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September 2005

"Taxpayers can arrange their affairs so they can make their taxes as low as possible."
- U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Gregory vs.
Helvering (1935) 293, U.S. 465

You can become TAX FREE now!

The Tax Free Quest

Expatriates the world over spend fortunes trying to obtain tax free status, or to legally minimize their tax liability. Now and for the first time, PT Shamrock's leprechaun shows how the small investor can become TAX FREE just like the billionaires do.

Look no further. For as little as US$19,000 you can obtain and keep tax free status on your world wide income. Yes you read that right, as little as US$19,000.

No need to invest a hundred thousand dollars or more in a Panama tree plantation scheme where you'll most likely never see the return of your capital or any profits.

Don't waste hundreds of thousands of your hard earned dollars on beach front properties in so-called 'paradise', i.e. in unstable Central American countries. The only people making money on those deals are the promoters or the publishers of reports hyping those 'deals.'

Dubai is the fastest growing business centre and real estate market in the world, bar none. And things are booming like crazy. In Dubai there are real profits where people are getting (easily) 300% returns on capital in two years or less. Don’t believe me? Then go there yourself.

Alternatively read all about these incredible opportunities! Then you'll want to hop on a plane and go there for sure.

After an extended visit to Dubai, we came away more than impressed with the opportunities and what’s on offer…TAX FREE status, plus much much more.

Don't miss out on this once in a life time chance to obtain tax free status for the little guy. Get the facts and get in on the action... NOW before its too late.

Read all about this hot off the press 8,700 plus word report on how to obtain tax free status easily at Dubai - Tax Free Haven.


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