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October 2008

"A man's foes shall be they of his own household."
- Matthew 10:36

The End of an Era

As mentioned in our "Advisory" [September 2008 issue,] Henry Morgan of Freebooter fame is retiring. Clearly this marks the end of an era, with our self being perhaps the last of the Mohicans, i.e. one of the first and original privacy providers on the Internet.

Old father time never stops and time marches on. Now Henry moves into a hopefully long and healthy retirement so be it.

Albeit Morgan's long time trusted friend and associate, Colonel Edward Whitehead (Retd) is taking over the helm at the FB and is certain to carry on in Morgan's trusted service and tradition, like the late great Duke Ellington song title: "Things ain' t what they used to be!" We'll just be missing something here, won't we?

When once asked about Henry Morgan from a long time customer, we replied:

"Henry Morgan? I'll tell you about Henry Morgan! He's nearly the beginning and end of privacy and hard copy newsletter and internet providers bar none. Can I be any more emphatic than that?"

Yes Henry was on the ground floor of the internet privacy business along with ourselves and perhaps one or two others. Now all the originals save PT Shamrock, are gone.

We could write mountains about the ole captain. However, I believe that our interview with Henry Morgan, i.e. says it all. You can download his latest newsletter free at

Our profound thanks go to Henry Morgan for having the extraordinary opportunity of knowing him these many years, for being a wonderful human being as well as a truly great and trusted friend. A hearty thank you dear Henry for being there all these past years and a very long and happy retirement indeed.

Your friend

PT Shamrock

See you next issue


"The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion."
- Edmund Burke, 1784

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