Publisher Monthly Missive - Spring 2002

From the Publisher's Desk
Spring 2002

"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever!"
George Orwell's - 1984!

The Price You've Got to Pay to Be Free You' all
Dr. Seymour Samson Reports

Dr. Seymour Samson's March 2001 interview created the single greatest response from any PT Buzz article, bar none. This is the first time that Dr. Samson has given a second interview (to the same newsletter,) in less than two-years. For the good doctor to grant us a second interview in less than ten-months is unprecedented; one for which we are truly grateful.

An extraordinary interview with this prolific guru follows. His thoughts explaining today's privacy concerns and current options is enclosed. Due to its length it comprises our entire January 2002 newsletter. In view of our past conversations I think what the good doctor has to say may be of great interest to you. Read on.

PT Shamrock = PTS
Doctor Seymour Samson = DSS

PTS; Doctor first of all, thank you for granting us this interview during you're stop-over and Happy New Year to you.

DSS; Please call me Sy and you're very welcome. As always it's my pleasure and a Happy New Year to you and your readers.

PTS; How has September 11th affected privacy seekers around the world?

DSS; I can't say that an attack on America was unexpected, but the magnitude of the devastation caught me by surprise. Suicide pilots flying 767 airliner bombs into buildings were a shocking event to say the least. America's foreign polices has caused disastrous consequences not only for American's, but for millions of people around the world. If America isn't careful, there could be a third world war.

As far as the loss of what's left of your privacy, I previously predicted the total loss of freedoms within 15 to 20-years. After 9/11 and governments reaction to those attacks, I've adjusted that time frame, regrettably, downwards by half; to ten years, perhaps less; maybe seven or even five years.

PTS; How will this be accomplished?

DSS; Well it won't be by big brother asking you, that's for sure!
Seriously I think all one needs to do to answer that question is to turn on the TV, read the newspapers or any issue of PT Buzz. Iris scans, ID cards, biometrics, fingerprints, palm prints, DNA, voice recognition will be used and the list goes on. I wouldn't be surprised if at some point in the not too distant future, implanted chips will be placed in newborn babies and eventually adults so one can be tracked by satellites from cradle to grave; much like the satellite tracking systems used by most car rental agencies to monitor and locate their automobiles at all times. Once people allow their government to go down that road, and the people are allowing this, there's no turning back.

I understand that tiny smart chips are going to be impregnated into passports in the near future! These will contain the person's irises, full finger prints and will track the holder showing every place and for how long they were in a particular country. It will probably hook into some central database that can be accessed by other *state* agencies, i.e. Interpol, the tax people, other countries, etc. They have tracking chips so thin they can and are being placed in currency notes soon; so why not micro-chips in humans? They're doing it with pet's (animals.)

The important thing to remember is that these technologies and privacy stealing tools aren't new and something that just popped up as a consequence of 9/11. They were produced, held in abeyance just waiting to be utilized. I find it reprehensible that the authorities used the attacks of 9/11 as the pretence for implementing this technologically. Stealing what's left of your civil liberties and freedoms based on the horrendous attacks of 9/11 is the lowest form of any reason they could think of ... but its working.

The truly sad part about all of this is that the vast majority of the population world-wide have gone for it under the pretence of *stopping or preventing terrorism*. All it's going to take is one or two more severe terrorist's attacks and its game over as far as privacy is concerned. With that in mind one really needs to re-think everything, and I mean everything.

PTS; I thought ID cards and such are still being debated? You mean to tell us they're already in use or will be shortly?

DSS; I hate to rain on your parade, but they are in use in many countries, with the USA and the UK next in line. The difference being that the US and UK types will be far more intrusive than those existing and currently in use in other countries.

For instance in Canada they have national ID cards with your name, address, job status; benefit status, finger prints, social security number, health number, etc. on the tiny smart like card. The card can be scanned by the police and other *state* authorities at any time and anywhere with portable swipe machines.

I recently visited Canada and saw first hand what's happening. It's very frightening indeed.

The police waited outside a pub to close. Then they asked everyone leaving the pub, myself included, for their *ID* cards. They scanned the cards with portable swipe machines and the scanning is recorded in a central database. The police, or whomever, can see when your card was last scanned and by whom, i.e. the date and location where it had previously been scanned. There was, as far as I could tell, no probable cause for requesting the cards, other than everybody leaving the pub having been asked to produce them.

Naturally I didn't have a card because I'm not Canadian. My accent gave that away. I told the police my passport was back at the hotel, gave them the name of my hotel and said that I was just a (dumb) tourist visiting, end of story. It always helps to be a *PT*, someone *passing through*. Of course I had ID on me, but that's none of their business in any case.

Out of curiously I stood around to see what was happening. One fellow had his ID card scanned and the police officer said (and I paraphrase here,) "Oh, I see you were at the Cock and Bull Pub last night. Now you're here at the Yea Ole Owl Pub. You like pubs, do you now?"

The consequence for this poor bastard can only be imagined. What if he were to be stopped later by police in his car for any reason? His card is scanned and it's shown that he was at pubs for two nights in a row. He'll be arrested for drink driving, won't he? What does that have to do with terrorism? Nothing I tell you, absolutely nothing! It's really all about *control* by the *state* over you, isn't it?

Not having an ID card is an on the spot fine of C$200. If you don't have the C$200, it's a free trip to the police station and you spend the night in jail.Then one has 24 hours to bring their ID card back to the police station to *prove* who they are or a warrant is issued for your arrest, and even more serious charges and fines are brought against you. Since when do you have to prove who you are in a civilized democracy without probable cause?

Basically anyone in Canada needs a government issued *license*, i.e. an official ID card, just to walk around. I call it a *License to Walk*. It's very shameful indeed. I'd expect to see similar national ID cards pop up in America, the UK, Australia and other places in the not too distant future. In fact the UK is running a *pilot* program right now under the pretence of *asylum seekers* requiring ID cards. That's nothing but a crock of it. It's simply the forerunner to a national ID card for all Brits.

So anyone who tries to tell me that ID cards are to be used to stop *terrorism* is full of it. The police could have cared less about me not having ID on me, as I was a white, western and a *tourist*. They were, IMO, harassing their own citizens, and from what I personally witnessed, demanding citizens ID cards had nothing to do with anything related to terrorism or anyone breaking any laws. What kind of civilized democracy do you call that?

My friend and associate Stuart Goldsmith in the UK, wrote an excellent letter to the local newspaper editor about ID cards, etc. Not a single reply in favor or against ID cards regarding Stuart's letter was sent in spite of it being one of the better letters I've read on the subject.

What does that tell you? Simply that people around the world just don't care about the loss of their privacy and government's stealing it from them. What a terrible ignominy.

PTS; Won't some of this technology help prevent terrorism?

DSS; If I recall in our previous interview [mid-March 2001,] I told of tiny surveillance camera's being placed on planes, trains, and automobiles (taxi's and buses.) I don't know if any of the four planes used in the September 11th terrorist attacks had them, but even if they did what good would they have done? The authorities didn't recover the heavily protected flight recorders, so what good are
CCTV's? The footage is kept indefinitely in some unknown database for some future, yet unknown reason? Why?

PTS; Why is the question?

DSS; I'll tell you why, to spy on its citizens. To be able to track its citizens; to profile you as to being for, or against big brother; to be able to grab your assets at the whim of some terrocrat for any alleged 'crime'. More importantly as a way to try and get rid of the underground economy with 100% compliance for everyone paying full taxes!

PTS; what are the biggest concerns for the privacy seeker considering current events?

DSS; I understand that shortly, thanks to the OECD, the beneficial owner of an offshore company, or any company, wishing to open an offshore *company* bank account is going to have to appear in person at the offshore bank; regardless where you live and where the bank is located. Now this is for a company account, not a personal account. However I'm certain once this policy is implemented for company accounts, it won't be long before visits to open a personal account will be required.

Many jurisdictions are now requiring two utility bills, including your home telephone bill, and a surprise telephone call to you at night, just to make sure you live where you say you do! One of my clients told me he moved a few miles away from where he lived. He had banked for twenty-years with the same bank, knew the bank manger, etc. In spite of that the same branch insisted on utility bills, phone check, etc. from his new residence. After 20-years with that bank, he told them where to go and went elsewhere. It's getting ridiculous. These rules and regulations have little or nothing to do with preventing crime. I only see it getting worse, a whole lot worse.

So if you don't have your offshore banking sorted out, now would be a good time to start.

The clipper chip [think Bill Clinton-Al Gore] was finally inaugurated last October (2001,) into all US mobile phones. One can be tracked anywhere, even if your mobile is turned off, with this technology, though you have to be targeted.

Back door encryption is being pushed heavily, so I wouldn't use any encryption products that aren't *open source*, to prove they haven't a back door.

New anti-terrorist laws, i.e. privacy and civil liberty stealing laws, have just been passed by (the US) congress with LITTLE OR NO hearings. In one instance a law was passed in less than thirty minutes with only a few congress people complaining that they didn't have time to know what they were voting on. What the hell is happening there? Is that any way to run a country? Now that should scare the hell out of all Americans!

The UK did nearly the same thing recently. The UK terrocrats rammed through legislation within minutes; no one had a chance to debate the legislation, and only 5 Members of Parliament opposed this so-called *terrorism* law.

New Zealand and Australia are in the process of passing Draconian legislation that will severely curtail one's civil liberties, so this is becoming a world-wide phenomena regrettably.

The US, UK, New Zealand and Australian *terrorist* legislation has little or nothing to due with stopping terrorism. It has everything to due with stealing what's left of your civil liberties. You can be sure other countries are soon to follow these dangerous steps.

There are so many laws on the (US) books it would take the average reader 200 years, reading 24 hours per day to read each and every law in the US, and that's not counting laws that would be *added* during that period either! That's insane! Any American today is subject to waking up in the morning and being a felon for some arcane law, compliance requirement or regulation that they aren't even aware of. That's shocking.

Computer hackers that cause no harm; those who just check for server vulnerabilities, can be and have been sentenced to life in prison in Amerika, Australia and New Zealand. The UK is next. The authorities have got it all wrong. They're targeting the wrong persons, the innocents, instead of focusing in on the bad guys. Common sense and reason seems to have been lost in the current hysteria and the decency of what America once stood for; Freedom, Justice and liberties for all.

A 16 year-old girl in Riga, Latvia is subject to 15-years in the pokey for waving a red carnation gently across UK's Prince Charless' face protesting the UK's participation in Afghanistan. Where's the justice in that?

A hacker in New Zealand was given a life sentence, reduced on appeal to 7-years for hacking. His crime? Testing a bank's vulnerability, without harming anything nor stealing money, details or any information. He was 18-years old.

Thanks to good old Microsoft, they produced a special keyboard lodger program for the FBI that can be installed clandestine like onto any Mac, PC or laptop. This program tracks ALL your pgp messages, emails, passwords, etc. Heck all big brother really needs to do is get a pre-approved order from a friendly judge, go to the nearest telephone company, flip a switch and YOUR phone, even while still on the hook, is used to hear every conversation (and keyboard stroke) in your home within a 20 meter radius both upstairs and downstairs, assuming you have more than one floor. Now that should scare the hell out of everyone! My best advice is unplug your telephone line when you're not using it or expecting calls. You can always have an off-site voice-mail answering machine and check for calls.

AOL the world's largest Internet service provider, is said to be in cahoots with the CIA in Virginia, USA. Anyone using AOL anywhere in the world should dump AOL ASAP and get a real Internet service

There are AWACS (spy planes) flying over the USA ascribed as being under the United Nations 'protecting' America with German pilots at the controls. Now think about that will you? Since it would be against American law to allow American planes to do this, the terrocrats get a friendly nation, i.e. the UN and Germans to do their dirty work for them. If there were one single reason for any American to question their government, the above should be the reason. Why are United Nations aircraft with German pilots flying over America allegedly protecting America? United Nations troops have arrived on American shores! Now that's really scary isn't it?

It gets worse. The days of obtaining a legal second passport is rapidly drawing to a close. Grenada suspended their citizenship by Investment program last fall (October 2001,) due to pressure from the terrocrats. St. Kitts and Nevis still offers a legal citizenship by investment program, but the investment is US$250,000 or more; and you need to stay on that tiny island until you receive naturalization, which can take three to six months. It's expensive as heck there and therefore leaves 95% of the privacy seekers out to hang in the breeze, with almost nowhere else to go.

PTS; Where can one go to obtain a legal second passport today?

DSS; If your parents, grandparents or spouse's parents or grandparents were born in Ireland, they are Irish period. Anyone born in Ireland is Irish. If either of your parents were born in Ireland, then you are Irish but you have to register at the nearest Irish consulate. If either of your grandparents were born in Ireland you would be entitled to Irish citizenship through ancestry. Ditto with your spouse. You simply produce the necessary paperwork, i.e. birth, death and marriage certificates of yourself and ancestors and you become Irish via registration.

Also if you're mother is/was Jewish, you'd be entitled to an Israeli passport, but that's certainly not recommended in today's world.

[Editor's note: Check this link for full particulars on Irish & Israeli citizenship;]

Normally 5-years legal residency in most countries will lead to naturalization, citizenship and a legal second passport. You'll have to learn the local lingo. However by spending a few years there, that shouldn't be a problem, even for old farts like me. There are a few excellent countries that have a fast track citizenship program, so in two-years or less, one can obtain legal naturalization and a second nationality.

Alternatively like I said before, there's St. Kitts and Nevis and a few other places that still offer citizenship by investment programs. Belize offers such a program, but their program doesn't offer great privacy or much visa free travel, but it beats a blank.

There are, however, a couple of secret locales that are available for those in the know who offer legal nationality programs in a reasonable period of time. They're not instant, but they're as good as it comes.

PTS; Where might they be and how does one qualify?

DSS; You've got to be one of my clients to find out about them!
[Much laughter]

PTS; Come on, give us a break. What's the low down on these *secret* second nationality programs. Is Ireland one of those places?

DSS; Ireland had an investor program, but it required a US$1,000,000 investment. In spite of that, Ireland closed down their program about three years ago. So no, Ireland doesn't offer any investment program. But as I said, through ancestry it's possible to obtain Irish nationality. Though the paperwork is a bit of a pain in the arse and they are very strict about getting the right paperwork, you can qualify and achieve success, i.e. obtain a highly valued Western European Irish passport.

The US, Britain and Canada offer investment programs for residency, which leads to naturalization in some years, but the cost is high. The US is possibly the worse and most expensive passport to own due to being high profile and world-wide taxation. I wouldn't want to be holding an American passport in the event of a terrorist or hostage kidnapping or incident.

Canada has ID cards and basically is tracking everyone, everywhere. Worse it double crossed its overseas investors by changing the tax laws AFTER thousands of overseas Chinese flooded to Canada. Then it raised its then low tax rate for funds held offshore by the new immigrants. Talk about getting screwed! Canada really did it good and as a result, ruined the market for investors seeking residency and citizenship in Canada.

Britain's investment program is very expensive and there's no guarantee you'll be granted citizenship after five to seven years. From what I understand the UK is going to have a radical overhaul of its naturalization program, so there goes the neighborhood.

Marriage to a foreign national is another route to go, but you'd have to live a number of years in you're spouse's home country. Not every country offers citizenship through marriage, but it's worth giving it a look at. For instance in Switzerland a female can become Swiss if her spouse is Swiss and was born in Switzerland, and she lives with her spouse in Switzerland for some years. However a male foreigner cannot receive Swiss citizenship by marrying a Swiss national. In Switzerland it takes adults 12-years (children under 18, 10-years) of residency to qualify for Swiss nationality. Then the local Canton has to *vote* on whether you receive nationality or not. That's a hell of a gamble waiting, residing in Switzerland for 12 years to see if you can become a Swiss national. I've helped numerous clients obtain Swiss residency (and a negotiated tax rate) in any event. In fact one, after 12 years of residency, has recently become a Swiss citizen with a valuable Swiss passport and ID card, of which the ID card is valid for travel throughout Europe without the need for a Swiss passport.

But the point is there are countries that offer nationality, in a few years, through marriage.

The fast track countries that I use for my clients are little known and lesser used, as I keep them in my back-pocket strictly for clients.

PTS; Why is that?

DSS; Look, and I'm 100% serious when I say this. The few places I have relationships with; to help my clients obtain a legal second nationality, aren't for the general public to know about. A few naughty persons was all it took to bring down Grenada's program. I'm not going to allow that to happen to my special fast track locales that are still available. These are for my clients only; the serious player who is discrete and will not ruin it for others. They're not going to be advertised and talked about on every chat group and privacy web site, which will only bring unwanted attention by insecure governments, who, like with Grenada, closed the program down. Who needs that?

I'm not trying to be cute nor trying to withhold information. Rather I am telling you like it is. They are available, 100% legal and doable in a reasonable period of time. They're not cheap, but they are a hell of a lot less expensive than the St. Kitts and Nevis investment program that's for sure! They're actually quite affordable for my average client and are 100% bullet-proof.

PTS; What about some of the passport offers on the Internet? They seem too good to be true!

DSS; If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true. Common sense should prevail at all times. It amazes me that people are so gullible that they fall for these cons. I suspect that people want to believe in the *tooth fairy*, that these programs are real, legally issued, and one can get a legally issued passport, registered on computers in just a few weeks and in any name of your choosing. Well I hate to break the news to your readers, but it simply isn't true. They are fraudulent documents. Avoid them like the plague.

I've seen some Western European passports offered on the web that are available in only two to three weeks. The web providers claim they are legally issued. What a bunch of bull. Stay as far away from those crooks as you can.

Anyone with half a brain should realize that it takes any normal citizen six weeks, give or take, to have their passport application processed in most Western European or North American nations; when applied for through the regular, legal and normal government channels.

So explain to me how these web crooks can do it *legally* in 2 to 4 weeks IN ANY NAME? The answer is that they can't legally. If one is so obtuse as to fall for that, and assuming you get anything for your money, it would be a stolen blank passport printed in the name of your choice by the provider. The first time you go through immigration, the red lights, bells and whistles will flash and go off, and its bye-bye ass and assets for the poor bastard carrying the stolen blank document.

It amazes me that people buy documents from Central and South America, and other countries, and expect to travel on those documents without problems. They claim to be legally issued with an attorney speeding up the naturalization process. Now is that a fact? If you don't read, write and speak the lingo of your *new* nationality, you are simply asking for trouble with a capital *T*.

I had one client come to me AFTER the fact. He had acquired what he thought, was a legally issued passport through naturalization from a particular country from some crook on the Internet. Suffice it to say his native tongue was English, but the country the passport was issued from wasn't. He was stopped at immigration in Norway and asked to read a newspaper. He replied, "I'm sorry, but I don't read Norwegian." He was arrested because the newspaper was written in the native language of his passport and when questioned by immigration personnel in his *native* language, couldn't speak a word of it. He spent considerable time in the pokey, paid a huge fine, and naturally the money he invested for the *legal* naturalization and document was history. Worse he was placed on Interpol's *watch* list and is subject to being stopped and interrogated any place, at any time whilst he transverse's boarders.

Fortunately I've sorted him out with a legal residency program with a legal name change, that will, shortly, result in a 100% legal and bullet proof naturalization, and a passport.

PTS; What should the person who wishes to kept what's left of their freedoms and financial privacy do?

DSS; I don't like repeating myself as I covered most of this in my previous interview with you last March. [Editor's note: To read Doctor Samson's Mid-March 2001 Interview click on this link:]

If anything, one really needs to speed up the process. But to reiterate, here are the more important *to do* items IMO;

  • Get a good portion of your assets offshore, out of the reach of ex-spouses, greedy lawyers and especially the terrocrats.
  • Have a safe haven to go to in time of an emergency. This is even more important after 9/11.
  • Pay off all your debts.
  • Stash away six-months cash for times of emergency to live off of until you can get back on your feet.
  • Have (separate from above) ten thousand USD or equivalent in cash for an emergency, hidden (not at home or your office,) to be used as an escape hatch, or as I call it *get out of town money
  • If you don't have a passport from your home country or your current one expires in a few years, get a NEW passport now, before big brother starts placing smart chips in the documents for tracking purposes. Ten years can buy you a lot of time to get a new or second passport.
  • If you have a passport from your home country, get a legal second passport from another country, preferably a low profile country that offers near world-wide visa free travel. They're still available, but for how long is your guess as good as mine.

There are no (current) laws that prohibit you (in most western countries) from having a second citizenship and passport, though one MUST enter the host country with that passport. E.g. an American with a Belize passport and second nationality is required by law to enter the US on their American passport; and vice-versa, i.e. enter Belize on their Belize document.

  • Start putting your time in towards your 5-year (or less) legal residency with a bullet proof legal naturalization in a low profile country where you will enjoy living for a number of years.
  • Most important ... KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT about your affairs.

PTS; How does one get started?

DSS; Set your goals and objectives. Think logically, rationally and make sure you have a coherent plan of action. Don't break any laws unless it's absolutely necessary. Set a date and time frame, and then go for it. Don't fool around; get started now before the window of opportunity closes forever as it surely will, sooner, rather than later unfortunately. Most, if not all, of these legal passport programs will probably be history in 24 to 36 months or so regrettably. Banking programs and rules are changing as we speak.

Visa free travel to the US from 26 (current) countries will become a thing of the past! The US will become fortress America as more terrorist's attacks on America are certain. America will retreat behind walls of *protection* from terrorist, i.e. the lost of your civil liberties, personal and financial freedoms. America will demand finger prints and other ridiculous measures for persons wishing to visit America and those who apply for visas to the US. This will erode US tourism even more, forcing a depression on that industry, which is one of the largest industries and money markers for the US. The tourist industry is currently suffering badly enough. So as usual, whatever measures the government implements, they will only make matters worse, not better, in spite of good intentions.

Tax revenues and sales taxes are plummeting and will fall ever more rapidity as the recession/depression deepens. Taxes will be increased, forced by the Democratic Party majority in both houses of government (Congress and the Senate) when the Democrats take over both houses in the next election. Ditto for the rest of the world. Any sensible person should realize that increasing taxes when unemployment is high and people aren't spending money SHOULD be the last thing you do. But governments still don't get this even after decades of proof to the contrary.

Banking and financial rules and regulations will go from bad to worse. Gold may raise, though not soar. The dollar will drop and interest rates will have to be increased to attract foreign investment. The Euro will continue it's slow decline, unfortunately.

Previously I thought 3% would be the low for US interest rates, but 9/11 changed all that. How low can US rates go? Zero percent like Japan? It hasn't worked for the Japanese so why would it (zero percent interest rates) work for the US? The answer is they won't, but in America's desperation to avoid depression anything is possible.

Alan Greenspan will 'retire', i.e. be asked to leave before the next presidential election as he will increasing be blamed for being the captain of the Titanic! There's talk about a US recovery, but I see it simply as a bear trap.

The Brit's will enter the Euro against popular demand. The pound sterling interest rates are 20% higher than the Euro and 80% higher than America's. Something has got to give. Rip-off Britain has been in recession for many months now, but the government will announce it any day. UN and possibly EU membership will be forced on the Swiss and cause problems for the Swiss government. In spite of that, Switzerland will remain the sole true safe haven for your mother load (capital.) Switzerland remains one of the few countries in the world that are truly democratic. Swiss citizens get to vote YES or NO on important proposals and issues and their politicians HAVE TO abide by the vote. Too bad Amerika and Britain and the rest of the western world doesn't follow in those footsteps!

I'm out of the stock market except for AAA rated Swiss company only stocks, held in Swiss francs. I'd be as debt free as possible and get rid of any and all margin/leveraged held assets, i.e. stocks, bonds, real estate, loans, etc. Whatever you do, own real estate mortgage free and clear, i.e. don't have any mortgage on your property. If you can't pay off your mortgage, then over finance your property so you can walk away from it without being hurt (other than ruining your credit.)

The banking/financial situation is getting ridiculous and I only see it getting worse. One client told me that Western Union in the US is now demanding positive ID for money transfers of MORE than US$300. That's crazy. Do you really think that's going to stop terrorist or money launderers from sending and receiving money? It's going to hurt the poor immigrant workers from sending money home to support their families. How very sad indeed.

In spite of all of the above, it's important that you do things legally, so in the event you wish to return home to visit friends, family and loved ones in your home country after your exodus, you can do so without having broken laws or worrying about being arrested and such non-sense upon your return. Why break any laws when you can accomplish your objectives legally?

Americans are currently entitled to a US$76,000 per annum tax-exempt status as an overseas Expat American; at least once they have been offshore for 18 months or longer. For a couple that's US$152,000 per year, serious money. So get the clock ticking on that 18 month period, i.e. your tax-exempt status. If you can't live on US$76,000 or a US$152,000 (if you're married) per year tax-exempt overseas, then you are doing something wrong. Persons of most other nationalities don't have these worries, though some countries has different rules for expats.

PTS; One of the more frequently asked questions we've received after 9/11 follows; is there any place in the world that's safe and off the terrorist and terrocrats radar screens?

DSS; There are several very nice places in Western Europe, low profile offering a reasonable cost of living. Many of my clients love it there, me too. The government (currently) cares less about intruding into their residents lives. In fact they love foreigners because of the income they generate for the country. Now that's how a country should treat their residents. They know how to be friendly to privacy seekers!

Believe it or not Switzerland is an excellent safe haven and residency, which I can arrange, isn't all that difficult to obtain. In fact one can negotiate their tax rate. Isn't that a nice touch! I, however, find Switzerland a bite intrusive as the Swiss as a whole are very nosy people calling the police for the slightest thing, i.e. new neighbors that happen to be foreigners living next door, etc. I prefer a live and let live approach.

New Zealand and a few places in Asia that are off the terrorist screens are places where one can live safely, freely and happily with a lot less interference from government intrusions, though Nzed has a socialist government and is a little left leaning, but not too intrusive. Stress kills, so why live a life full of stress and worry when you can easily live a low profile life off the terrocrats and terrorist radar screens.

Remember if you are NOT resident in any country, you can stay for, in most cases, three to six months without reporting requirements. Australia is a great place to visit as a tourist for three to six months, but not for becoming a full time resident.

So locate a favorite place or two or three that you really enjoy. Why not go back and forth, spending three to six months in each of your favorite places; then spend additional time visiting places you've never been to before. That's what I do and wouldn't change it for the world! I love it!

PTS; Are there any new privacy tools available?

DSS; as a matter of fact there are. An anonymous ATM or credit card can carry many thousands of dollars in your wallet with that little piece of plastic. It's a very low profile way of carrying serious money around, where you can access cash anonymously from any hole in the wall (ATM machine) world-wide. I'd recommend having a company name only (no personal name) on a card or no name at all like the one I carry on me. Here take a look at it. Pretty nifty if I say so myself isn't it? It's better to have no name on a card or a company name rather than a name on your credit or ATM card that doesn't match your passport in the event you are ever stopped and questioned.

Even Japan, which I visit very year and just love, is a cash oriented society. It has ATM machines popping up all over the country. I even used an ATM machine in Vietnam and Cambodia recently, so how's that for progress?

Take a look at the new Euros. They are very impressive, if I say so myself. You can carry a wad of E500 notes around and each E500 note is worth approximately US$450. In essence you're walking around with ten or twenty grand in pin money and no one knows. Try doing that with Yankee Ben Franklin's (US$100 bills,) without being noticed.

In addition I carry numerous 1,000 Swiss Franc notes on my person at all times. Each Sfr1,000 note is equal to about US$615 at the present rate of exchange. So nowadays one can walk around carrying the equivalent of US$25,000 tucked into their money belt inside their trousers, and it doesn't make a bulge. Just make sure the zipper on your money belt is PLASTIC so it doesn't set off the *metal detectors* if given a body search at airports.

In the event of entering or leaving the US, make 100% sure you fill out a TCR-Treasury Currency Report, indicating you are carrying US$10,000 or MORE. There's no law that says you can't have more than US$10,000 on you, but your funds are subject to seizure if you fail to report the cash or negotiable instruments, i.e. travelers cheques, money orders, bonds, bearer shares, etc. And you better damn well have a good reason WITH PROOF why you are carrying so much cash and or traveler's cheques, etc. But like I said previously, when you transverse America, it's far safer to have most of your dough on a piece of plastic in your wallet, i.e. an anonymous ATM or credit card.

What 99.999% of Americans don't realize is that unlike the US with their arcane reporting requirements for carrying in or out more than US$10,000 or equivalent in currency, no such laws exist in most, but not all, Western Countries, France being an exception. Hopefully the Euro will replace the USD as the currency of choice in central and Eastern Europe, but only time will tell.

So in some respects there are better privacy tools today than previously available though I have to admit they are becoming more difficult to obtain.

PTS; What does the average person need to do and how much do they require to get started?

DSS; The price you've got to pay to be free you' all doesn't come cheap.There's a price everyone pays for their freedoms.

You pay for it by doing nothing; i.e. in the form of losing your civil liberties, personal and financial freedoms that are being stolen ever more rapidity and intentionally by your government, all governments. Granted some countries are worse than others, with the US, as usual, leading the pack.

Then there's the cost to obtain and maintain your freedoms; Living offshore, 5-years residence for naturalization; the outright investment or purchase of a second citizenship; leaving you're home, family, friends and current creature comforts for a safer and freer locale offshore, and the list goes on and on. But I think you get the point.

But you've really asked two questions rolled up into one. To answer the first part of your question, what does one need to do?

First ask yourself if you are happy with yourself and where you are in life and with your present circumstances. If you are, then great, congratulations; you don't need to do anything. On the other hand if not, then decide what you want to do about it, i.e. move abroad, get another job, a new spouse, dump a spouse, pay less taxes, etc. Some people are happy with their creature comforts and couldn't possibly stand to leave family and friends for any period of time.

Decide where you'd like to be next year this time, then in 5, 10 and 20 years from now. I realize that's long term thinking, but believe me, those years will roll around.

I had one couple as clients where the husband was a doctor, grossing a million dollars per year but was netting less than 60 grand per year after paying for everything, taxes, insurance, etc. That was crazy. He wanted to move abroad so he wouldn't drop dead of a heart attack like his dad did at age 50! His spouse wasn't crazy about the idea. He insisted and in spite of my best efforts trying to convince them NOT to move abroad unless they both agreed 100% on it, they made the big move in spite of his spouse's reluctance to do so.

In less than a year his spouse became deeply depressed, costing him hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted. Today he is either dead or off in the heather and yonder having returned to the states after a total waste of time, effort and money. He did everything wrong, disregarded my sound advice and is probably in deep trouble with the tax people as a consequence. That's a great lesson in what NOT to do. Not everyone should go offshore.

PTS; Is it too late for the average person?

DSS; Before I would say it's never too late unless you're dead. But nowadays, especially after 9/11, it's getting late. I'm not all doom and gloom by any means. However I'd be remiss if I didn't bring to the attention of your readers what's really happening out there. It ain't good, for that I can assure you.

To make my point, those who read my previous interview with you (Shamrock) last March, please ask yourself this question? Do you have more or less freedoms and privacy today than you did ten months ago? Case closed, thank you.

But there is good news. The good news is that there are ways to make your life better, freer and safer, whilst starting or maintaining a healthier and happier lifestyle. It can and should be done by anyone who is serious about living a private, sovereign and low-profile life.

If you haven't opened an offshore bank account do it now. Transfer some of your capital into Swiss annuities (life insurance.) There are currently NO reporting requirements (in the US) for doing that. However I'm certain that's likely to change in the not too distant future. But you can still get a good portion of your capital legally offshore without having to fill in tax forms, what, when and where your money is, nor be concerned about committing perjury by signing your (US) tax forms by omitting anything.

PTS; What's the best method for asset protect?

DSS; There's simply no single answer to that, no cookie cutter approach as each person is different and has different requirements and circumstances. But if one, assuming they're a US resident or citizen, were mainly interested in straight asset protection, a properly structured Liechtenstein Anstalt (if you can get one,) that you report on your (US) tax returns is hard to beat. However, the Anstalt can not stop a government from grabbing your assets (if it's reported.) Though if it is structured correctly it can and will stop any and all creditors from grabbing your loot in the event of devastating lawsuits, bankruptcy, divorce, etc. If you happen to be a national from a country other than the US, it becomes whole lot easier.

The good news is that there remains ways to bullet proof ones assets, even from the terrocrats, though few people know about those methods.

PTS; A lot of reader's ask us; what does the Doctor stand for?

DSS; Well, I didn't earn it by going to University, that's for sure.
Seriously, it's an honorary degree awarded to me in much the same way Colonel Parker (of Elvis Presley fame) received his "Colonel" title; it was presented to him by someone who liked him! My PhD was earned from the school of hard knocks; 35-years now offshore.

It all started for me in 1967 ... a long time ago.

PTS; For those readers who aren't familiar with you, what's your background and depth of experience offshore?

DSS; My father was killed by the IRS, hounded into a fatal heart attack; age fifty-two because he was unable to pay a small amount of payroll taxes, a few thousand dollars, from his failing business. As a youngster I remember the IRS showing up at all hours of the day and night banging on our door, harassing my parents.

After returning home from my dad's funeral, two IRS thugs presented my mother with an IRS foreclosure notice on our home. Can you possibly imagine that - on the day of my father's funeral? As a result we lost our home in an IRS foreclosure sale. Following that dreadful ordeal, my mother's mental health was never the same, right up until her death.

As a consequence I've developed a healthy disrespect for authority. I've dedicated my life to helping others save on their taxes. Anything I can do to assist you or anyone to legally shove it up the backside of the tax man - it's my pleasure.

In the immortal words of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia:
"Impressions received in childhood cannot be erased from the soul."

PTS; How can you help our readers?

DSS; I would hope that this interview would motivate most of your readers into taking action to protect what's left of their personal and financial privacy.

PTS; How do you help your clients then?

DSS; In essence I provide high net worth individuals a full service expatriation program. This takes time, which is why I offer my two-year unlimited, but reasonable consultation service. It really takes that period of time to do things right. I also offer a preliminary consultation service for a fee of only US$1,000. That's applied towards my two-year service, should the client and I decide they should proceed. Like the doctor and his wife in a previous example, not everyone should go offshore.

In addition, due to increasing infringements by the tax hounds on the assets of the modest earner, I'm now offering the moderate net-worth, privacy seeker these same services.These include expatriation, re-invoicing, research, credit cards, anonymous safe deposit boxes, asset protection trusts and anonymous bearer share companies with nominee corporate directors. I also have special relationships with several banks and can, for qualified clients, provide introductions for confidential banking relationships. Furthermore, for the serious player, I can help with visas, documents, 2nd passports, legal residence and travel related services. I also have a few goodies up my sleeve that even you don't know about!

PTS; In our previous interview, you really hit the nail on the head with world finances. You must have made a fortune with your intuitive foresight calling the shots on the stock market crash, etc. What do you see in the future economically?

DSS; Well it's not good, that's for sure. I was recently in South America and Argentina is a financial basket case. They owe US$132 billion that can't be repaid, so they're technically in default, i.e. bankrupt. That's going to have a knock on effect in Brazil, then Brazil with Chile, etc. It's like a set of dominos that start knocking one another over until they're all down. Until recently, Brazil and Argentina received less than 6% of its GDP from exports, so most of its GDP is obtained internally, which is very bad news indeed for all of South and Central America. The tourist industry, needless to say, has gone to hell in a hand basket. And that's an understatement!

Almost single handily Brazil is flooding the world economy with coffee, orange juice, sugar and soy. The Brazilian *real* (currency) is off 25% against the dollar last year (2000) and every time it slips lower their exports get more competitive. This takes business away from US producers due to unreasonably high dollars. They have had such an enormous year they are predicted to produce an unbelievable 42.3 million tons of soy, up 10% from 2000. This is killing prices and the American farmer.

Nearly 80% of (most) Central and South America people are below the poverty level. And I don't mean the American poverty level either. I mean their OWN POVERTY LEVEL. This is going to lead to disastrous consequences shortly in those regions. Expect to see more Daniel Ortega's of Nicaragua fame running for office, though I am exceedingly happy he was defeated. More Marxist will run in Central and South American countries as a result of poverty and as the world falls deeper in recession/depression. That's not going to be good I can assure you.

They say the American Airline crash, New York to the Dominican Republic on 12 November, was an accident. Whether or not it was the government couldn't afford to let people know the truth if it was a terrorist attack; otherwise that would finish off the airlines for sure. I'd expect to see Continental, Northwest and maybe even United and American Airlines go under, along with a bunch of others in Europe before too long, in spite of multi-billion dollar bail-outs by the government. Canada 3000, the second largest airline in Canada, went bust a few months back, so it's very bad news indeed for the airline and tourist industry world-wide. This, naturally, has a knock on effect to hotels and tens of thousands of other jobs, and businesses, around the world. Business establishments around the world are telling me business is the worse they've seen it in their lifetime! Even the world famous *Harrods* department store in London is in big trouble because most of their customers are American tourist and American aren't flying in the states, let along traveling abroad. Not very comforting is it?

The US and most of the world economies were in recession prior to 9/11. 9/11 was simply the final nail in the coffin. Asia is going to suffer dramatically as hardly anyone is travelling to those countries and even fewer are making serious investments there. We're lucky if we don't experience a world-wide depression. Another disastrous attack similar to or worse than 9/11 might be all it takes to push us into a world-wide depression, I'm afraid to say.

PTS; Isn't that being a little too pessimistic?

DSS; Not at all. I'm not an economist and I'm certainly not one for scare mongering either. I'm a realist! I travel a great deal, probably more than the average person. I read newspapers from around the world speak to people in and from all the places I travel to and especially while I'm staying in various countries.

My client's are extremely intelligent and most are high net-worth individuals who travel extensively as well. Their input is a great guide for me in their countries and elsewhere. Experiencing first hand is the best way (for me) to gauge how things are going, and frankly they're not good.

Japan is, has been and remains in a serious depression. Germany and the US are in recession and IMO, have been since early 2001 in spite of all the hyper bole coming from the main stream press. Hell the American people have been lied to so much and so often, Americans don't know when they're reading or hearing the truth!

Britain is in serious recession and France is soon to follow. So with the world's five major economies in serious recession/depression, what do you think is going to happened in the rest of the world, especially the third world countries? It doesn't take an Einstein to figure that one out.

Most American's believe they are a free nation. Now is that a fact? Not IMO. Much news from overseas is suppressed and simply not available to Americans. A shocking example is the so-called *war* on terrorism. Much news about the war and what's happening in other countries is totally unknown to American's simply because the US media doesn't disclose the full facts.

PTS; For instance?

DSS; For instance the US media shows a small majority of ass holes in Pakistan and a few other Muslim nations parading up and down burning effigies of Bush and Blair et al. The US media is blowing this way out of proportion to what is really the mindset in those countries. I really believe that's a disservice to all Americans.

Now there is no question that the large majority of Muslims do not like the Americans bombing Afghanistan and a small percentage feel America desired the 9/11 attacks. But only a tiny fraction, 1/10,000th of one percent physically demonstrates in the streets. Yet the US media portrays this as a *them against us* mentality. What a bunch of BS braining washing. Sadly the Americans don't realize they're being brainwashed with such propaganda. The real question you need to ask yourself is WHY are *they* being brainwashed?

It reminds be much of George Orwell's classic, *1984* and its 'doublespeak', "Freedom is Slavery, Peace is War," slogans.

So yes the 9/11 attacks were horrific. Yes I condemn them and yes by all means bring those responsible to justice. But unless and until the US shows the rest of the world a semblance of *fairness* with its foreign policies, only disastrous consequences can be forthcoming.

You can't deal effectively in the world today using double standards and that's what both the US and Britain are doing, using double standards. People aren't stupid and aren't going for it. These policies have and will continue to build up a huge rage of fury that has yet to be fully unleashed. If it ever is, heaven forbid and help us!

Another classic example is how the US media totally suppressed the Paris Le Figaro newspaper article about a CIA operative meeting Osama bin Laden in a Dubai hospital during July 2001; only weeks prior to the 9/11 attacks. Why weren't the American people informed about this on TV and newspapers? If the article wasn't true, then there wasn't anything to hide was there? If it was true or partly true how could any CIA agent meet with bin Laden whilst he (bin Laden) has an outstanding international warrant for his arrest with a multi-million dollar reward on his head? He was indicted by the US for the attacks in Africa on the two US Embassies!

And if you think about it hard enough, do the US authorities really want to catch bin Laden? If they really did/do, explain why didn't they get bin Laden while he was still in Sudan, which has UN membership and where he would have been far more easily *captured* than in Afghanistan. Instead the Americans insisted that they expel bin Laden from Sudan. Ask your government officials about that one would you!

Either the American government didn't/doesn't want bin Laden captured or no one in the US government has any common sense and didn't bother to think things through coherently BEFORE ACTING, i.e. insisting that Sudan expel bin Laden. Where the heck did the US think that bin Laden was going to go when he was expelled from Sudan? To visit Manuel Noriega in jail, in Miami? That kind of government thinking or non-coherent thinking should scare the hell out of everyone.

PTS; Things are really that bad! What can our readers do to protect themselves?

DSS; Pack your bags, drop them knickers and head for the hills folks!

Look there's an old saying that goes, "one man's meat is another man's poison". What works for one person, may not for another. It's really an individual thing for each person and their family to decide. One thing everyone should and can do, is to have or start a business that is easily operated via a laptop from any cyber cafe in the world.

PTS; You mean a portable trade and occupation?

DSS; Yes if you want to call it that. After all, how much money do you really need to live a half decent life style when you don't paying any taxes? There's a lot of chat groups out there that have more information on such matters, but I stopped reading their dribble long ago. Most persons on those lists wouldn't know what a PT was if it hit them on the head, in spite of their thinking they're a PT. 99.999% are wannabe's and think they know what being a true sovereign individual is. Most of those calling themselves PT's are just *JOB* oriented, or what I call *JUST OVER BROKE.* They should be entrepreneurs at the very least! One is never going to get ahead in life working for anyone
else, that's for sure!

PTS; That statement is going to cause considerable consternation with some of our readers.

DSS; It's not my intention to offend anyone. But people shouldn't fool themselves with a false sense of security, should they? I'm not giving this interview to be a yes man and cater to your readers wishes or views. On the other hand I don't expect your readers to agree with everything I say or advise. I do hope that I can stimulate they're thinking and get most to confront certain important privacy issues that really concern and affect their lives and those of their loved ones.

But the fact of the matter is that many persons believe or want to believe they are privacy seekers or a PT but they really aren't. That's a false sense of security and they're in denial. This will eventually will catch up to them and cause considerable harm.

PTS; Please explain?

DSS; Allow me to answer that question by giving you a real life example. An associate is in the publishing business. He's moderately successful. But he has a fixed address (for his business and home) and is subject to being attacked at any time by the terrocrats, sued by greedy lawyers and attacked by the local media. In fact he has been raided by the terrocrats due to a naughty associate and the media did attack him in the press because of a single complaint from a disgruntled person who received an advert they didn't care for.

Though the disgruntled person DIDN'T EVEN PURCHASE ONE OF HIS BOOKS, the whole affair cost him considerable stress and a good deal of income. This is how crazy things have gotten today and can cause one's business tens or perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost business; an investigation by government regulatory authorities, which can and will lead to a government lawsuit for the business to *comply* with some of bull shit regulation of one sort or another. It's turned crazy today with ever more compliance regulations of one sort or another required by 15 or 20 governmental agencies at various levels of government.

This chap feels he is a privacy expert. In essence he is, but he doesn't practice what he preaches. Instead of having his business in one locale, living in another, while having his assets in a third; with a passport from a fourth, he is a sitting duck with most of the above in one locale. He owns his home and business and has the bulk of his cash and assets in the same town, which is easily attached in a law suit or government seizure, etc. That's not very smart IMO! Worse his customers are subject to investigation in the event his database is *seized* or copied by the terrocrats for any reason.

How many businesses or *JOB* people do you know who fit that description?

PTS; Not us, that's for sure!

DSS; Yes I know. But you're (Shamrock) an exception rather than the rule. But I bet the large majority of those reading this would fall into that category, unfortunately. If you are, that's nothing to be ashamed of. Just do something about it. Start a part-time business that you can operate from a laptop anywhere in the world. When the income from your part time business equals or exceeds your *JOB*, then quit the job and go full time with your own business.

In America, and its getting more like America elsewhere in the world, anyone who is moderately successful with a modest net-worth has a 99% probability that they will be attacked by the terrocrats, or the media; sued by greedy lawyers or by a governmental regulatory agency; or end up in a nasty divorce ... any or all of which would wipe them out, 99% for sure.

Those aren't very good odds are they?

Having an offshore account with some dinero stashed away is *NOT* being a PT by any definition of the word, though its better than not having one.

So this interview isn't intended to offend anyone. But understand with me it's what you see, is what you get. I call the shots as I see them. I learned long ago in life that regardless what you do or say, there's no way to make everyone happy. So it's better to make yourself happy and if you are lucky enough to have a few true friends and trusted family and loved ones along the way, you've been given a great gift. Appreciate and treasure them/it and don't abuse the privilege. Be honest with your associates, clients, friends, loved ones and especially yourself. If you're not, it will only come back to haunt you. What goes around really does come around. Shakespeare said more than 400-years ago; "Unto thine own self be true."

It's my belief that it is best to live a very low profile, off the terrocrats radar screen lifestyle. This is why I don't speak at conferences, I don't write books, don't have a web site and can't remember the last time I wrote an article for a newsletter or magazine, though I know I promised you the last time we spoke I'd write one for you. By having a select group of clients, I don't bring unwanted attention to myself or my clients. Life is a lot sweeter that way, wouldn't you agree?

PTS; Absolutely I agree. How much does one need to get started?

DSS; It really doesn't take much money to get started. Again it all depends on what one is trying to accomplish. But it does take a commitment to do it, so get started. To get a little dinero offshore, simply obtain an anonymous ATM card and stash away a little dosh for a rainy day each month. So long as the ATM card is NOT attached to any bank account, as far as I know there aren't any (current) reporting requirements for US residents/citizens.

Use my ten percent rule; Every time you make or receive a dollar, take ten percent and stash it away for a rainy day, but stash it offshore. You'll be amazed how fast those ten percents add up!

If you're ready to make your exodus and don't have a lot of money; start by putting your 5-years residency in, i.e. in a country that you'll enjoy spending the next 5 or more years living. You can work and earn enough money to survive nearly anywhere. The true dividends are obtaining peace of mind, living longer with a stress free and better lifestyle, while at the same time meeting new people, places and making new friends. It's really exhilarating.

One of my best friends is in South Africa. When we met some years ago we really hit it off. It was like we knew each other all our lives. He helped me achieve something I had wanted to do all my life. I've also helped him. As a result of a strong friendship we've earned a great deal of money together strictly as a bonus.

Another good friend lives in Scandinavia. We're about the same age and have bonded with a true friendship over the years as a result of our mutual interests. These are the kinds of benefits one receives once they make their exodus from their home country. Good things happen when you're having fun, healthy, happy exploring the world.

It's been the experience of the large majority of my clients, and myself, that in lieu of receiving less income initially after your exodus, you actually improve your lifestyle with better housing, more after tax-money in your pocket and health benefits. In other words, you receive a higher standard of living for a lot less money than previous.

In addition, many of my clients end up with beautiful young virgin lovelies; many of whom are 25-years their junior; with gratuitous sex two or three times per day and night; a partner who never gives you a hard time, no grief, no stress and one who is totally devoted to you. Hard to beat isn't it?

PTS; You can say that again. Why and how can anyone do that?

DSS; I think the question should be rephrased to; why shouldn't one do that? A good percentage of my clients have experienced devastating divorces with unfair alimony and child payments under penalty. Some are forced to make payments, whilst not even being able to talk to or visit their children. Ouch! Why spend your life being unhappy?

Staying together for the sake of your children isn't the answer. Children grow up and move on. Besides children are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. They know when their parents are unhappy. In most instances when the parents split up, after a period of time, the children adjust and in fact are better off emotionally than when they're parents (you and your spouse, or EX,) were together. So why wait and wallow in misery?

As to where to go to find those young lovelies, it's a big world out there. First stop should be Asia. But Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Central and South America have many, many young lovelies that will cater to your every desire and are hard to beat.

PTS; The real Bill Hill was a good friend of yours. What happened? I also heard rumors you had a hand in writing *Sex Havens for Tax Fiends* that Hill wrote. Please elaborate if you don't mind.

DSS; Bill Hill was a cheap, hypocritical and inconsiderate person who pimped away the purses of his friends. I dislike saying anything negative about people, but in Hills case, other than the above, suffice
it to say I've had less than nothing to do with Hill for many years.

And no I didn't have anything to do with the writing of *Sex Havens*. However I did hammer Hill to visit Thailand many years ago. After repeatedly turning me down, he finally relented and went. He stayed for six months, loved it and Sex Havens was a direct result of that stay.

PTS; So Hill was a real person, not just a group of writers as many say.

DSS; The original Hill was a real person, though Hill was only a pen name. After a falling out with his old publisher, Scope, a group of Scope writers started writing under the pen name *Hill*. They wrote a few reports for Scope. The books were awful and helped lead Scope to its eventual downfall and into oblivion.

PTS; What happened to Hill?

DSS; Some say he died of AIDS as a result of doing *research* for Sex Havens!
Wherever he is, I wish him well and hope that he's happily retired and safe.

PTS; Are there any new *PT* type books that are available?

DSS; Regrettably none that I am aware of, at least none that are worth while. The Internet has changed everything. People want things for free with the Internet. I've seen a noticeable decline in the number of offshore privacy providers, which concerns me. So many offshore providers have toned down because big brother has been very successful in targeting them. Even the best PT chat group closed down last year, so there is no where for new privacy seekers to turn to regarding chat groups, though one can be greatly informed with your privacy newsletter and two or three others.

However I have to hand it to you. After my reprimanding you (PT Shamrock) for toning down during our last interview, I'm happy to see you're back up to snuff; telling it like it is regarding the terrocrats. Well done and keep up the good work.

PTS; Sy every time we meet I'm mentally exhausted afterwards. Where do you get the energy and the charisma? And why do you continue consulting? You certainly don't need the money and have enough clients!

DSS; No I don't need the money, but I love helping people. I receive great gratification and fulfillment achieving that. Besides in life, don't get mad, get even! By consulting and helping people to legally save on their taxes, it's one way of my getting even with the tax man! It's one for my mum and dad, may all my loved ones rest in peace!

PTS; In closing, if there were just a few important points to tell our readers, what would they be?

DSS; That's a tuff question to answer because there's really more than a few important points to make. But here goes:

1. If you don't have a passport from your home country, or your passport is due to expire within a few years, get one or have yours renewed so you have ten years (or the maximum) validity on your passport.

2. If you can afford one, get a second passport from a low profile country; one that offers near world-wide visa free travel. Alternatively start a 5-year (and in some cases less,) legal residency that will eventually led to naturalization and a legal second passport.

3. Get most or all of your assets offshore in a safe haven where YOU and only YOU are the sole signatory. In other words, forget about *trust* companies and such. In the final analysis, the US government will disallow 99.999% of the offshore structures in any case when you are audited, and you will be audited using those structures 100% for sure. So in all probability they will only get you into trouble with the (US) tax authorities.

4. Start or have a business that you can operate anywhere in the world from a laptop.

5. Seek expert advice, but from an impartial consultant; someone who isn't tied into any one source for products and services. That's my major gripe with the many so-called *offshore providers*, PT Shamrock being an exception. They sell people what makes THEM the most commission, not what's best for the client!

6. Most importantly; KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT! Loose lips, sinks big ships!

I hope the above helps. It's the best concise advice I can provide for most reading this.

PTS; Thank you very much indeed for your candor Sy.

DSS; You're very welcome.

- Editors Note -

Dr. Samson is a world authority on beating the bureaucracy, living a life free of Terrocratic interference. Formerly Dr. Samson provided high net worth individuals a full service expatriation assistant program.

Now he can offer even more to the moderate-income privacy seeker. In fact, practically any service the customer desires can be arranged. These include expatriation, re-invoicing, research, credit cards, anonymous safe deposit boxes, Liechtenstein Ansalt's and anonymous bearer share nominee corporate directors. He has a special relationship with several Banks and provides introductions for confidential banking relationships. Further he can help with visa, documents, 2nd passports and travel services-anything you can imagine and a few new wrinkles you haven't even thought of. Naturally, he can't service enterprises engaged in criminal activity under local Law.

Dr. Samson is converse with US, Canadian and European laws as well as Australian and New Zealand. For the serious player Dr. Samson offers his 2 year unlimited (but reasonable) consultation service. His fee, US$10,000, pays for itself in a short period of time with discounted products for his clients. A preliminary consultation may be arranged, subject to his schedule, for just US$1,000. He has agreed to apply this towards his two-year fee should the client elect to proceed on that basis.

If you are or want to be a serious player, get started with your preliminary consultation with Dr. Seymour Samson. E-mail and place "Doctor" in the subject heading for pay-in details.

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