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Summer 2003

"Governments are convinced that it knows how to run people's lives better than they do themselves, and think communities should fit the model it prescribes - a Government of red tape initiatives and bloated bureaucracy, of lies, deceit, gimmicks, doublespeak and hyperbole."
- Dr. Seymour Samson

Your hard earned tax money at work!

The war on terrorism is un winnable!
Sadly with the recent murders by bombing of westerns in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Casablanca and elsewhere, more of your freedoms and privacy will be taken away in the 'fight' against terrorism.

Like the "war on drugs" declared by then US President Richard M. Nixon 31-years and hundreds of billions of dollars ago, the war on terrorism is un winnable as well.

What has the war on drugs brought you? More persons having been jailed, on parole or in prison, most of whom are minorities, than any other country in the world; an increase in the amount of drug usage and related crime; plus draconian money laundering laws that invade the privacy of 99.999 percent of the US' innocent population. Add in unfair seizure laws that confiscate innocent persons property without their being found guilty in a court of law and you have a nightmare instead of 'winning the war' on drugs. This is not to mention the huge over blown government bureaucracy [drug czar and the Drug Enforcement Agency] that was created to 'solve' the problem 31-years ago and the hundreds of billions of dollars wasted since.

We did a little research and here's what we've discovered: The US government created the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) in 1972 with a total of 5,500 employees and a budget of US$65.2 million.

Today the 2003 agency has mushroomed to 19,258 employees with an official budget of US$1,897,300,000 (really more than 2.3 billion accordingly to congressional sources.)

Worse according to the DEA's own web site, 27,635 arrests were made in 2002, at a cost of US$68,655 per arrest. [Note: We reached that figure by dividing the 2003 budget figure by the number of arrests as stated at the site.] This figure does not include the cost of court proceedings or the cost of incarceration to the taxpayers. According to our best calculations, it cost the American taxpayer approximately US$2,100 for every dollar worth of drugs seized in 2002. [Source - excluding our calculations -]

In other words the number of employees has grown from 5,500 in 1972 to 19,258 today, nearly a 400 percent increase; the budget from US$65.2 million in 1972 to US$2.3 billion today, an unconscionable increase of over 1,500 percent, whilst arrests have only increased from 19,693 in 1986 (earliest year provided at the DEA site] to 27,635 arrests being made in 2002, a mere 70 percent increase.

That is not a very good return on investment if I say so myself. Perhaps the money could be better invested by helping drug addicts with rehab and investing in teenage drug consulting before one turns to drugs. A trip [pun not intended] to the morgue to see the results of what drugs due to a person for all teenage school children shouldn't be ruled out and certainly wouldn't hurt!

In not so great Britain, there are more than one million CCTV's (close circuit TV) cameras in operation, one for every sixty citizens. In London one can be caught on CCTV 300 times or more per day. Facial recognition cameras are quickly replacing plain old fashion CCTV's. Worse this trend is spreading rapidity throughout the world, especially in the US.

This technology was supposed to cut down on crime, which is mostly drug related. It hasn't. Crime over the past decade has doubled in the UK and trebled in greater London. What CCTV's have done, instead of helping to stop crime, has brought a huge flood of funds into government coffers for fines and other such non-sense, whilst placing innocent citizen's privacy at grave risk. Instead of using the funds to fight crime, they're wasted on senseless giveaway benefits to those living off the public tit. The CCTV's record Brit's every move and store the data infinitely on untold data bases for yet unknown and secretly kept reasons without any recourse from those whose privacy have been stolen. In fact most of the 60 million Brit's don't even realize they've been placed in those data bases or why! It is the worse kind of stealth tax western society can install on its citizens under false pretenses. Nice work not-so great Britain!

In the meantime the UK communists [think Labour government] are in the process of implementing [read that requiring under penalty,] in the not too distant future, the placing of a satellite tracking system in each car in the UK so its movements and whereabouts are recorded 24/7.

The 'theory' behind this insane stealing of the Brit's privacy is so the vehicles can be tracked and 'pay' the correct amount of congestion charges that, as we've predicted, are expected to spread like wildfire around the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. It's like saying to the public: "We don't trust you to be honest enough to pay the fees yourself, so we are going to spy on and track you to make sure you DO pay!"

Less than 1/10th of one percent of London drivers do not pay the congestion charges, since the tax scheme took place on February 17th, 2003. Out of those, 95% pay the late fee, once they are fined. In spite of central London being surrounded by CCTV's for this new congestion scheme, recently tens of thousands of fines where thrown out of court on appeal because of failed equipment! This is a huge black eye for London mayor Red Ken Livingston, and it couldn't have happened to a better person. So unfortunately and once again, 99.999% of the innocent public will have what's left of their privacy intentionally stolen because of some asinine and idiotic bureaucrat's hair brain idea regarding their satellite tracking scheme.

Now to the war on terrorism.

As with the war on drugs, so it will be with laws to protect you in the 'war on terrorism.' If you think the costs for the war on drugs are bad, come back (hopefully we'll all be here) in 30 years and we'll see what its cost will be for this war. I'd surmise that the cost for the 'war' since 9/11 already exceeds the entire funds spent for the war on drugs since its beginning in 1972!

Your rights are being whittled away rapidity whilst the murderers are still free to roam the world. Bin Laden was financially backed and equipped by the Americans in his ten year fight against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Worse bin Laden was in the grasp of the Yankee's under Clinton's watch and he was let go. Nice work Bill.

Saddam Hussein was financially supported by the US during the Iran/Iraq war to the tune of tens of billions of dollars in aid during the early 1980's. BTW, this also includes help in Hussein's development of the now infamous "WMD", i.e. weapons of mass destruction. We don't recall a single protest from the US, at the time, when Saddam murdered 5,000 Kurds using chemical weapons made with the help of the US and the UK! It was only when Hussein invaded Kuwait years later that the Yankee's took action. Had papa Bush taken out Hussein at that time, most of the terrorist problems today wouldn't have happened.

Hundreds of billions of dollars and two wars later [think Afghanistan and Iraq] and where is bin Laden and Saddam Hussein? Where are the weapons of mass destruction that was the (false) pretense for the US and UK to invade Iraq? The UK's Home Secretary, Jack Straw said recently that the WMD doesn't matter now. Is that a fact? US Secretary of State, Collin Powell, one of the very few American officials we respect, looks like a fool after his February appearance at the UN showing vehicles allegedly used to transport Hussein's WMD and the US not finding diddilly as of this writing.

Please prove us wrong and as the saying goes; show us the green, i.e. the weapons of mass destruction.

Does a NEW bureaucracy have a familiar ring to it? Then think about the latest (US) bureaucracy, the Homeland Security Agency, the third largest bureaucracy in the united States [correct spelling] and the fifth largest bureaucracy in the world. If it was a country, the Homeland Security Agency's budget would be amongst the top 15 countries GDP in the world. Something's never change, especially your government's thirst for more power, more money and more control over your day to day lives. All the while, the state grows richer, whilst the public's resentment grows bitterer as you keep on paying more and more for ill thought out laws and policies.

The US' war on terrorism is in early days. Yet the Terrocrats response, thus far, is even more frightening than the drug laws enacted during the last 31-years. Just read Patriot Act I, The Homeland Security Act and the pending Patriot Act II laws for a starter. The US Constitution has been disregarded as "irrelevant" with these laws. When your government, or any government starts tinkering around like that, watch out! You're heading rapidity towards a police state.

The recent Riyadh and Casablanca bombings show that the war on Iraq (which we believe was illegal,) didn't do a single thing to stop terrorism. In fact it probably encouraged the murderers with their terrible plots. Either have weapons of mass destruction been found, which was the 'legal' pretense for the US and UK to invade Iraq, not to mention (once again) the billions of dollars and two wars with either Osama bin Laden and Saddem Hussein having been found.

PT Shamrock is totally against terrorism, murder and unjust laws. However that includes those that the US and its allies espouse on unwilling participants as well. By supporting unfair policies from Israel for decades, until and unless the US changes course, we don't see any hope of real peace in the world regarding terrorism from the Muslim radicals. When a person or persons are willing to fly planes into buildings and blow themselves up in order to cause maximum carnage, you have a whole new ball game. So far the US has been striking out, whilst the terrorist appear to have the upper hand. Hopefully this can be stopped by addressing the real issues.

Taking away 99.999 percent of the honest and innocent citizen's freedoms and privacy is not the way to fight the war on terrorism. We believe that good intelligence, an even handed and fair foreign policy, plus bringing real economic development to the Arab and third world countries, is the way forward. Thus far, the US has failed miserably on all counts.

Like General of the Army and former Secretary of State, General George Marshall said to then President Harry S. Truman in May 1948: "Mr. President, if you support an Israeli free state, I can not vote for you in the next election. There will be war in the Middle East for the next 50 years if that happens!" [Source - Biographies, the History Channel.]

Though this threat from Marshall wasn't appreciated by Truman, Marshall in hindsight was correct. This is not to say that we don't believe that Israel shouldn't be a free state, we do; rather we believe that Palestine should also be free and from Israel control as well. That has never been and remains un addressed to this day, and IMO is the key to peace in the middle east and hopefully elsewhere.

We're not so naive as to believe that terrorism would end with a just and fair settlement for Palestine. But it would be a darn good start. General Marshall knew what he was talking about. Where are the General Marshall's of the world today, when you really need them?

See you next issue!

PT Shamrock

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