable men gather together in prison."
– John Milton

Many say, "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear."

We say bullshit to that rhetoric! By that reasoning you shouldn't mind the police free to enter into your homes at any time just to look around, if all your telephone conversations were monitored, if all your mail were read, and if all the protections developed over centuries were swept away. It's only a difference of degree from the intrusions already implemented or being considered and what lays ahead for all of us!

With the Iraq war going full blast 24/7 on TV, radio and in the papers, its time to start bracing yourself for Bush's and Blair's War at Home.

The first quarter ended 31 March. The start of the second quarter brings new, ever more repressive laws and regulations. New laws were recently enacted for the first time, though some have been on the books or been 'tested' for a while, in the US, UK and elsewhere.

UK's Home Secretary David Blunkett has signed papers to deprive the preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri of his British citizenship. The action is being taken under sweeping new powers introduced the first week of April (2003) that open the way for the expulsion of any foreign national whose activities threaten Britain's national interests, (however the government wants to define that.)

Egyptian-born Hamza, 45, has come to symbolize the extent of anti-Western sentiment among a tiny section of the UK Muslim community. In the latest in a long line of diatribes, Hamza branded George Bush a "Genghis Khan" and British PM Tony Blair his "chambermaid", while predicting the slaughter of coalition troops in Iraq.

Hamza, who was given 10 days in which to appeal against his expulsion, previously voiced support for the September 11 attacks and gloated over the space shuttle tragedy. The Egyptian-born cleric is likely to be deported to Egypt, his home country. Yemen has asked Britain for the extradition of this Muslim cleric, who is wanted there on terrorism charges.

Back in the good ole USA, the courts have banned anti-tax champion Irwin Schiff from offering for sale any of his books and tapes. (See "Bad News" in Part I of the Mid April 2003 issue of PTBuzz,) or

While we deplore Hamza's folderol and hate mongering, plus feel he is a complete jerk hurting the cause of all Muslims, a truly free society's FREE SPEECH, should be untouchable and derequisitioned. It is the foundation of a free and truly Democratic nation. Start tinkering around with that and you'll end up just like the Caesarism type countries Amerika and Britain are fighting now, and more likely will continue to fight in the future. Free speech must remain unshackled from those in power, where ever that power may lay, i.e. Iraq, North Korea, Afghanistan, the US or UK. The USA and Britain are suppose to be world leaders. You don't lead by silencing those who oppose you, your system or any of its laws. If Hamza is guilty of a crime, then prosecute him for that crime. But don't create a crime to make him guilty and that's exactly what the UK government did!

There's no difference between Hamza and Schiff being silenced by some anti-terrorist 'law' or for trying to let people know the truth about US taxation, and Christians being silenced or imprisoned trying to teach the bible in a Muslim country, which happens all the time (think Afghanistan and/or Saudi Arabia). Is that the direction America and Britain should be heading? We think not and trust our readers agree.

Due to the SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome epidemic worldwide, a plane arriving at San Jose, California (USA) airport from Tokyo, Japan was stopped short of the terminal. ALL crew members and passengers were forcibly made to take tests before being allowed to leave the plane, immigration, then customs. Two crew and two passengers were quarantined and are in deep isolation at an undisclosed army hospital (as of the time of this writing) according to a source who wishes to remain anonymous. Though this wasn't reported in the main stream press, it happened and is now 100 percent 'legal'.

President Bush gave health officials authority to quarantine Americans (and 'others') sick or 'suspected' of being sick with the highly contagious new mystery illness. Health officials plan to use the new powers in fighting severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS.

In an executive order signed April 4th, 2003, Bush added SARS to the list of diseases for which health authorities have authority to ***involuntarily*** quarantine Americans and non American alike. See

Meanwhile the CAPPS II system is alive and well and is moving ahead rapidity. Each passenger in every US airport will have his criminal and credit histories checked before being allowed on an airplane. Worse other federal agencies will share the passenger data like this:

Passengers will be forced to give their name, address, phone number and birth date during check-in or be denied boarding and placed on a nationwide database watch list for reasons yet unknown.

The airline will forward that information to a TSA computer, which will cross-check that information against federal terrorist watch lists and a commercially available database that compiles criminal backgrounds and credit histories.

Then, the government computer will mathematically analyze that data, and spit out a numerical ranking of each passenger, based on a formula to determine the likelihood of his being a terrorist or person of investigative interest to the FBI and or other Terrocratic agencies.

And if you don't think the government can get it wrong, ask Mrs. Abodeely (see Horror Stories in Part I of this issue.) Also see the Oakland Tribune article at;,1413,82~1865~1238266,00.html.

What the hell does anyone's credit report have to due with boarding a plane is nobodies business, especially big brothers. Those of you still trapped in Amerika, time is running out. You are tracked from the time you wake up in the morning until you go to sleep. In fact you can be listened in on in the 'privacy' of your bedroom via your bedroom telephone (still on the hook,) if you're targeted by the Terrocrats. This technology has been in place for around ten years and is widely used and abused without legal warrants.

During the process of your daily routine, i.e. driving to and from work, school, the store, etc., you will probably commit at least two or three offenses and don't even realize it. There's so many laws on the books no one knows they are committing unknown offenses, and quite likely, on a daily basis.

Let's not forget about Patriot Act II.

Among the more extreme powers Patriot Act II would grant the executive branch: The ability to strip citizenship from an American who supports a group the feds label as terrorist. This is not unlike the UK's Home Secretary David Blunkett signing papers to deprive the preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri of his nationality (*see the beginning of this missive.) Except, of course, the US naturally takes it a step further. They do it to born and breed Americans whereas the Brit's are (so far) only doing it to naturalized Brits.

Of course the governments definition of "supports" and "terrorist" is so loosely defined it can and will be anything THEY determine it to be.

Secret arrests - the government could avoid revealing the location of, charges against, and evidence on someone it was holding ... for ANY reason.

Far looser checks on search-and-seizure activities of law enforcement. And a DNA database for people deemed to be terrorist suspects.

Yale Law School professor Jack Balkin was among the first constitutional experts to condemn Patriot Act II as "a new assault on our civil liberties," possibly the worse in American history.

Recently Herr Ashcroft deflected angry Senate queries on Patriot Act II, saying "it would be the height of absurdity" to imagine the administration's hustling through a law without congressional review.

Yet on October 25, 2001, 98 out of 99 voting (US) senators hurriedly passed the 342-page Patriot Act I without any public debate and before most of them had read it. The White House made clear their votes would be spun as a test of their patriotism. Votes on Patriot Act II could also be a test of who has the patriotism to right democracy's severely lopsided structure of checks and balances.

We seriously doubt that your (American) elected officials, to this date, have bothered to read Patriot Act I and II. Have you? You better, because they are the two greatest written threats to American freedoms in the history of that once great nation.

See for Act I and the draft of Act II at

So our American friends and freedom lovers, we are sorry to report; Your ass is grass! And for the rest of us? We're not much better off. Remember, what starts first in Amerika is soon followed elsewhere in the world.

What are you going to do about it?

See you next issue.


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