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Winter 2001 - 2002

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"When they started demanding papers and arresting those that didn't produce them, I knew trouble loomed on the horizon. We departed soon after I was stopped the third time (1937.) I begged my brother and his family to go with us. My brother and his family stayed. They died in the camps ... we survived thank God, and prospered." - Holocaust survivor

ID Cards - A Police State?

"He who would sacrifice essential liberties for a temporary increase in security deserves neither."
- Benjamin Franklin

The current attempt to inflict Americans, Brits and others with the burden of having to carry a national ID card did not begin on 9-11 and, indeed, is unrelated to it. The attack on the World Trade Center is just a convenient excuse to promote this thoroughly un-American, un-freedom like idea.

Totalitarian governments keep their subjects under constant police surveillance by the technique of requiring everyone to carry "papers" that must be presented to any government functionary on demand.

This is an internal passport that everyone must show to authorities for permission to travel even short distances within the country, to move to another city, or to apply for a new job

This type of personal surveillance is the indicia of a police state. It operates as an efficient watchdog to stifle any emergence of freedom.

The true fact of the matter is that the forthcoming ID cards, and you can be sure they are forthcoming, are simply a ruse used by the TERROCRATS to obtain total control over you; to know where you are, where you've been, where you are working, whether or not you are for or against big brother; and especially to do its best to wipe out the underground cash economy and make everyone 100% tax compliance by paying all the taxes the governments SAYS YOU owe!

History really does repeat itself. Take a look at what you're soon to be issued National ID card will in practice turn out to be similar to. Just click on this ID Cards link!

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