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May 2016

"Hello, I'm with the IRS and I'm here to help you."

That's one of three biggest lies we learn in life. It's sad that it happens on a daily basis at the Internal Revenue Service. Many law-abiding citizens seek tax guidance from the IRS, only
to find this government agency not liable for the advice it gives. The names were changed and or are anonymous to protect the innocent from being victimized again from these TERROCRATS!

IRS Horror Stories

Where do I go to get my reputation back?

We received the following letter some years back and believe it remains relevant today.

Dear Mr. Shamrock,

The horrendous terrorist attacks of September 11 in New York and Washington D.C., bad as they were, are not the only attacks of terrorism being perpetrated upon the American public. Some years ago (the dawn of the Internet age?) my now deceased business partner showed me your web site and commented how you were, apparently, helping Americans, and others, to legally avoid paying taxes and hiding their money from lawyers and ex-spouses. I agreed in a negative context, but filed away in my memory banks the word that you apparently coined *TERROCRATS.* I didn't understand the meaning of that word at the time, but I certainly do now!

I full heartily apologize to your firm for my previous negative thinking as stated above.

Fast forward several years

My business partner and I started a small business 23 years ago. We started from scratch, just the two of us at first, building it into 5 franchise locations with approximately 40 to 50
persons at each location, with several businesses solely dependent on our business as subcontractors.

A few years back, out of the blue, all 5 of our locations were simultaneously raided by four Federal and two State agencies. 20 to 25 law enforcement officials, outfitted paramilitary style
with guns pointed at our heads, broke down the doors (they were unlocked) at the location where my partner and I were working and announced, "don't move or you're under arrest. This is a criminal search warrant."

My partner, aged 50, had a heart attack on the spot, was hospitalized but died several months later of another heart attack, which IMO was a direct result of this raid. As for myself, when
the authorities came busting down the doors, I literally and physically *shat* in my trousers, embarrassed as I am to admit.

What was our crime?
Our crime was that my business partner was seeking a divorce from an evil, unfaithful and adulterous spouse, and custody of his three children. Shakespeare nearly got it right more than 400 years ago. He should have said, "hell hath known no fury as a woman who thinks she's been scorn."

After years of litigation in civil and criminal court cases, I've come to learn that his widow had gone to the authorities with a concocted story of our shoveling millions offshore to a Cayman Islands Bank account, because we all had visited there with our families a few years in a row for vacation.

Since she was the bookkeeper during our formative years, the officials went for it and indicted me on numerous counts of money laundering, tax evasion, mail and wire fraud, with OSHA and
environmental civil actions throw in to boot; PLUS as much other crud they could throw on the wall as they could. The more crud they throw, they figure some of it would stick and they'd get me.

In spite of my being a pillar of society, with long established businesses around town for many years and a God fearing church goer every Sunday faithfully; because I had visited the Cayman Islands and admitted it in civil depositions, I was considered a *flight* risk and was only released on $5 million bail; more than 5 times my entire net worth at the time. My passport was confiscated and sealed, held by my attorney. I was fighting a criminal case, two government civil cases plus my new business partner, the widow of my former partner and her vicious lawyers, in a civil case they filed, while trying to salvage my businesses and keep them running.

One cannot fight on many fronts and do it well. My business suffered as I focused on defending myself in the criminal action. Long time and well trained highly technical employees dumped me like a hot potato. Once they were summonsed before the grand jury, their lawyers told them to distance themselves from me and the sooner the better. So I was fighting a civil lawsuit from my business partners widow, two civil cases from the government plus fighting a criminal case from the US Government, while trying to train new employees and run the business, all at the same time. Not much luck with either of them I'm afraid to admit. My businesses were placed into involuntary bankruptcy by my *new* partner's attorneys, the most high priced lawyers, and in retrospect, the best in town.

There was, naturally, newspaper, TV, radio and national talk show hosts popping up at all hours of the day and night for interviews. I recall one such event when, early one morning, the

doorbell rang. I opened the front door in my underwear to the blare of camera spotlights filming me asking about such and such and did I have any comment? I recall saying something to effect, "do you mind if I put my pants on first?" They didn't show that part on TV.

I knew my marriage was in jeopardy when one night, just before the trial, during dinner my oldest daughter asked me if I was a crook. She said her two best friends daddies told their
daughters (her two best friends) not to associate with her because her daddy, me, was a crook! You'll never know the pain and the bitter resentment of having your own flesh and blood ask you that. I hope that no one ever has to face that. It was the worse feeling that I have ever experienced in my life, even worse than when my mother passed away during my trial.

Though my spouse was at my side during the trial, she dumped me as soon as the trial was over, to *get a fresh start* closer to her parents, in another state, so the children can have a

clean slate to start life with. I can't say that I blame her, though I am extremely bitter about everything.

My original lawyer advised me to accept a plea bargain the US Attorney's office made; a plea of guilty to three felony counts and 3 to 5 years in jail with time off for good behavior. He said that the government wins 97% of its cases and they are likely to throw the book at me if I were to be convicted in a trial. I dropped him and got another lawyer who felt that I had a chance of beating the government. How can anyone in America agree to a plea bargain and admit guilt when they are innocent? I wasn't about to do that and didn't.

The outcome
To make a very long story short, about 2 weeks into my criminal trial, my attorney filed a motion for dismissal due to the prosecutor not having shown evidence that I was guilty. To every ones surprise, especially mine, the judge agreed and dismissed the case, though the government can re-file against me at any time in the future.

The aftermath
n any search warrant there is suppose to be a witness who signs an affidavit saying that a 'crime' has or is taking place in such and such location. The search warrant I was handed on that fateful day had what was called a *sealed affidavit*, which in fact anonymously protects the person who alleges the crime, so that they can *hide* and not be known to you. To this day, we (my lawyer and I) have been unable to get that affidavit unsealed to learn who the culprit was, though I believe I know who she is. Some fairness in the American law system isn't it?

Whoever said that one learns who their friends are in times of adversary really knew what they were talking about. More than 250 plus people have lost their job or been displaced as a result of these insane criminal and civil cases that caused the collapse of my former thriving businesses. How any grand jury could indict someone, or worse, how any sensible US Attorney
could agree to prosecute such a case is beyond me.

Not a single person, not even my siblings have to this day called me to ask how I am doing, or would I like a cup of coffee. Can you imagine that? Not a single ex-employee, not even my long time, 20-year trusted secretary has called to see how I am though she had her attorney call asking about her pension fund. Long time 'friends', near do wells as I now call them, and former business associates avoid me like the plague. People that I made serious money for and helped start their businesses will have nothing to do with me.

I won my day in court, but lost everything
Though I am likely to receive something when all the bankruptcies, both business and personal are settled, it is likely to be a pittance; my pension plan, only a small 6 figure amount. But

I will have to cash it in with a huge penalty. If I am lucky maybe I'll even receive pennies on the dollar from the business bankruptcy sale. Not much after a lifetimes work is it? My legal bills exceed a half million dollars and still continue, seeming like they'll never end. The banks, once I was indicted, called in all the loans, which precipitated the business failure. My business partners life insurance took care of his obligations, but not mine. My credit was ruined, home lost as it was used as collateral for business expansion loans, etc. Oh yes, I got my passport back but don't have any money to go anywhere. Everything was in the US and was seized and when sued, was taken by creditors, fees for attorneys, used for bail and stolen by greedy lawyers from my deceased partners widow.

I'm now living in a furnished one room efficiency apartment, where I pay rent by the week. My brother offered me a place to stay; one of his fixer uppers in a not so nice part of town.

After my lending him startup capital for his now million dollar a year business, that was the best that he could do? Thanks but no thanks; I'll make do on my own thank you.

My question to you and especially the US Attorney;

Where do I go to get my reputation back?
Where was one single paragraph article in a small local newspaper about my case being dismissed; though they didn't fail to mention that I could be re-indicted at any time. No other reports of my winning the case were broadcast on TV, radio, the newspapers or anywhere for that matter. Try sleeping at night knowing that this nightmare could reoccur at any time in the future.

That's certainly not conducive to sleeping soundly at night I promise you. I've lost nearly 50 pounds, but I don't recommend anyone losing weight in this manner. I am lucky that I didn't have a heart attack or a stroke from all the stress and problems thrush upon me.

How does one resurrect my business partner? He lost his life as a result of these raids. His widow wasn't charged for making false statements to the authorities and is thoroughly enjoying living off his lifetime of hard work, a million dollar estate and two million from life insurance. No one has been held accountable for his death, yet I will believe to my dying day that the raid caused his fatal heart attack, in spite of the authorities saying after his autopsy that he was *predisposed* to heart disease prior to the raids and events leading up to his death. Heart disease my a**!

Most important to me, how do I get my children back? The answer is that I don't. I think this is the hardest and worse thing of all. I can't even afford to fly to visit them or have them visit me. I am under court order to pay exorbitant alimony, while also paying very high child support, in spite of being bankrupt, with no income. Alimony and child support all of which is based on what I use to make.

Am I bitter? You bet I am. If those that hate the American authorities around the world are half as bitter as I am, I can understand how they feel, though I condemn the killing of innocent people. More Americans have been killed, more families destroyed, businesses ruined, people put out of work and children taken from their parents by the *TERROCRATS* than the attacks on September 11th caused.

Though I write this letter anonymously please understand why I do not use my name; its due to fear of retaliation from the authorities. Please do not use the city and state where the post
mark on this letter is from. It isn't the biggest city in the state and everyone would immediately know who was writing this letter.

You have my permission to use this letter at your web site, or in any fashion you feel may benefit anyone with my tale of *Terrocratic* terrorism that I have and continue living through. I hope that it will not be too late for them, as it is unfortunately for me.

I again apologize for my negative thoughts about your firm from years pass. I deeply regret not taking your advice as I now see what the things you wrote really mean. When I have the money I will seek paid consultation from one of your offshore experts so I can start a new life for myself outside of America.

I have not written this seeking sympathy from you or anyone. I'm a big boy and have taken my shots. I don't wish what happened to me on my worse enemy. But I want to let people know that I was a damn fool for believing that there is justice in America and the American system. There isn't. Even if you win your day in court, you lose and are destroyed emotionally, financially, mentally and physically. And my spiritual faith has wavered greatly too! I hope this helps people benefit from the terrorist attack by the *TERROCRATS* that I have experienced first hand.

If it happened to me, believe me, it could happen to anyone.

Sincerely yours,


See you next missive.

PT Shamrock

"The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion."
- Edmund Burke, 1784

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"The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion."
- Edmund Burke, 1784

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