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November 2017

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Insane Banking

In today’s offshore world, banking is insane! Indeed there is, so read on dear readers!

Just when you though offshore banking couldn't get worse, a funny but very sad thing occurred the other day whilst banking.

A client of ours remitted payment to us via a bank wire, ergo PT Shamrock, as their initial deposit for a second nationality/passport program. This wire was a low 6 figure amount and there were no questions or problems with it from our bank receiving it. We didn’t have to submit an invoice for the incoming wire with our bank.

After deducting our commission, we forwarded the deposit to the country's nationality sources bank account in the host country of the nationality program.

Upon receiving our 6 figure wire, lo and behold the 'receiving' bank requested from us, PT Shamrock, six (6) months of OUR, not the clients, bank statements. Yes you read that right, six months of OUR bank statements from the SENDING or remitting party, i.e. yours truly PT Shamrock.

In all the 24 years of offshore banking we have conducted, that was a first. It was and remains outrageous that as a remitting party, the receiving bank demanded such arcane, intrusive and privacy stealing documentation from the remitter.

Banking offshore has now reached a point of being totally insane, ridiculous, unreasonable, demeaning, totally intrusive and now just plain stupid. All this is thanks mainly to Amerika’s arcane banking and compliance requirements and the banks fear of death if they don’t comply with Big Brother Amerika! Throw in FATCA, OCED and other intrusive reporting requirements (think EU) and here we are today, November 2017.

Do understand that the receiving bank is 10,000 kilometers from Amerika as is ours, the remitting bank. However, as the wire transfer was in US$, hence the banks intrusive demands.

What to do?
Our first reaction was to tell the receiving bank to stick their business where the sun doesn't shine and return our funds. On principal we should have refused to comply. Unfortunately doing so would have seen the clients application turned down and months of work and preparation go down the drain because of such stupid banking requests/demands.

I regret to write that we bit the bullet and sent the six months statements. However we did so under protest and informed the passport/nationality source to either obtain a more friending bank OUTSIDE the host country, or they can forget about any future passport business from us.

Now this tale of woe brings us to banking offshore today. It's as plain as the fork in the road that banking offshore is exceedingly difficult, very demanding with encroaching documentation and compliance demands being ridiculous in order to try and open an offshore bank account most jurisdictions in the world.

In the 24 years since we’ve been in this online business, opening and trying to open bank accounts has steadily, and increasingly so, gotten worse, much worse. And I am afraid to write that I don’t see the light at the ends of the tunnel. There may not be any!

Point in fact, today offshore banking is designed exactly as that; difficult, with severe reporting and compliance demands, and very time consuming and invasive to say the least. And in the situation where you happen to be an American or former American, unless you have renounced your American nationality and have a US government certificate to prove it, you can partially forget about any offshore bank accepting you as a client for account opening purposes.

Fortunately we saw this coming years ago and took action; we obtained numerous bank accounts around the word just in case these things might happen, and unfortunately they did happen! Always PT, Prepare Thoroughly.

Have you PT'ed, Prepare Thoroughly? We hope so. In the event you have not, HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL!

Thanks to our leprechaun, there still remains a few, a very select few, offshore banking opportunities out there where you can legally beat the bureau-rats at their own game…. All going so without too much hassle, little or no reporting requirements and in a few opportunities without you having to product ID.

Although these banking options run from Euro 1,500 and up, with some being a bit expensive, what price do you place on your privacy?

If you are a serious player and want to learn of a select few banking options to protect your loved ones, self and your privacy, email our leprechaun and place "Prepare Thoroughly" in your subject heading. Then in your email wire your nationality, country of residence and the approximate amount in US$ or Euro you are willing to place with a bank for account opening purposes. Once we receive your info and request, we will email you what options we believe may be of great interest for you.

See you next issue

PT Shamrock

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"The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion."
- Edmund Burke, 1784

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